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Matty's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Matt Fowler, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. Ok, time for a new journal. 2020 has seen me make huge progress with my health - but Im not on the home straight just yet...
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

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  3. Timeline: 1988 - Present Day

    Born premature with asthma and psoriasis in 1988. Had to spend time in an incubator. My father is asthmatic and my mother is a type one diabetic.

    Prescribed steroid creams from birth for topical use on face and elsewhere. My parents gave this to me religiously twice a day for the first ten years of my life.

    At age two I unwittingly drank a bottle of my brothers antibiotics. The hospital induced vomiting 2 hours later.

    Also at age two, I accidentally hit my head very badly.

    I lived in a second floor apartment for the first 3 years of my life.

    At age 6 I moved from a town to a small village in the countryside. Unfortunately the village was also home to a giant radio tower.

    age 9 - started experiencing random hypoglycaemic attacks (But my blood sugars always read normally)

    At roughly the age of ten I travelled to China to see my Uncle who was studying there at the time - I had 3 vaccines to go: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and (I think) Cholera.

    On the plane I had terrible ear pain, and during the trip I ended up with food poisoning/stomach bug.

    Age 11, smacked my head again a couple of times.

    Also age 11 - developed psoriasis on my scalp and was prescribed more topical steroids which I used sporadically for a few years. After using it for a while I started to experience frequent bouts of dejavu. In hindsight I think the two are related.

    At 13 I fell of my skateboard and damaged my knee, which resulted in long term knee pain and an investigatory operation using keyhole surgery (the results were inconclusive)

    I also had a hepatitis B vaccine at this age.

    14 - got my first mobile phone.

    15 - got my first laptop..... addiction quickly ensued - as did myopia.

    At 16 I was prescribed beconase nasal spray for allergies/rhinitis.

    also started taking antihistamines for hayfever - loratidine, cetrizine dihydrochloride etc

    Anxiety levels increasing, brain fog, cognitive problems.

    17, suffered a spinal wedge fracture at t6/t7

    17, started driving. Bouts of unsteadiness/dizziness. But not enough to realize there was a real problem.

    17 - moved to a different town. My bedroom is on the second floor, with electrified railway tracks 100 feet from my bedroom, as well as multiple wifi antennas.

    18 - hypoglycaemia worse.

    19, travelled to china again. Had 2 vaccines before I went (cant remember for the life of me what they were)

    Became ill in china - fatigue, head ache, off balance, anxiety.

    came home, 3 weeks later, vomiting, heavy flu like symptoms resulting in long term chronic fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, energy levels through the floor, panic attacks, chest pains. Antibiotics.

    Anxiety, fatigue, memory problems, cognitive problems, trouble focusing etc up until present day.

    at 22 I was encouraged by my Dr to use steroid creams in my ears to treat the psoriasis that had developed there at the age of around 16. (4 years approx)

    at 23 I was prescribed flixonase nasuals (fluticasone propionate) for allergic rhinitis/polyps. (Used for 4 years)

    In the months that followed I started to experience feelings of depersonalisation, derealisation, memory problems, anxiety, trouble focusing, communication problems (not being able to hold conversations).

    Age 26 - Became vegetarian and 6 months later travelled to India for two weeks. Had 3 vaccines prior. Was prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection - i took them throughout the whole trip. I also used Clobetasol Propionate topical steroids during the trip. I managed to stay largely well during the trip, however I think I suffered side effects due to the medication. I started feeling extremely anxious and experienced what I can only describe as stroboscopic effects. However, these were short lived. I returned home none the wiser, but soon noticed things werent quite right.

    I was feeling very unsteady and off balance for months.

    6 months later, I developed some tinea, but I miss took it for psoriasis. I used vast amounts of clobetasol propionate twice a day for 3 weeks before I realised my mistake. During this time, I started feeling increasingly off - strange feelings of being in a stupor, no ability to think, strange anxiety feelings.

    After cessation of the cream, I developed what I can only describe as Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MDDS) - a condition where your brain thinks its still on a boat even though youre on dry land (I went on some boast during the india trip whilst on medication)

    The symptoms include: insomnia, anxiety, panic, memory problems, ADD, abnormal gait, off balance, serious cognitive problems when triggered by certain movements, hyperactivity after stimulatory foods, inability to exercise, weight gain, tinnitus, ear fullness, visual problems, visual snow, sensation of eyeballs vibrating, bouncing vision etc etc.

    Quickly realised I had to give up sugar immediately.

    Tried acupuncture - no real improvement.

    Family doc dismissed my whole case.

    27 - tried tibetan medicine for 2 years. This kept me on a plateau - the symptoms only increasing with trigger movements.
    anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus and visual symptoms stayed the same.

    28 - cannabis products for sleep. Vit d level of 19. used supplements to get my levels back up.

    29 - stopped using the tibetan medicine.

    tried veganism. Ended up with low magnesium and panic attacks. I was in a state of intense panic for 3 months. on the verge of suicide. Did a one month screen fast which allowed me to improve somewhat.

    the following year I discovered grounding. This helped hugely with my anxiety, but I still suffered hugely. Bought a grounding sheet - anxiety improved even more.

    31 - terrible hypoglycaemic attacks - sometimes 4 per day. actual blood sugar levels remaining normal.

    Last year after I turned 31 I discovered Jack's work. Bought some blue blockers and wore them for 3 months.

    Jan 2020 - started seeing sunrise.
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  4. 2020 - huge leaps forward!

    Prior to New Years day 2020 my days and nights were almost reversed - and had been for several years. I would rarely fall asleep before 3am or wake up before 12pm. But two weeks into January 2020 - getting up for sunrise - I managed to switch around my sleep/wake times. Now, I am in bed for 8pm every night and I try my absolute hardest to be up for sunrise ....although thats easier said than done.

    I have been wearing blueblockers religiously after dark all year and I've been running IRIS on my laptop for the last 6 months.

    During spring, summer and the first half of Autumn I have been grounding barefoot outdoors for many hours per day. A minimum of one hour but often three, four or five hours. Grounding barefoot reduces my anxiety to almost zero, but it does return after a few days around the power grid and no going barefoot.

    I also developed a healthy tan this year and lost a lot of excess weight too. In August I transitioned to the leptin rx/epi paleo diet religiously.

    More to come
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  5. We don't know your ancestral lineage; however, you do look "white" in the picture; you most likely live above the 40th latitude; and it's cold outside.

    Have you studied what @Jack Kruse has posted on cold therapy? https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.p...ed-by-cold-how-did-it-feel.23250/#post-264608
    There are two basic tenants -
    Why consider these? -> Leptin release is your winter survivors protocol.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks for the update Matt .......good luck on your journey of discovery.

    I am not so sure that Jack agrees with the Wim Hof breathe work....
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  7. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    There are critiques of the his breathwork techniques, that it can be dangerous. I don't remember the details. It does seem, because of there being many nuances to breathwork methods (for example, from different yoga traditions), that it's unlikely he figured out the best method to recommend for anyone.

    @John Schumacher
    I'm interested in your interpretation of the CT ideas.
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  8. Hi John, thanks for the links. I was planning to start implementing CT very soon - but I have to confess, ive been procrastinating haha

    I need to read up on it a little bit more. Im thinking of just doing cold baths at 55 degrees, but Im not sure about the time duration, or how often I should do it. I live just outside London, UK, and its damn cold outside. But I do go topless for a few minutes each morning when I ground. I feel as though I could be partially cold adapted.

    RE Wim Hof - I saw one of his videos recently with Russell Brand, I was going to try his breath work. But then I saw something from Jack where he likens it to hyperventilation and also that it causes certain adverse effects in your biology similar to what certain astronauts experience when re entering the atmosphere. I cant remember all the details though, unfortunately.

    Im drawn to starting CT next but Im not sure about my mitochondrial haplotype. My great great grandmother on my mothers side was either South Chinese or Vietnamese. The rest of my family is Northern European - Irish, English, Welsh, Danish, Norwegian.
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  9. Thank you Caroline. Yes, I thought this too. But I cant recall which video or fb post
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  10. Summer 2019 - Destroyed my Iphone with a shovel in my back yard. Very liberating. Improved my anxiety levels by around 25%.
    Summer 2019 - Started to sleep grounded via a grounding sheet connected to the cold water pipe. Improved my anxiety levels by around another 25%.
    Winter 2019 - Started seeing the sunrise each morning. Reduced my anxiety levels by around 10%. Depression reduced by about 30%.
    Summer 2020 - Grounding for many hours per day outside barefoot. Leptin reset. Epi Paleo. Anxiety reduced to almost zero (but it returns after a few days of no grounding). Depression reduced by about another 30%. Dizziness reduced by about 50% until I do a trigger movement and then it gets worse.
    Autumn 2020 - started seeing the sunset every day. - reduced my depression to almost zero.
    Autumn 2020 - less outdoor grounding due to the weather. Anxiety creeping up again.
    Winter 2020 - sunrise and sunset. skin in the game for 3-5 minutes every morning. barefoot for 20 mins every morning. Depression is at about 30%. Anxiety is at about 50 - 60%.

    So, my findings at the end of 2020 are that consistent sunlight and grounding with skin in the game (and avoiding tech screens) drastically reduces my symptoms.

    My body voltage whilst in my house ranges from 4 volts to 15 volts, and grounding reduces my symptoms. I wonder if this means I have EHS?

    I also seem to be able to "perceive" the flicker affect of artificial light. Especially tech screens and LED's but also to a lesser extent incandescents. When exposed to bright light from these artificial sources, if I close my eyes or walk into a dark room, I see a bright white flashing light across my whole field of view for about 3 - 7 seconds. Sunlight does not have this effect and neither does my flicker free mitogen panel.
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  11. Thoughts at the end of 2020

    The "all-day" frequencies of sunlight (especially UV), barefoot grounding, Epi paleo diet, and the avoidance of the electric power grid, ALAN, and tech screens reduces my symptoms.

    Plans for 2021:

    Check my haplotype and then possibly implement regular CT,
    Ditch tech screens entirely,
    disconnect my sleep space from the power grid,
    start using candle light after dark,
    be more consistent with sunrises.

    This year has taught me that I can make progress in this country - but is the quantum yield here enough to heal fully? It seems as though I can make it halfway and then the UV runs out.
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  12. I think I might have South East Asian mitochondria - My great great grandmother on my mothers side was from the tropics and there was an unbroken lineage of females ending with my mother. The rest of my family were/are Northern European.

    My mother is a type one diabetic, and has had 2 cataract operations, diabetic retinopathy, trigger finger, hypothyroidism, carpal tunnel, obesity, 63 years of age.

    My father is Obese, myopic, has Ocular hypertension, and had a torn knee meniscus recently.

    We all worked under compact fluorescents for the last 15 years and were severely sunlight deficient.
  13. @Dan2 - I have read many of these critiques. I have not found them scientific or medically based. There are many, many, many breathe work techniques available; however, once someone "marries into" a way that seems to work for them, they can become a bit dogmatic. This is what I have found when reading "critiques" of the Wim Hof breathe work. My review of his method has focused on the science. I have found it medically to be very beneficial.
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  14. You are correct. Even though there is rumour -> @Jack Kruse has not made any specific statements against Wim Hof's breathe technique.
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  15. @Matt Fowler - May I suggest two things: read Wim Hof's book and take an online class.
    A note about your mitochondrial haplotype:
    • Please do all you can to move
    Just think about it -> if you mixed these heritages, where best would be optimal for you? Perhaps within the 20th latitude. Not hovering above the 50s.

    However, the question remains -> Will cold therapy be effective for you? <- Yes -> because cold stimulates Leptin release
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  16. @Matt Fowler - Since basic carbohydrate metabolism is dysfunctional in your immediate heritage, you may want to employ a strict adherence to two of @Jack Kruse's protocols this winter: Diet & Cold Therapy
    These two pillars will combat your potensity towards metabolic dysfunction.

    Dr Jack Kruse recommends: The basic nutritional building blocks starting with fatty acids, specifically DHA; every human cell requires it. When it is sparse, we loss cognitive function as well our sex drive. Proteins also require DHA for its phospholipid bilayer membrane; thus cold water “sea food”. Minerals are used with fatty acids and proteins to build every human cell; thus Dr. Jack Kruse recommends oysters. Enzymes are required in most molecular transformation; these are by plants; thus "sea weed". Nutrition void of these basic building blocks causes the human organism to “create” an alternative pathway (or rewiring) for building these essential elements; this leads to dysfunction.
    • Please consider a strict low carbohydrate version of his diet.
    Cold Therapy -> your goal is to stimulate Leptin release. This hormone is cold sensitive. Your goal is 50 to 55 degrees F submersion up to your chin covering the back of your neck as well. If the water is moving, you get extra points; because it is continuously cooling all the "warm" parts; this includes your groan where large blood vessels go from your torso down into your legs, also your arm pits and the blood to your head. Spend at least 20 minutes minimum daily; you get more points for 50 minutes or more; at this point you hopefully will get a good chill/shiver going which could last an hour or more after the therapy session; this shiver is in itself therapeutic; it will send your heart-rate-variability into a strong parasympathetic zone <- This is healing.

    Grandpa John
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  18. Dr. Jack Kruse fb post on Wim Hof (Two years old so maybe outdated info - im glad you find the technique beneficial):

    How does cold improve immune regualtion. One fallacy I'd like to slay from the Internet is that it is brought on by breathing pattern. This is false. It works on a bio-physical mechanism within the WBC's which are normally loaded with deuterium to help boost immune response. So today I'd like to give you education on both sides of the equation. I truly like Wim and I love that he brings humans back to nature in the cold I just am not in love that he has no earthly idea why what he does works. Wim Hof apparently doesn’t know:
    that heavy “in and out breathing” significantly reduces carbon dioxide in the blood making blood more alkaline and that hemoglobin in alkaline blood has a harder time releasing oxygen to the tissues than in normal blood (which is slightly alkaline). Due to the Bohr Effect, hypocapnia causes cerebral hypoxia which sounds dangerous and opposite to what Wim Hof states. Wim’s breathing technique also sounds similar to the childhood fainting game that aims to create euphoria or giddiness.
    that the primary urge to breathe comes from CO2 receptors in the brain when they sense that there is too much CO2 in the blood. Therefore, being able to maintain a long breath-hold after heavy “in and out breathing” doesn’t mean that the body has been flooded with oxygen; instead the ability to have a long breath-hold is primarily because the urge to breathe has been lessened due to low CO2. How cold immunity work is linked to deuterium motions between immune cells and blood plasma in the fact of immunogenic proteins that activate epitopes inside of us. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23430994

    Post dated 26th Jan 2018
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  19. Thank you John, I will definitely look into Wim Hof a bit further - the breathing is quite interesting but I need to make sure its absolutely safe before I begin.

    In terms of moving to the 20th latitude - I would absolutely love to, but where? I have dont fit any of the immigration criteria for most desirable places - no degree etc.

    I used to be a tattooist - one of the few skills that can see you get work anywhere on the globe. But I had to give up because of my health, and additionally, its really bad for people because of the metals etc in some of the inks.

    Thanks for the link about leptin. Im definitely going to try cold baths very soon. Ill keep you updated :)
  20. wow, interesting! I didnt know 50 + minutes was a good thing nor continued shivering for 1+ hours post therapy! I was imagining 3 minutes under the water haha.

    Would this technique be any good for a 63 year old type one diabetic?

    Thank you for the links, I will read them in the next day or two. My epi paleo diet is quite low carb. I'll make a post with what I eat in a day...
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