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Mermaids are the missing link!

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, May 23, 2012.

  1. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    Coooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..............I can't wait for more on this...
  2. ColdBren

    ColdBren New Member

    Cool story! freaky picture. Maybe someday we will find a lost colony of merpeople deep in the sea.....I love mermaid stories!
  3. indigogirl

    indigogirl Silver

    WOW! Cool, cool, cool!
  4. MJ*

    MJ* New Member

    It's Mer-MAN [video][video=youtube_share;QXsKHjX3Y6g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXsKHjX3Y6g&feature=related[/video][/video]
  5. Birdy

    Birdy New Member

    Why are the men in these stories always on land?
  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    Selkies (also known as silkies or selchies) are mythological creatures found in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish[1], and Scottish folklore. The word derives from earlier Scots selich, (from Old English seolh meaning seal).[2] Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land. The legend apparently originated on the Orkney and Shetland Islands.
  7. AmyK

    AmyK New Member

    I'm going to have songs from The Little Mermaid stuck in my head for a while! Love it!
  8. Tizawee

    Tizawee New Member

    Just as every culture has its legends of a great flood, cultures that have contact with the oceans have mermaid legends. It's far-fetched but just close enough to be interesting. Thanks, Cavemam! I'll be watching.
  9. Regarding the aquatic ape theory: Check out Elaine Morgan on youtube, very interesting!
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think Elaine and Hardy are spot on correct and have for a long time.
  11. So glad I came across this. Was exploring the aquatic ape theory. If you've not checked it out, it's a must. I'm afraid fox will bastardize the whole concept - I'm curious to learn more about the lore.

    I am going to click my heels together and wish that I could drop everything and go get a PHD in some obscure topic like the "folklore of mermaids and how it relates to the missing link".
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Elaine Morgan make Hardy's theory come alive.......he abandoned it because he was ostracized for it.......IF we dont stand behind what we believe in what good are we. We are all flawed ins ome way but our flaws should not disqualify our thoughts and achievements that might help others..........

    We have to stand tall in the storm of bull****.
  13. AmyK

    AmyK New Member

    I find this sooooooo fascinating and a particular thought keeps rolling around in my head so I think I just need to put it out there….if I am totally off base, please "nope" me so I can move on! :)

    I had never heard of the aquatic ape theory before someone mentioned it on the Factor-X thread. I haven't had time yet to read up on it, but it sounds like many people dismiss it because there still are no "supporting fossils". I understand epigenetics have sped up since KT and there would be FEWER fossils, but it still seems like there SHOULD be an explanation for the complete lack of them.

    Is it possible, because we know our ancestors could survive in hibernation or suspended animation for an extended period of time, they could have experienced and survived a flood that froze or been caught in a frozen marine environment for an extended period of time? I keep thinking of all the environmental signals going to each fetus that would have been in utero. Mom may have been mostly or partly a terrestrial being before being forced into this situation, but because that fetus is getting information exclusively about the marine environment, it seems like that baby would come out looking significantly different than mom…thus, no missing fossil.
  14. AmyK

    AmyK New Member

    Or maybe things wouldn't have had to freeze... it could have been cold enough to slow down the bodily processes, extending the gestational period, and exponentially speeding up epigenetics.

  15. I put the AA theory up on the factor X thread because I was thinking about how we differed from other primates, and what selective pressures would lead to those specific adaptations.

    At each subsequent ice age since KT there would have been selective pressures put on all mammals. A series of epigenetically survivable bottlenecks.

    The most recent and probable one for the AA to emerge, would have been MIS6, when less that a thousand of us primates were at the tip of Africa, diving and cooking their food. (see the scientific American article "how the sea saved humanity")

    A small population would likely inherit epigenetic traits faster....

    How could we tell pre/post MIS6 H.Sapiens apart if the bones of the aquatic ape look the same as H.Sapien?

    I think we likely are the aquatic ape, we didn't come from them, we became them, so no missing link if most of the changes are superficial from a fossil record.

    Fascinating implications, knowing that the DNA for all of these traits was available for selection.
  16. AmyK

    AmyK New Member

    Yes! Thanks, Tom! This makes perfect sense!
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Tom I linked that SCi AMerican article in one of the blog comments.
  18. Found it, it's on Sunday night.
  19. curves64

    curves64 Silver

    Woo Woo Alert! At the risk of sounding way too out there I'm having some unusual experiences swimming in the ocean. Although i have been in the water half a dozen times in the last few weeks, the unusual experiences didn't start until I submerged my face in the water. I don't know what shifted exactly but I started having what I can only call distant recollections of being in the water. The more I did the crawl the more I "remembered" playing in the ocean. Mind you, I had never been swimming in the ocean prior to these last few weeks (always swam in pools or lakes), and had these experiences BEFORE hearing about the AA theory. In other words, my experience preceded my intellectual curiosity. Maybe this is how a fetus feels in the womb, I'm not sure. What I do know is how natural I feel swimming in the ocean all by myself.

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