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Mercury Testing

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Rubicon, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    I had amalgam fillings for over a decade up to a few years ago when they were replaced with composite. I'd like to measure my mercury levels and confirm that I'm not mercury toxic. I found the Mercury Tri Test at $350. Has anyone tried that test or perhaps another mercury test?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Spectroscopy is the best but its way expensive...........
  3. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    The original link seems to have got lost in the ether - I cant find it on the Optimal homepage anymore but . . . .

  4. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2016
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Salutary Light and the effect of Mercury

    The positive thing is that we do not have to wait for tomorrow’s new light inventions: we can start right now in improving the artificial lighting conditions, if we respect the chronobiologic effectiveness of the different lamp types. Chronobiologically effective blue light does not always mean healthy; in fact in most cases it means an ROS stimulus to the RPE. Depending on the intended purpose it might often be more nonhazardous to use the chronobiologically neutral light sources. Avoiding mercury- based light sources and white LED lights (both show high color temperatures) may be a rough rule of thumb. Another sign for unnatural light is the difference between color temperature and true temperature. Why worry about mercury vapor bulbs?
    Light is a complex drug. Light provides biology a complex answer because of how complex light can be when it interacts with many different new proteins. I only tell folks to avoid mercury vapor fluorescent bulbs if they have documented mercury toxicity. Hg bulbs are a light source that can act as a sender of resonant energy. Hg in your body can act as the receiver of resonant energy if it is present. This is one of the reasons I am not in favor of amalgam removal. It seems counterintuitive to my core beliefs but let me explain. In its free form, Hg easily vaporizes at room temperatures. It likes to find harbor in fatty tissues like When Hg is charged by current is has a spectral array that give two lines in the violet at 404.66 And 407.79, one in the indigo range at 435.84, one in turquoise at 490.05, one in lemon at 546.08 and two in the yellow range at 576.92 and 579.03. It binds to sulfur enzymes to remove them from use and interferes with ECT directly by lowering energy production. I am not worried about Hg resonance with indoor lights because UV light does not penetrate our surfaces deeply. http://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/…/12106795_102953139711… But I worry about it a lot in dental reconstructions because most biologic dentists are completely unaware of the risks of resonant light transfer from fluorescent or LED bulbs in their dental lights, offices, or their oral work lamps. If they are going to work on you in this environment, you should request a red lit environment when undergoing removal of amalgams. their offices are built with blue/white LED and fluorescent lights with high color temperatures. This is akin to putting a match to gasoline with respect to Hg. Blue light can penetrate into fat layers where Hg lies, and dentists wear lamps on their heads that have extreme blue spikes at 435 nm with high color temperatures that can photoelectrically energize Hg in your tissues. This risk is much greater with blue artificial light because it penetrates far deeper that UVA light can as the picture above shows. Hg is rarely found in surfaces of the body. There is speculation it maybe in the retina but if true, I should be dead considering how much DHA is in my RPE. Mercury resonance is a real phenomena. You need to measure mercury toxicity using spectroscopy and not hair, urine or saliva samples as most alternative docs do. Spectroscopy gets the real accuracy down to your risks. This makes blue light exposure even worse.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Key take aways from this paper: 1. Melanopsin responds to blue light 430-465 nm
    2. Second, observations have shown that circadian and many other behavioral and physiological responses can have a very distinct and specific spectral sensitivity. Consider that when you think "small changes" in the eye don't matter how big of an error that really is. Consider some of the comments made in the last few posts I've posted today about IOL's and the errors in judgement eye researchers and clinicians keep making. 3. When take point one and two together what does it imply? These data CLEARLY demonstrate that established photometric light measures that use the Vλ spectral weighting function, such as photopic lux, in the modern lighting industry are COMPLETELY inadequate for quantifying the BIOLOGIC light effects that SPECIFIC to the LIGHT FREQUENCIES to regulate non-visual control of growth and metabolism. 4. ANY ONE READING THIS PAPER CAN CLEARLY SEE LIGHT and not FOOD controls growth and metabolism via the central retinal pathways using blue light. 5. Still think buying your family and kids tech gadgets and new phones for the holidays is a good idea, or maybe it might be considered abusive in a decade? 6. The only reason its not considered criminal is because VERY FEW UNDERSTAND LIGHT. 7. The lighting industry uses a 1931 standard called the CIE standard. This standard is based upon mercury resonance. When people really understand what this implies they will really be concerned. Unfortunately, to date there is no established replacement. The one we should default to black box radiation standard that we used to study the sun back in the early 20th century. This one was felt to be "too complicated" by the lighting industry in 1931. So they decided to make one that was simple but missed the key frequencies of how the eye clock works. Because of this "slight" mistake take a look at how disease rates have zoomed since 1931. In fact, just look at cancer rates since that date. You might get wide eye'd. Instead of buying pink ribbons for cancer prevention maybe we will become a country who unscrews all their fake lights and goes back to the sun instead of listening to MD's who try to BURY the sun? 8. The fundamental problem in addressing this need has been the difficulty in determining a spectral weighting function (equivalent to Vλ) suitable for non-visual responses. Going back to the old standards should be done immediately by Congress. This is the best first step in the WAR on CANCER. 9. Color temperature of the light should be below 3000 K
    10. Strict avoidance of Fluorescents and LED's at ALL TIMES
    11. If you use a black like CFL make sure you are not Mercury toxic because of mercury fluorescent resonance. The modern lighting industry has created this nightmare with their CIE 1931 standard and with the use of mercury to generate electric light.
    12. We need to measure color temperature using the physics standards of black box techniques and stop using the CIE 1931 Standards. (hard for the general public to do now)
    13. Use no frequency modulation of the device. This means no use AT ALL EVER OF dimmers and controls and things that use PEMF's because all modulate frequency and waveforms. This causes more complicated electric and magnetic fields and introduces flicker effect in the brain that is very dangerous for those with any neurodegenerative disease of age related macular degeneration.
    14. IF you must use FAKE light the best choice, but no where near optimal choice is a simple A 12 volt DC reflector lamp. It is one of the FEW fake lights that meets all these requirements for today's market. Why wont you hear this from the lighting industry? Because they are DIRT CHEAP on the internet and their profits would crumble. More over if people really knew what the lights they are selling is really doing this would cause the entire industry to likely be more liable than the tobacco and asbestos industries were by a FACTOR of 100 in my humble opinion. Nothing cause disease light bad light frequencies through your eye. What good it is if we cannot use this blue light platform to some how change our world for the better? The data backing up these claims is published........but no one is making the appropriate connections in biology therefore you must. This is the only way we will get change. http://www.cell.com/trends/neurosciences/fulltext/S0166-2236(13)00197-5
  7. Penny

    Penny New Member

    So we're going with the halogen 12 volt DC reflector lamps?
  8. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    In my journal Jack said: "You need to spend money on a Hg test that uses mass spectroscopy and not the crappy hg test most use."

    In an interview on TheNewMe, Jack said "The way the anti-aging doctors in the states and Canada test is not accurate. You need to use mass spectroscopy of your skin or your eye, and we do have that in the US but it's only in 'research' facilities"

    This leads me to question, will the Quicksilver metals test that uses mass spectroscopy of the blood be effective, and would a standard mercury detox protocol work for people that have been exposed to mercury when their amalgams were removed under blue light? I'm looking forward to watching out for more commentary on this subject in the future.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I'm not familiar with their testing so I cannot say. Call them and ask.
  10. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    I did exchange some emails with Quicksilver and confirmed that their blood test uses mass spectroscopy. I got tested and it showed very high mercury levels. I also got a hair analysis from Rocky Mountain Analytical and it also confirmed high mercury.

    Currently I'm trying chelation with low dose DMPS/DMSA, but it's pretty rough going.
  11. Danny

    Danny New Member

    I feel like it wouldn't be a good idea to try and clear the body of such powerful toxins unless you had a really strong light environment and at least a little fat. Am I off about that.

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