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Mihaly's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mihaly Safran, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Maybe try to take a thicker sheet for the beginning? I sleep in close to outside temps year round but I do use a duvet.... in summer a super super thin duvet and in winter I use two of them. It is enough for me. I am not very cold adapted I can assure you.... I am very gentle with my CT ;) But I do some every day!
    If it is kind of -30 degree C outside I might add a wool plaid on the top and I will have to hide my nose under the blanket until I fall to sleep or it will get too cold and that makes me not fall into sleep well.
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  2. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Hungary is on the quantum-map!:)

    Here is a growing paleo community, last year I started to write a paleo sportbook and it was published a few weeks ago. The name of the book is "Beyond Paleo" beacuse its not just about food. Fortunately I didn't understanded some biochemical pathways in the human body and I find the answers here on JK's website. I'm following the facebook site too and the "leader" posts caught my attention, I decided to share a few ideas with the Hungarian people so I added many parts from here to the book. The stroy of leptin, DHA, EMF, cirkadian rithm, CT, keto diet, grounding are all there. Huge thanks for dr. Kruse and all the members here! I hope I can give the a people a new view about the healthy lifestyle. I'm shocking them every day when I'm walking in T-shirt and swimming outside in wintertime:) and I always teach them that the cold is our friend!
    Otherwise my health is slowly improving, now its easy to doing CT, its hard to reduce the EMF part but Im making small steps! I find a guy 1 km from our flat who is a MovNat trainer so the exercise part is also on the right track!

    A_Paleon_tul_borito_3D kcsi.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Mihaly ........Thanks for the update! great job!!

    what about your sports career?
  4. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Currently I dont have the adequate financial conditions to concentrate just on the sport, I need to work more to regain my muscle balance, but I keep myself fit, working on to improve the situation and I hope next year will be better. Im still thinking about my goal every day...
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  5. Ben777

    Ben777 New Member

    "When I was healing my scoliosis..." - unfortunately, significant scoilisis in adults, can not be corrected, could you please clarify...Thanks
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Really it can't?
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    When you read the link below they want to sell you something from a paradigm built on modern beliefs. Might the answer be more simple? Might back pain be related to a lack of sunlight via the eyes that can no longer electrify the Anterior and Posterior longitudinal ligaments that run up and down the spine top to bottom. These piezoelectric ligaments bring a DC electric current to every disc in our spine allowing us to retain the water in our discs to avoid degeneration, loss of signal on MRI, and degenerative disc disease. Might the lack of back pain be because those cultures pictured still have strong DC electric current in their AL and PL ligaments and supporting structures from UV sunlight exposure?
    Don't they also walk barefoot on the tectonic plates that act as an anode while the cathode ray of the sun knows free electrons off the surface for their feet to harvest for free? Don't they go to bed when sun down. and get up when sun rises without artificial light at night run by devices with microwaves and RF radiation that dehydrate us and lower melatonin levels? Don't they carry water jugs in the sun barefoot not cell phones? ..............http://www.regenexx.com/have-no-back-pain/ UV does more then penetrate or ionize things........it makes things in nature transparent. Why do you think AM sunlight makes cell more transparent and receptive to the sun's message to us? This is how the glow mode plasma of the sun speaks to the dark mode plasma of living things from a quantum perspective. Cells are built to be transparent during the day but not so when UV light is absent. We have a modern paradigm looking to make all below the sun opaque with their advice to us.

    Without sunlight mankind has become un-enlightened. The sun lightens our load and clears our mind. It's not the load that breaks us down, it's the way we use it that does. Artificial light has changed our being and made us to obvious in nature. Our mind has become dense and opaque without our imagination. We need more learning of the sun, to to erase our ignorance and build wisdom. Sunlight is man's best disinfectant because it makes our thoughts transparent with nature.

    Dynasties must fulfill their destinies. Paradigms are like dynasties. Paradigms must enforce their dynasties. Nature is life’s dynasty. This “paradigm’ often stands at odds with manufactured dynasties. With nature, everything is hitched to everything else; It couldn't be any other way. Nature simply is, therefore nature has to be unified. Human unwillingness to delete dogmatic dynasties makes most believe otherwise by design. Modern "complexity" is based on retained isolated outdated paradigms, held together by obfuscations, rationalizations, equations, power, prescriptions, and propaganda. The truth is always simpler than all that.
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Well, I can tell you that going up (and especially down) steps is a pleasure. A pleasure because I used to have to take them in a sideways manner, with both feet on each step. I don't even need the railing! I haven't had a followup x-ray, because I avoid them, but my back is amazingly flexible now. It took a few years to recover, but I could have done things differently, and followed Jack's advice on moving sooner, and it would have been a faster recovery.

    Doctors say so many things are irreversible, and can only be managed, but I think that is because they do not really understand our problems.
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  9. Ben777

    Ben777 New Member

    Dear Dr. K. – Thanks for your comments.

    My spine: I am 52 y.o, Scoliosis (lumbar) was detected when I was 14 y.o, last time the curvature was measured was decades ago and was ca. 40 degrees. I have a strong rotation, which makes it not so visible, but, more problematic. I have 3 hernias and many degenerated discs AND also eroded/asymmetrical vertebras. MRI’s and my sensations show steady deterioration. I have some other medical issues (OSA, CTS, Sensory bilateral PNP of Sural nerves), which are not “deal-breakers”, but, the spine issue governs my life in a very detrimental and worsening way.

    It’s not clear to me what, in your opinion & experience, I can realistically expect to be possible to improve: I can “grasp” vitality/hydration of discs, reduction in “discomfort”, but, do you mean also improvement of vertebras? Reduction of the degrees of curvature(s)… when it’s over 40 degrees…?

    Finally, on another thread, I asked:

    "Scoliosis can be reversed. Big time deficiency in electrons in musculo-skeletal system. Upcoming blog on it!" - Could you clarify this statement pls...? And you replied:

    “Already have.........but you are not in the member groups. So you'll have to wait.”.

    I do not understand what did you mean by “wait” as the announcement “Upcoming blog on it!" was posted in 2013…

    Thank you for your kind attention.

  10. Ben777

    Ben777 New Member

    Dr Kruse, I kindly ask if you could relate to my post on this thread from last Tuesday. Thanks in advance.

  11. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Hi all, I wrote a long time ago... I feel much better now as I changed many lifestyle conditions. First of all I moved from the flat in the city to a small house with garden in the suburbs. A bit nomadic but here I can walk barefoot, sunbathing as much as I want, CTing in a tub, gardening, sleeping outside. We have only one weak Wifi signal from the neighbor instead of at leat 6-8 in the city. I feel more calm, better sleep and recovery, better thoughts. I can spend the whole day outside and dont get sunburn! Before starting this lifestyle I could not spend more than 20-30 minutes without a cream with my white skin.
    Unfortunately I still spend long time front of the computer because of work and my endless curiosity of learning new things, but Im going to reduce it as much as I can. I did a MovNAt coaching certification and now Im training people. I raced in canoeing again after 2 years of rest with moderate results but I didnt have a perfect conditions to focus only on trainings, maybe next year! But the good news that I had much less injuries in my shoulders and spine than before.
    Im a bit confused about sport nutrition. We have very intense races from 40 second to 4 minutes. I feel the benefits of keto diet by the long-lower intensity trainings but everyone by the world class athletes eat a higher carb diet. If I start to eat more carbs (about 100-150g) I cant measure ketones in my blood, I feel more explosive, my mood is different as well but the overall performance is not exactly better. So what would be the ideal diet to support an elite strenght endurance sport?
    The next step? Im thinking about to move in a country with seaside and more sunshine...Sometimes I can afford to spend a full day on the beach here by a lake and I feel in heaven...by the seaside it would be even better. Do you have any ideas where should I go? I would like to continue the paddleing and maybe I can coaching people in canoeing or Movnat as a job.
  12. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Updates: I'm a little bit confused... as I wrote in my last post I live now in house with garden in the suburbs, enjoy it very much (grounding, sunbathing, CTing a lot, using blueblocker). However I still not feel perfect, I have mixed results. My sleep is excellent, my sport performance is also quite good. But I gained weight and my skin is dehidrated. Im very muscular but with high body fat (around 15-18%) for an every day exerciser (mostly strenght training and movnat, few cardio). I eat the ketogenic style paleo with lots of fish since a few years. Eating 2 or 3 times a day. No calorie or protein, fat counting. Drinking coffee. In summertime I ate more fruits. Drinking a lot of RO water. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time front of my laptop when Im working. And I also have a chronic financial stress here and there for years. I'm doing biohacks extreme level compared to any people around here but I'm still not satisfied. I have a few sport friends who turned back from keto to a higher carb diet and feel better. There are people here on strict keto with good body comp and healt results as well... I mean by strict keto the Stephanie Person's style (do you know her?), with limiting the protein and coffee, nuts. So Im confused now, whats should be the next step?
    Is the problem with my diet or the only solution is to skip working on the computer or move further from here to the seaside? Do you have any optimal job there?:) I am almost free to move anywhere.. Finally I joined the optimal club here with gold memberhip and listening the webinars (Im around the 2014 now). Huh, a lot more details but I like this info diet! Thanks if you have any advices!
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
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  13. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Mihaly. Have you read this thread?
    Not all world-class athletes eat excessive carbs.

    The suburbs of Budapest might still be too much nnEMF. Do you also stay away from power lines? Grounding near the lines was really bad for my back and feet and skin. I'm careful to wear shoes anytime I'm a stone's-throw away from our lines, and I take care to avoid them in any case. Is your power system 50 Hz?

    For the computer, if you use a laptop, you might want to ground the chassis to help in the short run. I ground mine through the USB port.
  14. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Thanks Nonchalant! Yes I know that thread about the fat adapted training however I read it long time ago, its time to update myself there... There is only one power line close to the house, connecting it to the system. I think its impossible to avoid if I need some electrivity. Unfortunately I can see my neighbours Wifi signal. 2 or 3 weak signals are there. My power system is running on 50Hz. Laptop is grounded now but it wasnt for long time... Now Im listening the webinars and continously improving my environment more. And looking for an opportunity to move somewhere south:)
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Barry Murray is a guy you should pay mind too.
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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Doctors say it’s Scheuerman disease, kyphosis, scoliosis, my vertebraes are deformed and the discs are narrowed...
    Boron comes to mind.

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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Good questions. Specially with your spine, low iron, Hgb and red cells problems.

    Do this blood test:
    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum

  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Good idea to check if you need GH supplementation.

    You should have on test results:
    IGF-1=~300-350ug/L (the test for this must be radioimmunoassay type)

  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have a look at John Schott's journal .........
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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Wonder if you could walk with a book or other weight on top of your head?
    If you can, do it as long as possible.
    Every day little longer.
    Preferably barefoot over grass, rain or shine.
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