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MrPinkies lab results.. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by MrPinkies, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Ok friends..

    So.. They decided to run the tests that they wanted.. and my appointment is at the end of the month when we can "discuss" the other labs that I wanted and go over these results.. PLEASE if you think of something that I should have tested, let me know! I know the HSCRP and the reverse T3's are on my list already.. If anyone is curious, I am 125lbs lighter from 2010.. Even though in the last year I have lost a LOT of weight, I still feel that something isn't right just yet...

    Here we go!


    COMP Metabolic Panel:
    ALB: 4.1 Albumin Healthy range: 3.9 to 5.0 g/dL
    AP: 59 I'm not sure what this is.. but range is 27-120 Alkaline phosphatase?
    BILIT: 0.7 Bilirubin Healthy range: 0.1 to 1.9 mg/dL
    BUN: 11 BUN (blood urea nitrogen) Healthy range: 10 to 20 mg/dL
    CAL: 9.3 Calcium Healthy range: 9.0 to 10.5 mg/dL
    CD: 23 I'm not sure what this is.. but range is 20-30
    CHL: 106 Chloride Healthy range: 98 to 106 mEq/L
    CREAT: 0.74 Creatinine Healthy range: 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL
    GFRBF: 111 I'm not sure what this is.. but range is >60
    GFROF: 92 I'm not sure what this is.. but range is >60
    GLU: 99 Glucose? range 60-110
    GOT: 18 I'm not sure what this is... but range is 15-41
    GPT: 19 I'm not sure what this is... but range is 10-54
    POT: 4.0 Potassium Healthy range: 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L
    PRO: 6.8 I'm not sure what this is... but range is 6.1-7.9 Protein?
    SOD: 137 Sodium Healthy range: 135 to 145 mEq/L

    Lipid profile:
    CHD RISK: 2.8 I'm guessing that this is Total cholesterol/HDL ratio range <4.9
    CHOL: 179 cholesterol <200 mg/dL (below 5.18 mmol/L)
    HDL: 64 HDL cholesterol >40 mg/dL
    LDL: 103 LDL cholesterol <129 mg/dL
    TRIG: 60 Triglycerides Healthy range: 40 to 160 mg/dL

    Complete Blood Count:
    HCT: 42.3% Hematocrit 36.0-48.0%
    HGB: 13.9 Hemoglobin 12 to 16 g/dL
    MCHC: 32.8% Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) Normal range: 28% to 36%
    MCV: 91 Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) Normal range: 80 to 100 femtoliters
    PLT: 248,000 I'm guessing that this is Platelet count Normal range: 150,000 to 400,000 mL
    RBC: 4.63 RBC (red blood cell) erythrocyte count Normal range: 4.2 to 5.9 million cmm
    RDW: 14.7% Red cell distribution width (RDW or RCDW) Normal range: 11% to 15%
    WBC: 7,600 WBC (white blood cell) leukocyte count Normal range: 4,300 to 10,800 cmm

    To kinda compare from my last labs back in 2010:
    TSH: 1.65 Thyroid-stimulating hormone Healthy range is 0.3 to 3
    BUN: 12
    CAL: 9.2
    CD: 26
    CHL: 101
    CREAT: 0.60
    GFRBF: 144
    GFROF: 119
    GLU: 88
    POT: 3.7
    SOD: 139
    CHD RISK:3.3
    CHOL: 197
    HDL: 60
    LDL: 118
    TRIG: 96
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2013
  2. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

  3. ATL_Paleo

    ATL_Paleo Gold

    Very helpful document explaining what each test means ....... however, the ranges are too wide, and thus do not show optimal values. Also, she is following CW on cholesterol. TC should be above 200, not below 200.

    Thus, I will save the link for explainations but ignore the ranges.
  4. Dextery

    Dextery New Member

    Kate: Good changes Triglycerides down to 60 from 96. The lower the better.
    HDL needs to go up to 70 or above. The higher the better. You can raise HDL by supplementing with niacin. Slo-Niacin is the product I use with minimal flushing. I take 500mg am and 500mg pm.

    Bun/Creat ratio was 14 and now is 20 indicating you are hydrating well.

    Suggested tests to run: NMR Lipid profile will give you the breakdown of your LDL total particles and then it will tell you if the majority of the particles are large bouyant that do no harm to the vascular system.

    On the Thyroid side, TSH, T3, Free T3, T4, Reverse T3, high sensitivity Crp, Vit D3 serum level
    Hopefully others will have more insight after the July 4 weekend.
  5. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Thank for the eye opening insight, Dexter! I'm really happy about my triglycerides and cholesterol too.. I am curious why they didn't run the TSH like they did in 2010.. I will definitely ask for those tests.. I just feel like something is off..
  6. HoneyChild

    HoneyChild Gold

    I've been reading up on magnesium lately and it looks as though most of us are deficient due to poor quality soils. Over the years the ref rage for RBC magnesium has been going down and down as is mentioned in the following link:


    Look at the mag deficiency symptoms to see if any of them are familiar to you http://gotmag.org/magnesium-deficiency-101/

    If you think this is relevant to you then I suggest you join the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagnesiumAdvocacy/

    Good luck :)
  7. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Hey! Thank you for the suggestion!! Looking at the chart, very few apply to me.. but.. I know a few people that this does apply to, so, thank you for sharing!

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