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Mitochondria are not captive bacteria!?

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by KalosKaiAgathos, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    Already edited my reply to tone the message down and clarify :)
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Normalization of deviance can occur in all paradigms, corporations, organizations, even scientific groups. This is perhaps how bad science begins. Once one study with bad methodology gets accepted by PEER review in a major journal it is a signal to others they can get away with the same thing to get their work in that journal. One person starts duping the editorial board, and eventually more people become comfortable with the idea, seeing it as normal. If it is allowed to persist it can drive negative lifestyle behaviors downstream as collateral damage of disease management ideas. then it gets slapped with a tag called Evidence-based medicine.

    Clearly, normalization of deviance is something that we want to avoid in science, as it can lead to the misreading of signals. We lose focus of what matters and what does not.

    Guarding against this normalization requires deep analysis. Often, you need to consider whether you were successful because of what you did, or in spite of what you did. Culture requires care because it erodes medical science and allows us to make horrendous recommendations for patients. See statin RCT's or any discussion of dietary guidelines as examples.

    For these reasons, most published medical literature is actually false and no one realizes it. They believe when I say this, it is hyperbole until I show them the data of why I might be correct (below). Then the mouth drops open. It is time for a complete system overhaul to REALLY help patients and clinicians. Clinicians are not even aware of how the RCT system is a detriment to the scientific method because of what we have learned from Dr. Doug Wallace’s work on mitochondrial biology. Everything is an N=1 game. RCT = studies in mediocrity because they look for average results of a mixed sample of haplotypes and SNP’s. And when you consider that haplotypes and SNP's are dynamic forces under light frequencies then all hell breaks loose in a wise mind. It is a joke when you see it for the first time.

    People create their worlds with the tools they have directly at hand. Faulty tools produce faulty results. Repeated use of the same faulty tools in nutrition and medical research has produced decades of the same faulty results. It is in this manner that those who fail to learn from the past doom themselves to repeat it. It’s partly fate. It’s partly inability. It’s partly… unwillingness to learn? Refusal to learn? Motivated refusal to learn? It defines the how the Dunning Kruger effect was born in medicine. The tools we are using directly at hand in a medical context are now unrelated to science. It is really pseudoscientific. http://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124
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  3. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    How did I resist the current medical paradigm?

    This was the day they awarded me the health sciences diploma:

    Edit: - Picture deleted -

    Call it a form of civil disobedience, not targeted towards the political, but the medical system.

    Edit: will take that photo down tomorrow
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  4. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Looks like an episode of "Bachelor in Paradise." Kalos, will you accept this rose?
  5. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    Had to Google that! But I will accept your rose Neil ;) :p
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  6. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    For those who are wondering why I posted this: Kruser's Razor is a proposed variation of "Occam's Razor" - perhaps its twin brother. Why?

    Occam's Razor entails that the explanation - or answer to a problem - that has the fewest assumptions, is to be preferred over explanations or answers that make more assumptions.

    Kruser's Razor - as the joke goes - is somewhat the same, but located at the level of the hierarchy of sciences. More fundamental sciences, such as physics, naturally have to make fewer assumptions than less fundamental sciences, such as biochemistry. Hence, physics may more adequately explain medical phenomena than biochemistry, and a physical explanation trumps a biochemical one if both are available.

    Which shows, again, that I'm not firmly located in the biochemical paradigm...

    And of course, jokes can be dead-serious...
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I like the photo.

    The stronger your dogma the greater your ignorance. #DunningKruger factoid. Most people do not realize however this effect has a basis in physics and I will soon make this case.
    Condemnation of new ideas without scientific investigation of this idea is the height of ignorance. We should value what we don't know and call it "high-quality ignorance”, just as much as what we know. Modern scientists are fools for this reason. Mito-hackers and “citizen scientists” know that ignorance is far more important to true discovery than knowledge of wellness.
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    haplotypes and SNP's are dynamic forces
    under light frequencies
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What is the biophysical mechanism that underpins the biochemical ability of endogenous melatonin to be so important for cancer prevention and healing from cancer?

    Here are 2 statements to consider:

    1) Blue (artificial) light, especially at night, causes cancer.

    2) nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields - think cell phones, x-box, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, smart meters, smart homes, Apple watches, Fitbit, Bluetooth or anything that operates on wireless technology) causes cancer.

    We've known from recent research these 2 things to be true. This is not new information. For anyone interested, I highly recommend you read the book “light’s out” by TS Wiley. Makes a strong case, backed by DECADES of studies done at the NIH, for why artificial light at night causes obesity and many diseases including cancer.

    But here is the connection that you must make to help yourself understand it fully:

    What is the hallmark trait of cancer in cell biology? - dysfunctional cells multiplying and growing out of control in the body.

    Here’s the rub: we ALL have cancer cells growing in our bodies. All of us. What makes it that one person doesn’t develop deadly cancers while others do?

    One word Rx is called "apoptosis." This describes the body’s innate ability to recognize a cell as dysfunctional and potentially cancerous, and “orders” the cell to shut down and die.

    If apoptosis is working properly for you, you will not develop cancer, because your body is able to recognize those dysfunctional cells and neutralize them right away by using the recycling program called autophagy over apoptosis. Problem solved. What controls Autophagy? AM sunlight. How? The creation of melatonin in the retina. You might want to go back and re-watch my Vermont 2017 video on that biophysical process.

    Here’s the key thing about melatonin you never hear except me: MELATONIN, the hormone that our pineal gland releases from aromatic amines in our retina and gut, in the absence of LIGHT, is what regulates apoptosis/autophagy. Remember AM light creates melatonin in the eye but the biophysical action does not occur until it is dark. In the daytime, there are more electric fields from sunlight so the pineal knows not to release it. At night time there should be no electric fields from light so the magnetic flux increases because at night the geomagnetic flux of Earth is more dominant. This is the signal the pineal works with at night. Let me make this plain as day for you (even if it is a crude description of a very complex biological process):

    No melatonin creation or proper release = no apoptosis.

    No apoptosis = dysfunctional cells growing out of control = CANCER.

    No apoptosis means electron chain transport is uber functional going from the input of electrons at cytochrome 1 or 2 to oxygen. Cells use this process to become immortal.

    Artificial light at night and nnEMF BOTH individually signal to your pineal gland that it is daytime because light has both an electric and magnetic field. You pineal needs the electric field to vanish to operate. In response, your pineal gland will dramatically reduce melatonin synthesis and output and this will disable autophagy. This favors a rise in bad/poorly function mitochondria called heteroplasmy. If this sticks around long enough, autophagy ceases to work and mitochondria undergo a Warburg shift to make sure apoptosis can never happen. This occurs because apoptosis supports energy flux. Autophagy supports information flux in mitochondria. This points out that quantum information transfer is more important than energy flux is as mitochondrial become impaired.

    In 1874, the light bulb was invented, a few years later the power grid was invented and homes across America changed the way they live permanently using light 24/7. What do we do when the sun goes down? We flip in the light switch and turn the TV/computer on. We sit on our phones. On our laptops and tablets.

    All of this is lowering our melatonin and arresting the process of apoptosis and making autophagy worse.

    We are literally handcuffing our bodies natural and brilliant defense mechanism against cancer!


    In our lifetime's research shows that 1 in 2 of us will develop cancer. This is a VERY sharp rise from even 50 years ago. In 1874 cancer was very rare.

    We give money to cancer research charities who then give that money to cash-rich pharma companies who don’t need our money so they can create drugs that don’t cure cancer and make us go broke using them. We run, walk, and bike for the cure.

    What if the cure for cancer was right under our noses?

    What if it’s as simple as shutting off the damn lights when the sun goes down, or using low amber lighting, wearing Raoptics blue-blocking glasses, shutting off your Wi-Fi router, turning off your wireless devices, and instead of watching tv, hang out and talk with your family and then go to be early?

    If it’s that simple to prevent cancer for you and your children would you do it?

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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Are you still in disbelief about the power of sunlight? Why? A bacterium is just like old cassette tapes, their genome can translate light frequencies into bits. Light bits are essentially quibits. Autodesk has already shown how you can digitally hack them, so science plausibility is clear and present. It is time you awaken to the quantum world built on quantum rules all around you!!!! Mitochondria communicate via electromagnetic radiation, particularly light, reflecting ultraviolet radiation and transmitting visible light and infrared radiation through their networks and adjacent microtubules in the cell, Because of sunlight's ability these two things don't even need to touch to propagate the signals using photonics and optical magnetic flux.

    Mitochondria are capable of reflecting UV radiation emitting IR radiation and cutting light frequencies with the Q-cycle and transmitting visible and IR radiation through the cells networks and through microtubules on a water network of flickering hydrogen bonds and the passage and bondage of protons and electrons. When you look closely you can see oval and filamentous mitochondria, it is the filamentous mitochondria that act as fiber optic waveguides due to their shape, that along with adjacent microtubules in the cytoskeleton allows communication throughout the cell. Mitochondria are flat structures to take advantage of the science of topology. The science of topology just got awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics. This is how coherent light (akin to laser light) that is emitted from mitochondria!

    Light is very important to our biology and that is why it is imperative that we receive as much natural sunlight exposure at the correct time of the day as we can because the body takes what wavelengths it needs from the mosaic of the suns rays to grow, heal and function optimally. Any light that is not sunlight (or firelight) can be considered "noise" in our system which reduces the signal needed to live well. With too much noise our mitochondria become dysfunctional. Cell phones can disrupt this process too......it does not have to be just fake light your retinal sees because all forms of waves in the EMR spectrum have an electric and magnetic field that comes from them. https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/19/researchers-pair-cells-to-smartphones/
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  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When do you think scientist will get their heads out of the asses and realize that latitude codes for these electric and magnetic fields of light frequencies from the sun? When will they realize that leptin resistance is also about light frequencies? Smog = air pollution = blocked sunlight = lowered quantum yield = Latitude = lowered solar power in all ranges = lowered UV exposure = Earth does not have its full spectrum of light = Tarp over a tree = trees dies no matter if they are watered and have access to CO2 and minerals from the ground = your modern world modeled. We need water to assimilate the deep power of sunlight. Fake light causes your mitochondria ECT (electron transport chain) to slow because the respiratory proteins enlarge to slow electron tunneling while also creating singlet state electrons….…..when ECT slows, you up-regulate carbohydrate metabolism by way of AMPK pathways. All this occurs just from the change in frequency of light you experience.

    The brain can not tell sunlight from blue light, only your mitochondria can because it is what gives electrons its spin and that spin creates a free radical signal from mitochondria. Moreover, alternative and ancestral clinicians are unaware of this. You no longer can afford to be. Fundamentally, Leptin Resistance (LR) is a loss of UV light from cells and not enough IR light release from the Q cycle and the mitochondrial matrix to shrink water to condense the respiratory proteins. Why does the Leptin Rx tell you to hold off on exercise in the beginning stages? LR is a defect in an excessive light release from cells due to their “relative mito-nuclear mismatch” because of a SPECTRAL DEFICIT OF SOLAR LIGHT!!!!! Exercise causes you to lose more light in this situation. This further lowers your redox potential and can hurt you.

    Leptin Resistance (LR) results when any respiratory protein deficit causes improper signaling (autophagy/apoptosis) in the nuclear DNA. LR is the signal the hypothalamus gets when the proper redox shift is not made in reference to supply and demand of ENERGY AND INFORMATION between the mitochondria and nucleus. What results instead, is an incompatibility between the mitochondrial respiratory protein functional capacity and your nuclear DNA. This situation causes mitochondria to move away from your nucleus, distance wise. When researchers have looked at the distance relationship via electron microscopy, they noted that mitochondrial morphology and physiology are impaired. This effect is magnified in species (humans) who use oxygen as their terminal electron acceptor in their mitochondria because they cannot use any other terminal electron acceptor and still live. Oxygen has a very strong affinity for electrons, hence why it is able to provide a pull for electrons on our inner mitochondrial membrane to improve the current and magnetic flux in mitochondria. Apoptosis always needs a brisk movement of electrons to remain operational. When the respiratory proteins are not properly aligned, not even the valence shell desire for those electrons can be met fast enough. This is why pseudohypoxia exists in these states before the cancer state manifests. This shows us autophagy is impaired and apoptosis is not in most chronic disease states. Cancer is when the process is flipped.
    Humans, birds, and bats are a species who has a very high aerobic capacity because they have a large mitochondria capacity. They all use oxygen as their terminal electron acceptor. This is why David Sinclair’s paper in December 2013, on NAD+ and pseudohypoxia, is always associated with aging and disease but not with cancer.

    It is an incredibly important distinction for you to understand completely, on your road to optimal. For a human to survive this situation they would need to retain the ability to alter how electrons/protons flow in their mitochondria to optimize function to their current environment. Why is the Exercise Rx important for you to understand now? Because how the electrons/protons are created in mitochondria is also a variable few consider. If your engine is bad putting any fuel into the engine will not make it work better. It often makes it work more poorly. I got the insight long ago when I found the melanocortin pathways connects to and from the eye and brain. Laser surgery taught me about free radicals. electron spin, and LR. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/bies.201600145
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    This bugs me to no end:
    And I see tons of light at wakeup:

    Note this test was done before I started on DDW.


    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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  14. KalosKaiAgathos

    KalosKaiAgathos New Member

    You're probably thinking that I'm a stubborn asshole now (and more likely: you were already thinking that before).

    I'm, however, fully determined to get the wording (semantics) 100% correct, because there is so much mis-interpretation in this thread already.

    First of all, yes, I agree these studies cannot be trusted. Specifically, I would say that they cannot be blindly trusted. That added word is a small difference wording, but a huge difference in semantics.

    To choose my words very carefully: we should be a) very skeptical towards studies; b) always see any medical study within its proper context.

    What is that context? Well, these are potential biases: 1) utter fraud, like the article on WiFi you just posted; 2) bias due to studies being carried out under artificial (blue) light; 3) bias do to not correcting for haplotypes; 4) bias due to not correcting for redox; 5) the absence of physics testing as opposed to biochemical testing; 6) another one not mentioned before: publication biases.

    Then there is your point that doctors don't even read these studies, etcetera.

    If you do not take these 6 (and possibly many more) points of context into account, then PudMed studies are useless. I 100% agree with you on that.

    Maybe I'm an optimist, thinking we - as careful readers of these studies - can positively get some data or information out of studies. Wallace's 2005 study is an example of a very useful PubMed study. The study on the LeptinRx on the previous page is another useful study. I also know, however, that this is precisely what you mean as well, even though you technically say that "studies can no longer be trusted ". High dopamine people can read between the lines :)

    On another topic, the programming effects of light, I think I've found what you mean. Time 19 states:

    Still thinking about how this occurs. Will continue digging until I completely understand! Please don't waste your time responding to this info - if I'm a capable person, I should be able to find the info myself, on your blogs and your FB posts. Your time is too precious for that...

    - The asshole, who does not only want to understand the biology and physics correctly, but also demand precision in each and every statement (and fails just as poorly therein ATM).
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I see New Jersey as the reason.
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Jansz 5 years I have been telling you.........get out of NJ.

    It should be your 2018 mantra.
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mitochondria select and order electrons and protons by spin........that is how it happens. Atomic spectra measure radiation absorbed or emitted by electrons "jumping" from one "state" to another, where a state is represented by values of n, l, and m. These are called the 4 quantum numbers associated with every particle. The so-called "Transition rule" limits what "jumps" are possible. In general, a jump or "transition" is allowed only if all three numbers change in the process. There are exceptions to the rule (Zeeman effect). This is because a transition will be able to cause the emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiation (photons has spin number of 1) only if it involves a change in the electromagnetic dipole of the atom. This is how energy and information are transferred from the sun to us.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Straight from a blog on RCT's
    The critical difference between the “past” and “future” times only exists if heat is present. Heat is a red frequency of light and it makes atoms and molecules move in certain ways. Red light makes things with a mass move. The directions of these motions are critical to understanding probability and to understanding time. Quantum mechanics is the science of probability. In the 21st century, statistical mechanics of heat movement has now been extended to electromagnetic and quantum phenomena by QED. This is called thermodynamics. Today, because of Boltzmann, we know both space and time must vibrate or move, but we still do not know how to describe this process well with words of mathematics. Einstein tried to do this and came up with a geometric solution of the idea of curved space/time. The Standard Model of physics has embraced this idea as gospel 100%. Heat, as we all know from observations, always moves from hot things to cold things. This should make you ask yourself, why does heat always seem to go from hot to cold and not vice versa? Is there a universal law that says this is axiomatic? It turns out there is no law that tells us this. So this raises the question why does it always appear this way in reality?

    Does heat or hot temperature contain some "information" in it that directs motion? I think it does.

    Many of you might not realize the significance of this idea at first glance of this blog. Most of science today is built on the belief that experiments have to be reproducible in time to be "evidence-based". In all western schools of science, it is taught that if an experiment is not reproducible it is false. It turns out, this idea is true for a machine, computer, or a math problem but it certainly false for ecologic and biologic systems built are far from equilibrium. Our own observations tell us the time matters in life. A dropped piano from a height cannot go back to what it was before we dropped it, even though the laws of physics say it is possible. All living things obey the laws of biologic evolution that at any one time, they are quite different then they were an instant before. The difference may be small, but that difference always exists. In others words, information is always being shared. This is the basis of epigenetic modifications to nucleic acids. This is what gives life its essence. In biology and ecology, reproducible experiments really do not exist, contrary to our stance on randomized control trials (RCT's). RCT's require reproducibility for science today. The irony is for the classical science of Descartes, Newton, Einstein, time does not exist in their theories. So why is it that we require reproducibility in modern biologic RCT's?

    Science has to invent concepts to describe nature because they do not yet fully understand it. "The stability of science (like a game) is wholly subservient to its participant's voluntary willingness to acquiesce to certain fixed boundary conditions of the construction and operation of the said game." Yes, modern science is a shell game, in my opinion. "Otherwise, the game is no longer worth playing. Once the participants fully comprehend and/or transcend the game's truly limited and arbitrary nature, they can no longer effectively suspend disbelief and the game is over. This makes science and the society that support it a game as well. Dogma provides the cultural rule-book that people mutually agree to play by. Dogma is a function of truth. Functions in the science of math are called derivatives." Derivations are slippery slopes used by paradigms to control masses of people's beliefs.
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  20. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I still do a little bit...

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