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MS and sunlight's link for all to see.

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Aug 30, 2018.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    MS is an inflammatory disease of myelin-producing cells (oligodendroglia cells) that become filled with deuterium in Kreb's bicycle to block the AQA 4 gates. Sunlight can make many anti-inflammatory chemokines and this is why the Vitamin D level is linked to MS link. If you have ANY Autoimmune condition you need to move closer to the sun to reverse this process in YOU. Food will never fix the defect because it is a LIGHT problem.


    Fasting is easiest in sunlight when your feet are connected to the Earth. Do you think that is important in MS.......? Bet your ass it is. Food is ONLY important to life when it is disconnected from earth, sun, and water for long stretches. Why? What do you and tree have in common? You're both alive. Does a tree have to eat? No. It makes everything it needs from thin air, water, and sunlight. It uses water as its photosynthetic battery to make sugar from CO2 and sunlight. It can do this because its roots connect it 100% of the time to the Earth's magnetic flux which is powered by the sun via the dynamo and its canopy is 100% connected to the solar radiation based upon its location. It has zero need for food sources. You, however, are not designed to be 100% connected to the magnetic flux or the sun's radiations solely for your energy source. You have a need for food because you have a backup system that allows you to do this called a colony of mitochondria. The amount of time you are disconnected from both sources is the amount of food you need to eat. The other variable that mitochondria give humans is that those at the equator have mitochondria DNA that is tightly coupled meaning that they need less food to make electrons because they have strong solar flux and strong magnetic flux because they tend not to wear shoes.........therefore they don't need to eat. Their food electrons are always high energy and high information bearing electrons unlike the one further from the equator. Those humans who live outside the equatorial zones (most modern humans) have Northern European mtDNA that is loosely coupled. This means their mitochondrial DNA needs more food electrons to uncouple to make more heat to keep them warm and build their EZ in cells to offset this increase disconnection from the sun. It is assumed by Mother Nature, they would still have a connection to the Earth but that is no longer true. As such those outside of the tropics have to eat more (electrons/protons) because they are more disconnected from the sun and the magnetic flux of the dynamo. This decreases the spin rate of the ATPase on a relative basis from those who live inside the tropics. It is not an overgeneralization; it is a quantum fact. Why? All foods are linked directly and indirectly to photosynthetic webs. Most modern humans are divorced from evolutionary theory and from mitochondrial science. If you listen to a food first guru you'll never reverse your Multiple sclerosis autoimmune condition with food. MS is a quantum disease, not a foodborne illness. All autoimmune conditions are diseases where humans live a blue light, an indoor existence where their immune system is re-programmed by the power grid and not properly programmed by the sun and magnetic dynamo as humans were built too. UVA, UVB light, and the VDR all inhibit ECT in mitochondria to simulate fasting effect. Sunlight has 42% IR-A light which increases the ATPase spin rate at the same time while the effect of the UVA, UVB, and the VDR reduce electron flow. The effect of red light on the red light chromophores in the ATPase keep protons flowing from the matrix to the ATPase to make ATP with less food needed. This is the Black Swan wisdom in this paper. http://news.usc.edu/101187/diet-that-mimics-fasting-may-also-reduce-multiple-sclerosis-symptoms/
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    All 3 actresses Selma Blair, Rachel Miner and Tamara Feldman (recently changed her name to Amara Zaragoza.) are vegan/vegetarian and all three have developed Multiple Sclerosis within the last few years. All three should learn about the link to the sun and MS incidence and prevalence. I wonder if they realize that being vegan raises the stakes for NEEDING more sun in their lives than less when fish and meat are subtracted from their lives. https://vitamindwiki.com/dl1240?display&max=500
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