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Mold, MarCoNS, and extreme EMF + people sensitivity - my n = 1

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Ohsosensitive, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. You're in NYC right now - Oh shit
  2. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    I have unique black swan knowledge of safe spaces only bees, hornets, dragonflies, and bats know about.
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  3. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Love the quote, as a "defective" myself I do feel the extra effort it takes now to be clear, stay positive, make good decisions.. can be beneficial. Though it is an annoying way to learn these qualities :)

    It does look like we are treading down similar paths.. I'm so glad to have quickly found folks with shared experience of what I am going through! The palate expander sounds like it was part of your undoing, for me it was a broken nose at age 2 which I got operated on at 22 and that's when the first symptoms started. My sense is that perhaps there was mold before but Marcons got added during surgery via unsterilised equipment (they hang around here coz of their biofilms apparently).. and then the two have become best buds. Add to that multiple doses of antibiotics for SIBO and H pylori and any good microbiota were probably done away with. It goes to show that we perhaps don't fully understand the implications of a lot of modern medical interventions.. and the happy folk in your picture are testament to that!

    This combination of sun, grounding and falling water is really magical. Spend about 30min today in the ocean and I do feel more energy and resilience to take on the typical symptoms. The hope is to learn how to tread water in the ocean for long enough that I can hang around amongst the waves and away from the sand. I tried the 7-step Gupta method today (while running out of the ocean).. will continue to use it for triggers and post back. For now I am getting stuck on the smiling part as it feels better than not :)

    Air hunger can be a real bugger! Do you work in a desk job as well? I try to employ frequent breaks - if you can step outside I think the combination of more air and moving around can help. A brief meditation outside could also help break the day up and make the indoors feel less confronting over time. Do you experience any sinus symptoms? I just have perennial uninostril dryness / no mucociliary clearance but that seems to make my energy levels, mental clarity much worse. I wonder if a saline sinus rinse can help you when you are feeling air hunger. Of course, please use only boiled / distilled / RO water with salt, and I have found Manuka honey is a nice addition as well. My intuition tells me that my gut issue which causes bloating etc is preventing flow of "prana" / "chi" up from the lower energy centres into the throat and mind.. thereby making these susceptible. So your approach of targeting the most fundamental parts like sun exposure, mold binding do make a lot of sense. I am 5 days into extended near-naked grounded sun exposure.. and have welchol coming on next Tuesday (it's pretty expensive here - like 300 AUD for 150 caps from Kingsway Compounding pharmacy). Just set up the Magnetico bed yesterday. Will read the epi paleo diet and Dr. Price book you suggested next.

    Interesting that you mentioned histamine and seafood. I thought that only shellfish was problematic, but I recently have had bad symptom flares with oysters and with one batch of Barramundi. Have you found particular seafood that is your go-to? It might just also be a bad batch in my case. I have tried long term water and dry fasting (once each). Much preferred the 7-day dry fast (maybe I was drinking poor water around EMF) - felt easily the best I can remember feeling around day 4. It's a powerful remedy for sure, and since then I have been able to eat most fruits without a lot of anxiety / eye tension / brain fog.. which is a huge blessing. However I also noticed EMF sensitivity for the first time a few months after, I'm not sure if because I was more attentive or if I might have angered the bugs inside me. How has your experience been with fasting?

    Organ meats are wonderful.. back when I had tried an all carnivore diet for a few weeks they really improved my mental clarity. This diet didn't produce any improvement in the mold symptoms though.

    Out of curiosity, do you remember a point in time when you had mold and then prior when you didn't? For me, the nose surgery event was that point.. and I have random flashbacks of memories from before that point where all symptoms go away at once which lasts for a few minutes. I wonder if that is actually ochratoxin or something else?

    Anyway, enjoy the sun and ocean!
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  4. Wow - I have to use instrumentation in hopes I can find a safe space; however, since I've been very limited financially from childhood, I do best to improve the environment where I'm able to afford. For example: "going out to lunch" is limited to twice a year - this way I'm able to make ends meet.

    From my perspective, pollutants include: air, water, and nnEMF. Most of the time (now a days) the investigation of the first two can be found generally by county records by municipalities inquiry; however, nnEMF emitters are no longer required to be registered. You have to scan, evaluate and record this data yourself then have that data professionally verified. Thus, if there is a zip code which has nnEMF within a "safe enough" zone, I have not found it.

    Grandpa John
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  5. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman Gold

    where you do get your seafood and meat from in NYC?
  6. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

  7. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi @Tfreeman just FYI as we're having histamine issues with seafood.. I've found that boiling (e.g. with fresh sardines) noticeably improves the mental clutter that happens with pan frying. And they taste surprisingly palatable just boiled with some salt and lime.. and maybe some labneh if you like. Got the idea from this paper that talks about how different cooking methods impact histamine in food: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5705351/. Cheers
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