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Medications, rTMS, and other options till a change in environment

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by bio-fractal-soul-self, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Hey all, had a couple quick questions, especially if individuals such as @Jack Kruse and @NeilBB and @Josh (Paleo Osteo) have any experience with these things. I appreciate any insight offered.

    As I posted in my journal-type thread, I am working on a lot of different issues. Yet, currently, my most debilitating ones are:

    - vestibular problems
    - derealization and depersonalization

    - brain fog

    I'm ramping up DHA+EPA, and making it a goal to ingest seafood, egg yolks, or organ meats on a daily - not weekly or almost daily - basis. Today I already ingested about 2 grams of n3 from white anchovies, let alone what I'll get later from home made icecream made from pastured eggs and pastured heavy whipping cream. Thus, I believe that with time, the brain fog will fade.

    The other two issues are more difficult to tackle. I'm not even sure how to go about testing these things diagnostically so I can find a specific way to address them. **I had a bunch of ideas on things to try, but would greatly enjoy being able to utilize some sort of supplementary or pharmacological treatment temporarily to mitigate symptoms so I can attend my courses, seminars, etc. and go to work, and use my savings to eventually move to a more ideal location. Some medications I've pondered using are:

    - Tianeptine
    - Etizolam (a thienodiazepine)
    - Cyproheptadine
    - Clonidine
    - Naltrexone - "normal" dose (not low dose) which has been used to treat dissociation disorders and HPPD
    - Naltrexone - low dose
    - Naltrexone - ultra low dose
    - Naloxone
    - Bromocrpitine
    - Wellbutrin
    - Medical Cannabis

    In addition to either obtaining a medical grade tDCS unit, or, going to a nearby clinic to do rTMS sessions. I think the rTMS has greater therapeutic potential, yet also greater potential for side effects.

    I'm not currently aware of any meds/supplements that can mask the symptoms of, or treat DP/DR or vestibular issues. If one does know of any, I'd be greatly intrigued to hear about them.

    Once again, any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    ** When I mentioned I had other ideas on therapeutic options, I was thinking of things such as:
    - Interactive Metronome Training (training "timing" in the brain; targeting the Salience and Default Mode Networks; etc)
    - Z-Health/Functional Neurology exercises/vestibular rehabilitation
    - Irlen Lenses
    - Atlas Orthogonal or "NUCCA" chiropractic treatments
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    August 2015 webinar will cover all of that......
  3. Purchasing a membership soon. Though, I'm starting to read your blog in chronological order. I'm also using databases at my university to access as many of your citations as possible, and then reading all the comments. I want to utilize your works as a conduit to greater knowledge - not just understanding the general concept, but firmly grasping all the information and then being able to apply it. Kinda difficult with my issues, but persistence is key.

    I'm going to guess that the August webinar is going to have more to do with the magnetism side of things - tms, tdcs, etc, and maybe the OSF-Tensegrity links to NUCCA and what not - as opposed to the pharmacological side, or at least the specific meds I mentioned... ?
  4. I also want to really emphasize that I understand the environment > meds, supplements, diet for the most part, etc. I'm working on making a change in that, it will just take some time. I'm thus looking for a band-aid similar to nutritional ketosis until I can move to a nice coastline in a home far from cell towers, or at least in a location with at least 50-75% less cell towers than are currently around here (something like 150+ in a 5 mile radius).
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    well if you dont listen to Aug 2015.......go read my reply to Colin on my DR. FB page. I take him apart for trying to be coy. He is an Adobe engineer who does not like my EMF stance.
  6. I will try to get a membership asap and listen to the webinar. I just read your reply to Colin. Very interesting.
  7. i have had one patient with depersonalisation issues, but as i dont have the means to look at in depth neurological tests and no neurologist in australia would understand my stance i wasnt able to get all that far, i did however find she had one of the worst candida infections i had seen and figured it went a long way to contributing to neuro-inflammatory issues (these all started when she moved from country town to big city and worked in a high stress job, and broke up with a long term partner, all at once...)
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sounds like the final common pathway of nrf2 and NFkappa beta..........calcium efflux. All paths lead to low plasma volume and loss of RBC mass decreasing the zeta of the plasma and dehydration and loss of divalent atoms in cell membranes and plasma at once.......That volume and chemistry change is sensed by the 7 areas in the brain with no BBB........most important one and first one affected is PVN........but when you get Candida that bad........area postrema is really off because the third surface interaction with light is off......namely the gut. What connects that surface with area postrema? Vagus nerve. Stress breaks down all barrier or surface chemistry and this alters the interaction and direction of energy flows from the environment to the cells below........surface chemistry dictates what happens in the deep layers.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You can't out supplement, out hack, out exercise, or out eat a bad environment.........that is the story of the ubiquitin series. It's nature's axiomatic rules of engagement. So until that time you the clinician must realize that the patient is trading wellness for time............

    There is no set point for metabolism; too many patients and clinicians however, believe otherwise and this is why diet is their first tool. Metabolism is on a sliding scale of natural selection built into ubiquitin. Ubiquitin is the interaction of light with nitrogen in proteins.. Its boundaries are limited only by the how we account for and assimilate and contain the electrons from our environment. Set points are creations of concrete reductive minds. That is not the work of evolutionary biology nor is it following nature’s law’s.

    If you believe the nonsense about food and metabolism ask yourself this: At what age do you hit your set point? The concept is vacuous. It confuses negative and positive feedback loops with an attempt to attain a steady-state outcome. I spoke about this in webinars and in the ubiquitin series at length. Loss of negative feedback is deadly in a far from equilibrium state, why? In that scenario when control is lost both prey and predator die. For example, when a patient gets Candida in their gut from any stressor.......you've lost predator and prey in your microbiome, the biome gets smaller in number and species, because your surface chemistry is destroyed.

    In a non-linear system, there may be no equilibria or there may be many. Either one is possible. That makes it fundamentally quantum. Possibilities exists until the waveform is collapsed by the environment you allow. I think the 900 pound plus people we have in the USA and OZ have gone into a zone of the non-linear dynamics where the negative feedback loops in our cells ceases to limit fat mass as a protective mechanism of a toxic environment to our surface chemistry.
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  10. I wonder if anyone has ideas on these products: http://www.sperti.com/The-Vitamin-D-Lamp-model-D-UV-F-by-KBD-Sperti-s/1825.htm sperti vitamin D lamp endorsed by Dr. Hollick, MD, PhD and the tanning lamp: http://www.sperti.com/Fiji-Sun-Personal-Tanning-Lamp-by-Sperti-p/fiji-sunlamp.htm

    I was thinking of the tanning lamp less so for myself, but for my Caucasian significant other, family, etc. I was thinking about melanin and splitting water and all that, and, well, uv -> melanocytogenesis -> more melanocytes -> better human photosynthetic capacity?

    Me, I'm very dark, don't do well with vit. d supplements, and don't live in an area that has much sunlight. I also didn't grow up consuming seafood and grass fed dairy, eggs, liver, etc. My vitamin D levels are more than likely very low. I know that light is the best source, maybe outside of the small aid of dietary factors such as cod liver+their oil, egg yolks, etc.
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