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My Blog , My Journal (yourpaleohealthcare.com) & Journey to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Shijin13, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    you have but one chance, this moment. LIVE IT.

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  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Now its time to break out of the dream world we're living in...

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  3. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Hi. My name is Gretchen. and I have an unhealthy relationship with coffee. I love it and it its my nemesis. Today begins my accountability to myself and to you regarding this torrid affair. Dear coffee, as much as I love you I'm breaking up with you because you don't fucking care about me or my health. Well FUCK YOU. I DO. You are banished from my life. I am no longer a slave to your aroma, flavor or ritual. I finally get it. YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU SEEM. YOU ARE NOT A GOOD THING IN MY LIFE. GET THE FUCK OUT.
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  4. Joe Gavin

    Joe Gavin Face Everything And Rise

    Fucking awesome! I quit two weeks ago cold turkey after seeing/reading something Jason L posted on FB group! I thought I'd miss but I don't! You can do it baby! I now drink a shit ton of water (Poland Spring/Pellegrino mostly). And wine. fucking wine. Can't wait for fall so i can have a good excuse to not drink beer!
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  5. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Bullet proof iced chai tea is pretty darn tasty......just say'n
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Can't do any BP stuff any more. my body expels it within 30m of consumption...
  7. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    @Joe Gavin

    Real Talk. For the past two years Jack has been dropping hints that Coffee isn't what I think it is. And yesterday he dropped the biggest oyster he could have without hitting me with a two by four. Rub doesn't have to dance around the same stuff Jack does and he's told be straight out coffee is keeping me from achieving optimal for at lest 6 months. I have been lying to myself about about coffee, that its ok. that I can have a cup or two w/o impacting my A. Well I was wrong. I was drinking my own bs. Coffee can be a short term mitigation tool when you're in a shitty environment. But its not a long term tool. continued used of coffee in a really crappy environment, that's going to get crappier will suck any and all water out of your cells, leaving you struggling to just get a C. I don't want a C, I want the A. I want optimal. I'm done bullshitting myself that small things don't matter. Eating shit tons of DHA w/o the water to form the EZ DOESN'T DO JACK SHIT. Might as well go back to doing the stuff I was before I met Jack, because I sure as hell can't get the A with coffee on board. My most recent bun;creatine ratio proves that. I either step upto the plate and own my shit, if I'm going to help others. Coffee is going to suck the water out of your cells faster in a 4G driven world faster than you think... leaving all the wonder DHA and those electrons and photons dying for a mechanism to get to your mitochondria. Jack dropped a shit ton of oysters yesterday in Alyson's thread. I'm not sure everyone caught them. Just because something tastes good doesn't mean its good for you. Coffee is not my friend in the environment work in, its sleeping with the enemy. Bastard. I love coffee. I always have. But coffee isn't my friend, and its not yours either. you want the A you gotta dig deep. Well I'm digging. Are you?
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  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Well, that sucks. I was like that with coffee (now that I am not drinking any). With the tea, not so much. A little local fresh butter and coconut creamer, stevia and I am good and not really missing the coffee.
  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Nice thread on the Quantum FB page. Seriously, do people not get N=1 and what one person needs another one might not!!!! Just because someone does not have a problem with wheat does not mean it should be eaten!!!
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  10. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    What the fuck people? You either want the fucking A, or you don't. quit puss footing around and trying to justify what you're doing in the name of an A. I WANT TO SMACK PEOPLE. Seriously for not thinking, not putting in the effort. FOR FUCK SAKES. How hard is it to read Jacks' blog? How hard is it to run a search in Ask Jack for questions? AND WHY ARE PEOPLE ON THE QBFBGROUP ASKING THE SAME FUCKING QUESITONS ABOUT EATING SEAFOOD?


    come on people step up or step the fuck off... shit or get off the pot.

    I think I understand why Jack get's pissed at us for the stupid stuff we ask about shit we already read....
  11. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    God I'm a fucking bitch right now... Iditots aggravate me. and I've run into a shit ton it seams today in real life... let alone the stupidity on face book.

    Fuck this shit I'm outta here today. I'll see you all on monday.
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  12. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    FB people come from all over....some of them are like "what forum"? Maybe there should pre-req reading before closed group acceptance.

    I constantly forget to google shit with Jacks name....I definitely am among those deserving a smack. Sometimes I bounce from article to article and get excited and blurt out something online before the all the proper searches have been done. A mistake i hope I no longer make. Actually kind of glad this whole pissy uninformed mass of shit has been dropping, I need to distance myself from the negative and embrace positives.

    I cant afford the cortisol spikes ;)
  13. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Sounds like you cant either...lol!
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  14. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Ok I lied I'm back...

  15. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Have noted much of the same things on the QFB Group. Many are short tempered about the repetitiveness of some subjects. I don't participate much but do read there often.

    Get yoursel some sunshine, cold water in the tank, and some oysters this weekend. Tequlia may be in order too... Stay off FB and enjoy yourself!
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  16. nicld

    nicld Gold

    AND OXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  17. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I hear ya. I have not been able to read everything so I learned pretty quickly not to ask questions unless I have and still don't get it.

    I can't wait to see what is on there in the morning. The rule for myself is no computer when at home unless doing CT. I might have to make an exception tomorrow and just take the computer outside while grounding in the morning. The DH has the weekend off so we are doing some stuff together so I might not get my Saturday morning CT in. The farmers market and a walk along the river is planned then mowing (unless he did that today without me asking).
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  18. Gulfgirl

    Gulfgirl Gold

    Gretchen, if I may offer this..
    Given where you are with your ALF you may be in need of neuro-cranial integration / cranial nerve integration. Consider that your ALF, by nature of the operating premise of the appliance, is causing you to regress and relearn and that your brain is going through a HUGE change. This is no small thing.

    So while Buteyko is increasing your CO2 (which you can only scale to the degree that you have available substrates / think Nitric Oxide pathways), Buteyko lacks in the area of cranial nerve function and integration. If your sympathetics are ramping up (could either be due to breathing changes, or a jammed suture / cranial restriction needing release) you need to improve your parasympathetic input. Think this way...if you are 'forcing' improvements in your Buteyko numbers but your body does not have the available NO then it will ramp up your sympathetics just like cardio would. It's a stressor. If you're hitting a wall with Buteyko, there's a kinder and gentler approach that you can use to give your body time to heal in a quantum sense. You don't want to outrun what your body can scale. Hope this makes sense.

    Have you gotten your cranial adjusting and osteo work done recently? If not, that needs to be done asap. If it has, then cranial nerve integration needs to happen in order to improve your parasympathetic function. Because your have OSA, I am sure that you have a posterior floor of mouth restriction and this falls in the department of midline (for a better word) defect. The presence of the midline anomalies cause us to organize in a compensatory fashion cranially and experientially.

    Just my ALF 2 cents. ;)
  19. Joe Gavin

    Joe Gavin Face Everything And Rise

    Where's my shovel emoji?
  20. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    thanks Michale!

    I'll be seeing the Osteo for the 2nd time this Friday. Kids see him in 2 weeks...

    What are some of the kinder gentler approaches... for allowing the breathing to work in tandem with my cranial structure?

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