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Mhoej Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mhoej, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Mhoej

    Mhoej New Member

    It hit me like a shit-ton of bricks.

    I discovered Jack's work about april this year (2017). I actually kept cursing inside myself. "Holy fucking shit..holy fucking shit.. this is it!...".

    I knew of his name, sometimes googled sent me search results from this forum, but never looked into any of the meat and potato at all.

    I heard a podcast, which one escapes me, where Jack talked about how food is just electrons, how (uv)light creates matter, how the blue-light story presented wide and far is not even half the story and so forth. I printed out articles from the time, emf and ubiquination series and spent the next week just reading blogs and listening to podcasts. Submerged myself in quantum-stuff ever since.

    I had a mentor several years back who taught me some very important lessons about being critical of your sources. He himself had gone to extremely great lengths to verify data, statements and information. I picked that up from him and try to carry that with me in most of what I do.

    Being an engineer with an affinity for health, biology, biochemistry, medical research, and so forth - already having dived deep into all these matters from so many possible angles is probably why it dawned on me and made so much sense to me to approach life in this way. Physics man.. Rarely having done things the traditional way and often walked against the grain I was already aware of several of the issues that are dealt here. I have been wearing blue blockers for almost 5 years now (although devil is in the detail),

    There was (and is) so much content to go through on the blogs that I waited a while to become a member, alas, but I eventually signed up pretty recently which I haven't regretted. I was offered a consult opening and I jumped at it, and booked in.

    I've suffered from depression, low energy, chronic fatigue type thing although not always there, sight was getting slightly worse (albeit getting better now), stomach/digestion issues, immune-issues, brain fog, etc.
    A lot of those were improved quite a bit through "conventional functional medicine" - but never to 100%. Actually far from.

    My son, now 2.5 suffers from severe eczema. From the outset, let me say that after aplying what is taught here he is much better - but still far off from 100%. People who haven't lived with eczema does not understand how debilitating a condition it is. Nappy change has to be done in sequencing/with hand prtectors on him so he doesn't claw his legs open, the worst nights would mean no to very little sleep (for weeks...months...for the whole family..), crying, clawing, blood, wet-wrapping, lotions, pain, judgement from people, pedantic rituals that work only that they don't and you change it, elimination diets, addition diets, endless analysis of correlations and causations. I spent 2-3 hours daily for the last 2 years researching, preparing, implementing (only to fail because you can't implement unrealistic expectations). People around roll their eyes sometimes about the level of pedantery and also which things we try to correlate. They don't know the amount of stress and pain to see your child like that. Others do, talked to several, and they also have gone down the rabbit holes.
    Talk about having skin in the game. Quite literally.

    He was born in a high-rise, lived in 5 different countries in his so far short life, both parents have our own issues (which obviusly are mitochondrial issues), so do the grand parents.
    Compared to other modern kids he was exposed way less to lights, tables, phones etc. But still way more than he should have been (which is none). We didn't expose him too much because of other reasons than emf/blue light, but more because content of what they look at etc. is piss poor imo. Now we know better.

    During my consult with Jack he recommended quite a few things - but mostly it was about how I can further my learning - and detach my emotions more from my decision making. What have I/we done since?

    He recommended getting early am sun as per his recent articles (done.. since it dawned on me months ago I haven't missed a sunrise and I either pull my kid/wife out the bed or open the window so the sun shines straigh into their bed), getting different light-therapy devices (done..check),he recommended getting Magnetico for our child (ordered for the whole family....check, waiting..), shut off breakers at night (already started prior (but..check), he recommended getting hablotypes checked for the whole family and then deciding where to live/spend a lot of time (check ..on its way..will update with reults.), he recommended moving (live at the 55th latitude now.. used to live much lower) - not done but we are talking serious talk about doing migration 4-5-6 months of the year and I'm already working towards making that a reality, already looking into buying a get-away to sun for 4-6 weeks in octobe/ november...
    With the last being the most important. And we are actually going to do it.

    Many more recommendations and good advice. I have a long list of things already done since before consult but after discovering the blogs/content, such as: serious emf mitigation, haven't turned on a light since april. I kid you not. I have not, neither has my wife, but long summer nights helps. I took out lights in places like fridge, etc. Upped the CT, upped the DHA in Sn2 significantly, dropped a shit (pun intended) ton of supplements, I quit drinking coffe/caffeine, whenever I look at a screen it has orange filter both physical and something like Iris. I have not voluntarily looked at a screen without proper filter for many months. We expose out bodies way way more to sun and especially our childs. I was already walking barefoot a lot, but do so much more - as do my family.

    I came from a position of half the foot already in unknowingly. I knew about grounding somewhat, I never believed that the sun was harmful and thought that tale was bullshit already, never gave our kid steroid creme for the eczema, never was a fan of intervention be it vaccines, pesticides, antibiotics, gmo, preservatives, and whatever else have you. I never bought the global warming tale. I see through shit, moreso than most - but not all of it of course.

    In my consult with Jack we talked over the main points of reasons for eczema and he said (and paraphrasing a bit) that my kid should be/feel lucky because his father stumbled into this.

    Jack - I didn't stumble my friend. I trawled.

    I will update much more later, but now this has been kicked off.
  2. Mhoej

    Mhoej New Member

    Received our Magneticos yesterday. Slept a bit uneasy the whole night, but not awful. Went from 0 to 20G for whole family.
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  3. Mhoej

    Mhoej New Member

    23andme takes a while to deliver results to my whereabouts on the planet....
  4. Mhoej

    Mhoej New Member

    Have a couple of Quantlets (for about 30 days) and have some decent results figuring out best ways to use them.

    I find that after the first morning sunrays then I either use wellness or sleep/relax whilst I still get morning sun and grounding.

    About the time UVA shows up I do another session of a protocol I made on my own that works the best. I don't like the cooling plate and the EMF that it has, so never really use the performance setting.. I find it less effective for me at the moment than my own.

    I tend to want to ground whilst wearing it.

    I thought about what I want from it, how I could get it done and tweaked it for my own need. Then it started working very well, and seems to compound.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator


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