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Moms feed your kids seafood and fish.

Discussion in 'Female Quantum Biology' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  2. johnsonmd

    johnsonmd Gold

    I took a few cases of canned Mackerel over to my grandkids house and helped show the 10 year old how to make fish cakes. The 5 kids loved and scarfed them! Now maybe their moms will make this a regular part of their diet!
  3. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I think that type of action is huge.

    Little one's have so much life ahead them that this is even better than compound interest.
  4. recoen

    recoen Gold

    @johnsonmd will you please share your recipe?
  5. johnsonmd

    johnsonmd Gold

    I was at their house, so I had to use what their mom had on hand... I just told her to do it the same as meatloaf only use fish. I used 2 -13 oz cans of Mackerel, a handful of oatmeal, 1 tsp garlic salt, pepper. 2 eggs. then mash it up and cook in fry pan. At home I use different grain, maybe almond or coconut or flax seed... more seasonings, maybe onion powder, old bay, whatever... then cook as one big patty, in my George Foreman grill, lined with parchment paper. Then I cut into large squares to serve. Easy cook and clean up.
  6. recoen

    recoen Gold

  7. John Saf

    John Saf New Member

    Seafood for beginners my way:
    -Canned King oscar sardines in olive oil
    -Canned Crown prince naturally smoked oysters
    -Canned Scomber i tomato ( i wash off all the tomato sause and sprinkle with salt) 1.5usd pr can i norway.
    -FreshCod roe
    -Fresh freshwater trout
    -Fresh Saltwater trout+salmon (hard to find wild in norway)
    -Fresh Artic Char
    -Frozen Pollock pan fryed with onions
    -Frozen Pan fryed cod with bacon
    -Smoked whole herrig

    Kid frendly white fish-cakes:
    100g shrimps or herrig miced small +1 large onion miced small + chives and dill (other herbs okay) +salt and pepper + 400g Cod/haddoc/polloc/halibut/redfish (Sebastes norvegicus) pulled with a fork + 1 egg
    hand mixed in a bowl (try to get a batter). Form small cakes. gently fry in ghee

    Kid frendly white fish soup:
    300G shrimp broth. (shrimp shells and fish bones/skin shimmerd in water)
    1 miced onion+ herbs like: dill, basil, korriander, chives,
    miced fish (i use same as cakes)/mussels/shrimps
    300G raw cream + salt and pepper.
    (in the summer i add some miced vegetables also)

    Groundbeef with miced shrimps

    The scomber in tomato was tested, and the omega 3 was not damaged compared to fresh fish.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  8. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Why did I not think of mincing the shrimp?! Such a great idea! I just made taco beef (usually we do fish tacos) and if I had shrimp I could've added that right in!
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  9. Jason Yun

    Jason Yun Gold

    Is their a hierarchy for seafood in terms of DHA or health benefits that anyone has found?

    Costco usually has some ocean perch and walleye, but when I look the DHA content is pretty low compared to my go to of salmon, sardines, mackeral.
  10. johnsonmd

    johnsonmd Gold

    Oysters are the best! They even beat liver! Any seafood is better than grassfed anything.
  11. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

  12. johnsonmd

    johnsonmd Gold

    Eggs and seaweed have some dha.
  13. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    He's also very allergic to eggs and the doc said not to try seaweed. I guess I could ask them to test that specifically.
  14. johnsonmd

    johnsonmd Gold

    I think that I would focus on light, water, magnetism and let that heal the allergies.

    Sunshine, no blue lights, no lights after sundown
    Drink spring water, spend time in rivers or ocean or natural water for grounding and cold therapy, use low dueterium water.
    Magnetism grounding, no EMF TV, video Gaming, computers.
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