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Mesmerfascism: We are living it folks!

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Scompy, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Scompy

    Scompy Gold


    This photo is the THE KEY to re-establish Individual Freedoms once again. It shows The People how social media, news media, industrial interests, politicians and government agencies do not want the general public to awaken to their social designs and constructs. Understanding this photo might get the individual to realize how personal freedoms can flow AWAY from individuals and flow INTO corporate and socialistic forces as they join together around us. As a matter of fact, this is why most social media may attempt to yank or downplay this post because it really shows too much truth over narrative. It is time to stop telling stories, half-truths and omitting knowledge from the public. This is how we are getting 5G, this is how we may be getting forced medications, drugs, vaccines, etc. in the future...

    Now is the time to broadcast this image loud and wide. Isn't it hypocritical that the very companies a decade ago that you propped up as customers want to shutdown your mouths when you want to voice a simple opinion? This is the type of society you really want folks? Have we all forgotten that we can "agree to disagree" and find common-ground, rather than crafting laws to basically nullify the 1st Amendment, our very freedom of speech?

    We have been living in a time in the lower half of this image. Companies are either aligning with or being coerced by socialistic government agencies, panels and political fat cats to dominate the messages about how the public views and perceives the world, while making it "okay" to have individuals relinquish their own power. Quashing and dismissing the voice of the little person is starting to become a norm around us, in the United States of America! Debate classes Generation X had in the Public School System faded away, BY DESIGN. Debate class needs to come back with fury, and not just in schools, but in public circles again.

    This merging of Industry and Government has nowhere to go but into fascist territory unless the The People get a clue about what is going on and call them out at what they want to design around us. This chart shows us where we are basically at right now: collectivism. They are collecting The People have been cast into a large pool of data collection for evaluation and monitoring endlessly. Mesmerfascism is what Myster Spock calls it.

    The word Mesmer comes from Doctor Mesmer in the 18th Century that developed the Theory of Animal Magnetism... the way people could be controlled through mental suggestion not unlike hypnotism to fight for the wrong side and give up their own, personal freedoms, identities and even willpower. And for Fascism, you can see clearly at the bottom of the Photo: the result of enough government and industry forces uniting to craft laws, regulations, guidelines and bureauCRAZY to influence YOUR PERSONAL LIVELIHOOD to get you to comply with their madness due to a bastardized version of E=mc^2, which is Economics = Money*Control^2.

    This Mesmerfascism is the way these forces believe how they can conquer The People: to remove personal freedoms one by one over longer time-frames and somewhat hypnotically, rather than showing their true colors in a shorter window; longer time-frames do not go noticed by the public as to how the Individual's power is ripped away. These Mesmerfascists are actually quite afraid that The People might awaken if they pull too many cards at once, like if they overly-nanny the individual too hard within a year or two, even though willpower, ego, greatness, entrepreneurial invention and love comes from you: the individual.

    No matter where you may put yourself on this chart, be very mindful to know what you may be designing without realizing. If you like to "be controlled", at least you are being honest with yourself and you'd put yourself in the lower-half of the chart over the upper half. But also keep in mind that if all laws worked 100% for the good of society, there would never be a need for a judge or the Supreme court for that matter.

    Any citizen of Earth needs to remember that the "interpretation of law" is often variable and subjective for each situation due to the variable conditions and motivations and intentions behind each action taken. Judges would be replaced by robots and these new AI systems otherwise... and don't think for a moment that the Mesmerfascists haven't thought about this... they want to automate everything when possible, including many career positions like judges where SUBJECTIVITY is involved to once again take away power to the individual.

    Imagine if you went in for a surgery and your doctor was a robot? Do you prefer the robot over an actual human, with human insights and experiences over years or decades? When your hospital says, "our robots have a 97.5% success rate," will you care how much pain you were in during the surgery when the anesthetic wore off too fast because the robot wasn't conscious or thinking about your consciousness? Do you think a robot's magnetic and electric fields won't adjust your outcome either during a brain or heart surgery, as they are electrical organs?

    The Mesmerfascists have been selling the public the narrative that panel-created "guidelines and regulations" within government agencies are DEFACTO LAWS... Why would they do this? Because these agencies have NON-ELECTED heads to determine your fate. They are not Public Servants because they were never elected, instead it is more accurate to call them Public Enslavers.

    The fat cats (socialists) and big wigs (industralists) are designing ways to keep down and diminish The Individual psychologically. This is their main play to control. They want you to feel demoralized and defeated. They want you to feel like if they pass some redtape, regulation or guideline, you're done. They want you to believe they are only going to attain even more power over time. Even greater, they want you to FEAR TAKING A STAND because it is implied they will hurt your bottom dollar. But they don't want you to know that The People always take back their power as the cycles of history have shown time and time again on your planet Earth.

    The rockband MUSE clearly paints what is going on RIGHT NOW with their song "Uprising," even though the song was released 10 years ago. To quote their lyrics, they say,...

    "The paranoia is in bloom, the P-R (personal relations),
    Transmissions will resume,
    They'll try to push drugs,
    That keep us all dumbed down and hope that,
    We will never see the truth around...

    Another promise, another scene,
    Another package lie to keep us trapped in greed,
    With all the green belts wrapped around our minds,
    And endless red tape to keep the truth confined..."

    Even now 10 year later, we see the "Green New Deal" being pushed by Congress this week. It really doesn't matter what socialistic policy is crafted in Myster Spock's mind... Greater Socialism + Greater Corporatism = Less Individual Power and Freedoms. If the reader disagrees with the argument Myster Spock is making about this notorious unification of Left and Right, so be it. He also respects your opinion, rather than dismissing you. You always get listened to in Myster Spock's world unlike the designs of the Mesmerfascists.

    Once the Mesmerfascists align together, both GREEN BELTS AND RED TAPE, we get a new Fascism because they can justify how to remove your Individual freedoms as you prop up either side: part of society propping up the Industrialists, some part of society propping up the socialists and even some part aligning with both...Once the public majority aligns with more parts of the pie, the Mesmerfascists game is won. They have conquered YOU, the INDIVIDUAL, and then can unleash their deeper plans and even more control later.

    They want you distracted, arguing with others, dismissing ideas, and forming communities THEY have created, rather than the communities you want. They will infiltrate your communities and groups and drop in a few people that look half-off-their-rocker to undermine your groups, so the public won't associate with them...to get their minds to dismiss and reject anything that "loony person" might say. This masterful framing and narrative control will continue into infinity until The People awaken and get off of their virtual butts.

    We are living it right now. We are in the largest political world problem of our time that is happening in our every-day world right under the noses of everyone, with only a chunk able to understand what is happening... only a chunk able to connect the dots that Myster Spock is outlining here in this post: a post that will so you won't notice how your personal freedoms are being zapped away from you. They want you to "do what is right for the world" and get you to remove your own personal power. This is the time we need Liberty more than ever! Anyone that is sane can see what is happening, but now, why it is happening.

    Even the smallest person can make a difference in this world, and each of us is worthy of respect. Each Individual is able to re-share this post, copy the post and put into public settings, and do it into infinity until the Mesmerfascists realize they have been checkmated at their own game when they look to eliminate this mesage. The United States of America and many other countries still realize that our Politicians are meant to work FOR THE PEOPLE, not making deals with the Mesmerfascists to downplay THE PEOPLE that are suppose to represent, rather than reprimand and rebuke THE PEOPLE instead.
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  2. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  3. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

  4. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    YES!!!!!! We are being led like sheep to the slaughter! I have to keep temporarily disabling my social media accounts because all the posts from once sane people scare the hell out of me. How can a civilization get so brainwashed and manipulated so damn quickly???? I can't even watch tv or go to the movies any more because I refuse to support the actors who have become raving lunatics. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was born and raised in California. I am so glad that I no longer live there. Jack MUST be right that the toxic environment there has just made them stupid and unbalanced. I really hope that the general population isn't as "drunk from the koolaid" as the main stream media makes it appear. Your diagram is so spot on! Corruption and control on both sides.

    So what's the plan? How do we wake up the masses?
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  5. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Just have to wait and observe.
    Control is the hinge and we are the lever.
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  6. Scompy

    Scompy Gold



    -Official AP Report (Absentminded Press):

    President Trump finally tweeted the EMF issue as "a disaster" earlier today. The President used the phrase 'non-native' showing how he has learned more scientific details about the differences of Electromagnetic Fields and Frequencies, like native frequencies produced by the sun and earth versus the proliferation of non-native, synthetic electromagnetism.

    Although President Trump did not cast fury upon the FCC directly, he appeared to direct his tweet upon Telecom CEOs, executives and marketers that have wrongly dismissed the vast decades of scientific observations that reveal negative biological effects with even non-ionizing EMF interactions, such as microwave-emitting mobile phones, ELFs from powerlines, etc. President Trump wants the CEO to redesign and hire actual biologists and biophysicists immediately to work-out how "safer technologies can be created and how to redesign our current infrastructure for Public Health over Profit, not just humans but all life, the birds and bees included!"

    President Trump tweeted this infamous meme from a NYC public school. He joked to the 6th graders who were physically present but not fully-mentally present, that same children who happened to be taking notes and playing games on their microwave-emitting devices how "the birds and the bees still need to be taught in classroom. " Trump said, "Kids, it won't look pretty if humanity wipes out The Birds and The Bees in the coming years because of nnEMF proliferation... just like that wireless tablet in your hand, little Billy. Billy? Billy are you listening? Stop playing MindDaft. Billy, hello Billy. Earth to Billy, I'm the President of the United States. I should have listened to Ivanka, they don't teach with tech at Waldorf Schools..."

    The Surgeon General first informed President Trump about "The nnEMF Crisis" in December of 2017 when the Trump Administration made Addiction into a political issue. The Surgeon General discovered "The nnEMF Crisis" on his own research, but felt compelled to keep it hidden until he talked to the President due to the decades of cover-ups related to the issue. He met secretly with President Trump about how government funding of the "Opioid Crisis" is more or less of a cover for this much larger, fundamental infrastructure issue of nnEMFs, which includes screen-addiction, Reactive Oxygen Species and neuropsychiatric effects like depression due to continual and exponentially-growing exposures to frequencies and their harmonics and transients.

    As a result, the Surgeon General suggested that a new "Warning Label" should be issued on all technology products just like Tobacco products, because of how they can be addictive and cause added oxidative stress over time because of artificial fields and frequencies. The President issued this statement as a first response incentivize the Telecoms to take action and start fighting for Public Health and "get educated on the science for you and your offspring."

    In response to Trump's typical blunt-language approach, like what NPR showcases as much as possible, the Surgeon General suggested this new "Modern Science Education Program" centers on both epigenetics and biophysics to ensure that the typical "under-educated technocrat spends a little more time learning biology instead of code" to get a more well-rounded training for their future, generational survival. Trump said, "Even they deserve healthier offspring and a fighting chance at a higher fertilization chance, I really think it should be mandated upon every one of them," implying that a technocrat's sperm and ova may have a potential of greater mutation rates due to their lack of EMF hygiene, smart-technologies often added into their environments with daily tech-behaviors using microwave-emitting devices more than the average farmer or gardener.

    The Surgeon General was extremely clear that "the government needs to help protect the Public Health of all citizens, even those in society that are unknowingly sterilized because their personal paradigms interfere with actual scientific observations, especially the highly intelligent and technology-educated individuals that agree with Tech-Industry's common marketing claims hook, line and sinker, "that there is nothing to worry about or nothing to be concerned about or nothing to investigate with the nnEMF exposures upon our biophysics. " Although President Trump did not say the Telecoms use the same playbook as past Tobacco companies dismissing any health-related issues with their products, Trump did make a point about now nnEMF radiation can be used as a catalyst for toxins and carcinogens to cross more easily into places not normally achievable, such as the "BBB."

    At first, the AP (Absentminded Press) believed the BBB was a British Television station reporting on The Brexit issue, but we were wrong, it was the BBC. We had to look up this odd reference to the BBB. We discovered President Trump was talking about the Blood Brain Barrier and how permeable it could become with a synergy of toxic exposures. In knowing what deeper science the President has learned, we are still in shocked and in awe here at the AP. We believe President Trump has done a complete turn-around on Public Health over Profits to win votes. And our President is making us, the AP, look quite foolish on this issue to the Public because we have known about nnEMF proliferation for a very long time, but we simply fail to report it because we are owned by Industry, duh. Why did President Trump troll us? We've kept this issue hidden for so long for you, the Public, can watch the nightly news painted in candy-colored unicorns and rainbows. Because of Trump's reckless tweet, his polls show that his bid for re-election just shot up by 64 percentage points as a result. We see what you're doing Trump. We will fix this mistake shortly.

    However, the AP can boldly retort that President Trump's reaction to the AP's reaction wasn't cautious in how he projected his latest "disaster narrative" on social media channels compared to past disaster reactions. The President's final statement feel flat, in which he said, "On this one day of the year, April 1st, Fake News is acceptable and allowed because the public wouldn't believe any news anyway. So we can raise real issues to make the public believe real=fake to troll every issue we want to our own narrative. Confusion is one of the greatest political tools a government can offer. That's why I'm the king of trolls. Oh wait scratch that." When the AP questioned the President about his comment on how "Confusion is one of the greatest political tools," he said "I was only joking, can't anyone joke anymore? But I am the Troll King, don't forget it, and I'm not trolling you either."
  7. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    I like trump.
    You can bet all these phuckwit big Wigs are checking for effect in thier own backyard flatout.

    I bet trumps missus knows best.!
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I like Trump.
    I wish there was a way to convince him to get deep suntan.

  9. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    I 'don't like'... every major world politician's Handlers -- seated on the thrones of power in secret global organizations and whom we do not see, do not know, and cannot meet in the open. For those of us who haven't yet voluntarily shut down our natural olfactory brain functions with synthetic perfumes, fragrances, and other consumer-choice chemicals, the stink is still discernible.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  10. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    The problem with Trump is what I was eluding to about suddenly coming into new information about the science, as if he would get a new brain on his shoulders having learned a deeper level of science.

    Additionally, he said/tweeted a few weeks ago that he wants the Telecoms to get 6G going also. Nearly all politicians have to know the risks involved now. But they TAKE THE 5TH by never talking about it in public and the sold-out news media will never question them on it at this time. They believe they can stay this course and a public majority won't ever rise up.
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  11. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Myster Spock rarely quotes Wikipedia, but here the humans of the United States can see WHY their system is broken and HOW ABC Agencies create an overreach into daily lives. It is this very generation, right now, that will either uphold individualism and liberty, or watch it crumble and crash down upon a new form of "accepted fascism" where government and industry become interchangeable.

    "Regulatory capture is a form of government failure which occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.[1] When regulatory capture occurs, the interests of firms, organizations, or political groups are prioritized over the interests of the public, leading to a net loss for society. Government agencies suffering regulatory capture are called "captured agencies.


    Federal Communications Commission

    Legal scholars have pointed to the possibility that federal agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had been captured by media conglomerates. Peter Schuck of Yale Law School has argued that the FCC is subject to capture by the media industries' leaders and therefore reinforce the operation of corporate cartels in a form of "corporate socialism" that serves to "regressively tax consumers, impoverish small firms, inhibit new entry, stifle innovation, and diminish consumer choice".[43] The FCC selectively granted communications licenses to some radio and television stations in a process that excludes other citizens and little stations from having access to the public.[44]

    Michael K. Powell, who served on the FCC for eight years and was chairman for four, was appointed president and chief executive officer of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, a lobby group. As of April 25, 2011, he will be the chief lobbyist and the industry's liaison with Congress, the White House, the FCC and other federal agencies.[45]

    Meredith Attwell Baker was one of the FCC commissioners who approved a controversial merger between NBC Universal and Comcast. Four months later, she announced her resignation from the FCC to join Comcast's Washington, D.C. lobbying office.[46] Legally, she is prevented from lobbying anyone at the FCC for two years and an agreement made by Comcast with the FCC as a condition of approving the merger will ban her from lobbying any executive branch agency for life.[46] Nonetheless, Craig Aaron, of Free Press, who opposed the merger, complained that "the complete capture of government by industry barely raises any eyebrows" and said public policy would continue to suffer from the "continuously revolving door at the FCC".[46]

    Ajit V. Pai, a former lawyer for Verizon, is the current FCC chairman.[47]"


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  12. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

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