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Mega Breakfast Ideas Thread?

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by ShellyFM, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Gold + Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Is there a thread of breakfast ideas that meet the requirements of the leptin rx reset for the BAB? If so, could you share the link as I've been unable to find one?

    If not, could we start one? It could be a place where others come to post what they ate that morning, how much protein it had, and tips on how they had it ready in 10-15 minutes.

    This could be a great resource for meal planning and for newbies like me!
  2. caroline

    caroline New Member

    as I mentioned before ..... put a roast in the crockpot the night before. For breakfast put a fried egg on top of hot roast beef/lamb etc.

    hard boiled eggs

    make bone broth and then heat up for a hot drink

    you could put thin slices of raw steak in a hot mug of bone broth with some thinly sliced green onions and grated carrots and some fresh herbs

    mix up a can of wild caught sockeye salmon the nite before with home made mayo and fresh herbs

    sardines and scrambled eggs

    precook a pound of bacon for bacon and eggs

    google nom nom paleo for a ton of delicious recipes
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  3. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    Sardines, bacon and eggs, curried shrimp are staples in our house.
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  4. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Gold + Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    So, for BAB, it needs to be minimum of 50g of protein.

    For eggs and bacon, that would be 6 eggs and 6 strips of bacon. Is that how much you all eat when doing eggs and bacon?

    I'm definitely not at sardines yet, but hope to be one day.

    For large shrimp, it seems it would be about 34 shrimp. Does that sound right and how much you all eat?

    When you make your own bone broth at home, how do you determine how much protein is in it?

    With the pyramid, it seems like we should be focusing BAB on shellfish, crustaceans, and fish more than the others, right?

    I know the concepts must seem so simple but to me, it's a big hurdle and I would really like to figure out 14 days worth of meals to plan out for us before we jump in as I really don't want to fall off the bandwagon due to lack of planning.
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  5. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    It's been awhile since I did the official BAB, but I hope this helps. This morning I had about a half pound (before cooking) of Argentinian shrimp (with tumeric and black pepper and full fat coconut milk); just checked the package and that would have been 28 g protein. I had it with a couple slices of bacon (12 g). 40 grams total. If I have sardines, I usually end up with 2/3 of a can (dog gets the rest! *smile*) and a couple scrambled eggs. That's probably only 25 ish grams total. Some people are more precise types than me. It's possible I ate 6 eggs at one time way back when but the thought of that at this point--bleh. I will sometimes mix six yolks and heavy cream, vanilla and grass fed, low temp (very lightly processed) organic whey protein powder, with ice cubes in vitamix to make a vanilla "shake" or ice cream substitute (and split it with the kids).
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  6. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I definitely found it easier to eat roast beef or lamb or hamburgers but I always added in extra fat. I also had BPC for the extra fat.
    My go to has always been raw steak and some shrimp and oysters.

    You probably aren't at raw meat yet? ;)
  7. Josie Thomson

    Josie Thomson New Member

    I'm new to eating oysters, I really want to try one...BUT how the f do you open them!! Please help. Thank you! x
  8. caroline

    caroline New Member

    have a look on youtube. Be careful! you can get a special knife and a mit to protect your hand.

    You can't buy them already shucked????
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  9. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    get a rock and smash
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  10. Josie Thomson

    Josie Thomson New Member

    Thanks guys! I absolutely love the otter soo cute!
  11. Josie Thomson

    Josie Thomson New Member

    I copied the otter and it worked haha!
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