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Matt's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Matt Mckay, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Hello To All You Lovely People :)))

    Just found this site, I've become a member as well and hope to really improve my health & help other improve there's in anyway I can.

    My journey is a familiar one for others, ive been ill my entire life, up until I was 26 I just thought I suffered with chronic depression, I was raised by a single mother who has so many of the same symptoms as me, she can barely look after herself & that's why my illness was allowed to just go untreated & actually thrive in the environment I was in.

    I'm trying to keep this short.

    Please all the help would be very appreciated.

    What I have:
    1. Multiple Chemical Sensitivety
    2. Electrical Sensitivity (wifi, EMF)
    3. Lyme Disease
    4. Ankylosing Spongylitis (

    What Increases Symptoms:
    1. Environmental (mold & wifi)
    2. Water (all water apart from distilled makes fell sick & bloats me)
    3. Food (Everything I ingest seems to cause some issue, fruits & vegetables are the worst offenders, every food apart from lean meats causes issues)
    4. Chemicals (anything that touches my skin or the smell is a no no)

    Main Symptoms:
    1. Chronic Insomnia (can't fall asleep without a very crazy ingredient "more on that later", can't stay asleep, not refreshed in morning)
    2. Cognitive Function (Bordering on brain damage on my worst days, I can't complete the tasks a child could on bad days, so much ADD it gets crazy)
    3. Mood Swings (I stay away from the term bipolar but it helps others understand what I'm talking about)
    4. Lack of Energy (I can tend to always drag my body throughout the day, but I can't drag my brain)
    5. Chronic inflammation (most foods cause me troubles)
    6. Intense Cravings

    How My Days Look (My self treatment Routine)
    1. Sleep.
    I've had intense insomnia for 25 years, I found last year if I eat chocolate before bed I sleep very well !! It's the only thing I've ever found to put me to sleep. Now because I can sleep when I want I go to bed at 8pm & wake at 4am, so I have time to organise my life before work, as my energy gets less throughout the day) I also sleep on the floor as chemicals in mattresses are very bad for me.

    2. Water
    I can only stomach distilled water, I get intense bloating and I feel sick drinking any other water (that I have tried)

    3. Diet
    I have salicylate, phenols, amines & oxalates intolerance. The only foods that don't create symptoms are low fat meats, EVERYTHING else makes things worse. For this reason I eat in a 2 hour window in the evening, obviously finished with chocolate so I can sleep !!! This is crazy but I don't know what else to do & this is actually been the best results doing this.

    4. Exercise
    I'm getting back to being able to exercise after 5 years of being in very bad shape ( 2 years bed ridden when I was a vegan, because I didn't know I had a salicylate intolerance)

    5. Sauna
    I use a near infrared sauna each morning, helps with inflammation.

    This wasn't short at all, please any help would be very grateful, I'm just looking through leptin prescription & it wants me todo everything I've moved away from diet wise, any reccomadations ??

    Much love to you all xxx
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  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Matt

    I see you are from England. Welcome to journal land. :) Have you read this thread? https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/your-first-post-to-read-here-at-jackkruse-com.17829/

    As you can see, there's no mention of food until seafood ... and the order of implementation of the 6 healers is important. Are you seeing the sunrise, what is your use of artificial light, particularly after sunset when its earlier than 8 p.m. when you go to bed? What is where you live like in terms of population density, wifi signals from your own home, neighbours, etc. How close are any cell towers, do you live in a city with 5G rolling/rolled out?
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and Welcome Matt.....

    Please follow Christine's Journal .....5G canary. She is extremely sensitive to nnEMF.
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  4. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Hi Sue, thanks for reaching out. I wrote out a long reply that took me ages, but I got a error message when posting it and I’ve lost it !! It took all my energy of the last couple days to do that !! Anyways...

    I’ll address each point you mentioned, but for now I’ll start with the sunlight & artificial light.

    In England the sun rises at 4.43am atm, should I be already outside at this time ? How long should I be outside for if possible ?

    Sunset, how long before 21.22pm should I be outside for if possible ?

    If I was to see these both there then wouldn’t be enough time for 8 hours sleep.

    When do you stop using artificial light ? I’m taking it blue light is also included here.

    I’ve now saved that starter blog, I’m petrified I’m not going to be able to sleep bringing all these new changes but let’s give it a go.

    Thank you so much for the message sue, I really appreciate it.
  5. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Matt

    When we reach winter solstice its harder for a different reason - days are so short. We've gone past summer solstice, so as the days shorten, it will become easier to get 8 hours sleep within the day-night cycle. Then the problem is the reverse - by winter solstice sunset is very early. But baby steps, work with what you've got now. :) Start with sunrise. In answer to the question how long should you be outside for if possible.... as long as possible, eyes uncovered, (no contacts, glasses or sunglasses) and as much skin in the early morning natural light as possible, without being arrested.:) If you are awake at 4 and sunrise isn't until 4.43 atm, if you get out earlier your circadian rhythm will see the transition into sunrise as well. If you are able to go to sleep at 8 p.m., spend some time outside before you go to bed - even if you don't see the actual sunset, you can help your circadian rhythm by seeing the gradual transition to sunset. Ground barefoot if you can, assuming your environment is OK in terms of no underground cabling etc. Make a start and be consistent.

    In terms of artificial light, this time of year is the easiest - there usually enough natural light not to need to use overhead lights etc. Make sure that you use blue blocking for technology/tv, and then make a decision about how long before bed time you will be off it all.

    Then if you start assessing your environment in terms of population density, wifi from your own home, neighbours, location of cell towers, any roll out of 5G etc .. its just the next step. If you go for the low hanging fruit first, taking baby steps, you are less likely to become overwhelmed by the changes.:)
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
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  6. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Great great info thanks sue. Wow tho..... I can't see in front of my nose so I wear contact lenses it's dangerous for me not to wear them. I also have a issue called irlens syndrome, this is where the brain struggles with visual information it's not that uncommon with people who have dyslexia, which I do, and by wearing coloured glasses it brings a big ease to the brain. Perhaps I'll remove both on sunrise & sunset but I can't live without them throughout the day.

    This is interesting....... it's healthy for me to not wear contact lenses and coloured glasses but if I don't wear them I'm blind and stressed out by the light !!?? What a confusing world lol
  7. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Do you have prescription glasses as a reserve? If so use them to get to spot where its safe to take them off and look towards the sunrise or sunset. As the sun rises or before it sets, be careful not to stare, look to the side, or just be outside without looking towards it, particularly if you aren't sure of your pupillary response. Take it easy, don't strain trying to see, you are dealing with clock function (so eyes need to be naked, :)) not camera (vision). You can also use the time outside to do vision practices that relax the eyes, and ease the brain by using the natural environment. Coloured glasses on all day are "same" - but at this point baby steps! :)
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  8. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Your a gem thanks. Soooooooooo much info to take in
  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    How are you getting on Matt? :)
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  10. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Hi Sue, thanks so much for the contact, really helps me stay with this site. I've had Up and DOWN results so far to be honest.

    My whole life has been around trying to fall asleep & staying asleep. And my sleep again has become much worse after following this sites instructions, but I've had some good success as well with things like salt on tongue with water, which has killed all cravings which is great.

    I've modelled my Day to the recommendationsas much as possible, I try to get out in am light as early as possible which has been around 5.30am most days, I've had the week off work, and basically been leaving the house 5.30am getting home 9.30am. Put my dinner in slow cooker (as I tried eating in the morning and had very bad results, but I'll be giving it another go soon) do some stretching, yoga, hop in my near infrared sauna, watch TV for a hour, then back to the park for 3 hours, then back home to eat my one meal at 5pm, then back outdoors about 7-8pm to watch the sunset (when I'm outside I'm sitting and writing) back home 9.30pm, then the best I've had is a couple days I've fallen asleep in30mins (but then woke up after 6 hours), worst I've had is getting into bed at 9.30am and not sleeping till 3am, so a rough ride really :(
  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Matt

    When you are out and about are you still using the Irlen glasses?

    At the moment you are having your one meal a day at 5 p.m. but when you break a fast the food is partitioned a bit differently, going to the peripheral tissues, ready for activity, rather than storage. Breakfast is also something that can help get your liver clocks back in sync with the clocks in the brain, which in the longer term, will help your sensitivities. So leaving eating until 5 p.m. when you already have sleep problems may not be helping you. Also heading into winter, 5 p.m. will be after sunset, which will be another circadian mismatch. Things you could try is having just one mouthful or one bite of something for breakfast and build up from there, and start bringing your 5 p.m. main meal back by a few minutes each week, at least until you get to the point where it won't be a circadian mismatch later on in the year.

    After years of Irlen glasses and contacts, it might also be an idea to add in a vision practice during your morning stretching and yoga, and/or later, say at lunchtime if you are working.

    If I'm being very picky there's a couple of things he says in the talk before the actual demonstration that I don't 100 per cent agree with, but on the whole its not bad, and sunning the eyes is a vision practice that goes back a long way, ... and is a free low hanging fruit. :)
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  12. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Hi Sue

    I have taken the glasses & contacts out, but I'm back at work tomorrow (I do some light labouring) & working without contacts or my irlen glasses is dangerous as my eye sight is that bad. I'm going to get a my irlen glasses made to my prescription so I don't have to wear contact lenses & I can just take the glasses off the majority of the day.

    Thanks for the YouTube video, I've never heard of this before. I'll give it a go.

    Food wise, I'm open to following the 3 meals a day, but.....the reason I stumbled upon eating 1 time per day is because every time I eat my energy crashes & im unable todo anything else until the food effects wear off, which is then normally time to eat again, it's only in the last year I've been able to get out of bed everyday & work consistently, that's because I'm only (poisoning) myself 1 time per day & im eating chocolate before bed (which I've found out turns off the orexin in the brain and makes me sleepy!!) very strange, but for over 20 years I've had terrible energy & worse insomnia, but for a year now eating 1 meal a day & chocolate before bed I've had JUST enough energy to get through the day & ive been able to sleep every night which is crazy to me...But I don't want to be eating chocolate but you can see why I do what I've been doing.

    But I will keep trying, when I was younger if I had porridge or something like that for breakfast I would feel horrible all day, if I had a full English breakfast I felt fantastic!! (So I may start eating breakfast again with a full English and then try to adjust it to the recommendations. Fish is no no, so I'll have to find DHA alternatives.
  13. Novah

    Novah New Member

    Did I miss the answers to the above in this thread? Environment is probably the #1 issue to address ...

    You mention "fish is a no no" -- what exactly happens when you eat it? And all fish, or just certain types?
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  14. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    There is a cell tower down the road, absolutely I need to move, I had to live in a tent in a caravan park for a while and it was amazing for me, I would do it again between April & Oct but I have no where to go the other months, I rent rooms, and they all come furnished, I’m highly sensitive to beds and it’s impossible to find a room without one. (But My Plan is to more back into the caravan park in April and live in a tent, then I’ll buy a van and convert it, then I’ll just live in the caravan park in my van in winter & tent in summer.

    Fish isn’t a sensitive food for me
    (Although I wouldn’t know) as the smell makes me feel sick, I can’t even be next to someone who is eating it never mind eat it myself
  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Keep going with the bare eyes sunrise and sunset - there seems to be a lot of dispute about Irlen glasses, but whatever they are like for say supporting reading, their use as a lifestyle choice has huge longer term implications to circadian rhythm, and they may also impact the way eyes respond to natural light when they are taken off. They are also "same" - and from sunrise to sunset the sun's frequencies change, transitioning up to noon, and transitioning down to sunset. To better handle your food, and your sensitivities, the gut and liver needs to be in sync with those transitions, to know when to turn over gut cells, when your liver should be most active etc. The more you wear the Irlen glasses, the less correct circadian information from the environment you are getting, because, unlike clear prescription glasses, they are messing about with more than just blocking UV. To the brain you could be living on a different planet ...;) So before spending money on Irlen prescription glasses, (££££££££) how safely can you see with just contacts or prescription lenses?
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  16. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    Yea I’ve taken them off, well bright light is uncomfortable & I can see well with contacts or glasses, but I’ve just started wearing coloured glasses, it has had a massive effect on my bad moods.

    I listened to Jack kruse Vermont 2017, is he basically saying eat early, get out in the sun early & be as close to naked as possible, even if it’s cloudy ?? Do we get good UV in England ?

    ++ Side note, I love you sue :) your help is amazing, when I’m leader of this country I will not forget you :)
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  17. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold


    Its easier to separate light between circadian rhythm, and harvesting sunlight for energy. Its also not just about UV. :)

    Originally to lift mood, I made up a pair of glasses using clear safety glasses and a gel filter that allows the visible frequencies through that as closely resembles the +6 solar elevation (when the sun moves towards the more cheery yellow), but haven't really used them. But it wasn't an expensive mistake. :)Cloud doesn't matter - I've looked at the cloudy sky with both a spectrometer made from a black box with a CD, and through the prisms taken out of a broken pair of old binoculars - and the colours are there. Just seeing that lifted my mood! Circadian rhythm wise, through cloud there's enough colour (and UV) to signal. But if I needed to, I could use them to lift my mood, but I'd have to be desperate to use them, and I'd use them for the minimal time, at the right time during the dismal day. In the longer term, its a sign that something in my life, or my environment, needs changing. If my lack of good mood wasn't caused by a lack of my glasses, its a temporary crutch, not a long term solution. In my experience, temporary crutches used for too long, become part of the problem. :)
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  18. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay New Member

    What about the A’s close to naked part ?? Is this to be done on cloudy days ??!! I don’t need to tell you it gets pretty chilly in England !!

    I have a near infrared sauna it really helps with inflammation & energy, do you have a knowledge on these ?
  19. drezy

    drezy Gold


    If you have to ask I think you've got your answer.

    Sue is great. Lead that country!
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  20. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    This is going to depend on your context. But in general, if someone is healthy enough, there will be days in the UK where the sun is out, but its a cold wind. I get out of the wind. I've also got a kaftan made from 2 cotton cellular cot blankets, which gives me some warmth, but there's enough holes to let in some light. If its bitterly cold, I'm more likely to do CT and get my own mitochondrial furnace going, rather than rely on the sun. Tap into what is there …. go for the low hanging fruit and squeeze the pips .... :) I then use the money I've not spent on temporary crutches for a winter escape to the sun. If we live in the UK we have to work smarter, not harder. Coping better with the light we've got here is a first step, even if down the line you decide that a longer or even permanent relocation to the sun is your best option.

    Re the sauna - some knowledge, gotta think about emfs etc. Again context, but there's alternatives. I did have a far infra red one, but I didn't use it in summer, and too rarely in winter to give it house room when I moved. Sold it, ££££ towards a holiday. :cool: I prefer CT. but that suits my n=1. :)
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