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Mediocrity is the highest form of selfishness (Feeling Better; Labs=Crap)

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Hunger4More, May 25, 2016.

  1. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Trying to keep this as succinct.

    My health status and goals:
    I've been dealing with abdominal distention/leaky gut/IBS/gluten intolerance for years now.
    I have about 10lbs of fat left to lose, this last amount has been quite resistant
    Intermittent fatigue; some days energy levels are good, other days I feel quite run down.
    Previous stool testing indicated very high levels of beta-glucorinidase and a simplified gut flora.
    Low Libido.

    Changes I've implemented prior to these labs and have engrained as habits:
    1. Consistent morning sun (minimum of 30min 5 days per week). Grounding here.
    2. Seafood consumption has significantly increased. I average about 30 oysters per week, on top of consuming various other types of fish.
    3. Regular CT. Cold Showers twice daily. Baths 2-3x per week.
    4. Midday sun consistently. In total, I average 3.5hrs per day out doors, with little clothing. Also grounding here.
    5. Completely removed my contact lenses.
    6. Blue blocking consistently at night.
    7. Leptin reset - BAB within 30 min, last meal finishes 3-4hours prior to sleep. Plenty of fat at this meal (coconut oil now). Rarely eat carbs/trashy food.
    8. Blackout blinds and no electronics in the bedroom. WIFI and breaker off at night.
    9. Cell phone on airplane mode if carried on body and when driving.
    10. Nicotine gum 4-8mg/day.
    11. Consistent consumption of fermented foods - ie sauerkraut, kevita, etc.

    I have also done:
    - 6 weeks of high dose resveratrol and curcumin -- no improvements here, despite stools being quite variable.
    - implement aloe vera, NAC, zinc, vitamin C as per Jack's Leaky Gut protocol -- no improvements here as well.
    - MACA 15g in the morning. Improvement in energy levels but no improvement in libido.

    Given this - I feel I've done a good job hitting the main tenets that Jack teaches.

    I have seen some improvements in dopamine and energy levels. I've dropped some body fat and inflammation. Any food intolerances have completely disappeared.

    Despite these improvements, my labs still stink. And I still have the last 10lbs of fat to go, plus consistent abdominal bloating/distention. Energy levels are still hit or miss. Sleep is consistently good - I wake up without an alarm (6am) and struggle to stay awake past 10pm, even without blue blockers.

    Quick thoughts regarding my labs:
    i. My previous labs (not attached) about a year prior had me at a Total Testosterone of just under 500 - it's increased to 677, which I believe I can attribute to the morning sun.

    ii. Vitamin D levels at 81 without any supplementation. With CT and sun I've gone from being consistently pale to tanning and retaining an olive complexion (not bad for someone from Polish descent).

    iii. My fasting blood sugar has worsened since my last labs ---- I thought CT would help with this?

    iv. BUN/creatinine ratio is high, likely indicating dehydration. I worked out 2 days prior to this draw, perhaps elevating my creatinine levels. I believe this may have also significantly increased my eosinophils which are elevated on this draw as well.

    v. Blood lipids still out of whack. Especially HDL and triglycerides indicating that I likely still have a leaky gut.

    vi. Progesterone still in the dumper. PG/E2 ratio no beuno.

    vii. Not sure if my CRP levels are good or bad. Perhaps this test was not valid? I requested a HS-CRP but instead was given CRP.

    viii. Not sure about rT3 levels. Does this indicate that I am still leptin resistant?

    Additional Changes I plan to make:

    1. I have a coffee habit, 2-3 espressos each morning. I struggle without out, but I believe this may be contributing to my leaky gut. Will add methylene blue as an alternate method of increasing dopamine.
    2. Adding colostrum to support healing of my gut.
    3. Adding berberine to support blood glucose levels.
    4. Red light to stomach/low back areas.
    5. Switching completely to spring water and then purchasing a reverse osmosis system. I have no problem consuming 4-4.5L of water per day
    6. Increasing my iodine supplementation. I've noticed a big increase in energy, although transient, when I supplement with high dose Lugols.
    7. Saving my pennies to purchase a 20g Magnetico

    Obviously I will continue with the other habits I've implemented.

    Can anyone offer any other thoughts, critiques or recommendations on my labs and the changes I plan to implement?

    I plan to have my labs re-drawn 6 months from now and posting the results.

    I am determined to make serious improvements in these areas. Mediocrity is the highest form of selfishness - I owe it to myself and those around my to reach optimal health.

    Attached Files:

  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    get rid of the coffee - it acidifies you and dehydrates you which screws up your redox and energy - you might want to add benfotiamine for the glucose - iodine is great, but make sure you get enough selenium first...

    try potassium bicarbonate mixed with apple cider vinegar - even coconut water is so hydrating - or even baking soda in between meals -

    sunshine and MB is great -

    And of course, your environment probably still sucks... :)

    rT3 indicates you are still leptin resistant...

    love the colostrum idea -
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Coffee: Is it a fluid that has a gender gap? Yep. What about a latitude effect? Yep. Coffee has a variety of alkaloids and compounds, the most abundant and significant one is definitely caffeine. Caffeine is metabolized chiefly by liver enzyme CYP-1A2 and is a pretty strong inhibitor of it. CYP-1A2 is unfortunately also the chief metabolic enzyme for estradiol (E2). CYP-3A4 is the chief metabolic enzyme for testosterone. Now when you consider this and how some people take their coffee then it gets real interesting when you marry this information to your mtDNA history. And when you realize that LOCAL melatonin cycles control mtDNA dynamics you begin to see why coffee is used the way it is. And as the world gets more blue and filled with more nnEMF coffee and weed become indispensable to those who live in a low quantum yield microenvironment. This is why coffee is so popular in our estrogenic world. I think for women that live outside the tropics, or who live an indoor life, consumption maybe something to pay deep attention too. Coffee increases estradiol in many women and some men......and in those ladies with a low quantum yield and PCOS it can increase E2 and testosterone to cause some real interesting endocrine changes. CITES: Fertility and Sterility 2001;76:723-729.

    This might be why men with higher estradiol levels and postmenopausal women love coffee under a sunny sky in the morning. Quick fix hormone regulation in the AM............
  4. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Jack and Penny - thank you for your replies.

    I get it. Coffee, no beuno.

    Jack, can you offer any other suggestions based on my history and labs? Unfortunately, moving further south is not an option (though a vacation is in the works). Are the other changes I've listed good ideas, or is there anything else I should add/remove?

  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If moving to a better latitude is not possible then moving to a place with lower population density above 5000 ft sea level is another option.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Hunger you need to carefully read this:

    Imagine you have 3 goldfish. Goldfish1 is super-healthy and was an olympian. Goldfish2 is obese with continual migraines. Goldfish3 is just a standard guy, standard health.

    Goldfish1 and 2 are put in TankA with abnormal water content. Although the water looks clear, the water is slowly poisonous without them being aware. Goldfish 3 is in TankB with standard water, no poison. Goldfish2 dies in just a few weeks after being put in TankA. Goldfish1 survives really well for about a year, but then starts becoming lethargic, develops insulin resistance and gains extra weight.

    Goldfish1 believes what fish-society tells him, "Wow, I'm really becoming a slacker in the past year. I need to get to the gym, workout harder and eat better." And so he does. As he works out and eats higher quality food, he sees some improvements, all the while his mitochondria are still being damaged by the insideous poison in TankA.

    Another year passes and he believes he has made some progress when the FishDoctor says he's been diagnosed with a disease. Goldfish1 scratches his head and believes he didn't do enough, or work hard enough to get healthy. So he cranks up even better food, better exercise, etc. even better than his olympian days.

    But another few months pass, and Goldfish1 dies. In all, Goldfish1 lived a fairly normal life, cut a little short. In the meantime in TankB, the semi-slacker Goldfish3 with normal health has just been hanging out having fun. He lives on another 10 years beyond Goldfish1 and dies at an old age having a very long life. He ate normally, worked out from time to time, was just a standard Joe. FishDoctors scratch their heads and label the guy as "just having good genes" with little or no knowledge of epigenetics.

    This story is meant to illustrate what is going on around us: physics that we are unaware of. Most of the physics around us now is artificial and manmade. Cellphones, WiFI, fluorescent and LEDs, Radio and Microwave are all forms of light, invisible to the human eye, but they are here. Few question the biophysical impacts upon our organelles. Our health entirely starts and ends with the mitochondria. Learn the quantum biology to have a longer life, what powers the mitochondria, what negatively influences the mitochondria in all of its detail. DHA links to the environment^^^^not one thing in their mentioned where the real problem LIKELY lies..............environment.
    The disease is never the problem. The problem is always the mindset of the illness owner. They conveniently forget to focus on what matters fundamentally.
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  7. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Where do you live?
  8. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Ottawa, Canada

    Though I have recently moved further out from the city into a lower population density area.
  9. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Sperti lamp anyone? And methylene blue -

    There is a member on this site having great results with one... She lives in Canada also - BTW, I have visited Canada a couple of times and I've never met a nicer group of people:)

    That's pretty funny about the coffee - as I sit here outside under an 80 degree sky... sucking one down...

    I didn't start drinking it until I was 47... I also had no trouble getting pregnant at the ripe old age of 38 and 40 - but mito heteroplasmy still bit me in the arse anyway...

    I always put cardomom in my coffee and pop a milk thistle afterward to delude myself that it helps clear it...

    Josh also said if you take MB with caffeine, you might alleviate serotonin syndrome - never one of my problems :)

    In the end, it's all low dopamine really...
  10. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Will think about investing in Sperti come winter... I think I'm doing fine sunshine and quantum yield-wise, judging by my current vitamin D levels and considering we've only had about a month of mild sun so far. Shouldn't have any problems getting my vitamin D levels up higher as summer progresses.

    Methylene blue is on the way - looking forward to it.

    First day without coffee. Made sure to do some CT and get morning sunlight... No cravings, headaches, withdrawal whatsoever. Perhaps this will be easier than I thought :)
  11. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Find a therapist who does visceral massage.There is a structural component to digestion issues. In my case it's ALWAYS A STRUCTUAL PROBLEM. (except in winter, then it's both a structual/winter issue.) It may be the same for you. A good therapist can fix 25-75% percent of your issue in one or two sessions. Try a few therapists. Quality varies considerably.
    Last edited: May 26, 2016
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  12. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    For those following a thread who are looking for an update:

    The biggest change I've implemented was cutting out coffee and using 60g of colostrum per day (in the morning with my BAB).
    Slowly but surely, things are getting better - bloating is decreasing and I've lost some bodyfat. Bristol 4's are becoming more consistent as well.
    I've also added in methylene blue. The effects of it are very subtle for me - I don't notice much whether doing microdosing or even going up to 10 drops (I am a bigger guy at 230lbs).
    I've completely switched to spring water, I average about 4L per day. At one point I ran out for 2 days and switched to my old filtered water - I noticed very quickly that I just didn't feel as "hydrated" as while using spring. Was interesting to say the least.

    I still continue to follow the basic principles outlined by Dr. Jack.
    Still knocking out 20-40 oysters per week. Adding in other seafood when I can.
    Consistently a minimum of 30 mins of morning sun per day and a minimum of 1 hour at mid day. Everyone still comments how great my tan looks.
    CT gets harder to do in the summer... Just find that I can't get it very cold. Planning on taking a day off and heading to a local spa that has 50 degree cold tubs. Funny that I'm craving CT.

    Next steps for me involve addressing my nnEMF situation. Though I live in a relatively less densely populated area, I need to take steps to further mitigate these issues. Magnetico and faraday cage are my next big purchases.

    Finally, planning a trip to Mexico (Cancun or Playa Del Carmen) in August for 2 weeks, in order to get some really strong sun. Looking at Secrets The Vine resort... Obviously all I need in access to good water and seafood... Can anyone recommend a good resort in the area?
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  13. Danny

    Danny New Member

    good water and seafood won't be a problem in Playa.
  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    you have very high cholesterol, very low progesterone, need coffee, good vitamin D obtained naturally.
    The way you are describing your life style I assume that you have or soon will have good circadian rhythm (just the absolute levels may be low.
    I think that your high cholesterol is due to
    low pregnenolone, progesterone, cortisol,serum(7;30AM) and possibly low DHEAs.
    we already know about the two above,
    you may want to check the other two.
    Ideally you should have
    pregnenolone decent
    progesterone=1.4ng/dL (some more may be acceptable)
    cortisol,saliva(7;30AM) top range
    DHEAs=350-500 μg/dL men
    DHT in mid range or higher (helps libido)

    DHEAs can be adjusted by eating sufficient amount of pills daily
    cortisol can be adjusted by eating
    preferably pregnenolone (at wakeup)
    progesterone at bed time

    Since we need skin for sun rays, we prefer to not use trans-dermal medications unless we must.

  15. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Hi Janz,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I definitely agree with you on getting a few of those other labs tested.
    However, I'm still relatively young. Is it really necessary to add in hormone replacement medications? Or can my labs be significantly improved following the principles of nature Jack teaches?
  16. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Jack, perhaps you can help me put together some of the unique things I've noticed?

    In addition to my main gut issues (which are improving), I've been dealing with mild eczema.

    This past summer I had a chance to spend 2 weeks in Mexico. I spent on average 5 hours per day on the beach (mostly in the mornings) and being in Mexico, had access to plenty of seafood daily. Zero improvement in my eczema.

    However, prior to this, in the winter (January 2016), I spent my vacation in Jamaica. Same sort of schedule ~5hr/day on the beach and lots of seafood (though seafood quality not as good as Mexico). I noticed significant improvements in eczema (~80% reduction in my estimate).

    Any thoughts??

    Thanks for the insight.
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  19. Hunger4More

    Hunger4More New Member

    Updating this post with my latest labs.

    Updates on My Goals
    Majority of IBS/bloating/gluten intolerance gone. Digestion overall has been great. Consistent Bristol 4's
    Still have the last little bit of fat to lose. I would definitely be considered "in shape", but I'd like to get really lean - sub 10% body fat
    Energy levels throughout the day are great. Circadian rhythm is quite tight - up at the same time each day without the alarm - ready for bed at the same time each night.
    Libido is good, but not 16 year old boy raging.
    Developed some very mild eczema since last update - found that keeping tight circadian rhythms is best to keep it at bay

    Biggest Quantum Changes in the Last 6 Months
    It's winter here - first change was to begin intermittent fasting - or how I like to perceive it: restricting my feeding window
    Winter as well - I've gone to a strict ketogenic diet - still have a big focus on seafood. Since October, I've had carbs probably 5 times.
    As mentioned in another post - we have a local outdoor spa near by with no cellphones allowed about 20 mins outside the city. Plenty of saunas, cold and warm baths. It has allowed me to get outdoors this winter probably more than I ever have in my life. Grounding + CT + saunas + nature = big wins
    Still consistently blocking blue at night
    We've added a 10g Magnetico - this thing is great! Seriously, if you don't have one, make the investment. We're looking to upgrade to a 20g ASAP.
    Still CTing regularly - I find it harder to do in the winter, but much more beneficial for my health than doing it in the summer.
    Added turmeric lattes quite consistently throughout the week.
    Begun drinking San Pellegrino and other spring water consistently. Average about 4L per day.
    Tan 2-3x per week in the winter at the salon. Feels good.

    Admittedly, looking at these labs and learning more and more, it's becoming clear that my nnEMF environment sucks.
    Still have the coffee habit - 1-2 espressos per day. To be completely honest, the difficultly in quitting is due to the fact that nothing gives me more of a dopamine boost than caffeine. I have a business and being "ON" is critical as it is still relatively new.
    I've moved into a high rise condo. I'm aware of just how shitty this is for me. A necessary evil as it has helped me ramp up my business - eventually when things go well, I'll be living in a more "quantum friendly" location.
    Have fallen a bit off the wagon with morning sunlight this winter. Much easier to do in the summer, especially with grounding

    Quick Thoughts Regarding These Labs
    Fasting blood sugar still shitty - I asked to have fasting insulin drawn but seems that they forgot to run this test
    Glucose Tolerance Test - doesn't seem too bad considering this was done in the winter?
    Cholesterol still high and HDL still low - strange considering since I got a ton, ton of sun this past summer. Digestive issues resolved. Thought HDL would go up.
    Triglycerides - most likely the reason I'm not burning the fat as well as I'd hoped. Thought CT would help bring this down. Any thoughts?
    DHEA-S - results are mid range, I'm assuming this is still pretty shitty?
    Testosterone - looks OK
    Progesterone - flagged as High. I'm guessing this is good
    Estradiol - down, but still needs to go lower. Assuming the Magnetico is helping with this as my girlfriend has noted improved hormonal symptoms.
    Vitamin D - good for winter - hopefully can continue to bring it up in the summer.

    Upcoming Changes
    Need to get back on track with morning sun
    Going to invest in a EMF engineer/technician to help me optimize my place, given the fact that I'm in such a shitty nnEMF environment for the next couple of years
    Spend more consistent time at the spa
    Upgrade the Magnetico
    Keep consistent with spring water and seafood
    Going to add more carbs to my diet once some stronger UV shows up and the carbs begin growing naturally - perhaps this will help with my blood sugar and fat burning?

    I'd love to hear others thoughts about what steps I can do to continue to improve. I don't have any serious health issues like others in this group - but I've still got a long way to go to being optimal. Once again, my biggest goals involve losing that last bit of fat and bulletproofing my health for the future. I appreciate any and all thoughts, comments, and criticisms.

    Attached Files:

  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    CREATININE high----> get fatty acids analysis, also zinc may be low
    this two tests:
    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum
    Homocysteine, Plasma

    Your low progesterone may result in low cortisol(AM)
    Not sure why it is flagged as high.

    DHEAs 350-500 μg/dL men
    progesterone 1.4 ng/mL
    testosterone, estradiol--->ok

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