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MichaelT's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by MichaelT, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. MichaelT

    MichaelT New Member

    I've always researched and been interested in health and nutrition.

    I work in Tech, and spent a period of my early 20's in front and under blue light, where I didn't often see the daylight.

    This ended in me getting a Carcinoma. I'm not sure what caused it, but the more I read Jack Kruse the more I believe the nnEMF and Light environment affects me.

    I try to live healthy with exercise and proper eating. But my weight still seems to creep up gradually.

    However, the couple of times I have been without a job, my weight drops drastically with seemingly no improvement to my eating pattern.

    I always assumed it was stress that did it and being inside all day. But now I have more of an understanding that it was more so just being inside all day and surrounded by blue light and nnEMF that caused it.

    I'm trying to get more sunlight and figure out how I can work my job and do what I'm good at while staying healthy.

    I might need a transition in the next two years to a different career. I can see how the job affects me, but now I have more clarity as to why.

    I'm starting by getting outdoor in the Sun All Day Saturday and Sunday. I'm want to see every Sun Rise and Sunset.

    I'm getting Tan Through clothing so I get the sun on every portion of my body.

    I commute daily and now do so with my Windows Down and Sunroof open. I'm looking into a Convertible or Jeep for even better light.

    I'm getting blue light glasses and will change my bulbs in my house soon to Purple and Incandescent.

    I already drink spring water, but will be even more strict about it.

    I'm eating more Clams and Shellfish.

    I now spend my Lunches and As much time as I can working from the Patio at work. It's freezing sometimes, so I'm not as uncovered as I'd like.

    I don't know just yet how I can switch jobs, but I'm convinced as I get more sun my dopamine and decision making abilities will rise and I will find a way out.

    I'm also looking into finding all leather shoes for work and sandals for the weekend in order to stay grounded.

    I'm also looking to Add Sauna and Hot Tub into the early evening.

    I try to dip in the pacific on the weekends for the cold therapy.

    I'm doing what I can and hope that it works.

    It's quite brutal while working a Tech Job. But there's also more flexibility than most jobs to be outside. I'm grateful, and I'm trying to make it work.
  2. MichaelT

    MichaelT New Member


    I’ve been trying to work my plan. January was busy at work. I was working long hours and often into the night. So it was hard to do.

    I’ve been watching more Jack Kruse Interviews trying to piece the puzzle together.

    I’m trying to integrate what I’m learning into my life.

    I realize that I’m not in an optimal environment. But I’m trying to do what I can to mitigate the effects.

    A couple of things I’m trying to figure out.

    As a background I live in a Microwave Environment at 35 Lat with a UV index of 2.7 on a good day right now.

    1. If I’m inside all day and in BlueLight what mitigation techniques should I use.
      • I try and Load Oysters and SeaFood.
      • I use the Sauna at the gym at night.
      • I use Cold Therapy
      • I sit in the hot tub.
      • Should I add in Tanning Booths? Does time of day matter?
      • I drink Mountain Valley Spring Water only.
    2. 7-10 AM in the sun is optimal. How can I get this. If there’s cloud cover should I use artificial techniques instead?
    3. I use Sauna After Work. Should I Use it Before Sunrise Instead?
    4. If I can’t get the full time in the Sun are there mitigation techniques I am missing?
    5. I can sit outside at work, but I have to tether my phone and use a hotspot. Am I better off doing this or sitting inside under the wifi and blue light?
    6. Is there harm to sun exposure in a nnEMF environment.
    7. How do I reset my circadian rhythm? Should I be waking up at Sunrise or Before Sunrise.
    8. How do I structure these protocols around my schedule? 8 Hours Work. 30-60min commute, twice per day. Start time is flexible usually 930-10.
    9. When I wake up 1 Hour before sunrise why am I a bit more stressed, frustrated and angry?
    10. If I work on a computer outside should I wear BlueBlockers?
    11. What do I do with myself during the downtime before bed with no electronics or computer?

    There’s a lot of information to take in. But I’m slowly trying to build a routine.

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