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Moving to Mexico - summertime?

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Tara.P, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Tara.P

    Tara.P Gold :)

    So, I had a consult with Dr Kruse the other day about my symptoms and he said I need to move south (Mexico) for 2-3 years until I am healed. I had an MRI done in March and they found lesions on my brain. Report said that demylination needed to be strongly considered. Educated guess is MS. I need to get a diagnosis first and then get south once the travel bans are lifted from coronavirus.

    I am totally prepared to do this to heal. It will be hard but I don't want to be wheelchair bound! I want to be optimal. My husband and I have 2 little ones together, and my husband has 2 children from a previous marriage (twin 16 year olds), so I'm not sure how his custody arrangement will work...his ex isn't the most compassionate person.

    I live in the interior area of BC Canada (not the coastal region). Dr Kruse said that after the 2-3 years down south, then I could possibly entertain the idea of coming back to Canada only in the summer time.

    My question is about being in Canada in the summer time. We get a lot of sun where we are, we are in a rural area and we live along the river, so perfect water for CT.

    My family wants to know why I cannot spend time in Canada in the summer initially and then just leave Canada for Mexico in early September - end May? I don't have the answers for them. I'm hoping someone can explain to me why this is so that I can explain to my people.

    Thank you so much!
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    How will you value anybody's answer when you have already presented your case to the guru and got his answer directly?
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  3. Tara.P

    Tara.P Gold :)

    I value his answer and I'm not questioning its validity. I know he is right.

    But when we had our consult, I never asked him about why I can't be in Canada in the summertime. My mind was swirling with the news. Now that I have percolated on his answers to me, I have been making plans but have follow up questions. Others in my family have questions and I can't just tell them "Dr Kruse said so." I was just hoping someone could explain the science of why even in summer, Mexico/south is better. Or even point me to a webinar that explains it. Sorry, a little emotional lately....not all cylinders are firing the best either.
  4. In my experience, from a bit south of BC, you can do everything right to improve circadian health and solar redox like all day sun and no fake lights or emf, and it will make you feel way better. But it doesn’t provide the constant solar intensity the equator does. No comparison on how I feel. Good luck.
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You can ask @Jack your follow up questions on Q&A.
    You can ask him on Ask Jack.

    Answers from members are mostly for entertainment only.

    Also, you should be aware that just being in
    " south (Mexico) for 2-3 years until I am healed"
    is just the beginning of the story.
    You have to live there in the conditions that a woman living there 10000 years ago was.
    Otherwise, you will waste your time.

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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The magnetic field in Mexico has a lot to do with it?.....the crater

    Maybe have a convo with Shah?
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  7. Tara.P

    Tara.P Gold :)

    Thanks guys :)
  8. Novah

    Novah Gold

    I’m from B.C. (coast) and spend lots of time in Mex in the winters.

    I think Jack was trying to give you the quickest way to healing by telling you to be there year round.

    Why don’t you ask him during tomorrow’s Q&A?

    Here are my general thoughts - Not to go against Jack, but a few things to ponder...

    It’s bloody hot in Mex in summer if you’re not used to heat and especially the humidity. You may acclimatize better if you head south in the fall.

    Also, the BC interior tends to have really hot, dry summers, and parts of Mex are super humid which may or may not work for you.

    I personally did terribly in the Yucatan and my health got significantly worse there, but I do fine in other areas of Mex so just remember if one location isn’t working, another might.

    What I’ve found useful is to do “shorter” trips of anywhere from 1-3 months to test drive a place to see how I react. And if goes well, extend and stay. If not, leave for a better/different location.

    You may want to try out the Yucatan, the west coast (Puerto Vallarta/Sayulita/San Pancho, Puerto Escondido etc), Southern Baja, and just see where you do best.

    I’m assuming you know of Matt Embry (MS Hope) from Alberta who was diagnosed with MS at 19 y/o and has been in remission for over 20 years and leads a very full life? As well as Terry Whals. I’m aware Jack considers her not truly healed but for living in the Midwest, she’s doing incredibly well. Brenda Cosentino is another Canadian inspiration - Lyme and other issues recovery who now lives in Merida (currently in Canada) but has travelled all over Mex.
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  9. Novah

    Novah Gold

    One more thing to keep in mind - you don’t want to lose your free Canadian medical care. I’m not sure what steps need to be put into place while out of the country for large extended periods of time to keep that, but again, something to keep in mind.
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  10. Dteshome

    Dteshome New Member

    I would say if you can afford it and you have a meter to measure emr levels you can rent some rural beach house at reasonable rates then go for it.An Ac is a must if you are not used to the tropical heat.

    The center of most towns are becoming westernized in that people think cell phones are cool.Telcomm takes advantage of this and puts tower on top of people's business and homes

    Understand that much of mexico the houses are bunched closed together it's not like rural america
    where there is space in between homes
    though there are some spots along the beach
    where you have more space between neighbors if that is important to you.

    You want to look away from the centers where there are lots of cell towers despite the crater its better to be in low emr field. A good meter will help with that

    Meds are cheap,foods are cheap as well.
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  11. Tara.P

    Tara.P Gold :)

    Thanks Novah! Nice to hear from a fellow Canadian :)

    Thanks for that info too. We are looking for more rural areas and considering other countries south of Mexico if we need to. I am used to the farm life and would like to still have some semblance of it - staying out of major centres.
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  12. Thank you for sharing @Novah

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