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Meg's Optimal Journal - Hormones and Fat Loss

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Meg V, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Meg V

    Meg V New Member

    BIO: Manhattan KS 39 parallel. 37 year old female with history of PCOS (metformin), low thyroid (Armour) which lead to difficulty getting pregnant. It took us 3 years. Our son is now 2 YO. I’m 150# and about 22% body fat. I have a history of endurance training/racing (Ironman triathlon) which I believe contributed to some of my hormonal issues; I stopped racing in 2012. I have followed some of Dr. Kruse’s work for the past couple year but have really went down the rabbit hole the past 2-3 months. I was getting more sun as soon as it was warmer out and now realize how important the sun is (2 months ago I started tracking with dminder), and low and behold, I got my period back for the first time since before being pregnant. Clearly the morning sun got my hormones back on track. When I became very interested in this information, my husband found out he has some heart issues (low ejection fraction, enlarged heart) and has followed me down the rabbit hole. It’s a lot easier when we are both on board with making some changes especially to our house and spending as much time as possible outside including the morning sunrise.

    MOTHER: over weight, high blood pressure, history of Graves disease, most likely on the verge of diabetes. Lives in northern MN and has all her life.

    GRANDMOTHER: died at 94. Stroke at 70 but returned to baseline. She smoked and drank beer all her life - but stopped smoking after the stroke. The last couple years were spent in the nursing home and quality of life was poor. She kept her mental capacity up until close to the end. No diabetes. She was lean and a hard worker. Lived near lake Superior in MN all her life.

    DNA: I have not done 23 and me but I have done ancestory. Scandinavia 22%, Ireland/Scotland/Wales 21%, Europe South 17%, Great Britain 11%, Finland/Northwest Russia 8%, Europe East 7%, Native American 4%

    PROTOCOLS: I’m currently doing the leptin reset. It’s not perfect but I’m making the changes. Prior I ate a lot of food and was hungry every couple hours - but maintained my weight. I now eat close to 30 min upon waking, which is all fat and protein (this is what I was eating prior to doing the LR, it seems to help regulate my blood sugar for the day) and black coffee. I’m getting about 50g of protein. Then I eat a large lunch about 5 hours later that contains carbs (green apple, almond yogurt, berries). About 5 hours after that I eat dinner. I’m not to the point where my dinner is the smallest meal. I have made breakfast my smallest meal for years so this is a big change. I’ve ben able to go without snacking but I’m definitely hungry come meal time. I do crossfit but changed the time to evening class at 420pm. They keep the lights off right now and the garage doors open so naturally lit. I’m getting about 10-15 min of grounding and AM sun (due to my work schedule). I work a couple hours but in a hospital so horrible lighting. I wear my blue blockers as much as I can, but my arms are exposed. I can somewhat control some of the lighting in patient rooms but that’s it. I’m only there about 2 hours (but about 7-9am so I miss the most important sun of the day!). I try to be outside in the sun as much as possible the rest of the day with my son. We have no WIFI in our house but have many neighbors around us with it.

    IMPROVEMENTS: better mood, more calm. Got my menstrual cycle back. Morning fasted blood sugar is lower (avg just below 90 now).


    Any tweaks or what am I missing with the LR? Basically I’m eating early and exercising in the evening. I’m also eating a lot more seafood. I was eating basic paleo prior so not many changes to what I am eating.

    After a little over 3 weeks, which I realize isn’t far in, I have not lost any weight in fact I am 3 pounds heavier. I’ve read women tend to have body comp changes before weight loss but curious about others experiences. My meals are pretty large, but I can hardly make it 5 hours between meals. And I realize this is more than just weight loss, but I am frustrated with that part. It's so much easier for me to skip breakfast.

    When should I add cold?

    What do you guys do for lighting in the winter? For example, right now I put on a little make up with a salt lamp as the sun is starting to rise but I think this will be more difficult as the fall and winter approaches. Do you use any red lights in the winter?

    We also live in KS near a military base and other members have made comment to how bad this is for our environment. Can someone explain what is bad about Fort Riley and how far would I need to need to be away? We are getting some meters to do some testing so maybe that will help us there.

    GOALS: My hope is to come off all mediations and heal my PCOS. We want to get pregnant again. I also want to be an example for my son. I also want to loss a little fat while maintaining muscle.

    LABS: I don’t have exact numbers in front of me, but my T3 runs just above the “normal” range, my TSH has always been very, very low despite being hypothyroid. I will have labs run again in October so will have more data to add then.

    Thanks so much for any thoughts/suggestions and insight you have. I am thrilled to be on this journey with you all!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The military base is a huge issue.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    and it wont be easy to overcome.
  5. Meg V

    Meg V New Member

    Thanks Dr. Kruse. I believe I've listened to an interview that you moved due to being close to a military base. I'm trying to understand more about the environment around a base that makes it bad. And if it's something I can measure to help us relocate. We are open to moving (further from the base) but would have to stay in this general area for now. Or what we can do to help us while we are here.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I think airports and military issues are the radars. It is hard to measure, you can do it only with a meter that measures radar and they cost a lot.

    But I agree, it is so important to get a good, simple meter to test the surroundings for Magnetic, Electric and RF. They are affordable, around 200/300 euro. A must have today.
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  8. ZoeSanderson

    ZoeSanderson New Member

    I also have very big problem with weight all my life. It was like a nightmare. Of course, because of it I had a lot of problem with health. Nothing could help me, even doctors. One year, I decided to change everything. I started to do sport daily, I examined at the all of doctors and of course I take up a diet. I understand that it is not the most quickly way, but it is the only right. After I have lost more than 30 kg, I understand that I don't have muscles at all. My personal coach, recommended me to use SARM's to improve my muscles as quickly as it possibly. On thblack.com there a lot of helpful article about them.
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