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Might depression be related to a lack of sun?

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Depression is an indoors illness. Modern medicine recently found out that the SCN ipRCGs has a direct connect to the habenular nucleus that control mood in the brain. Very few clinicians seems to know this. We have ample evidence that blue light destroys the signaling of the SCN to ruin the circadian mechanism. If indoor light destroys SCN function what might that mean for depression and many other mental disorders now that humans live under indoor light more than sunlight?

    Few get this because they have no data on what sunlight does to dopamine & melatonin levels. If you go outside into the Nature's light and out of the light man has made for you to live, depression magically seems to vanish while sleep improves. Why? Nature, particularly the sun's light is a decentralized network. The decentralized network archetype is the most prevalent in Nature. It allows for ideal energy transfer and information passage in a biological system. It does this because a decentralized network is the most energy efficient type of network possible. Using man made lights destroys informational transfer in cells and this can be seen by lowered dopamine and melatonin levels in cells. Melatonin controls the recycling of mitochondrial engines that are no longer functioning optimally and dopamine levels allow informational control over mood altering neuronal circuits. Indoor light is controlled by a corporation and their board. The spectrum of light they allow us to have is non equivalent to the sun. This is how a middleman operates. This is a key feature of a centralized system. In centralized systems you always lose some fidelity of the informational signal and an amount of energy. This leads to a loss of time (sickness/death) and freedom (you cannot live well because you need centralized medical care). Your behavioral change and belief in light can mitigate your reliance on centralized systems

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  2. Melatonin & our sex hormone Oxytocin
    Melatonin significantly increases secretion of oxytocin
    The "moral" of the story -> Enjoy more darkness this winter -> by morning you may just have a potential for better sex.
    The Crosstalk between Melatonin and Sex Steroid Hormones
    Melatonin has the potential to inhibit testosterone.
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