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My ADrenocortex Stress Profile

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Claudia, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    SALIVA TEST 1/1/2013
    Today, I got my adrenal saliva test results. The lab's comments: Saliva AM cortisol level is below mean range and suggests adrenal insufficiency. This suggests a degree of adrenal hypo function, maladaption/abnormal pacing with abnormal HPAA. Other cortisol levels are adepquate and within range. Evening is normal and within range.

    Morning cortisol 11.3 (range 6.0-42.0 nmol/L)
    midday, noon, 9.2 (2.0-11.0)
    4pm, 9.1 (2.0-11.0)
    evening, 8pm 2.9 (1.0-8.0)

    Cortisol Daily, total 32.5 (11.0-76.0)

    DHEAS Values
    morning 13.9 (range 2.5-25.0)
    DHEAS/Cortisol RATIO AM 1.23 HIGH (0.20-0.60 RATIO)

    SALIVA DHEAS/CORTISOL RATIO An increase in this ratio is found in patients suffering from panic disorders. Suspect: An abnormal physiological response to stress, with shifting of the steroidogenic pathway to DHEA at the expense of cortisol.
    Consider lifestyle changes: stress reduction
    Herbal support: Adaptogenic herbs: American or Korean ginseng (Panax spp.), Siberian ginsend, WIthania, Licorice to prolong the half-life of cortisol, Sarsaparilla is a cortisol precursor
    Glandular support: Adrenal, pituitary, others as indicated
    Hormone replacement therapy: Cortisol, DHEA, pregnenlone as indicated
    For herbal, glandular, and hormones, it is important to preserve or restore circadian rhythms by dosing in morning. May give 1/3 to 1/2 of morning dose at noon. Dosing later than noon is not advised. Consider measuring testosterone and or estradiol levels and intervene if necessary.

    I'm not sure how bad this profile actually is. I've always felt tired at waking. I don't have problems feeling tired at night and falling asleep. Although I get up to pee a few times.

    What can I do to improve my adrenals? What exactly is the adrenal RX and does it go hand in hand with leaky gut? Can someone help me with this? THank you so much.

    I don't think I'm LR and I actually did do the Leptin Reset in Nov 2011 through January and then, I stopped when I had the signs. But my hormones need balancing, my t3 is low, and I"m taking t3 only (low dose of 12.5 mcg per day), and Jack has told me that I have mitochondrial inefficiency. I have off and on fatigue, moodiness toward depression, weight gain (for what feels like no reason at all and unrelated to what I eat).

    I don't do the BAB because I'm just not hungry. In fact, I'm often not hungry. So, I've been practicing intuitive eating and paying attention to my body and hunger signals. If I am not hungry in the morning, and my cortisol is on the lower side, then, am I right to think this is not a good time for me to eat A LOT of food? It would be forcing since I am not hungry. I get a little hungry in the afternoon and then, I eat. I am hungry again at dinner, and I eat. I don't get very hungry ever. I think when I do eat the combination of protein and fat keeps me satiated for many hours.

    Thanks for any advice, interpretation. I posted in some other threads, too. I wasn't sure where to post :).

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