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Mitt Romney kin - 2 in ICU after JAB - FIGHTING FOR LIFE

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Jackie Nelson, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Jackie Nelson

    Jackie Nelson New Member

  2. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Sad, but really!! bloody idiot for getting it
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Wonder if a person who is 6’-9” tall could be considered totally healthy.
    I think not.
    He does have had excessive IGF-1 to begin.
    Reason for that could have altered number of other health factors.
    Richard Watson likes this.
  4. Dean6789

    Dean6789 New Member

    Maybe not in America (or other places too) but what about those tall, slender guys from Westin Price's book... ?
    Richard Watson likes this.
  5. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

    Del Bigtree interviewed the mother Cherie Romney on yesterday's TheHighwire.com show and showed extensive clips of Everett and his hospitalization. A lot more detail than was available previously. Scary that the doctors were all so dismissive about it.

    The opinion is that Everest's situation was aggravated by recent exposure to C19, except that it was asymptomatic so he wouldn't have known he had it.

    If you search VAERS for myocarditis by age, it really does strike the young more than anyone else. Most obvious for Pfizer because that vaccine has been more available to children.

    I can really fault them for being "idiots" given the extortions that are being applied.
  6. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Interesting thing is that her husband also had clots too not long after the son after the jabs too. Wonder if there is a genetic link!

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