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Mold, MarCoNS, and extreme EMF + people sensitivity - my n = 1

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Ohsosensitive, Jun 29, 2020 at 5:34 AM.

  1. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi from Sydney. First off - thanks for creating such a knowledgeable and helpful community. This is my first public post on a forum about a chronic medical issue, one for which I have visited 100+ specialist doctors over the last 8 years, had 4 sinus surgeries, found no treatment protocol that works consistently (though ~20+ that have worked for at most 3-4 days before the body seems to "adapt"), and had an unrelenting proliferation of low-energy symptoms.

    To cut a long story short - I had a 5h (pretty long) sinus surgery to correct a deviated septum in 2012. Since then, my right nasal passage has remained dry with poor muco-ciliary clearance. Brain fog, anxiety (like frontal lobotomy at times), gastroparesis, chronic fatigue, lack of sweating, difficulty in speaking / word finding, huge memory loss, left-upper-back nerve pain - are the main symptoms that occur always, to varying degrees made worse my sensitivities to food, EMF and more recently people :(

    2 years ago, my first positive tests came back for v. high ochratoxin A levels + v. high coagulase negative staph. I followed the Shoemaker protocol, Brewer's protocol for mold, but as with the myriad of treatments (antifungals, long-term fasting, HBOT, ozone therapy, PEMF, MMS, nasal probiotics, ...) this showed no prolonged efficacy.

    Old symptoms have continued to get worse, and new symptoms have continued to pile on. For the last year I've had sensitivity to EMF, most notably office fluorescent lights, smart TVs, household electricity, and video streaming. Having tried Stetzer filters, Naturell shielding, grounding pads, etc.) it appeared to be magnetic field related as well. After much introspection, my intuition tells me there is a "low-frequency" attachment in the left lower gut, that is at the heart of all this.

    Then about 6m ago something weird(er) has started - I am started to get the same rotten feeling that I get from EMF and from eating problematic food (e.g. soya, vinegar) from being around people. This is a pretty sad state of affairs as I used to be quite social, but this is happening with a random cross-section of people, including some family, friends and strangers.

    Has anyone dealt with something like this before? It really feels like some type of alien invasion.. and this is even before 5G is mainstream! Thinking of buying a magnetico super sleep, but I am hoping you all can help me understand the root of the issue so that I can avoid spending a lot of money on the pad and have it (like all the things before) stop working. I have been using a 5 Gauss magnetico for about 2w now (no tattoos) - making it harder to wake up in the morning, but I guess I'm still in the adjustment phase. To note: I am getting daily grounded sun exposure for about 3m, have been eating clean, drinking good water and exercising regularly for some time now.

    Thanks for reading this :) best wishes for your health journey.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2020 at 6:04 AM
  2. Hey Ohso,
    I'm no doctor, but would try increasing your solar exposure till you are out all day. Build up solar callus. Ignore fearmongering dermatologists. 3 minutes, if that isn't a typo, or 3 hours are not enough. We are meant to be in the sun. With leptin reset, good circadian rhythm and lots of sun, my energy levels are returning. Good luck!
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  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    You sound similar to myself.... I was able to heal. I totally agree with the Sun and how important it is to set our clocks. For myself I was already worshiping the Sun but it didn’t help much because of my zip code. Zip code matters.... I lived in an area that was testing 5g and had extremely toxic water. Our skin is our biggest organ and we are absorbing what we are bathing in. Considering we are mostly made up of water the water we drink is vital for our wellness too. If the water is full of fluoride, metals, lead, uranium and toxic chemicals isn’t it then expected we would become very ill and sensitive to everything. I learned the hard way thinking I was drinking good water.... do your research almost 95% of the water sold is now sold from the 1%. Most of the bottled water has been purchased over the last decade by investors like Gates, Soros, Branson, Etc. It is a real eye opener when you start googling investors and family trees. Very scary stuff. I was drinking San Pellegrino up until about 11 months ago....Turns out there is lead and uranium in it. They even admit to it on their Wikipedia. It’s also important to remember water has memory.... once I understood exactly what that meant I started treating my water sacredly. I now make it myself with a 5 filter system and let it rest before drinking it. Since moving to a better environment and getting my water right I am doing much better. It took me about 30 months total after I moved but I was also drinking the wrong water until 11months ago. You probably could do it quicker if you are worshipping the Sun and have a good zip code, clean water and grow your own food with clean water and soil. Also... I do use a magnetico too and ground in water everyday for at least an hour. Definitely helps!

    On the brighter side... Ironically with all this social distancing and things closing it has become the perfect world for me. I feel others magnetic fields too... and less crowds, less traffic and the 6 feet rule has made my life a lot more enjoyable again. It kind of makes me wonder if this is why they are calling this the new normal? Sounds like you are on the right path... best of luck!
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  4. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi both, thanks so much for your replies. It really helps to hear of your success stories dealing with similar low-energy / hypersensitivity issues. Will definitely implement these more into my life now that we are WFH (a real blessing tbh!)

    Lots of naked sun exposure - starting with grounded exposure at sunrise. With this, given my strong sensitivity to the beach (likely moldy sand) and grass (not sure why), and power lines, I will typically end up feeling worse after trying to ground in the sun in these environments. Would you still recommend doing so, or just get grounded exposure at sunrise and then ungrounded exposure will do? I also have an Ultimate Longevity grounding pad that I can put on my terrace plugged into a stetzer filter in the ground socket - if that is away from fungus and other triggers (assuming low nnemf from the pad) does that work as well as being out on grass?

    Good water - 5G Canary, I think you're spot in with the water. My "little" bottled water co in Australia is actually owned by Mitsubishi Corporation.. not saying big corp is all bad, but I wouldn't have thought their hands would be all over bottled water everywhere. Could you please advise what water filter system worked best for you? I have tried a kangan filter but got quite feverish during a months trial (not sure if die-off). I actually get these random relief of symptoms when I don't eat or drink for several hours, and felt great during a week's dry fast.. but this is of course not sustainable long term. So need to get the water right. I have attempted to structure water myself using Prill beads and then salt + stirring / magnets, based off the book "Dancing with Water" but as they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - and I might end up doing more harm by creating water that is more sensitive to external nnemf influence. Grateful for your insight in this area.

    Leptin reset diet - will try a vegetarian, salicylate-free version of this. Thankfully not celiac so am able to use vital wheat gluten as a viable meat substitute and supplement with B12 and Zinc. It is very hard for me to keep on weight, but I am assuming it is still because of imperfect digestion and that the leptin reset will improve nutrient absorption and require me to eat less? Thanks for the tip!
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Vegetarian diet...? Wheat gluten..? :confused: That is not wise. You need seafood.
    Tons of seafood and sun...!
    Do not supplement with minerals!! It can go all wrong and create more imbalances! You get plenty of zink from seafood, in perfect harmony with the other minerals - every mineral you need.

    Get yourself Jacks book "The Epi paleo RX". Read it.

    Have you tried Thiamine (B1)? Taken together with nutritional yeast? That might be a great hack for you. There is a thread on it on this forum too if you use the search button.

    If your environment is so bad that you cant even ground there.. maybe you need to move? Can you move outside the city to a better environment?
    You need a EMF meter too if you do not have one already.

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