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My 15 year journey...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Dean Howcroft (@dhmsjourney), Jan 8, 2019.

  1. 2005 was the year I was riding my motorbike back to my friends place after a joyous ride through some twistie bends with a mate of mine. We were almost home when out of no where I had complete double vision which took about 6 months to gradually resolve. Multiple Sclerosis is what the doctor told me I had as I sat there in disbelief. I was 25 and had never been sick in my life. Once my vision normalized, my shock and disbelief of diagnoses quickly turned to denial. But
    I would once again be reminded...

    Thinking back to my childhood I was rarely sick but I definitely wasn't living optimal.
    A chunky kid being a lil overweight, I shied away from sports and was embarrassed to take my shirt of hence I rarely saw the sun. Definitely too much blue light exposure as sometimes we would stay up all night playing computer games with friends

    Over the following years I had relapses of numbness in legs, urgency to urinate, balance issues, ED in the bedroom. A whole bunch of fun. I tried a few different medications but they never sat well with me and the side effects were worse than my symptoms.

    In 2013 I became paleo after following Terry Whals. My diet has been the same since and have been done the heal the gut rabbit hole. My diet i basically keto now.

    Since 2013 ive gradually gotten worse to the point now I can't walk any distance and I fear i'll be in a wheelchair at some point.

    After spending 4 days with Wim Hof in 2016, ice baths are a regular hing for me and is the only thing that give me relief from symptoms for a period of time. I have a 500L chest freezer filled with ice that I like to keep at 2 degrees Celsius (35F) which I stay in for anywhere between 5-10 mins on average.

    i also have a sauna with near and far IR heaters

    Breathing techniques, meditation, plant medicine have also helped me to no end...

    But I still haven't solved the puzzle... :(

    A friend of mine shared the work of Dr Kruse just before Xmas and a lot of what he said immediately started cotecting the dots for me...even though a lot of the tech goes over my head!

    I live in Mollymook, NSW, Australia which is a country coastal surf town. Any chance I get I'm shirt off down by the water and regularly been catching the sunrise. Although, when Jacks speaks of our ozone layer hole its concerning.

    I ordered EPI-Paleo RX which I can't wait to get my hands on.

    To be honest, I'm feeling really overwhelmed by the information here and lately have felt near the end of my tether, but if there is one thing these last 14 years have taught me its persistence.

    Would love to hear some success stories to help fire me up from the lull I'm in especially with those with MS give me a shout.

    pic below
    My swimming hole in winter...

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome. Here you'll see we begin where Wahl's and Hof end.
  3. Erik

    Erik New Member

    Besides all my mental issues i used to have balance issues/vértigo bursts when i was taking my epilepsy drug. Today i have other symptoms and no longer am on the drug. Applying kruses teachings has been a lifesaver. Cold and sun and the sea work wonders for me. But the thing that VANISHES all of my symptoms like Magic is avoiding nnEMF. ie: Going camping far away in the Middle of a forest
  4. Thanks for sharing Erik. Yes the more I listening to Kruse the more I think I have to escape to zero EMF zone somewhere on the equator!!! How long have you been following Kruses work?
  5. Cheers jack,

    Your stuffs been blowing my mind. I come to it with a healthy amount of skepticism but for me you're joining a lot of dots and I feel you're right intuitively.

    Tell me...
    I'm increasing my DHA in diet
    I get n the sun
    I witness the sunrise
    I get CT pretty much everyday if not twice
    I I'm ordering blue blocker glasses and limiting my exposure
    I don't live in a city and limit my Wifi and EMF in house but yes we have 4G

    If you're in my position would you be moving to somewhere near the equator and where there is very little EMF? Is that what it would take to turn this wretched MS around?

    A Black Swan undergrad
  6. Erik

    Erik New Member

    I found kruse back in 2014 i think... but my low dopamine made me follow him only when i felt trapped.... i should have done it sooner. now im applying all i can, and its helping my like nothing else, but im willing to go and live on a beach with less than 20 people living, its a village 33 km away from where i live, with almost no nnEMF, adn daily supply of fish... i will keep you updated..

  7. drezy

    drezy Gold

    You might benefit from reading this:
  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    In what country are you in Erik?
  9. Erik

    Erik New Member

    I live in Olavarría, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. I wrote wrong and this village at the beach i want to go it's 330 km away. It's the nearest beach. It's called "Balneario Los Angeles".
    caroline likes this.
  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Ok :) That village sounds like a perfect place to stay :) :)
    Erik likes this.

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