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Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 16, 2023.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is this funny peculiar thing about Earth though. It has a magnetic field that protects it surface from most of the electromagnetic radiation and force from the sun. This implies too much electromagnetic force is not good for life. This insight has not been made by many. Earth also has a magnetic core made up of iron and a surface that has water. These unusual sets of circumstances are the ground rules that Mother Nature must deal with to make order from the chaos here on Earth. When you really think deeply about what all these factors do in unison, you begin to see the recipe for life differently. You begin to see why life organizes around a cell that is loaded with liquid crystalline semiconductors at its core. They are made of water. Matter, like proteins, is made of a carbon backbone.
    Carbon does not have a high affinity for water naturally. So this physical property of carbon and water interaction could be used to Mother Nature’s advantage when you consider what impacts this has on energy distribution on Earth. When water is confined to tight spaces, as you would see in a cell, it restricts the distribution of energies inherent in the water molecules' molecular structure. This means hydrated carbon is a great place to store energy for a long time so you can tap it when you need it.

    This is important because by allowing for this naturally, the water molecules end up with a lower average energy than if they were in regular bulk water from your swimming pool. This implies, just restricting water to a “tight room”, it becomes energetically favorable for the water to enter small collagen fibrils. It turns out that the collagen molecules in us can and should be described as a dissipative structure.

    They become self-organized into a triple helix when these strings of amino acids are surrounded by water. This water around collagen strands, however, then does something unusual. Water molecules separate from one another and charges separate and electrons & protons are freed to roam. Water becomes a layer of hydroxyl ions and protons. The freed electrons adjacent to water electrify the collagen backbone and the result is a self-assembled triple helix.

    Nothing else is required. Collagen is the most common protein in the body = collagen is the most common dissipative structure in humans. The gelatin in your bone broth is collagen in water with no charge separation happening. If you pass an electric current through your bone broth guess what happens when you look at it under a microscope? You see triple helices form. When water binds to collagen that is energized by the sun's photons this is when water chemistry does some amazing things. Right next to collagen forms an empty space called a coherent domain that has a large net negative charge and it excludes protons with a positive charge creating a battery that controls all proteins in cells. This includes enzymes that run all metabolic pathways. Next to these coherent domains are delocalized electrons that are separated from water molecules. Next to the electron layer, we see a dense layer of protons that come from the freed hydrogen in water. It appears collagen allows water to separate into its constitutive parts & charges to form groups of charged particles.

    It is almost like water acts like an “electric wire” to activate collagen to life.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So why is just confining water to a tube a big deal inside a cell? Because water has special quantum abilities in this state that it does not have in your bathtub.

    Think of this analogy to hammer home this point home; in a crowded subway, people’s movements are restricted compared to what they are on the streets above, and hence the range of their energy distribution is narrowed towards the lower end of the energy scale. Restricting movement gives you control over the protons and the electrons.

    Both of these are charged particles. The electromagnetic force only deals with charged particles. Restricting the movement of charged particles allows you to store energy everywhere in a cell. It also gives you supreme power of electrons and protons in cells use light as an optical tweezer.

    You might begin to understand then why biology uses the Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz, and its harmonics, to control how biochemistry works. When you understand this simple example of how molecular crowding acts on charge separation and development, you begin to see why restricting water movement in a cell matches perfectly with the way life would be organized on this planet. This is because the Earth naturally has the Schumann resonance coming from its core with a ton of water on its surface. The Schumann resonance is only 7.83 Hz and resides on the lower scale of electromagnetic forces that exist on the surface of our planet. The two physical things are found naturally on Earth and become coupled together as a dissipative system and this is coupled to collagen in your cells.

    As light energy from the sun is pumped into the cell, proteins begin to act in unison to begin building the framework of the semiconductor of a quantum cell. The most common element on the entire planet is iron, a transition metal. This metal is vital in many critical pathways in metabolism and is also controlled by electromagnetic force. I believe it is done by molecular resonance. I think by using various oxidation states of ions in cells locked to their highly mobile D shell electrons, these things can be used as off and on switches.

    This also paints a clear picture of why ionizing radiation is so damaging to a quantum cell. Ionizing radiation is on the higher scale of the electromagnetic scale of forces. The higher force diminishes the production of water in cells and water already made in cells to lower charge separation inside of cells. With free electrons and protons redox power drops.

    If our cells had massive sizes with free-floating water with lower amounts of transition metals in them we could handle much higher electromagnetic energies to survive, but we don’t on Earth, therefore we can’t live in these environments. To make it in this environment, life likely would have to use a different liquid, other than water, to form hydration shells around its carbon backbone proteins to better handle the higher electromagnetic forces that would be present. But because the conditions on our planet favor the lower end of the energy electromagnetic spectrum naturally, all chemistry, and therefore, all biology has to be dictated by this scale of energies in order to create order from the chaos on Earth in a dissipative system. That is what a cell is doing.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The point of the last 4 posts here is this: decentralized physicians have to take the things Gilbert Ling said in 1952 and begin plugging them in to things QFT and AMO physics has already proved over the last 65 years while biology made up words to put in the crossword puzzle of life.

    Most people buy beliefs and not the real benefits. This is why Occam’s razor “beliefs” persist in biology. Occam’s razor is what most believe to be true but it is not always the parsimonious way nature works……….when you think something sounds “kooky”…….it might be that “kooky” is parsimonious after all. Someone on my forum recently remarked that she changed her beliefs because she was not getting the results she wanted listening to her doctor’s advice. She read my blog and decided to give crazy and shot, and low and behold it worked! And the reality is most of us just never saw “this reality” in your own fishbowl of understanding life. This is why it took so long for the photoelectric effect, theory of relativity, and the 30 step process of photosynthesis to be fully accepted by science. They all break Occam’s razor rule of parsimony, yet, all have been experimentally found to be true in our universe. Ling’s idea, was radical and not parsimonious, but it too, fits the way a quantum cell works. He was way ahead of his time, so far ahead that no one could fathom what his science implied. That no longer is the case. Experiments in quantum and AMO physics and biology have finally caught up to Ling’s work now. It is time we make sense of it for your health.

    Gilbert Ling's work in biology was among the most difficult things I conquered in my life. I did not quit because it was difficult to understand. I became much more interested in building upon what he uncovered.

    My work in quantum biology is a very difficult read for many. This science has patterns & references to physics and physical chemistry, which usually repel humanists. But do not be afraid. Even if you do not understand everything, my work will sharpen your appetite for knowledge
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    Membrane theory remains a sacred cow. It is a tyranny of belief that underpins the centralized healthcare system.

    with any of it.

    To all those pushing centralized medical beliefs/tyrannies, you have forgotten the tenet “I will remember that there is an art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.”

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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What is a disease to a decentralized MD? A process that is associated with energy loss and entropy gain.

    Health is a process where solar energy is pumped into cells and stored and entropy decreases. This is the blueprint of how a dissipative structure operates.

    Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn't what you get for it, but what you become for it. Authenticity always and absolutely carries a demand and duty for us. You must speak out, to the best of your ability, shake the spiritual tree, and shine your inner flame into the eyes of the complacent. You must let that realization rumble through your arteries and rumble through those around you. Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past. Today, don't just be a consumer, be a creator of life. Somewhere inside you is a masterpiece waiting to be exposed. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-did-neo-choose-red-pill-jack-kruse/

    Sharing your ideas with the world can be scary or exhilarating. Your perspective paints that expectation. Do you have a dream that seems so large, it just seems like it can't come to fruition? I do. I share those ideas in my posts. It is time to share another. I believe all dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. It is always easier to make a dollar off a dream, but it is a lot tougher to make a difference with one. I think every post is going to do for one of you.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The environment is everything you see, but more importantly, everything you don't see but your cells sense. When your cells sense these waves you can bet a colony of mitochondria is deciphering this code as well.

    Tweets 24-44 should be eye-opening to centralized medicine/science to show them how much they are missing.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    MITOCHONDRIA IS WHERE MELATONIN IS CREATED. If you have mitochondrial heteroplasmy, you cannot make the appropriate amount of melatonin in the mitochondrial matrix, and disease results. The reason why disease and poor sleep are linked is not what most people think. Few of them realize melatonin is a proxy for mitochondrial damage. Recent C19 papers have uncovered this link that was made in the literature 8 years ago. My tribe knows about it. Do you?

    Mitochondria are the major site of free radicals and related toxic species generation. Melatonin has been consistently shown to not lessen the formation of ROS/RNS at the mitochondrial level, thereby protecting against oxidative or nitrosative damage to electron transport chain proteins; it also limits lipid peroxidation in the inner membrane, thus favoring electron flux and ATP production.

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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The Nobel Prize for physics in 2016 was given for the discovery of topologic insulators (TI’s).

    Topological insulators conduct electricity on their surfaces but do not conduct the current deep inside their cores. This limitation allows the cell to control Brownian motion in the cell to maintain the low entropy state I mention above.

    This helps explain why DNA’s surface is highly coiled and coated with histones, chromatin, and methyl groups when it is kept in its “quiet state” (non-dividing)

    It also explains how it can receive photo-electric instructions on its surface and transfer that information through the hydrogen bonding network (proton tunneling causing flickering) that surrounds nucleic acids to run the epigenetic programming it contains deep within. What happens on its surface can awaken the code of life buried deep below its double helix. This process is all possible because DNA AMO structure is capable of inducing a change in base pairs by altering the hydrogen bonds on its surface because of how Dirac fermions operate.

    In physics, a Dirac fermion is a spin-½ particle. Take a look here to see a video on it.

    In condensed matter physics, low-energy excitations in graphene and topological insulators, among others, are fermionic quasiparticles described by a pseudo-relativistic Dirac equation. I think DNA acts like a fermionic quasiparticle. Fermions include all quarks and leptons and all composite particles made of an odd number of these. Some fermions are elementary particles (such as electrons), and some are composite particles(such as protons). I think this is why mitochondria only deal with electrons and protons. I also believe this is why neutrinos might be a player in biology. I think fermions and light interactions are how starlight is transmitted to living cells.

    The Standard Model recognizes two types of elementary fermions: quarks and leptons. In all, the model distinguishes 24 different fermions. There are six quarks (up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top), and six leptons (electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, tauon and tauon neutrino), along with the corresponding antiparticle of each of these.

    Claude Shannon taught the world that information flows via entropy. All clocks should be thought of as flowmeters for entry. This includes the biological circadian clocks in cells. Wheeler taught physics that information and energy are one and the same thing. Shannon’s mathematics from his 1948 paper advanced the linkage of entropy and information. Shannon's paper also told us anything can be a message.
    I believe sunlight messages for mitochondrial DNA and nuclear are controlled by "fermion messaging". DNA is informed about what to do with optical information from the sun via mtDNA signaling (optical and free radical) and this message is transmitted over water's hydrogen bonds adjacent to proteins in a cell. DNA is a very complex topologic insulator that is an antenna for our star's information.

    Water makes up 99% of molecules in every cell. Water is a very small molecule that has more hydrogen bonds in it than any other compound. Liquid water contains the densest hydrogen bonding of any solvent, with almost as many hydrogen bonds as there are covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds in its structure found anywhere on Earth. These two bonding networks are the binary code in water. Just as a computer can use a 1 and 0 to create digital information on the internet, hydrogen bonds create the internet in your cells. Shannon taught us
    the information content of any kind of message could be measured in binary digits or just bits.

    Water's hydrogen bond network changes at a pico and femtosecond level in any environment. Inside a cell, its atomic arrangement is controlled by electrostatic forces in a cell created by the redox power of the mitochondria in that cell. These hydrogen bonds can rapidly rearrange in response to, light frequencies, charge density, and changing conditions and environments (for example, solutes like K+ in a cell).

    Shannon demonstrated, contrary to what was commonly believed in the 1940s, that engineers could beat their worst enemy ever: transmission errors-or in their technical jargon, "noise." Noise is anything that disturbs communication. It can be an electric signal in a telephone wire that causes crosstalk in an adjacent wire, a thunderstorm static that perturbs TV signals distorting the image on the screen, or a failure in network noise to increase the energy of the transmission signals or send the same message repeatedly-much as when, in a crowded pub, you have to shout for a beer several times. Shannon showed a better way to avoid errors without wasting so much energy and time: coding. Nature does the same thing.

    She takes the message in the hydrogen bonding network of water that surrounds every protein and encodes that information in fermionic code in mRNA, mtDNA, RNA, tRNA, and DNA.

    Coding is at the heart of information theory. All communication processes need some sort of coding to limit the noise and create a high-fidelity signal that doesn't degrade. Water preserves the information and transfers it to nucleic acids via hydrogen bonds. Just as the telephone system transforms the spoken voice into electrical signals. In Morse code, letters are transmitted with combinations of dots and dashes. The DNA molecule specifies a protein's structure with four types of genetic bases. Digital communication systems use bits to represent or encoded information. Each letter of the alphabet, for example, can be represented with a group of bits, a sequence of zeroes, and ones. You can assign any number of bits to each letter and arrange the bits in any way you want. In other words, you can create as many codes as desired. Cells have done this to run life's program.

    The interactions of electrons in a solid or liquid crystal change space in abstract ways. If you look at the picture below you can see odd shape and size changes and this leads to the different thermodynamics of what is possible on the surface. Many TI’s develop “holes” where electrons are absent and this allows them to act as P-type semiconductors then there are adjacent regions that are extremely electron rich that can act as an N-type semiconductor. Those positive and negative regions can act like “charges” and can lead to striking effects. For example, an insulating material (phosphorus) can become conductive at its surface when sunlight hits it. Phosphorus has ten atoms that stick directly out from the surface of DNA when you look at it from an axial view. See figure C below. Those ten atoms are surrounded by 447 water molecules to form part of the TI in DNA. The addition of phosphorus and iodine in the liquid crystalline water networks creates a “playground of charges and spins” in fermions to control how DNA should react to the electromagnetic signal from our star on its surface.


    Note the ten phosphorus groups sticking out to bind with coherent domains in water as DNA unwinds above

    Within the heavily condensed and coiled state DNA structure tightly holds atoms (lowering entropy), electrons, and photons in one “spin state”. When DNA is uncoiled by electromagnetic signals from our mitochondria on its surface, light is liberated from the double helix and the surface template of hydrogen bonds radically changes its “topology” by altering the spin states of fermions in the DNA crystal. This can turn on and off DNA replications
    The spins of electrons/protons (H+) are not only manipulated by magnetic fields (mitochondria) but also by electrical fields (proteins side chains) and can be used to collect and store information from electrons or the photons they carry. All magnetic drives use spintronics today to magnetically store data on hard drives. It appears DNA uses many of the same ideas but it does it on hydrated carbon-based semiconductors in cells.

    We already know a leaf can do it via photosynthesis and so can a European Robin using a light inclination magnetic compass in its eye. In my humble opinion, this process works in all animal tissues to create the many species of animals we all observe in the classical world we inhabit.

    Topology is a branch of mathematics focused on the fundamental shapes of things as they change. In cells, proteins can vary their size and shape based on the light energy that is added or subtracted from their bonds. In this way, life can be considered a quantum computer that is working in parallel with a quantum universe that also runs on light. The fermionic messages are information buried in terrestrial solar light wave frequencies in the sun that can be magnetically stored in a thin film of water surrounding nucleic acids, using non-linear aspects of light. DNA is the ultimate topologic insulator or superconductor suspended in a superfluid of coherent and noncoherent water that imprints information and conducts electrons, protons, and photons in different ways. This Nobel Prize may soon get biology away from its “solution-based ideas” in biochemistry books and push them toward quantum biology which uses a solid-state foundation. That is what this Nobel Prize means to me in 2016. The state of fluctuation of the hydrogen bonding network that light brings creates probabilities in a cell. Light adds charge density to the AMO structures in a cell.


    Knowing is just not enough. Understanding connections is critical. Stop being your own worse enemy. Stop looking outside for solutions when the wisdom you seek is buried with in you in how you organize matter in your cells with sunlight.
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When light hits water it charge separates into electrons & protons. This means light brings liquid water closer to its ionization level. The water is physically changed to coherent domains. The interaction of light with liquid water generates quantum coherent domains in which the water molecules oscillate between the ground state and an excited state close to the ionizing potential of water.
    Quantum coherence in water refers to the ability of a quantum state to maintain its entanglement and superposition in the face of interactions and the effects of thermalization = added heat. When we add heat to a system it generates entropy = disorder = disease state. With quantum coherence, the development of entropy can be delayed and suspended for long periods of time.
    Mammals keep their body temperature relatively constant despite important changes in their metabolic rate. humans are really experts at this because of the high rate of metabolism and heat generation of their expanded brain tissues.

    Hydrogen acts like a gaseous neurotransmitter in cells. The gaseous neuro mediators are critical in thermoregulation, under the conditions of euthermia and anapyrexia. Data is now consistent with the notion that both NO and CO, acting in the CNS (intracerebroventricular approach), do participate in thermoregulation, NO decreasing body temperature (cooling thermogenesis), and CO increasing heat production. Hydrogen is transformed in photosynthesis and metabolism in life to create heat. Its movement in cells is a problem that water inside cells rectifies.

    Firstly, a large amount of heat is generated by converting the kinetic energy of the fast-flowing hydrogen into internal energy during motion. So inside cells, the half-life of hydrogen must be very small and controlled. Light and water do this in cells. Secondly, the compression of hydrogen in a delivery tank leads to the temperature rise, which is the most important factor leading to the temperature rise. The third is the negative Joule-Thomson effect of hydrogen, in which the flow through the throttle (ATPase) produces a sudden change in pressure that causes a temperature change. The electric and magnetic field generated in mitochondrial control this effect. At room temperature, most gases cool slightly during throttling. That is not true with hydrogen. This is why cytochrome c oxidase controls water production, NO action, and the flow of H+ linked to ATP creation. Sunlight, via NO release, controls thermoregulation for cells to maintain quantum coherence for long periods of time.

    Quantum coherence in water is said to exist when bond angles in hydrogen networks in liquid water are physically changed.
    The terms hydrogen ion H+ and proton, p or p+, are used synonymously in chemistry. It turns out the effect is massively important in the microbiome of the gut. This is critical in mental illness and autoimmunity states. Both diseases are born when there is a reduced ability or no ability to create hydrogen protons from splitting water. In other words, the microbiome needs quantum coherence to keep these disease phenotypes at bay.
    The intestinal microbiota produces up to 1L a day of hydrogen, but the gut does not use hydrogen gas the way entrepreneurs have designed machines to make hydrogen gas available for use. The methods of transformation matter. Cells have mastered this transformation using photosynthetic methods.
    The administration of hydrogen gas into the gut is a quantum complex. In lab experiments, it is aggravated by its very short biological half-life and low saturation point of 0.8 mM.

    Yesterday during my tour in St. Louis I gave a talk about how light and molecular H2 emissions from the microbiome control inflammation in the gut. This was an update on the talk I gave in Manilla in 2015. I was able to show them two devices we are working on using light, water, and H2 (with engineers) and how to treat the gut microbiome and autoimmune disease using the quantum biologic principles mentioned above. These are coherence-extending devices for those who are solar deficient or afflicted by too much nnEMF in their environment. Needless to say, the physicians were shocked at the scientific scale of science I am headed to these days.
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