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Minimum effective dose for CT?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by sjoshua, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Just came back in from a walk in the woods... and a short nude swim in the tiny lake, just a minute maybe!
    But I could really feel the shrinkage :) :) :)
    Walked barefoot a few km after...

    My mom got rid of her severe asthma by just dipping in the river year round every morning (Finland)!
    Even small amounts can have big impact :)
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  2. brent-next

    brent-next Gold

    Okay I think I get it. I need to re-watch the Doug Wallace video:

    and the more of the neolithic diseases that he describes that I have, the longer I need to spend in cold water.

    Also older people will need to spend more time in cold water than younger people for optimal health.
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  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I think it still goes back to heteroplasmy. Assuming that either had no Neolithic disease diagnosis, the fa├žade is as expected for their chronological age ....Someone of 25 with the heteroplasmy rate of a typical 50 year old versus someone of 50 with the heteroplasmy rates typically expected in someone much younger/healthier ...:cool:. Which one needs more CT?

    Speaking as an older person ....:D
  4. brent-next

    brent-next Gold

    The video above gets really interesting starting at 24:13 and again at 26:09. Basically he says, "As mitochondrial function declines, you decline over time and that's aging".

    He also says that if you take anatomy out of the center of medicine and put in energetics, you find that all the modern common diseases have the same pathophysiology.

    That's a radical statement, but he has the experiments to back it up.
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Silver


    Do you think PQQ (and some other)(L-carnitine, lipoic acid, and coenzyme Q10) as described in this article, would change anything?

    Rejuvenate Your Cells by Growing New Mitochondria
    Mitochondria are the only cell components (other than the nucleus) to possess their own DNA. This means mitochondria have the ability to replicate and increase their number within a single human cell.

  6. Michalis

    Michalis New Member

    Are the CT effects showing in a non-linear way even with consistent CTing? Like sun exposures?

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