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Mito newbie

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Saichi, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Saichi

    Saichi New Member


    Learned of Jack little over a month ago, knew nothing about light toxicity beforehand. Wasn't expecting this rabbit hole when I thought I had already figured the matrix out. I've learned and forgotten more than I ever wanted to know of the devolution in human consciousness.

    I was relatively healthy being born and raised in Tokyo in the early 80s, my parents worked part time at Tsukiji market so we had the freshest seafood every day. After my American mother separated she brought me to her home state of Indiana. I quickly became unhealthy and slightly overweight being raised in a food desert. When I was 10 my dentist fraudulently put 10 amalgams in my teeth, shortly after I received an unknown booster vaccination for school and became severely ill. I went from 115 pounds to 92 pounds in one month. Around 2002 I learned what were in my amalgams and had them all removed following the protocols. Did nutritional chelation of olive oil and raw garlic for a couple weeks and my energy level more than doubled for almost a whole decade after, had no idea I had had CFS most my life till then.

    I remember getting my first cell phone around that same time and noticing immediately I would get a headache when I spoke on it for more than a few minutes but didn't know yet why. Around 2003 I read an Ecologist article saying mortality rates in NYC doubled in 1996 after cell masts were introduced, used speaker phone almost exclusively since then.

    Hate to admit it but still using wifi, have metal mesh and aluminum foil around the router so my exposure's currently half a mW/m^2 at the moment.

    Been 'Paleo' diet for almost a year now primarily grass-fed meats. Highly recommend Italian water buffalo or Gloustershire pork if you can find it. Unfortunately abstain from all Pacific seafood due to Fukushima contamination since 2012. Reluctant to eat seafood when I'm in NY due to microplastics.

    I started CT today in the Pacific Ocean in far Northern California. I didn't keep track of time but probably a good fifteen minutes neck down before I had to get out, didn't expect to enjoy it and the rest of the day as much as I did. I see it nothing short of a revelation and wish I knew of this years before. Made the mistake of not covering up right after in extreme chilly wind, checking my stupid phone, but I've usually learned the hard way.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  2. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Hi Saichi,

    I lived and worked in Tokyo through my 30s and married a wonderful Japanese woman.

    What is your morning routine? Do you excercise at sunrise?

    Cold therapy is the best faraday cage to protect you from a bad environment. Morning sunrise is the only way to reset your bodies hormones to begin the healing. This will increase beneficial compounds and increase the quality of your orin. The next orin you produce will be perfectly structured and high quality.
    Without morning sun especially at sunrise and between sunrise and 10am you get a fail!!! Mediating our technological,cell phone blue lit microwave environment is one thing and healing is another. Do your best to minimise nnEMFs but concentrate on morning sun and cold therapy first.
    If you are unable to move near to the equator you must drink clean pure water zero PPM see the sunrise grounded and be connected to the earth. When you are outside get as naked as possible, kinicki shorts if you can't be nude. And covered up when you are inside in artificial lights. After watching the sunset wear large red tinted blue light blockers, and a hoodie to protect your skin from harmful EMFs.
    I wear kinicki tan through shorts and get outside on the cold grass as soon as wake up. Doing burpies on the ground at sunrise. Build up a sweat then lay on the ground looking at the sunrise. Then rub down with aged orin. Then cold water therapy shower outside while looking at the sun. This is the best ever faraday cage to protect from a bad environment. Yes the cold water after is a shock but your body gets to it. I have to hav a good wash with outside tap or my wife gets mad if I ever bring any grass in the house, or if I'm still sweaty after morning excercise. So this helps me get in the cold water for longer even though it is such a shock.
    Washing feet off then head inside and dry off with a towel. Then sit in front of open window while watching the rest of the sunrise and get the family ready for work or school, plan the day. Drink more pure water zero PPM in the sunlight which helps energise and structure the molecules.
    Have a good bowel movement about 8am, all those burpies and the cold shower help to get things moving. Then head out for work, take kids to school. I'm a pure water window cleaner working outside all day. Loop all Orin and look at the sun regularly all day. Don't consume anything that will take the body out of a fasted state. Then before 5pm one meal eating window do another hit session of burpies. This is a very special optimal time to burn fat for energy.
    Then eat one plate meal with one drink in one hour. Seafood and keto high fat.
    Then watch sunset.

    Then do dental hygiene routine. And cold therapy while using red light and do aged Orin rub downs. Then wear blue blockers before sleep.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    None of us can choose where we shall love........I love my tribe and try to inflict my passion for them for Optimal health. Your vibe attracts your tribe. When we are in love with something, we tap our passion for it and for LIFE. We become convinced nobody else will do the things for us......so we begin to do for ourselves at light speed. It is transformative. What does the butterfly realize when it looks back at its caterpillar shell in the cacoon? One can never speak butterfly to a caterpillar.........THIS SITE IS BUILT FOR BUTTERFLIES. IT IS NOT FOR CATERPILLARS and this is why some people move on. But as time goes, others do for themselves and often do, much much better as a result when they learn the value of carrying their own water in their transformation. You need to feel the blood in your mouth to get to the essence of why you must travel roads no one even considers.
  5. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Your direct poetry's as pertinent as your science knowledge.

    SST, my circadian rhythm's been off ever since I came to the states. Honestly can't remember what year the last time I saw a sunrise was. Typing that out after what I just learned and what you all already know is just about beyond words. Changing my sleep schedule's on top of my list, usually don't sleep before 2am so once I fix that then I can see a sunrise.

    8:30 this morning I measured 1 microwatt/cm^2 btwn 246 and 262nm from the sun. If equal throughout entire spectrum of UVC that would be approximately 11 microwatts/cm^2. Back in early 2000s I used to sunbathe four or five days a week at Prospect Park in Brooklyn in my swimming trunks towel on grass without sunscreen anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes equal time split torso and back. Getting a tan was the purpose but it made me feel probably the best I ever felt in general, I learned my limit was about 2 hours before I'd get sunburn. About seven years ago I started playing competitive recreational volleyball on the beach and I noticed I'd burn within 20 minutes if I didn't wear Green Screen Organic sunscreen which I almost always did because we used to play all day. I thought I was just getting old and couldn't handle the sun anymore. Last year I learned we've destroyed over 80% of the ozone layer due to thousands of factories in China using CFC-11 for the past decade along with global geoengineering and interaction of increased permafrost methane in the atmosphere. UVC's now a brand new experience for the earth's surface and life, also could be responsible for the insect apocalypse occurring since they're exoskeletal. I've decided to only be in direct sun for first hour of sunrise and last hour of sunset or when it's cloudy out. My bio hack which won't arrive till middle May is a small glass greenhouse which will block all UVC and approximately 70% of UVB so I can sunbathe during the day.

    I have very good friends my age who own, live, and work small scale organic food farms many of whom have to be in the sun all day and most of them look 20 years older than me now. Breaks my heart knowing this.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and welcome saichi.....

    C/T is fantastic in the ocean isn't it!
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  7. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    I forgot how much I love swimming too, gave up swimming pools long time ago couldn't handle chlorine and fluoride anymore even for injury recovery.

    Had some brown pelicans diving in just 20 yards from me when I was out there today. The saying heaven here on earth and men do not see it comes to mind. I believe light and water knowledge I'm learning from Jack and others will give me the energy and healing I've desperately been missing. I've been making two hour round trip drives to fill up 10 glass carboys from my friend's well. Once the 5' x 7' greenhouse arrives I plan on experimenting with keeping the carboys in the sun.
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  8. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    This is such a brilliant post, poetic and very powerful.

    I particularly like the last bit

    "when they learn the value of carrying their own water in their transformation. You need to feel the blood in your mouth to get to the essence of why you must travel roads no one even considers"
  9. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Saw my first cloudy sunrise in years this morning. Had to wear my nighttime blue blockers to the park since all the LED street lights and cars were still on even without any darkness. The amber lights were still on in the park which was a bit disappointing.
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  10. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Mucho Gusto
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  11. mrc

    mrc Silver

    Greetings from the west coast.
    Hopefully you aren't too close to Redding. Doc says that place is 5g'd.
    Keep up the great work!
  12. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Redding's several hours from the coast. There's almost no place left in the U.S. that's not 5Gd btw.

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