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much improved sleep; no headaches; much reduced hot flashes

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by taiyang, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. taiyang

    taiyang New Member

    i am sharing my story with the diabetes and apoe4 online communities.

    i am wondering if high cortisol could be reflected in higher morning blood sugar readings. my morning fasted blood sugar readings have gone down with mitochondriac hacks, and i am wondering if this phenomenon is related to lower cortisol.
    For me, paying attention to first- blacking out my sleeping environment, second- wearing blue blockers in the evening/avoiding screens in the evening except for the TV from a distance, third- taking off my glasses when out in the sun, and fourth- turning off the circuit breaker to my bedroom (i see a reading of 79 in the morning for the first time ever) has tracked with/been correlated with lower morning fasting blood sugar. i don't monitor my blood sugar throughout the day since i'm a little lazy and i am just trying to prevent going back to being pre-diabetic.

    here is some data:
    in november 2014
    age- 49 and suffering from hot flashes at night, poor sleep headaches
    average morning fasted blood sugar - ***106*** from 22 mornings (forgot to take my bg some mornings)
    highest value 119
    lowest value 94
    weight- around 133 lbs.
    in november 2015
    age- 50 still suffering from poor sleep/headaches due to hot flashes
    average morning fasted blood sugar- ***93***from 28 readings
    highest value 103
    lowest value 82
    weight- around 135-139 lbs.
    in november 2016 (first summer i spent walking in the city for hours, but with glasses on and a visor. no sunblock)
    age 51- still suffering from hot flashes. started playing around with intermittent use of 5 HTP. sometimes it helped with sleep, but not if i had bad hot flashes. then only ice on my head and aleve worked for the head aches and hot flashes. i took it rarely, though.
    average morning fasted blood sugar- ***102*** from 29 readings (at this point i sometimes would take two readings consecutively and saw my meter could read 86/91 0r 84/90) I was also getting more and more desperate because of poor sleep and was also rating my hot flashes as well as my blood sugar. i saw that i might have a morning blood sugar reading of anywhere from 84 to 107 and no hot flashes the previous night or extreme hot flashes and a morning blood sugar of 96 to 106. so my hot flashes did not seem to track with my blood sugar.
    highest value 109
    lowest value 86
    weight around 135-138 (I stopped caring about my weight and hardly have any notes about it. I was really focused on my sleep since my memory was going).
    in november 2017 (second summer i spend walking around the city for hours. still have glasses on and a visor. still no sun block)
    age 52- i started completely blacking out my bedroom, but forgot when that began. the most important changes around october 19 2017 are the uvex glasses and a hat and no screens except for tv at a distance after sunset. I brush my teeth in dim light or in the dark. i start to not wear glasses outside and crack my windows when driving. no supplements at all.
    average morning fasted blood sugar- ***88*** from 19 readings
    highest value 96
    lowest value 81
    weight around 137-140 lbs (still not noting it a lot since sleep and cognitive function are my priorities. also fewer notes on calendar because i started sleeping better so not as desperate)
    ***i turned off the circuit breaker to my bedroom on Dec. 7. I had a hot flash that night, but now is the first time I'm seeing a blood sugar in the 70's. from Dec. 7 to Dec. 24 my average blood sugar is ***82*** from 20 readings (some days I forget to measure, some days I take two readings consecutively and get results like 78/80 or 77/87).
    highest value 90
    lowest value 77
    even with the inaccuracies of glucose meters, i can see a clear trend of better blood sugar. i have been using the walmart relion meter for all my readings throughout the years.
    i am going fuller into perimenopause at 52 as i get my period on dec. 5 at day 60 of my cycle. i am starting to eat more carbs because i feel protected because of the drop in my morning fasted readings. this is probably a mistake, but i am still getting lower fasted readings even with eating more carbs. my weight hasn't gone up and is still around 138 lbs.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2017
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  2. taiyang

    taiyang New Member

    the apoe4 community is very interested in my results, but no one in the diabetes online community seems interested. i just told them to did what i did for one lousy night- just turn off the circuit breakers to their bedroom to see if their was any difference in fasted morning glucose- but so far no one has taken me up on my idea. it might've worked for someone- maybe not everyone.
    oh well...:confused::thumbsdown:
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  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Cool stuff Taiyang! I sure know I feel a difference when I turn off my circuit breaker - it is just more relaxing and feels better, sleep is better, everything is better :)

    Hard to believe how deep people sleep.... even if you rub it right under their nose and there are clear results, they just are too tied to their old believes...they cant break it
    The daughter of my ex has diabetes 1 and as me and him tried to cut carbs and measured bloodsugar and saw how big difference just witrh thsi one thing we got, he suggested her to drop carbs and she did.. and she got awesome results, could drop insulin use huge!.. But soon enough she was back to her old habits.. she could do it just a few months and then she started eating bread and sugars again.
    You have to be real brave and curious to totally break with old habits and jump into the unknown, and cange your lifestyle for sure! Maybe you have to be wild :eek: to a certain point that our civilisation/culture today do not support....
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  4. taiyang

    taiyang New Member

    another morning of excellent fasted blood sugar even when eating more carbs than usual- 77. if this is placebo effect, it sure is lasting a long time. with lifestyle changes of varying degrees, here is what i have noticed:
    1. better sleep. even if i wake up for a period of time, i can fall back asleep, which i couldn't do before.
    2. no headaches. i would often have headaches during the day and even at night if i had especially bad hot flashes.
    3. fewer to no hot flashes. i may now be able to do heavier exercise- like weight lifting. before doing heavy exercise would lead to awful hot flashes/headaches at night. yesterday i did some weight lifting and had a slight warming/insomnia. i was able to fall back asleep.
    4. the 'volume' on my attention has been turned up. if you can imagine needing the sound of the tv turned up- if the sound is a little too soft, you can catch things, but you miss a lot even though you concentrate harder. yesterday i noticed that i was able to 'multi-task' in perception in a way that i haven't been able to in recent memory. for example, my daughter is crazy about the tv show grey's anatomy, and she wants me to keep her company. that means that i have watched some shows multiple times via netflix. yesterday i noticed that even though i had seen a show a while a go, i was able to pick up on a lot of nuances in the actors' expressions that i hadn't seen previously. i noticed more of everything, like the fact that christina's pager lit up with a bright light. before i wouldn't have had the mental energy to focus on incidentals like that. and it wasn't just the fact that i had seen this particular show before either. i have watched a lot of reruns and never had the experience of being able to focus on multiple points like i did yesterday. it reminds me of the experience i had of watching a star trek episode while i was in college. i used to watch star trek with my family when i was little, but had not seen any shows for years and years. then when i watched that one star trek episode in college, i was able to catch all the nuances/sub texts/ in between the lines kind of stuff conveyed by the actors' facial expressions that i wasn't able to catch when i was young and had less insight into facial cues. so anyway, i hope my brain keeps healing.
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  5. drezy

    drezy New Member

    That's an amazing way to go into the new year. Congratulations.

    Keep going. Having only spoken up here a month ago, you stand great odds that your brain will not only "keep healing" but improve beyond what you were used to having access to up there. That's been my experience at least.
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