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Momma Liesel @ Aproned Acre

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by LieselK, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I am a 35 year old mother of three with a Hashimoto’s Diagnosis, previously worked with numerous practitioners before and after diagnosis and here I am… still struggling…

    My resolution this year is to feel well, strong and energetic… Most of my friends did not expect me to take this path to do so! They are big fans of running in circles and continuing to eat crap. However my dear sister, Theka (JK Member), is my cheerleader and always has been.

    Diagnosis came at age 30 in 2013, I worked with a functional med doc who helped me quite a bit but then I got pregnant with #3 and we moved from Ohio to North Carolina. My thyroid labs have been consistent but not ideal.

    Current concerns:
    • Sick with colds/sinus crud/chest congestion from Sept 2017-Jan 2018, was given Z-pack at some point in there and then Augmentin at beginning of Jan with resulting yeast infection and then given Diflucan. Yeast persisted until I began higher quality probiotics. Sinus crud was better but continued until change in diet.

    • Thyroid Labs not in ideal range

    • Fatigued
    • Low sex drive

    • Brain Fog

    • Overwhelmed, feelings of hopelessness

    Labs attached from 1/23/18

    Concerns identified so far:
    • BUN/CRE Ratio low: 10.7
    • (BUN low: 9)
    • Bilirubin high: 1.5 (it’s been high since my initial labs with diagnosis in 2013)
    • ALT low: 8
    • GGT low: 8
    • C Reactive Protein high: 5.97
    • TSH high: 4.07

    Began strict Epi-Paleo Rx on 1/25/18 with added emphasis on AI protocol contained within. Avoiding eggs due to a history of them causing acid reflux or other symptoms. I have my own chickens and plan to add eggs again and also to add a flock of ducks for eggs and meat. Past Cyrex Labs showed severe Whey Protein reaction and moderate reaction to soy, tapioca and yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). I have been off dairy and baker’s yeast (wild yeasts in sourdough have been consumed) since August 2013, but consumed soy again lightly after a period off it. Cyrex testing for wheat was normal (totally weird) and therefore I have consumed wheat after a period off. My Chiro explained that it may very well have been a false response due to something about my body’s possible inability to form a reaction at that time. I can accept that now without further testing. Giving up the dairy was very hard in many ways, but I’m ready to feel well so none of that really seems to matter anymore. Being off wheat and other grains with the EP Rx has been amazing (and it’s not my first go around with grain-free so I should’ve known and accepted this sooner.)

    My chiropractor has me taking:

    • Apex Energetics Thyroxal
    • Adaptocrine
    • BileMin
    • (1 capsule each SID)

    Also supplementing daily with:
    • 5,000iu D3
    • Culterelle Probiotics (Lactobacillus GG)

    I obviously need to increase my redox potential.

    Regarding leptin resistance. Can a change happen in a week’s time?! The Rx says 4-6 wks for most people and I wasn’t even following it exactly because I didn’t know about it yet. But I have more energy, no cravings, not hungry, better sleep… Such a breath of fresh air!

    Other things I’ve implemented recently or prior since my sister has been a JK member since 2015 and feeds me info:
    • Turning off wifi at night- recent

    • Cold water rinses in morning at the end of my shower-recent

    • As much morning light as I can (hadn’t been happening much over winter)

    • Sunset light if able

    • Grounding as much as possible (has been harder over winter but I have wool slippers for outside chores)

    • Low evening lights, only incandescent bulbs, salt lamp for bedroom

    Family history:

    Mother: Takes thyroid meds, A-fib, past strokes, breast cancer in her 50’s, born and still living in Pittsburgh, PA

    Grandmother: Multiple Sclerosis

    Attached Files:

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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Family history:

    Mother: Takes thyroid meds, A-fib, past strokes, breast cancer in her 50’s, born and still living in Pittsburgh, PA

    Grandmother: Multiple Sclerosis

    A-fib --------------->Boluoki


    Breast cancer & MS ------------->> DDW

  4. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Thank you for the info! On it.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Do you have blue blocker glasses? checkout RA optics .....Matty is a forum member [18yo btw].

    have you read the C/T easy start guide? start with face dunks. Did you see Jack and Jeremy's youtube event?

    The leptin RX is about re setting our circadian rhythm .......

    can you turn off all lights at night time? only use candles or a fire place......

    Do you have all electronics out of the bedroom? How dark is your bedroom?

    Can you spend some time in the Yucatan [Mexico] and sun bathe nude etc. etc??? or some other sun spot?
  6. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Welcome Liesel. You are off to a great start !
    Yes,you can see a difference in a week as to how you feel.
    I was wondering whether you could add another item to your ritual and that is facedunking in 10 degree water. It s the start of the Cold thermogenesis protocol but if you are not feeling up to the full protocol this will get you started.
    You might also see more benefits if you actually saw the sun rise looking into its general direction but not directly into it. Looking some degrees to the east would be good. That would reset your circadian rhythm rather fast.
    There is one thing that I did not see you mention and that is fish / seafood and if you can best of all oysters

    Welcome to Theka's sister !
  7. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    • I do have blue blocker glasses... just need to use them :rolleyes:
    • I have to read the C/T guide- have it up and waiting for me. Also planning to have those videos going today that you mentioned while kids and hubby are out of the house and it's quiet.
    • We try to do low lights in the evening and once a week I'm making everyone do candles. I have to get rid of the LED flashlights because the kids get those out and it just defeats the whole purpose!
    • Electronics in bedroom... well my husband keeps his phone in there for his alarm clock. Would it be better to switch him back to a plug-in alarm clock? We have an old one where you can turn the digital face lights completely off on it. Bedroom isn't as dark as I'd like it. I am getting some black out curtains from a friend soon to help.
    • We are getting some good sun here in Raleigh and I'm stuck here so as much as possible I'll be in it- I can sunbathe nude if I coordinate it well! :D
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  8. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Thank you!
    • I will grab a big bowl from the Dollar Store next time I'm out... I tried face dunking a long time ago when Theka told me to but the water up my nose... I have to figure that one out. It was so messy! I have been running cold water over my face at the end of my showers to at least be mindful of it so I can definitely add the face dunks into my morning. I like routines :)
    • I love seeing the sun rise- it's been hard to time it as it's always changing and doesn't actually allow me to keep a routine in the morning exactly as I set it. Because it's been easier for me to get up out of bed each day I know it will be easier and easier to coordinate that and get out there before the family wakes up. Although my youngest is an early riser so at various times over the last 2 years I have made it point to take us both out for the sun rise! I take care of our chickens every morning so if nothing else I try to time that with the early light and take a few extra minutes to stare that way as you suggest.
    • And yes to fish and seafood! The oysters not so much... working on that one... I've been adding dulse and kelp as Jack suggests if I'm eating non seafood.
  9. Theka

    Theka New Member

    I have a battery powered travel alarm that I use if we need to get up for a flight or something. I wake up at dawn normally. My husband dos use his phone-----but we don't keep it in the bedroom anymore. I think it can also be used as an alarm in airplane mode. Once we tested the charging set-up that used to be on the nightstand, it was a no-brainer. ;-)
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You really need ALL electronics out of your bedroom. Get your DH an old fashioned wind up alarm clock.

    Do you have your phones on airplane mode????
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


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  12. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Phones are now being set to airplane mode- when I'm home with kiddos I am plugging my computer directly into the modem to be able to use the internet for research and have wifi off (printing off articles as I can.) Hubby is being helpful in remembering to turn wifi off every night. I'll find an alarm clock... bonus if it doesn't have a snooze feature! Ha! :rofl: I got up for the cloudy sunrise this morning... he stayed in bed... but the little boys joined me outside! :D
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  13. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

  14. drezy

    drezy New Member

    If the whole purpose of my life ends up simply having helped my son make this all an integral part of his life then.... I WIN!
  15. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Adding to my candlelight options and getting geared up for face dunks! :thumbsup:

    candleholder.png Facedunk.png
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  16. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    A little update to help me remember moving forward: Yesterday was 3 weeks into the Epi-Paleo RX and about a week into truly starting Leptin Reset. I have had a bit less energy this week compared to previous 2 weeks and though I am falling asleep easily and EARLY I find I'm sleeping quite lightly at times and am easily awakened (probably more toward morning). We still have a toddler that wakes at night so that's a factor. It has also been rainy and dreary here most of the past week. I got up extra early today and it was worth it- the color before the sun appeared was amazing! It's been so warm today and finally SUN so the littlest boy and I have been sunbathing and grounding. What a refreshment! I'm trying to like oysters- looking for sources other than canned. Filling myself with tons of seafood and fish. I'm down 9-10 lbs since my height at Christmas and feel good. My knee that had been hurting from late summer onward is not giving me any trouble and I even did some heavy lifting in the yard yesterday to move some stumps. I did try eggs this past week to try and up the protein at breakfast and by day 3 I felt too full with GERD symptoms. So no more eggs. Does this mean leaky gut? What more should or can I do? I also added CT this week with face dunks post morning shower. It feels amazing!

    And an extra exciting tidbit is that my daughter is wanting to follow my lead- she joins me to enjoy the sunsets and asked about protecting her eyes at school (she wears glasses already) and I explained that I can get her special ones to block the bad light. She can take them off at recess :) We're doing candles only after sundown and everyone is loving it and sleeping so well. So many wonderful baby steps going on here.
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  17. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Wow! That's a quick response time and bodes well for you. Congratulations.
  18. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Thanks! It's encouraging to have some quick responses in my body so I am equipped for the road ahead. Every time it feels daunting I can see how much it's already helping.
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  19. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    I've been reading and reading- trying to soak it in. Sometimes the forum just confuses me more to sort through all the stuff that isn't right so I'm printing out the blogs to make notes on and trying to spend my computer time browsing through the comments for juicy tidbits. How does everyone read and listen to all this stuff without exposing themselves to unnecessary EMF?! Sometimes I take my computer outside on a blanket, but then I have to turn the wifi on. Until I get a new ethernet cable I'm on a short one which puts me pretty close to my modem.

    I'm ready for the weights! I have word out to friends to find some heavy dumb bells to use (one of those things we used to have and gave away when we moved from Ohio- grrrr.) I'm excited about this part, because it's so my kind of exercise. As a horse girl, I did a lot of lifting and shoveling and loved every part of it. I am definitely not a long distance runner and am thankful to have science on my side for that. It's all the rage and I am not partaking.

    I'm debating on whether to bother testing my rT3 at this point. I think my money is better spent doing some EMF protection in the house. My goal is to get the 23andMe done (read about the COMT defect in the Hashi/Melasma blog) as well as iodine levels and iodine absorption. I also have melasma- it presented in 2015 and since I've been careful with topical product and tried to get the sun as much as possible. It's better- not gone yet. I rarely wear make-up and never use sunscreen so it's good to already be in those habits.

    Definitely looking forward to Malbec again and maybe some coffee with breakfast. I'm not craving them, but I do miss the routine of them.

    Been buying Costco RO bottles of water, but they add minerals and I feel like they make me more thirsty? I picked up a few Icelandic to try for a couple days, but I have to find some sources or I can't afford that. I got my neighbors to do some sleuthing for me and we're on a community well here that is filtered with softener and chlorine added. We also have a basic house filter and then our fridge has a filter so I figure the chlorine is eliminated by the fridge filter. Best of all- no flouride. So that makes me happy for the kiddos' sakes! Finding my sources for everything slowly and surely... just need that butcher to stop selling all the belly fat to the bakery :mad:
  20. LieselK

    LieselK Titanium Member

    Got my period today- if I remember right it is about 4 days earlier than last month (I had started Epi-Paleo on Jan 25 and I feel like it came on the 29th, but I could be wrong.) My varicose veins barely gave me trouble last month, but today they are horrible. I'm wondering how that will play out moving forward- is it simply due to increased blood flow? I was also super grumpy the 2 days prior to today.

    CT has been going great! I just started immersion this past week with our 60 degree tap water. I figure it was going to be eaiser to ease into it that way than the ice packs on my chest. I am still keeping a hat, mittens and socks on, but taking off socks and mittens for a just a min or 2 at end of CT. Today was about 18 min and it felt amazing until min 13 when the shivers set in. Such a change from the first session when I was shaking almost immediately! I found out that my neighbors kept their pool open all winter so I can temp that water and try to work on some morning swims!

    I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out what it means for me with Hashimoto's long-term. I know I have to be more careful than others and I wish I could just do ALL the testing right now and have that info to move forward... but then I always tend to dive into too much before I can handle it. So every day I'm trying to read or reread and do what I can. I've read so much on it before and obviously haven't absorbed any of that information long-term. Today, I'd just like a glass of wine. o_O No wine and CT- got that part noted.

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