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MT's Journey back to Nature!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Michael Thompson, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. Hey thanks for the tip -- might have to check out Beaver Creek this summer. Have you ever been to Whitewater? Its a favorite, not much for reception there either.
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  2. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    Whitewater is pretty nice too, but more crowded during trout season.
  3. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    Yeah cold and wet to sunshine is great. I was nice and pink after soaking in the cold spring water last week, then all that blood got a good dose of sunlight, felt great!
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  4. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    wow, the am sun and seafood really are working great! On a fishing trip this weekend everyone had to cover up or put on sunscreen, those that didnt got burned, but I was able to go all weekend without any protection or sun glasses, and did not burn at all!
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  5. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    A great start to the day with some sunrise and cold refreshing lake at the beach. Yeah all my MN neighbors think I'm a little nuts haha 20190514_062342.jpg and then devoured this fresh trout too. Nothing goes to waste on my trout haha 1557849422734590361744162180037.jpg
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  6. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    well, it has been near a month at the new place, and if I am healing, it is taking for ever it seems, got to be patient. these things take a while. I traded in my Prius Hybrid this week and got a regular gas auto. so maybe no more huge battery, smart keys in my pocket, ac power system, and tons of electronic gadgets, will help speed healing up. I am still having digestion and sleep issues
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  7. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    Awesome sunrise this morning IMG_20190531_055308_237.jpg
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  8. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson New Member

    Big update! I have to take a physical for the MN department of transportation every two years, and the time came up again. for the last 20 years I would have high blood pressure every time, and the examiner would scold me to go see my Dr. and get on BP meds, which i never did. But this time I went, and for the first time, I got normal healthy blood pressure. looks like all this is paying off! all my friends think I am nuts, but now I have some tangible evidence that it works! also my solar callus is great now, outside all day and no sign of sunburn, while my friends have to cover up or get roasted.
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    great update!

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