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Melissa's optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by MelissaM, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Hello! This is going to be long, but here we go!

    I’m happy to finally be here posting in the forums. I’ve been checking in here and there for a while, but decided to finally “get some skin in the game.” I’ve been on a quest for my health most of my adult life, always looking beyond what the conventional docs told me (that there’s no cure for my condition, that the best I can do is manage the symptoms) and following my sense that it IS possible to heal, and believing that I will find my way to optimal health. I found Dr. Kruse’s work a couple years ago and have been implementing things here and there - blue-blockers, leptin rx, lots of sun and cold water dips in rivers and lakes spring through fall. Then I have periods of time where I fall off the wagon, usually winter (low dopamine = poor decision making). Oh yeah, we live on Vancouver Island, latitude 49.

    I’m 35 now, and my partner is 40, we’re considering the possibility of having a child within the next couple years, and knowing about the maternal mitochondrial link, I really think it’s important to get my health on track, plus I want to feel awesome, and be awesome for a long time. I hate it when my friends say “ah, I’ve got this problem and that problem, but that’s just getting older for ya,” to be honest, those people aren't really my friends anymore.

    Here’s a bit about my health history:

    When I was a baby I was on antibiotics several times for things like ear infections, and around 5/6 years old I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. I was put on prednisone for several years, which prevented me from needing a kidney transplant, but also had some other deleterious effect I imagine. Around this time I witnessed my younger brother die very tragically and it was obviously a very stressful time for my family for many years. I actually have very few memories from my childhood, and realized recently that I probably have some problems with long term memory recall. Also around this time I started needing to wear glasses for near-sightedness. While I was on prednisone I started gaining a lot of weight, and have had challenges with my weight ever since. Sometime while I was on prednisone is also when I developed psoriasis (which shocked the doctors since they prescribe steroids to TREAT psoriasis, how could this be?!).

    Throughout my childhood and teenage years I would get strep throat 1-2x a year. Sometime in my later teen years, the psoriasis went away on it’s own - to be honest I don’t really have any memory of how or when it went away, I just remember when it came back in my early 20’s. Within the period of a month or two, I had a kidney infection - treated with antibiotics, and then a mysterious tonsil infection that they couldn’t identify, and one day my body just exploded with tiny red dots, which was the return of the psoriasis. With my history of strep, they decided that removing my tonsils would be the best thing, so I had them removed and I stopped getting strep throat and the frequency of colds and flus drastically reduced, but the psoriasis stuck around. It wasn’t that severe, just some small patches on my forearms and sometimes on my scalp, and with my memories of all the poking and prodding I endured as a kid, I wasn’t super motivated to do much about it. It was very clear that it would flare up when my body was stressed - like when I got sick, or was up late studying for university exams- and then calm down again. (Looking back, I had a long history of poor habits, poor sleep hygiene and lots of blue light exposure).

    About 6 years ago when I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment, for the first time the psoriasis slowly started to get worse and spread to other parts of my body, and there were no fluctuations in inflammation when I got sick, just a slow and steady increase. However knowing what I know now, I realize that I was pretty much living in an EMF, blue-lit hell - wifi all around me, power lines just a few feet outside my bedroom window, 24-hour neon signs on the street outside, in a busy area with a rapidly growing population, and staying up late into the night. It really became clear in the last 2 years how much that place was bringing me down, and we finally got the hell out of that place.

    Fast forward to now - in August my partner and I moved to a much less populated area, the city we’re in is at around 25K, but we live in a semi-rural area behind a 32-acre forest park, just a few miles from the ocean. We are on almost 1 acre of land, with lots of trees, a creek next to us, so we have a high water table (good for gardens and grounding!), and our electrical wires run to the house above ground (makes for safer grounding I think!). There’s no street lights on our street, so it gets nice and dark at night. The move was very stressful and I fell back into some old unhealthy patterns, but things are balancing out and I’m ready to dive back in.

    Things I’m doing now:
    -wearing blue blockers after sunset
    -going outside barefoot (if it’s not frozen) immediately after I wake up to get natural light in my eyes
    -cold showers in the morning or evening 3-4x a week (working on ideas for a CT tub in my yard)
    -wifi gets turned off at night
    -everything in my bedroom has been unplugged
    -switching out lightbulbs to incandescent
    -stopped wearing sunglasses
    -eating 4-6 raw oysters almost every day and increasing my seafood intake (there are oyster farms all along our coast line - it's oyster heaven)
    - getting back into the leptin rx - I did it for a few months a year or two ago and I felt fantastic and noticed a big difference.
    - getting outside with skin exposed whenever there is sun out
    - i also try to get to Mexico or some other tropical climate every winter for at least 2 weeks. Heading there very soon actually!

    Some things I’m working on or considering:
    - I know I need better sleep hygiene - going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier so i can see the sunrise
    - getting outside more often, even in inclement weather….which there is a lot of.
    - getting an emf meter to measure the house and make changes as necessary, or hiring someone to do it
    - i have some IR heat lamp bulbs, and a red LED panel, a hand-held UVB light, and I occasionally use a tanning bed in the winter, but I’d like to hack this better for my location and health situation.
    - I’m considering the idea of a faraday cage for my bed, or a bedroom kill switch, but need to do more research

    Some other things about me:

    I have always loved the sun, swimming in natural bodies of water, and eating seafood. Almost every year since birth my family has taken us to a warm country in the winter, often Mexico. Now I keep the tradition going. I think these things have probably prevented me from developing even worse health problems. Whenever I spend time in an equatorial/tropical place, my health improves dramatically and the psoriasis clears up almost completely within 2-3 weeks. That tells me a lot.

    Info on my maternal lineage: My mom will be 60 this year and conventionally speaking, she is quite healthy, she has some issues with IBS and blood pressure, which she manages mostly through food and exercise. My grandmother is 85, she borders on type 2 diabetes, and had breast cancer in her early 70’s for which she had a double mastectomy. I believe she has some challenges with her kidneys that she manages with medication. She is still fairly active, does lots of walking and goes to regular exercise classes for seniors, and her mind is quite sharp, but she definitely spends a lot of time in front of the tv and stays up late. Both my mom and grandmother did extensive ocean swimming in their youth, which would be relatively cold water due to location. My grandmother grew up on an island near Hong Kong during WW2, and lived through times of food shortages, so there would have been times of low caloric intake or unintentional intermittent fasting. From what I know about caloric restriction + fasting and cold water immersion, I think this tends to switch on some beneficial genes for survival and longevity?! I feel like I have inherited some benefits, or there's something working on my side, many conventional docs have been surprised at my lab results, expecting that I would have more issues than I do, with things like thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

    That's enough for now!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator



    Lots of news about that..........

    nephrotic syndrome as a kid = blue light germline = fits mom and grandmom story = heteroplasmy hell

    childhood stress leads to myopia then to PRK.........hummmmm

    developed psoriasis = lack of sun = nothing to do with steroids.

    Psoriasis varies with redox state........

    Older female with clear inhibin risks.......now is considering a baby........

    Is this wise or otherwise in Vancouver?

    Anyone see a trend here...........

    Do you see the trend yet in you in your words in your own story?

    You've waited a long time to post here but you've been thinking about it for a long time.

    Why? Could this be tied to the story above? methinkso

    The best decision is the fastest decision you make in life. It requires a high redox power when you do it because of your intuition will be sharper

    Are you there?

    Ideation without execution leads to deletion of all good ideas. Execution trumps debate. A debate is masturbation for procrastination.

    Deploy the resource you can afford to lose in times of strife.

    Find the main course you enjoy in life and just taste the side dishes. Hone and own your focus

    Losing and discomfort are your learning blueprint. They must challenge your current status quo.

    Humans need to compartmentalize information less, to see nature’s global effects sooner.

    Can you be the artist of your heart and soul if you live the life of the herd?
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Here is a paper the shows the soft white underbelly of how heteroplasmy can explode in a young infant. Young women before they have children need to get their melanopsin/retinol mechanism in order to protect our stores of DHA for cell membranes via the long loop of the Bazan effect. Women in the lowest quintile of omega-3 (EPA +DHA) serum levels during first and second trimesters had 10 times higher risk of early preterm birth compared with women in the three highest quintiles. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180803103321.htm
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    People forget babies have immature brains lacking myelin and huge fat stores so this mechanism is nightmarish for kids.......which is why mitochondrial diseases are exploding in young people now. Implications of my Vermont 2018 talk on display.


    Note......no mention of food.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How did mom and grandmom enter the picture?

    Radio, TV, and then light bulbs and Blue screens on TV's became babysitters and made the task easy for parents. transgenerational modern child abuse using light showed up in the germ line. https://www.dailywire.com/news/31864/walsh-adhd-matt-walsh
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This mechanism is[​IMG]
    how infants are born with diseases like psoriasis and myopia. HETEROPLASMY 101 destruction
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    All the pieces fit........too bad no one gets it.

    So when you are the third in line in this maternal line........and getting ready to create a fourth generation from this maternal line.........

    So when a kid is born with autism, an autoimmune condition, a childhood cancer, or type 1 diabetes or a skin condition and is chronically depressed.........please do not tell there is no way of understanding based on published science. Melanopsin destruction explains it all.

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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Psoriasis is skin condition-----more that 70% of mitochondria (of skin) is dysfunctional or mutant
    Myopia is eye condition-----more that 70% of mitochondria (of eye) is dysfunctional or mutant
    @Jack Kruse

    When someone is afflicted with one of the above conditions
    how many of his/her mitochondria is involved?
    is it:
    more than 70% (of skin or eyes) mitochondria
    more than 70% of total body content of mitochondria

  11. recoen

    recoen Gold

    “Ideation without execution leads to deletion of all good ideas. Execution trumps debate. A debate is masturbation for procrastination.
    Deploy the resource you can afford to lose in times of strife.
    Find the main course you enjoy in life and just taste the side dishes. Hone and own your focus
    Losing and discomfort are your learning blueprint. They must challenge your current status quo.
    Humans need to compartmentalize information less, to see nature’s global effects sooner.
    Can you be the artist of your heart and soul if you live the life of the herd?”

    Thank you.
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  12. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Thanks for all the info, eye opening for sure, and that's why I here...to learn. I've got lots to read and catch up on no doubt.

    Any hints on the news about Vancouver? 5G?
    I certainly see that it's unwise under the current circumstances, which is why I haven't tried to have a kid yet. I'm exploring the idea more thoroughly....this is why I'm here, to learn and make better decisions regarding what I need to do or not do.

    The trend I see is that I was born into this world with some strikes against me, and things got even worse.....my redox has been getting worse, and my ability to make good decisions has been getting worse. Things are heading in a bad direction. My discomfort and despair drove me to get out of that living situation, and I feel the clouds beginning to part a little....I can see a bit more clearly and make some better decisions for myself, and I still have a long way to go. I'm heading to Mexico in a few days....i hope to charge my batteries and get even more clear on what I need to do. Spending 3 months a year in Mexico feels like a better plan.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Vancouver has been 5G for 3.5 years
  14. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Makes sense.....I stayed away from the city more and more over the past years. I moved 120 miles away from Vancouver, to a much less populated area. I'm hoping that will keep 5G away for a while....from what I understand 5G only makes sense in urban centers, for now, is that true?
  15. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Today I spent 2-3 hours out in the sun, grounding, in 7 degree temp (45 fahrenheit), in shorts and a tshirt, in the morning and early afternoon. Consumed protein and fat, half a dozen raw oysters, some spring water, and I'm feeling very clear, alert and energized.

    A difficulty I'm running into, my partner is feeling challenged with all the rapid changes I'm making in our environment.... he's attached to some of his old patterns, as I was for a long time too....
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  16. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Just some other thoughts for my journal

    Most of my heritage is European...Western, Eastern, Northern...all over, and then my mother's ancestry is about 30% Asian/East Asian....curious how this affects things!

    Also noticed today that the thought of most cooked meat (except pork) is really grossing me out and I find I'm craving raw protein. I'm already eating raw oysters every day, and I find myself thinking about raw fish and even raw beef (which normally doesn't seem all that appealing to me).
  17. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Today I got out in the morning sun and grounded for a few minutes (ground was still frosty). I went back out later and layed down topless on a towel on the ground in the sun for about 30 mins. The ground was still almost frozen so it felt like having a big ice pack on my spine, while the sun was warming the front of my body. Now I'm going to the tanning bed to get some UVA&B.....I think I'm hacking that right....getting AM IR light (and Ct and grounding), then going to the tanning bed so I can absorb more uva.
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  18. Novah

    Novah New Member

    Hi Melissa :)

    Just a friendly and gentle reminder of the following elements present in the Comox Valley:

    - military base (AirForce & SAR/Search & Rescue) - so 5G already in the area perhaps??

    - international airport

    - new hospital

    - bad air quality at times in the cooler months

    - issues with water quality, depending on weather (boil water notices at times - fall/winters)

    - population is increasing quickly - I think the population of the Comox Valley must be getting close to between 75,000-100,000 people now with the influx from Van.

    - high latitude

    - lack of sunshine/rains a lot (except summers)

    - severe wildfire smoke in the summer some years.

    - apparently many of the homes have mold issues so that's something to look out for.

    On the positive:

    - great summers (as long as the forest fire smoke stays away); spring can be beautiful as well.

    - cold rivers, lakes and ocean to swim in

    - easy access to nature

    - mild winters - winters aren't that cold so getting outside is fairly easy.

    - located at sea level

    - beaches to walk on

    - fresh grown local food and markets - easy to eat local & grow your own food

    - fresh seafood

    - nearby ski hill

    - surrounded by trees, rivers, lakes, mountains and the ocean.

    - can see the sunrise from parts of town

    - fault line off pacific coast of Vancouver Island so more magnetic flux perhaps??

    What city did you grow up in? Have a great time in Mexico :)
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  19. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    Hi Novah, thanks for the info. I am aware of all these things, some need more investigating, and I have countermeasures in place for some. We have a water purification system, so that helps with the water....although we have super clean, non-fluoridated water in BC in general. We have an air filtration system in the house. We generally spend time away in a warm place in the winter, as much as we can, and working towards 2-3 months away in winter. I have been considering the impact of the airport and the airforce base, my only hope is that because they are small, the impact may be a little less. I'm looking for someone who can measure the EMFs around our house and in the area...or I may just have to learn how to do it myself. It's harder to permanently move to another country, not impossible, but harder than moving within ones own country for sure, and the real bugger with all of Canada unfortunately is latitude.

    Do you live in the Comox valley as well? You know an awful lot about the area! I grew up on the mainland, around the lower mainland but not directly in Vancouver.
  20. MelissaM

    MelissaM Gold

    I'm definitely sleeping better, more deeply, and more dreaming. Yay! Dreams are back. Starting to feel more refreshed upon waking. Yay!

    I'm having tremendous amounts of energy in the afternoons, and experiencing random bouts of joy and excitement, followed by living room dance parties to funk music. Yay! It's been unseasonably sunny and warm here, which is helping. There was one gloomy day of rain this week and I felt pretty gloomy myself....sunshine is one helluva drug. I've got to try to still get outside on those terrible days, gotta get out of my comfort bubble. But today was good again.

    My sense of taste, or my taste preferences, are changing. Interesting!

    Sooooo looking forward to sunrise ocean swims in Mexico.... and then much more swimming in the day...and then watching that beautiful sunset....in 3 days! Will post pics :)
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