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Mike's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by tallweeds, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. tallweeds

    tallweeds New Member

    So writing is not really my thing, especially on online forums. I feel compelled to start writing some things though, at least to keep track of things.

    I don't have any known health issues other than trying to lose weight.

    Things started out about 2.5 years ago, a friend at work was losing a lot of weight. A couple months after seeing his progress, I asked what he was doing. He said KETO. I researched the crap out of it online and read many books. I've battled weight my whole life. My whole family has, with my parents being extremely obese. So I made the decision to do a strict keto diet as that appeared to be the answer. I started losing weight. I had a DEXA scan done about a week in. Had another one done after 3 months. I was losing weight. Continued interest and curiosity about things I didn't know about my whole life led me to intermittent fasting. So I started doing IF with the KETO. The next thing I stumbled onto was CT, Wim Hof, Ray Cronise, and then our favorite doc Jack. I was drawn to Jack's words. Instinct or intuition I guess. I didn't know wtf he was talking about but I knew he was on to something.

    I kept doing KETO and IF and started doing some CT with cool fat burner stuff and getting outside in winter. I had also started watching as many sunrises as possible. I lost about 70-80lbs fat and gained about 20lbs muscle over about 6 months (Sept-Feb) with almost no "exercise" at all. As I kept reading, watching, and listening to Dr. Kruse, I became really confused and didn't know what to think anymore. I'm still kind of in that place, although I have definitely acquired some new beliefs.

    As I learned more and grasped some concepts, I started making drastic "crazy" changes at home. I got the living shit scared out of me! I have 2 young boys and a wife. In my oldest son's room, on the other side of the wall that his bed headboard was on, was a smart electric meter. When things sunk in, I moved both my boys to our basement and they slept there in a tent for about 6 months until I could buy a meter and sort things out and got a better understanding of what was what.

    Both my boys had been having bloody noses all the time, at home and school. My oldest son was also waking up a lot through the night, sleepwalking, having nightmares or terrors, grinding teeth, talking in his sleep. They also were having headaches. I thought to myself "kids aren't supposed to have headaches!" What's with all the bloody noses? Are they picking their noses and causing it? I saw a youtube video about smart meters and saw this old woman testifying with a bag full of bloody tissues. She started having bloody noses all the time after her smart meter got installed. I said SOB and had the worst feeling of my life. That's when my boys went to the basement.

    Now, I had already been sleeping in the basement for a couple of years. I had spent most of my life working 2nd shift (3:30 to midnight). I'm an aircraft manufacturer factory worker. After 17 years, things changed at work and I was able to get to a somewhat normal first shift, working 6-6 three days a week. At this time, me and the wife still slept in the same bed. My wife liked to lay in bed and watch TV and would usually fall asleep with the TV on. She would toss and turn a lot, and snore like a mofo. Between her and the TV, I wasn't waking up feeling rested. Dragging my butt out of bed at 5am was hard. Eventually, I had had enough of trying to go to sleep with the TV on and after many heated discussions about turning the TV off, one night I said FU and went downstairs to sleep.

    This was a huge improvement, but things would get even better down the line. The room I was sleeping in was a makeshift office with a desktop computer and printer. I usually left the computer on all the time and turned the monitor off. It also had a wifi wireless adapter. I was also sleeping real close to many electrical outlets.

    After bouncing around Jacks blog and listening to many podcasts, I had deduced that EMF was bad and I had to make some changes. It all sounded crazy but I knew enough about many things to understand the reasoning. I realized that although I was sleeping better downstairs, I would still wake up occasionally throughout the night wide awake and or have trouble going to sleep. I would also usually have to go pee once a night. I started shutting breakers off before bed after testing body voltage. I had also killed the wifi in our house, after having just installed an expensive router that I got a great deal on a year prior. This all happened around the time I moved my boys downstairs. Needless to say, I started sleeping a lot better. I actually woke up and was able to hit the ground running so to say. Waking up wide awake in the middle of the night vanished.

    I eventually got a smart meter guard installed on the electric meter. I purchased magnetico pads for everybody. After getting the pads, I moved my boys back to their rooms, although my son with the meter on his wall now has his bed on the opposite wall further away from the meter. I also had spent about $200 changing all the light bulbs in our house to a mixture of red, yellow, incandescent and halogen bulbs.

    After understanding some more concepts, I ended up punching the 32" TV hanging on the wall in the wifes bedroom while trying to explain things to her. It got tossed and will not be replaced. I purchased Uvex skypers for everybody and also some other glasses for my kids. I have since purchased Dewalt red safety glasses. My kids quit looking at any TV or screens after dark. All sources of wireless EMF has been eliminated in our house. All breakers except ones that control light in wifes room get flipped before bed. I had recently purchased an expensive garage door opener with wifi capabilities. I had to do research to figure out how to shut that off. We had a cordless phone base station and 6 or 7 satellite phones. Those all went bye bye and I got a wired phone for the landline. I had installed powerline Ethernet adaptors around the house and those went bye bye too. I have installed numerous dirty electricity filters throughout the house. I removed 3 dimmer switches in the house. We have uplights on the outside of the house, but the bulbs are LEDs and they create a crap ton of dirty electricity so they stay off 99.99% of the time.

    I was a watch dog at my boys school. I'm also a Cubscout leader. I would go spend the day there once a month helping teachers and kids and get to spend time with my kids. I was strict keto and I could go long times without eating and had my hunger under control. I noticed when at my kids school my hunger would become almost unbearable. I saw how the kids acted differently in school versus out of school. Then I learned about John Ott and his Sarasota school experiment and his other findings. I said SOB! Crap lights in the school, every room has a 2.4 and 5ghz access point, many tablets and or laptops. There are three elementary schools all within a block of each other and in the middle of them is a water tower with cell antennas on top. Not to mention a bunch of radio antennas a few miles off in the distance. No wonder they let kids have water containers in the classrooms! No wonder the kids require so many snacks!

    My kids were about halfway through the school year when things started clicking for me and I started making all these changes, while trying to explain things to my wife. She thought I was nuts and had no interest in learning or reading or watching what I had so she could see what I saw. I was beginning to see the bigger picture. I had accumulated and read more books in a year than I had my whole life. I told her we had to get our kids out of the school and home school them. I didn't think it would happen but I kept trying to explain things the best I could based on my current understanding. She eventually agreed and the boys finished out the year. To my amazement she started home schooling last fall.

    My wife had gotten very depressed and moody a couple years after the birth of our second child. She was a stay at home mom. She talked about killing herself and we fought a lot. I couldn't understand how someone who had everything they could ever want could feel this way. Great family, kids, real nice house, vehicles, all the material possessions, no worries, I didn't abuse her or treat her bad. Yet, depressed and talk about killing ones self? That shit ain't normal! I understand it all now. Things really got worse for her once she just had to have a smart phone like all her friends. No care about her health or her weight. Just kept putting on more and more weight. Sleeping with her phone, up late hours just gawking at the damn thing, with the TV on. Can you say low dopamine? Never outside in the morning, never outside period hardly!

    We almost never watch anything on TV now. We don't pay for any TV service. Once in a while they will watch a rented movie or something for school but only during the day. I will never buy my kids a cellphone. They have a kindle tablet but they hardly ever get to use it and if they do it has to be outside and its always in airplane mode. We have a PS3 and I wired up the controllers and disabled the wifi, but the thing quit working so I don't think it's going to get replaced. We hardly ever played it anyway after learning what I have.

    to be continued.....
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  2. tallweeds

    tallweeds New Member

    My mom is in pretty bad shape. She is 65 and used to be an RN. She was living in another state for the last 15 years. She's had FM/CFS, knee problems, back problems, extreme obesity, constant sinus infections, constantly sick, many other things, for the last 20 years. She has some sort of filter installed for blood clots. She takes lots of different meds including Tramadol and Tylenol. With my newfound knowledge, and after hearing about a black mold problem in her tiny house, I knew I had to get her out of there and change her environment. I ended up moving her to be closer to me. A nicer and more affordable place in a low population rural town.

    I took all my meters and measured her old place when I got there. She had an electric metal hospital type bed. All around and on her bed, body AC voltage measured 70-80 volts! I measured dirty electricity at 800-900, which should be 50 or less. Microwave/RF measurement wasn't low but not crazy high either. Her house was a small 300sqft cottage basically. All the lights in the house were CFL bulbs. She had a 32" LED TV I had got for her at the foot of her bed. I'm sure it was probably on 24/7, as well as the lights. The few windows she had were covered in plastic with blinds underneath that! She would sleep for maybe an hour at a time, up to maybe 4 hours a night! She had nightmares! When I got there her brain fog, mental functioning, was really bad.

    At her new place, dirty electricity measured around 50 up to 80, depending on what was turned on. I installed a few filters and got it down in the 30s. I replaced all CFL bulbs with incandescent. RF/Microwave readings were definitely lower. Body voltage with bed not plugged in was only 2.5 volts! She actually has a separate bedroom and living room now. The TV is in the living room. Her first night in the new place, she slept the whole night through! She has slept the whole night through every night since! She hasn't had any nightmares at the new place. She's now been there about 5 months. I noticed a huge change in her mental functioning within 2 months.

    I've been giving her all the recommended books to read. Also been printing out more simplified web articles to read. Trying to explain things to the best of my current understanding. Mobility is a problem for her but is getting better. I installed a UVA bulb above where she sits. I gave her a 250 watt IR bulb and told her to shine it on her knees and as much of her body as she can. Eat lots of seafood. I drive 3.5 hours roundtrip to get great spring water from Oklahoma for her and my family to drink. She drinks a ton of it. She is opening her front door and letting air and light in as much as she can. I told her to see the sunrises, barefoot outside on patio as much as she can, as much sun as can. I think her mobility is getting better.
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  3. tallweeds

    tallweeds New Member

    Before I started doing anything, I had 20/20 vision. I quit wearing sunglasses at the same time I started seeing or getting outside for every sunrise. After a year of this, I had my annual eye checkup. Last time I was able to make out a couple of the 20/15 letters. This time I was able to make out all the 20/15 letters, as well as ALL the 20/10 letters. The eye doc and her assistant were both blown away at my eyesight!
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  4. tallweeds

    tallweeds New Member

    Been a Gold member for about 7 months I think. Still trying to get everything watched and read. It's hard with a fulltime job and 2 young boys and scouts and minding rhythms.

    Decided I would attend Jacks open house in December. Drove 13 hours nonstop to Louisiana. Spent the next day at the clinic. I got to meet Nathan Walz, Dewey, Matt, Ben, Jeremy, Frieda and her husband, Jack and Sandy, and many other fine folks. Jack has an awesome place there. I had hoped to have conversation with him but I spent the day talking to other folks and listening to Jack talk to other people. I got to shake his hand before he left to town later in the evening. Had some good eats for lunch. Tried some malbec wine. Jack showed us around his place. Got my picture taken with a bunch of others inside his new shower. Got to see the awesome fire pit in action. Got to stand in the pool. Hope to attend the next members event in Mexico. Gotta get our passports!
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  5. tallweeds

    tallweeds New Member

    My wife and I put off having kids till later in life, then we had issues and went the IVF route. Both my boys were IVF. After hearing about Matt Maruca and his story, this really got my attention and went to a whole new level. I managed to get the wife to take the boys and dog for a walk outside every morning when they get up, or on the porch in bad weather. Trying to eat as much seafood as possible. Trying to be outside as much as possible. Trying to go camping sa much as possible. I know we need to move to be proactive, but don't know where is good to go. Know of some places where not to go.

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