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Mihaly's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mihaly Safran, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Hi all!
    I’m reading the blogs since last summer and of course they changed my thinking about the world. I adopted as many of the lifestyle tips as I can. Maybe not enough. I’m 29 years old Hungarian sportman in canoe. I was 2 times European champion, junior world champion but I had to give up the sport because of my spine problems. I always suffered from some muscle injury since my childhood. Doctors say it’s Scheuerman disease, kyphosis, scoliosis, my vertebraes are deformed and the discs are narrowed... Do you have any idea which environmental condition was the cause of this problem, how did I get here? Do you have any idea how can I fully regenarate my spine? How long does it take? Is there any chance to heal it quickly, save my career and prepare to the next Olimpic Games in Rio 2016 (I need to start trainings immediately). I have a few ideas since I read the blog, but I'm curious about your opinion. Maybe I should go back to a cold cave for a year and just rest:)
    I'm eating a seafood based ketogenic diet, i'm grounding outside every day at least 1 hour, I did CT almost every day in winter, now just cold showers. I also practice pilates to correct my movement pattern. Evening blue light, and EMF is not completly eliminated, unfortunately my wife is very sceptic, she dont even accept the paleo food. We also live in a big city's suburb in a flat on the second floor. I cant afford yet a magnetico, but I have a grounding sheet. Can the magnetico balance my not optimal environment, or I have to move to the countryside?
    Thanks for any advices!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi! is there anyway you can sleep on the ground - in the garden? at least sometimes? Go camping on the weekends?
    Does your house have a smart meter? Do you live near an ocean/lake?

    Tell us more about your grounding sheet - they can be a problem.

    Do you have blueblockers?

    Dr. Kruse always tells us ... we can only fix ourselves - so just concentrate on what you need to do for yourself.

    Have you read the recent blogs? you need to comb thru them with a fine tooth comb!

    Please consider a silver or Gold membership.

    with a Gold membership you have access to all the webinars 24/7 and the monthly live Q&A.
    I realise I sound like a broken record [sorry Josh!] But Dr. Kruse is giving us huge amounts of information that we need to get if we want an optimal life.
    You really need this month's webinar......

    Are you drinking good water? How much seafood are you eating?
    Have you seen an osteopath? you are working with a partner Doctor?

    Do you have labs? if you do - please post them in the lab section.

    There was a story here about a young gymnast from Tasmania who was doing great things for her injuries with C/T
    It may have been removed.

    Also -Please read about Jeremy Thomley .... he and Dr. K. did a Q&A together ...and the monthly webinar was about Jeremy ...and there is a blog too.

    Go to Jeremy's website and be inspired by a young man that should have been dead by the time he was six ...and is now 31. He has amazing intuition ...and he and Dr. K. are magic together!
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  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Mihaley, have you seen any improvement in your spine with the seafood and such? When I was healing my scoliosis, I was also keeping up with Jack's blog, introducing protocols as he explained them. With CT I saw improvement in my back, with seafood I saw more improvement, with lots of excellent water I saw more, grounding, etc. So I knew Jack was on the right track. Squatting was phenomenal for me.

    I introduced the Magnetico close to the time I got my grounding sheet. I'm still in the city, and my husband watches TV. I wear orange goggles at night, but my skin still gets some blue light. It has taken me several years, but I'm much older than you. The difference between my EMF environment and yours is a big unknown. The city I still live in is bad for EMF.

    If you have seen benefits to your spine so far, I'd say yes, the Magnetico would be a good idea. If your back continues to deteriorate, you would probably have to move out of the city. And also get the Magnetico.
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  4. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Thanks Caroline and Nonchalant!
    Ok Caroline, I write the details about my environment. Fortunately we dont have smartmeter but we live in the 2. floor, so dont have a garden. Next week I'm going to find a place to sleep outside. Sad but true homeless people are lucky if we see this aspect...they can always sleep outside and we are victims of cultural and social beliefs, standards. My goal is to move as soon as possible to a house with garden.
    Our city (Budapest) has a big river where bathing is forbidden but I can find hidden places...this winter I did CT many times there.
    I have an official grounding sheet, I connect it to the heating system, I'm trying keep EMF low in bedroom, we only have wires in the wall, maybe its too close to the bed. And my wife keeps her iPhone also in the room but in the opposite end of the room. I dont know anything about my neighbors next to the wall conditions. Is it safe to ground there?
    Two weeks ago I bought a lowbluelight light bulb using it in bedroom, I like it. between 8-9 PM I go there reading and its hard to keep my eyes open for long time, I can easily fall asleep. Im also plannig to buy blueblocker glasses.
    I keep myself up to date from the blogs, I like reading them as I graduated as biochemical engineer. Unfortunately I cant afford a membership yet.
    We have a revers osmosis filter system, so I tihnk the drinking water quality is ok.
    Seefood: I eat it almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I can afford here frozen mussels, clams, shrimps, and canned sardines. Is it enough? Or I have to find them somehow raw?
    I have good experiences with osteopath, it works in short term but always fall back a few days after. One spine specialist say I have to stop the sport the other say I can continue with continuos therapeutic exercises. I have an appointment to a third doctor sept 22. I have just a few general labs. I have continuosly low red blood cells, hemoglobin in the last two years. They gave me IV and supplemental iron but it didnt improved. Since I read the blogs, I know its not a good idea to load with iron... Is it somehow connected to the spine?
    I read the story about the gymnast girl and Jeremy, they are really inspiring.

    To Nonchalant: After CT I alway feel better in short term, maybe I need it every day. I started heavy seefood diet about a month ago (before that I eat it 2 times a week). I dont feel much improvement from that. Instead I feel it helps me mentally. What do you mean by squatting? Heavy exercise in the gym or just relaxing in squatting position?

    After I wrtite these down, I realised where should I improve: more CT, more quality seefood, finding a place to sleep outside regularly. Getting a magnetico. I think I understand drK's message, maybe my hardest barrier is my social environment...nobody in the family and close friends keep attention to health, they didnt start even the paleo. They look me crazy with paleo, CT, keeping lights low in the evening... Its hard but I feel my way is good:)
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning from Australia!

    Please don't worry about what others think or do.....you can only help yourself. No matter how much you care about others..... They need to find that defining moment for themselves.

    It sounds like you are doing well with seafood. Do you make bone broths and seafood broths?

    What about a MHS ..... Mackerel head smoothie...

    I buy small fozen fish from a Chinese store and blend it with fresh lemon juice and water and Corriander. Do you have a seafood shop where you can get mackerel heads and frames?

    Wht about organ meats? Brains?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
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  6. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    I'm eating bone broth 1-2 times a month from chicken or beef. I've never tried seefood broth. The same with MHS but I'm going to try them. Rarely I'm doing a food called "kocsonya", it looks like a gelatin, aspic made from pork nail, tail, ear and some meat. Slowly cooking for 5-6 hours with spices and some veggies and then cooling. Yummy:) Im eating weekly duck or goose liver, and pork brain.
    In my country there is big tradition of eating pork and fowl. I eat lot of pork, goose, duck fat and bacon. This is my biggest part of fat consumption. Is it ok? Maybe there is much omega-6 in it... I dont like coconut oil and butter in big amounts.
    So I think my food part is almost ok. I need to work on the EMF part of the story...
  7. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    Hiya from Perth Western Australia.

    Kocsonya sounds great, although the majority of folks (not here on this board) would settle for a Big Mac.

    I'm going through injury too, yours sounds tougher, but I'm sure you can return to a better place altheletically.
  8. yarralea

    yarralea New Member

    MHS- I'm so coming to yours!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    that Kocsonya sounds delicious ...typical European cooking I think ..tip to tail

    your diet sounds great ...a big plus on the brains! Have you listened to Dr. K's new podcast with Ines Subashka - from Budapet?

    Jack talks about how Folks in Europe have many things right - whereas our diet is mostly plastic! .... your diet sounds excellent!
  10. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    Hi Mihaly

    Welcome, sounds like you are doing many things right so just keep at it, you are doing great.

    One thing perhaps to consider is to use therapeutic laser therapy e.g. K-Laser but perhaps this is too expensive

    Judit OrtutayM.D., Klara Barabas M.D., Ph.D., *Adam Mester MD National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, Budapest *Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology and Oncotherapy, National Laser Therapy Centre, Peterfy Sandor Teaching Hospital, Budapest


    Also, get your heavy metal status checked and combine Sauna's with CT to boost immune and healing functions. Consider other detox protocols. What tests have you had? Maybe get an Adrenal Stress Index test plus other hormones DHEA, Melatonin, Testosterone, Estrogens (E1 and E2), thyroid (t3, t4, reverse t3)
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    If you don't like coconut oil .... have you tried MCT oil? there is no taste or smell and it is much more potent.
  12. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member


    For sure tons of things to consider and you are on the right track. I see quite a lot of small things you could consider...

    - That grounding sheet, even if it is connected to the pipes it could transfer some bad signals to your body instead of grounding... If i could focus, i go with the idea of getting a magnetic field thru sleep, faked one okey but real is number one choice.

    - Your sport is a killer to the body, your special position when using a paddle is really hard on your mobility. What i would do is to go one step further in treatment. Since you are in Budapest, you have a scene of art to turn to. I would find a specialist or a trainer in dance, they can make magic to messed up spines.

    - Once again, your sport is also about heartrate and i guess you use that technology to monitor yourself... Stop! It is like having an open wound bleeding all the time... You loose important energy this way.

    - Start doing face dunks. I use freediving for my own pleasure and health. When i do static apnea i get some outstanding recovery. To wake up your dive reflex is easy and i get an instant high when i do this.

    - I would do something like this, i do it all the time... Think about a mix of Tai Chi and dance BUT in deep water. I do not use any protection or wetsuit. I often throw in some heavy rocks doing squats under the surface. This gives me tons of energy and i feel a really tight feeling in muscles and body.

    - About fats, this is how i do and i live an extremly active life... In summers i do eat some olive oil, coconut oil and nuts, but this is because they are oils of summer, they do not exist in the winters (in Sweden). Now it is turning into fall and i eat more fish, more lard and good butter... I would focus on fish fats.

    - For maximum effect, i would consider going into the extreme... This would directly affect your social life, big time... I would go homeless in the wilds for a couple of months, find a place with good amount of trees, make a tipi and sleep directly on the ground with minimal clothing. No synthetics, just wool or other natural materials.

    - Do you use mobile phone? Remove it from your daily list of to do. When you have that one close to your body, stealing of important energy is going on all the time. Same with anything digital, iPads, computers and gears.

    More to look into, what do you do when you are not in training? Work? Being with other athletes? So many small details to go into, this is just the start.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2014
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  13. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    I see this every single day i meet people who seeks help with gait and posture... Since i do not have any kind of training it this area at all i can question everything quite easy, no dept to pay to the system.

    Five years ago, scoliosis was an event in just one or two persons i meet nowdays it is in almost everyone. No doctor can say why, i have many ideas but not confirmed by the books.

    It all comes down to the person in front of me, how far are they willing to go to find the reason and cure.

    In this place many find solutions because we start to accept that the brain needs energy and with that your system can make custombuilt healing. The brain and body are the same but we tend to treat them like they are separated. The more i dive into my friends who seeks me, the more i see the energy crisis of today... With stealing, no healing.
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Great stuff Peter. I totally agree.......
    we cannot think too much about what others think - we just need to do the right things, and one day our loved ones will get it! Do not allow anyone to destroy your health. That would be just too sad.....
    in fact you do your loved ones a big favor when you stand for what is true and do it no matter what other say or think. IMHO that is real love, the most beautiful thing
    when you radiate energy and health and power, everyone around you will benefit :)
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  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Mihaly stuff like, tell your wife she from now on cannot keep the phone in the bedroom. Cut the breakers. Tell her why. She might not like it first but after a while she will realize the benefits! I know, it was like that with my ex husband too! He rebelled a bit first.... because of my weird "rules" but now... he has started to love that kind of a life so much he even wants to live with me even if we are just friends... lol He said he feels how amazing you feel when you have it dark and silent in the evenings... when you limit blue light, when you sleep in the cold, shower cold, spends time in the wild and in the sun.. etc. He even makes himself raw meat and fish now and take cold showers...lol all by himself where he lives now with his girlfriend. He even tells them all the stuff I have learned from Jack! It just can takes some time, we never know how long but it sure will have an impact, everything we do has
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  16. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Apply this into water, this is very close to my own practice.

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  17. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Hi all!

    Sorry, I posted here long time ago, I have a chaotic life this year… Thanks for the great advices!

    Yarralea: Kocsonya makes you addictive, you should try it!:)

    CAroline: I’ve listened the podcast with Subashka (but she is from Bulgaria, not Budapest), it helped deeper understanding of the quantum health. So I think my diet is ok, I’m sure that my EMF environment should be the problem and I think I was overtrained many times during the last 10 years. I ate some coconut oil this summer but I preferred animal fat and now we are in the middle of autumn.

    PaulG: YOu gave good advices, currently I have financial problems too, I can’t afford a professional lab test either. I’m working on to improve the situation, its hard to find a job with good environment…so I want to be self-employed somehow.

    PrAna303: I know you are right, I should go homeless for a few months but I think its fully destroys my marriage and social life. So its hard to escape. I started the Beatiful Parctice exercises as you suggested, and I’m doing Movnat stile trainings outside. I found a lake (20 minutes by car) where I started finswimming (and CTing). My spine mobility is getting better. Do you think exercising is a good idea? beacause it also needs a lot of energy and maybe its stealing it from my healing…
    I keep my phone usage as low as possible. I used every day a heart rate monitor, but I stopped using it a few years ago.
    Unfortunately I dont get any income from sport as I’m injured. Last year I started to write a sportish paleo lifestyle book (I adopted many of Jack’s instuctions), its almost ready. I’am also a journalist for the local paleo magazine and homepage, so I’m working on computer (I know its not good). Its hard to find a job without EMF, and also enjoyable. I’m thinking about to get a certificate and import the MOVNAT to Hungary, maybe its a good solution in every aspects.

    Inger: My wife’s phone is out from the bedroom now, and she starts to understand slowly (very slowly) the EMF and blue light effects.

    To summarise it I think I understand the theory and Im using a lot from it in my life. Is there any biohack to get money fast?:) I need to move to a low EMF house with garden and buying a magnetico.
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  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Good to see you!
    If you do find that biohack please share...;)
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  19. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Ok, you will be the first person I share the secret!;)
  20. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    I tried to sleep last weekend outside in an abandoned site but I hardly felt asleep and I woke up in the middle of the night and should move to the house (where wasn't any heating just a few degree hotter and no wind) because I felt too cold (below 10°C). I had a few layers of blanket but not too much. So it was not an undisturbed night but its intresting that it was still my best sleep ever and I woke up very refreshed (no lights and EMF there). Why I couldnt tolerate cold well? Is there anyone who can sleep fine in this temperature? Whats the secret?
    Before that night I was all afternoon outside (20-25°C) in a short and barefeet, swimming in a lake...
    Other question: Does anybody know dr. Theodore Achacoso? He suggested a few months GH therapy to my spine problems. I guess he is thinking about it in a conventional medicine level which is not always matched to dr. Kruse's new biology...So do you think is it safe and is it a good idea?

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