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Mom's LDL is high and HDL is low

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Hbuttel, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. Hbuttel

    Hbuttel New Member

    Hey all, My mom's doctor prescribed her the nasty statins.
    She took a couple and then stopped when I told her all about how bad they were.

    I know that she needs to work on getting more sunshine and she has already started doing this as last time she visited me in Florida she looked quite pale and I made sure she got some clothes off and worked on her tan.

    Ive told her to avoid Trans fats and non-organic grains because of the Glysophate.
    I ordered her a Glycine supplement for the Glyphosate as well.

    I also bought her freeze dried beef heart supplements for taurine.

    She is 64 years old. She also takes the lowest dose of Zoloft daily which I read can cause LDL to be higher. I asked her to try quitting that.

    Here are her lipid test results :
    Non HDL Cholesterol - 176
    Triglycerides - 78
    Cholesterol - 229
    LDL Calculated - 160
    HDL - 53

    she is going to get her vitamin D levels checked when she can.

    How concerned should she be based upon these Lipid test results?

    Below ill post the only other test results that I have available for her, not sure if they help at all

    Sodium - 139
    Potassium - 4.4
    Chloride - 105
    CO2 - 28
    Anion Gap - 6
    BUN - 22
    Creatine - 0.8
    Glucose - 86
    Calcium - 10.0
    Alkaline Phosphatase - 60
    Total Protein - 7.0
    Albumin - 4.2
    Total Bilirubin - 0.4
    BUN/Creatine Ratio - 28
    AST - 34
    ALT - 31
    A/G Ratio - 1.50
    eGFR - >60

    That's all that I have for now,
    The doctor really put the fear in her over the LDL levels supposedly being high.

    Any and all tips or information that anyone can give is so very welcome!
    Thank you!
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Take $100
    get her
    Calcium score test.
    That test is done in places where MRI is done.

  3. Hbuttel

    Hbuttel New Member

    Okay thank you JanSz!

    We are on it

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