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morning wines

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Anya, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Anya

    Anya Gold

    is it optimal to have wine with BAB?
    glass or two? :p
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not for me
  3. Anya

    Anya Gold

    how comes Jack?
    does wine interfere with BAB?
    or CT?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  5. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    I would think wine is never an optimal choice. It’s a comprise for a lifestyle or quality of life you choose.
  6. Bonnie

    Bonnie Gold

    I have heard Jack say menopausal women should NEVER have wine.
  7. Anya

    Anya Gold

    Danco please explain
    Jack is always drinking wine!
    drezy likes this.
  8. drezy

    drezy Gold


    Love the portrayal.

    Nurse... scalpel and a glass of wine stat!

    Alcohol once the body is half submerged and the top half is getting pounded by UV is my rule.
    Danco3636 and Anya like this.
  9. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    Doesn’t mean it’s optimal for health. . Is really any alcohol healthy over its concecenses in any form? I understand the enjoyment of flavor and perhaps fuzzy feeling but isn’t it really a choice of enjoying life over optimal? Not saying wine isn’t OK and yes I have had it too but isn’t it really a man made supplement for our enjoyment?

    Just my thoughts. Perhaps Jack see’s and knows differently from tests and biohacks.
    drezy likes this.
  10. Anya

    Anya Gold

    hehe drezy
    happy naked CT times :p
    drezy likes this.
  11. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Ask not how your country's coldness can adapt to you. Ask how you can adapt to your country's coldness.
    Anya likes this.
  12. Anya

    Anya Gold

    danco have you read cpc #26?
  13. Anya

    Anya Gold

    Jack what's the best time(s) for wine? :p
  14. Animals seek out and devour rotting fruit as a seasonal treat in the late fall. Maybe we should follow suit.
    KrusinWitchie and Sun Disciple like this.
  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Anya Jack has talked many places about that... but what comes to my mind right away are;

    Not after 5 PM
    In summer rather than in winter
    Not if you are dehydrated
    Not more than one glass (for women)
    Not where is lots of nnEMF around
    there was more but I cant remember right now..

    So... in summertime, with an early dinner... being healthy sitting in the sun outside in nature ;) :)
    Anya and Bonnie like this.
  16. Danco3636

    Danco3636 Silver

    Goes to show you..... If you have to take that many precautions then perhaps its not optimal anytime.... Can we live without it and be optimal, I think YES! So when in doubt and onse health is in question best to leave the glass "half empty", which means '0" does our body and health good.

    Again it is a choice and I don't question or judge your choice, I just want to give you a different perspective.
    drezy likes this.
  17. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I judged your choices Anya, but just a little bit.
    KrusinWitchie, Danco3636 and Anne V like this.
  18. Anya

    Anya Gold

    choice to be curious and ask Jack? :p
    drezy likes this.

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