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Mold, MarCoNS, and extreme EMF + people sensitivity - my n = 1

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Ohsosensitive, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi from Sydney. First off - thanks for creating such a knowledgeable and helpful community. This is my first public post on a forum about a chronic medical issue, one for which I have visited 100+ specialist doctors over the last 8 years, had 4 sinus surgeries, found no treatment protocol that works consistently (though ~20+ that have worked for at most 3-4 days before the body seems to "adapt"), and had an unrelenting proliferation of low-energy symptoms.

    To cut a long story short - I had a 5h (pretty long) sinus surgery to correct a deviated septum in 2012. Since then, my right nasal passage has remained dry with poor muco-ciliary clearance. Brain fog, anxiety (like frontal lobotomy at times), gastroparesis, chronic fatigue, lack of sweating, difficulty in speaking / word finding, huge memory loss, left-upper-back nerve pain - are the main symptoms that occur always, to varying degrees made worse my sensitivities to food, EMF and more recently people :(

    2 years ago, my first positive tests came back for v. high ochratoxin A levels + v. high coagulase negative staph. I followed the Shoemaker protocol, Brewer's protocol for mold, but as with the myriad of treatments (antifungals, long-term fasting, HBOT, ozone therapy, PEMF, MMS, nasal probiotics, ...) this showed no prolonged efficacy.

    Old symptoms have continued to get worse, and new symptoms have continued to pile on. For the last year I've had sensitivity to EMF, most notably office fluorescent lights, smart TVs, household electricity, and video streaming. Having tried Stetzer filters, Naturell shielding, grounding pads, etc.) it appeared to be magnetic field related as well. After much introspection, my intuition tells me there is a "low-frequency" attachment in the left lower gut, that is at the heart of all this.

    Then about 6m ago something weird(er) has started - I am started to get the same rotten feeling that I get from EMF and from eating problematic food (e.g. soya, vinegar) from being around people. This is a pretty sad state of affairs as I used to be quite social, but this is happening with a random cross-section of people, including some family, friends and strangers.

    Has anyone dealt with something like this before? It really feels like some type of alien invasion.. and this is even before 5G is mainstream! Thinking of buying a magnetico super sleep, but I am hoping you all can help me understand the root of the issue so that I can avoid spending a lot of money on the pad and have it (like all the things before) stop working. I have been using a 5 Gauss magnetico for about 2w now (no tattoos) - making it harder to wake up in the morning, but I guess I'm still in the adjustment phase. To note: I am getting daily grounded sun exposure for about 3m, have been eating clean, drinking good water and exercising regularly for some time now.

    Thanks for reading this :) best wishes for your health journey.
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  2. Hey Ohso,
    I'm no doctor, but would try increasing your solar exposure till you are out all day. Build up solar callus. Ignore fearmongering dermatologists. 3 minutes, if that isn't a typo, or 3 hours are not enough. We are meant to be in the sun. With leptin reset, good circadian rhythm and lots of sun, my energy levels are returning. Good luck!
  3. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    You sound similar to myself.... I was able to heal. I totally agree with the Sun and how important it is to set our clocks. For myself I was already worshiping the Sun but it didn’t help much because of my zip code. Zip code matters.... I lived in an area that was testing 5g and had extremely toxic water. Our skin is our biggest organ and we are absorbing what we are bathing in. Considering we are mostly made up of water the water we drink is vital for our wellness too. If the water is full of fluoride, metals, lead, uranium and toxic chemicals isn’t it then expected we would become very ill and sensitive to everything. I learned the hard way thinking I was drinking good water.... do your research almost 95% of the water sold is now sold from the 1%. Most of the bottled water has been purchased over the last decade by investors like Gates, Soros, Branson, Etc. It is a real eye opener when you start googling investors and family trees. Very scary stuff. I was drinking San Pellegrino up until about 11 months ago....Turns out there is lead and uranium in it. They even admit to it on their Wikipedia. It’s also important to remember water has memory.... once I understood exactly what that meant I started treating my water sacredly. I now make it myself with a 5 filter system and let it rest before drinking it. Since moving to a better environment and getting my water right I am doing much better. It took me about 30 months total after I moved but I was also drinking the wrong water until 11months ago. You probably could do it quicker if you are worshipping the Sun and have a good zip code, clean water and grow your own food with clean water and soil. Also... I do use a magnetico too and ground in water everyday for at least an hour. Definitely helps!

    On the brighter side... Ironically with all this social distancing and things closing it has become the perfect world for me. I feel others magnetic fields too... and less crowds, less traffic and the 6 feet rule has made my life a lot more enjoyable again. It kind of makes me wonder if this is why they are calling this the new normal? Sounds like you are on the right path... best of luck!
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  4. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi both, thanks so much for your replies. It really helps to hear of your success stories dealing with similar low-energy / hypersensitivity issues. Will definitely implement these more into my life now that we are WFH (a real blessing tbh!)

    Lots of naked sun exposure - starting with grounded exposure at sunrise. With this, given my strong sensitivity to the beach (likely moldy sand) and grass (not sure why), and power lines, I will typically end up feeling worse after trying to ground in the sun in these environments. Would you still recommend doing so, or just get grounded exposure at sunrise and then ungrounded exposure will do? I also have an Ultimate Longevity grounding pad that I can put on my terrace plugged into a stetzer filter in the ground socket - if that is away from fungus and other triggers (assuming low nnemf from the pad) does that work as well as being out on grass?

    Good water - 5G Canary, I think you're spot in with the water. My "little" bottled water co in Australia is actually owned by Mitsubishi Corporation.. not saying big corp is all bad, but I wouldn't have thought their hands would be all over bottled water everywhere. Could you please advise what water filter system worked best for you? I have tried a kangan filter but got quite feverish during a months trial (not sure if die-off). I actually get these random relief of symptoms when I don't eat or drink for several hours, and felt great during a week's dry fast.. but this is of course not sustainable long term. So need to get the water right. I have attempted to structure water myself using Prill beads and then salt + stirring / magnets, based off the book "Dancing with Water" but as they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - and I might end up doing more harm by creating water that is more sensitive to external nnemf influence. Grateful for your insight in this area.

    Leptin reset diet - will try a vegetarian, salicylate-free version of this. Thankfully not celiac so am able to use vital wheat gluten as a viable meat substitute and supplement with B12 and Zinc. It is very hard for me to keep on weight, but I am assuming it is still because of imperfect digestion and that the leptin reset will improve nutrient absorption and require me to eat less? Thanks for the tip!
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Vegetarian diet...? Wheat gluten..? :confused: That is not wise. You need seafood.
    Tons of seafood and sun...!
    Do not supplement with minerals!! It can go all wrong and create more imbalances! You get plenty of zink from seafood, in perfect harmony with the other minerals - every mineral you need.

    Get yourself Jacks book "The Epi paleo RX". Read it.

    Have you tried Thiamine (B1)? Taken together with nutritional yeast? That might be a great hack for you. There is a thread on it on this forum too if you use the search button.

    If your environment is so bad that you cant even ground there.. maybe you need to move? Can you move outside the city to a better environment?
    You need a EMF meter too if you do not have one already.
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  6. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Haha thanks for the frank and helpful response Inger :)

    Switched to veg a couple months ago as the rest of my family have been veg for religious reasons, so thought I would finally try it. Agree that seafood will probably be a good addition / replacement for protein.. might try to incorporate this - there's a good organic fish market close to home.

    To clarify, my environment is likely not problematic for most - I live 5min walk from the beach. The issue with me is mold (allergy / infection / toxicity) which is triggered by getting near the moist beach sand. Happens on any beach I go to, though it does go away in the ocean itself. Home environment is decent - there's 4 stetzer filters placed based on dirtyelectricity meter readings. No EMF meter but I try to minimize exposure (basic phone use, wired net, replaced fridge to one that affects me less, no TV etc.). The issue at home is the apartment below mine has ceiling halogens with dimmer switches which might be radiating into mine. So I guess not much can be done to shield but sleeping on a Magnetico to see if reduces sensitivity.

    I haven't heard of this thaimine hack or read Jack's book. Will give both a shot and let you know how I go. I'm really hoping that there is something that can work long term, whatever this situation is really feels like invasion of the body snatchers and I haven't so far been able to do much to shake it. Hope to with the tips you all have shared!
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2020
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Where in Sydney are you? For sure there is 5G. Where do you work? what do you do?

    I am not so sure the Stetzer filters work and grounding mats can be a real problem [dirty electricity]

    Are there smart meters on your building? How many apartments? you will be getting tons of nnEMF from everywhere.

    Can you get in the bush for awhile and see how you do? Go camping near a river and eat seafood and swim in cold water.

    Have you tried the water from Aldi? San Bernadetto

    Your environment is the main problem in my opinion.
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  8. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi Caroline, thanks for taking an interest in helping me out. I live in Dee Why. A bit of background to my situation - I have had the symptoms progressively get worse and increase in number across India (where I got my first sinus surgery), Hong Kong (where I worked for 3 years in investment banking) and Sydney (where I have been for the last 4 years in management consulting). There's definitely mold in my system, and staph in my nose - as per testing, and stool on occasion (lifts my fog immensely). Nnemf definitely exacerbates mold among other things. My nasal cycle is disrupted so my right nostril is never dominant, and this is being driven by the gut (likely the mold that's there). The only time in the last 8 years I have had my nasal cycle restored was during a 10day trek to Everest base camp in 2015 (under these conditions my symptoms would appear and disappear every 2-3h as my right nostril was open vs dry, inflamed). This was the longest stretch I've had feeling of normal (pre sinus surgery) level of cognition, energy, memory, "feeling of being myself", etc. so I felt it was greatly influenced by environment triggers that are present pretty much everywhere except somewhere super remote like in the Himalayas. More recently this relief of symptoms would occur while on bus going over the harbour bridge, which further added to my understanding that magnetic fields are a key influence (besides the mold). Have tried hiding in naturell shielding cloth doesn't help a whole lot.

    Unfortunately (and I don't know how to explain this without it sounding quite psychosomatic) whatever I throw at this thing .. it adapts and the treatment becomes useless. So after a few months of back and forth on the bus, it stopped relieving my symptoms for those 10-15sec on the bridge. So too every single other mold / EMF / holistic medicine treatment I have persisted with over the years.

    Regarding camping in the bush, it's definitely worth a shot. I need to be away from EMF, mold, and people for an extended period to notice an effect.. as mentioned in the original post, it's gotten to now where my reaction to certain people is as bad or worse than strong nnemf. It is not great tbh. Smaller nature walks haven't yielded great results, but I might need to spend nights out of civilization to truly feel the effects I imagine. An area I haven't explored in depth that you mentioned is cold immersion - I've done it via cold showers and it makes me feel surprisingly lacking on energy after. Did for a good 2-3w then gave up on this. I'm not sure if my vagus nerve / sympathetic nervous system is so out of whack it is overreacting to any stressor.. that's a lot of what mold illness is.

    Noted on the stetzer filters and grounding mat. Even with the power mains off I didn't feel all that much better at home. I live on the top floor of an apartment - good thing is there is a terrace to sunbathe but unfortunately I'm also likely bathing in nnemf from the apartment below me. No smart meters as far as I'm aware. Use wired internet but as you say there's probably 5G all around already. It's crazy the number of (what seem to be) 5G antennas that are being propped up atop buildings in Sydney CBD - have noticed these only since the lock down as I'm going into office to work till July end.

    I haven't tried San Benedetto water - will give it a shot if there's a non sparkling version. Just recently switched to Pureau RO water which seemed the best that I've tried so far. I might look to invest in an RO filter along the lines 5G Canary mentioned if that's more financially viable longer term.

    There is honestly so much more that I can say to describe what's happening (e.g. memories from before the surgery locked up that come flooding in as my gut activates and fog lifts). It's really weird and there is no doctor who will listen and help. I've met countless. I'm really thankful that you've taken an interest in my situation, and sorry I kind of unloaded! Before seeing 5G Canary's reply, I didn't know there were others who might have experienced an extreme sensitivity to people's (magnetic?) fields, so just knowing that makes me feel a lot better.

    Anyway, will start to put some of what you all have recommended into practice and let you know how things are going. Best wishes for good health!
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you thought of doing a consult with Jack?

    What about going to the Yucatan for a month?

    Have you done a 23&me test?
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Make sure to read Jack's latest Patreon blogs .....Hypoxia 15 & 16
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  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    you know a healthy body will be able to clear out mold fast. And if it cant you need to increase your redox so it can :)
    It is as simple as that :)
    Of course if you live in a moldy home you need to get out of it because that is not wise to live in such environment especially today.. as there is nnEMF pretty much everywhere. nnEMF makes mold way worse for you, that is true. Your body cant clear it when it get disturbed be the nnEMF.

    Yes try to hack stuff and you will eventually figure it out :) It is fun too, you learn a ton along the road :) :)

    EMF protection clothing or canopies can make things worse, it depends. It is very tricky.. so be careful with that. I would not do it, but other things instead.

    You really need to educate yourself, things are not always so simple as they seem, you know ;) :)
    That I have learned the hard way... :D
    but it is fun too :)
    I like it :)

    My base line is;
    Get naked in the sun on the ground in Nature, and eat tons of seafood. Drink good water. Smile :)
    In the night, explore the silence and the darkness. Dive deep into it.
  12. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    I agree with Caroline.... you need to change your location in any way possible. Even if it is just a small change... like moving to a ground floor unit. There is no perfect location but any change for the better is at least moving in a forward direction. Changing my toxic environment definitely saved my life.

    If you can do a bigger move I would definitely recommend it. Look for zip codes away from airports, military bases, train stations and that have healthy people.... be very observant- try and notice everything. Do people in that area look inflamed, limp, notice the amount of extra handicap parking spots, are doctors in that area booked out, and talk with the local vets. A very busy vet is a huge clue... guessing both toxic water and bad environment. The animals will have all sorts of mystery sensitivities and skin conditions. You’ll also want to find out how the town treats the water- focus on how and why and what type of water purification, pipes etc. If you live in an area with toxic water.... you and your local grown foods are bathing in and absorbing those toxins. The chemicals aren’t just fluoride and lead.... look up Alachlor and Atrazine. This is what they are putting in the water now in some areas.... very scary stuff!!

    Below is the link for the company I purchased my filtration system with. They sell different units depending on what you need. I also tested my water before and after use too. Probably still isn’t perfect because it’s hard to test for things that we are unaware of but I feel it’s better then trusting the industry that has been poisoning and profiting off of us.



    Here is a recommendation for a good meter....

    I didn’t use the filters or grounding mats you mentioned either... most of those products do more harm then good like Caroline pointed out. Also keep in mind smart meters are everywhere now.... not just the actual meter on the wall but all newer appliances are smart, the newer TV’s, newer light bulbs, smart cars, smart phones, WiFi, cell towers etc. If you live in a building or area with an abundance of these devices it is impossible to try and control because you are constantly absorbing what is around you. You can easily address them in a denser environment. If you are capable of addressing these things yourself it is always safer because most of the stuff sold today is snake oil. When I first moved to my clean environment I turned almost 90% of the electricity off for almost a full year and shielded all the transmitting appliances. But my sensitivity was pretty extreme. I could feel magnetic fields and electricity- both in the environment and people. In people, their thoughts are electric while their feelings are magnetic which is why the magnetic field can be a real problem. Especially with the world events right now many people have very strong negative feelings.... which mirrors. They will create very strong negative magnetic fields which can easily affect us. It definitely has its pro’s and con’s and once you get healthier it gets a lot easier. It definitely feels very easy and natural for me again now that I am healthier.

    I also can relate to the fact that it would be easier to not be around people but you definitely need people too! The more I isolated the more my body figured out how to connect wirelessly. Try and do things that involve healthy people and when they don’t have their devices with them.... beach, swim, hiking, participate in an outdoor sports team, visit with the elderly or volunteer with outside cleanup, community gardening etc. If you have no energy just people watching would be good but definitely don’t isolate yourself. Like I mentioned before.... it’s actually a lot easier now with all this social distancing to go out without so many devices and people around.

    Once you find a better place to live and clean water then focus on following mother’s nature’s rules. You definitely can turn this around.... keep following your intuition. You mentioned how everything helps short term until “this thing” figures out how to adapt.... it won’t adapt or survive if you follow Mother Nature’s rules. Her rules are free... no money required. Give her your time and she will double yours!

    I saw this today and thought I would share....
  13. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    hi everyone, thanks so much for the encouraging and informative replies! as i'm sure you've experienced, these low energy / low dopamine states can feel so radically different and "not you" that i find it quite hard to "solve" them while in the thick of it... I think a lot of what you're pointing me towards is reintegrating with nature as the first step, before trying to analyse what is going on! that is definitely the move :)

    @caroline - i love the idea of going to the Yucatan! i can think of a few constraints in the way for the near-term though, so will start small in some of the national parks around Sydney. the next week is meant to be pretty rainy though, so might stick to sunbathing on the terrace :)

    are you finding the Aldi water works for you? i've struggled to consume sparkling water for a few years coz of gut sensitivities, but after reading the thread on the Aussie ozone hole i see why Northern Hemisphere water might be better. will stick to the RO water from Pureau for now, and try to structure it using magnetico + sunlight + natural grounding + stirring - if anyone has a process that has worked well for this please do advise.

    i think a consultation with Jack might be a good option down the road, once i have tried out a few of the protocols. thanks for the tip though, didn't know it was an option. ive been enjoying the hypoxia series - it is quite timely during the COVID. i have been following these tips of no sunglasses + blue light blockers from one of Jack's interviews on the Lifestylist podcast. the effect of blue light on retina that Jack writes about is pretty scary.. plus it's going through skin all the time while we're in the office / mall / on the streets at night!

    i haven't done 23 & me - have (probably short-sightedly) decided i've spent too much money on tests.. so want go directly towards a solution. i love that the solutions Jack describes are so simple, universal and often free! Just requires a shift in perspective to how society is set up these days :)

    @Inger - that's a wonderful positive outlook! sometimes i think that i've tried so many hacks over the years.. the one that permanently fixes this, i will learn as much as i can about and try to help more people with it. but after nothing consistently working, there's a part of me that's thinking i cannot "hack" it - like the lesson is to just accept and move on. but another part of me is thinking that there's something fundamental that i'm not addressing up until now.. i'm not sure what it is but it may be just living in a more natural way to improve redox potential.

    i really like your simple day-night routine. the day part sounds pretty straightforward given work from home :) if i could tolerate the beach sand / mold I'd be there all day, but need to experiment between whether i feel better sunbathing on the terrace or on the beach long-term (grounding vs. mold). i did it for just a weekend and noticed better energy levels through the week, but also i am just appreciating the sun more! the night part is trickier, because everything is so bright and distracting! i'm trying this month to go no-Youtube no-Netflix... hopefully helps with winding down the day. How many hours before sleep do you typically stay on low-light? and do you still eat in this time or tend to finish eating before sunset?

    also, happy to report that you've all convinced me to introduce seafood into my diet - heading to the fish market tomorrow! i did try Thiamine + nutritional yeast - i think the yeast didnt go down well with my gut but i will continue with just the Thiamine. It is the water-soluble variety 100 mg for now. regarding the canopies - yeah agree, it hasn't worked at all for me. i tried to wear a t-shirt and shorts made out of Naturell silver-thread fabric, and it made me more "wired", even at night. i guess as long as you're not fully enclosed, there is a chance of radiation getting bounced around inside? and wouldn't work for lower frequency coming off dirty electricity AFAIK. tried scalar energy frequency generators (?) and the floww EMF-protection device - both with initial positive effect but worsening long-term. you're right that in the presence of environmental triggers (e.g. mold, EMF), the system seems unable to carry out reflexive toxin-removal processes.. like sneezing, sweating and proper pooping. hopefully all the healthy fats and sunlight will build up resilience!

    @5G Canary - thanks for the links to the water filtration systems. it is quite scary what can end up in the water that simply isn't tested for! if the RO Pureau water i'm using continues to feel good, I will buy the filter you suggested for long-term use. can imagine it must have been pretty awful being very sensitive and drinking 5G-laden water! good on you for shifting and really getting your environment back in control! at present, i am reasonably happy with 2 of 3 areas in the house.. and the third is still better than outside on the streets for the most part. so given the proximity to beach might stay on here while i try to get more sunlight + better water and food. i will check with the vet though.. that's a good tip. i feel like the people around this area tend to be quite healthy.. many walk around barefoot though personally i'm not sure if that's better / worse for me just yet.

    regarding your practice of switching off majority of the electricity + shielding - that is quite extreme! did you find that over time your sensitivity to the (likely much more triggering) outside environment has gone down because u allowed yourself to not be triggered all the time? i guess this plus the connection with nature is vital for recovery? i think it would be difficult for me to move everything just yet, but i am glad to know that that approach ended up working for you. i think your strategy of grounding in water in the sun would be great.. need to learn how to sit up on a surf board perhaps. how do u end up doing this yourself?

    the perspective on magnetic / electric vs. feelings / thoughts is very interesting. so far the sensitivity is only yielding feelings of malaise / anxiety / famine-thinking / throat closing up.. never anything positive. but i have only had this sensitivity for about 9m now.. so i will learn more in due course. my intuition has been that this is linked to MARCoNS, the nasal staphyloccus that produces no symptoms itself - but has a host of immune-compromising / sensitivity issues. i will often sneeze after engaging with someone who i am sensitive to, and my sense is it that there is a weird interplay of sinus microbes going on. i think this plays a role in that feeling of "brain on fire" and "stare-ey tense eyes" in the presence of EMF. but it may be just one factor. as Inger was saying.. it is not so simple!

    yep definitely agree that healthy interaction is vital.. sometimes even the unhealthy ones seem to morph into pleasant ones over time (it's just a lot of nervous energy to get there!) doing a little bit of outdoor sports, and will start to volunteer which I think will be a real positive. the devices + humans does seem to complicate things, but i'm not sure why. perhaps it is along the lines of the 5G jump conduction that Jack talks about? I don't know.. but I am really happy that you've helped me understand these symptoms a bit better :)

    finally.. i took the plunge and bought a super-sleep magnetico! hopefully that + sun + good water + good food + low environmental triggers = put this thing to bed, and start to focus on something else besides my health all the time! :D
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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    When thinking about body hydration, you likely think of drinking enough water.
    When talking about hydration dr @Jack Kruse means water inside cellular spaces.

    Any water that is consumed, will newer make inside cells.

    Deuterium in foods

    Any water that is consumed, including DDW will newer make inside cells.
    When thinking about body hydration, you may think of water as a lubricant (of extracellular spaces).
    You need minute amounts of it.
    Major water needs are inside the cells.
    Major, like thousands of liters a day. Volume about equal to the volume of blood going thru heart/day.
    Think of blood going into heart, as always being made out of freshly synthesized water.

    And that water must be newly synthesized, (oxygen joining hydrogen) , producing MASSIVE amounts of energy (that life must have to continue living).

    Diesel engine.
    Uses oil to lubricate engine parts. Few gallons of lubricating oil for thousands of driven miles.
    It uses a thousands of gallons of diesel oil, to give the engine its horsepower.
    The water we drink is just for lubrication of parts.
    Camel drinks rarely, scorpion, or snake do not drink, they are able to use matrix water for lubrication.
    Look up this type of discussion on this board.

    Last edited: Jul 10, 2020
  15. Thank you for sharing the video @5G Canary

    I love how Lord Enki's voice stepped in rhythm with the back ground music. Perhaps genetically (I place blame), is why I've been rhythmically challenged; but I do love to hear others who are rhythmically gifted. It brings the ideas of his message up from a deep ancestry feeling. For me, it helps convey meaning - even though this meaning is seen through my interpretive paradigm.

    Morning Sunrise Therapy was been a practice for 5 decades, living a different latitudes of United States. I've found each day different. The light's stimuli is never progressive. Sometimes, it's cold. I prefer warm non-obstructive sun light's first rising -> magical.

    Grandpa John
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2020
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  16. @Inger - What a beautiful practice ->
    Get naked in the sun on the ground in Nature, and eat tons of seafood. Drink good water. Smile :)
    In the night, explore the silence and the darkness. Dive deep into it.

    repeated it hear by permission...
    Grandpa John
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  17. Ohsosensitive

    Ohsosensitive New Member

    Hi JanSz, thanks for that interesting perspective! I am quite unfamiliar with deuterium in water and the concept of metabolic water vs external consumed water.. but it intuitively makes sense as: 1. During a week-long dry fast, I felt probably the best I have felt in terms of mental clarity. The same was not true for a week-long water + salt fast 2. Typically if I don't drink water for a long time I will have random relief of symptoms. I also feel best in the morning before eating / drinking anything.

    Based on your message, I will try to drink water only when I feel thirsty. Some times like after a sauna session might need a big intake, but otherwise I think it would definitely lower my intake of water. Are there additional practices that you follow pertaining to water? DDW looks quite expensive, and based on your reply it appears not to go into the cells, so will stick with just RO water for now. Did look up a few threads on deuterium in food / water but it appeared there wasn't really a low-cost way to get this, and I hadn't seen any members posting the results of use?
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Some of the posts you see about DDW are political in nature. When you are aware of that, it may make it easier for you to understand motives.
    Some posts concentrate on the price of DDW to discuss the subject of profit the seller of DDW will be making rather than a health issues.

    DDW is expensive.
    DDW is medicine for cancer.
    Most people do not need to drink DDW.
    Besides, water that comes in from drinking is missing (huge) amounts of energy that is released when you are synthesizing water inside your mitochondrial matrix (and some in perixosomes).

    Generally, it is about providing conditions when your body assaulted with minimal amounts of Deuterium.
    To live you must have blood.
    Blood must be made from freshly synthesized water that contains only H.
    That is over 7437 (thousands) liters a day when at rest and up to 3x that much when working.
    The lesser Deuterium input, the less work body needs to do in filtering deuterium out.
    eventually,deuterium is also helpful.
    You can think of Deuterium as having function of Control Rods in Nuclear Reactor.
    You want energy
    you want energy release in controlled way.

    Dr Boros (professor in UCLA) who figured all this (and produced video above),
    that about 0.7Liter/day of water should be enough to drink.
    He drinks much less.
    We on this board know about the deuterium because @Jack Kruse told us about dr Boros work.

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2020
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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