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Milk products, hormones, pimples?

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Daniel, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Hi all, I'm quite new here. Know a bit about the epi-paleo, CT and light topics, but I'm stuck with something, and not sure what is the opinion about this here. I'm on a primal ketogenic diet since february, and all goes well except my pimples come out from time to time, and can't seem to find the reason. Adding in more DHA in form of fish and seafood, and being more outside didn't change anything. Most people say it's the air, but since the pimples come out around the same areas (near the lymphs behind the ear, nose, near eyebrows, face and chest) it probably is an internal problem. Someone told me it might be because of the fat soluble hormones in butter/ghee I use for cooking (I also eat cheese, but I don't drink milk). I tried to leave out milk products for 1-2 weeks, and nothing changed. Should I experiment with it? Should I cut milk products for longer time? Would it actually make sense? Can hormones in milk products have effect like this? What about eggs then? Those also contain hormones...
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Daniel, welcome! What kind of sunlight exposure do you get? What's your latitude?
    Milk could be a problem.
  3. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Well I don't drink milk, only butter and cheese. I live in Budapest, Hungary and work around Hungary, Slovakia and Czech. Spending my days mostly driving, so I get sunshine behind glass, and full sunshine when I walk from the car to somewhere, or where I take a rest. Not much, but better than an office job... but one week holiday in Croatia with all day sunshine and seafood only diet didn't make much difference. I guess one week doesn't make much difference :p

    Budapest: Elevation 131m, coordinates: 47.4925° N, 19.0514° E, well it's north, plenty of radio towers, and now it's winter, so there is not much sunshine left but that little which makes through the cloud and fog, but it's the same in summer. I know that EMF exposure is not quite right, but I am trying to find out if dietary changes might help, and don't know much about consuming hormone dense food, or if this idea makes any sense at all or just broscience?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Ketosis locks you into senescent mitochondria. Once you fix the cravings and lower inflammation by changing your environment then........you use sun and small seasonal carbs to regenerate the mitochondria. Go read the Denver diet doc blog and see what I wrote to Andy on there........it is point on of you too.

    And I read your journal. ...........the light environment of your training space is a missing link for you.
  5. JasonW

    JasonW Silver

  6. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Thank you Jack, I read it. Makes sense... well moving is the best option of course, but still working on it. Until then I'm trying to find something I can do right now to biohack myself. Well I train in a regular gym which has roof windows with natural light plus fluorescent light tubes, the very white ones. That is why I never go to the gym in the evening, but mornings only. All gyms here are pretty much the same, so on the long term I would build an outdoor gym for myself, but at the moment I live in a flat in a blockhouse.
  7. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

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