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Mastering the Basics (Pathways and Seasons)

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by AJC, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    yes........I guess you missed my post surgery picture yesterday............[​IMG]
  2. Hansen Kenimer

    Hansen Kenimer New Member

    Funny that I just reread the Redox Rx just recently....you'd think I would have remembered that. I think sometimes you're just processing and thinking so much it's difficult to cement everything in conscious memory, even though it may be stored in unconscious memory.
  3. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Wow, has anyone mentioned it looks like you're being frozen in carbonite? I just realized Han Solo did some serious CT.
  4. Hansen Kenimer

    Hansen Kenimer New Member

    That's immediately what I thought, too!
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More color coding?
    Let us consider crayons:


    Seems purple crayons like the light a lot don't they?

    Now realize that your RBC's are filled with porphyrins. This is why when sunlight hits your skin it releases massive amounts of nitric oxide that vasodilates the arterioles of your skin to come to the top millimeter of your skin. This is the depth that UV light penetrates to the porphyrins can absorb all frequencies of UV light to deliver to every cell in the body. Mother Nature for the win.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You can bio hack light easy if youre smart.........few are.
  7. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    Thank you Inger, for your curiosity.
    I will start off by saying that I think Jack is a genuis, he got me thinking hard. My brain wanted to know why, and why was the cause of this creating universe. Not created universe. We cannot afford to overlooking Walter Russell, in my opinion. He was downplayed by the scientific community, cleverly predicted by, Tesla.
    These are not my beliefs, however, they just got me to think hard. Like Jack did.
    The way topographic insulators work, they can measure, cosmic energy (aether, for lack of a better terms) when you apply the same principle Tesla used, in the majority of his life long work. AC curent is one page out of a thousand, for Tesla. Grossly underestimating such a man is foolish in the wildest of universes...

    Practically, Inger, I do everything the same in Jacks protocols and the lifestyle intervention tactics like avoiding blue light and EMF.
    But I believe that waters structure is the most important thing. Water is one of the few, but the most widely available, harvester of aetheric energy when water is properly structured into nanotubes and throughout the body, when the proper sunlight and/or electromagnetic field are applied. Dielectricity of water is very miunderstood. Exclusion zones are something of the most importance when we relate to neutral energy, the balancer of positive and negative eletricity. The answer is right infront of every chemistry student, every day, this is where genius, is born. Structure from sunlight and electrons form a structure similar to aethers construction (the space vacuum, the whole universe) and gets infinetly close to special numbers like the, golden, bingo was his namo, ratio.

    You must not discount dmt, for you don't know until you know.
    Many of my old posts, like when I talked about pyramids, was about water, and vibration and fractals without anyone asking why. Just refuting. I've heard Jacks why's and I don't believe its a grab electrons and run game, for theirs too much magic in the universe for such thoughts.

    I've personally had experiences thats made me realize, before I knew about supposed entanglement, that made me realize the universe was and always will be infinetly deeply connect. This is a universe of motion, a creative force so powerful it created life. I'm done for today...
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  8. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    "Mastering the basics- pathways and seasons". Yes, please! Help!! Problem: As winter approached, especially starting in December, I began to notice an increased aversion to doing CT, coupled with carb cravings. Both of these things have steadily increased to the point where I literally force myself to do CT now and most of the times it's unsuccessful. I actually bail out. (What is happening????) Plus, I'm craving sugary carbohydrates like a (insert worst simile imaginable here :)).

    What "may" be playing into this (?) is that it was summer when I fist started my journey....and I did the Leptin reset starting June 1, and was in ketosis all summer. I did not know any better. Plus, I felt AMAZING and thought (subconsciously) it was all about food. Wow- just saying that shows me how much I've learned and grown in 6-7 months. But I digress...Here is my question: Am I paying the price for my summer ketosis? Have I inadvertently made my mitochondria, which have suffered so very much by my mismatched existence, worse without realizing it?

    I'm going out on a limb and guessing that some people on this forum have experienced what I'm currently going through. If so, I hope you will chime in and provide some much needed guidance. I need a path back to crabs, not carbs!
  9. lilreddgirl

    lilreddgirl New Member

    Are you exposing yourself to blue light at night perhaps? Winter has shorter days and there's plenty of dark time... to me it seems an increased sensitivity to blue/artificial light at night, and that sensitivity could throw off metabolism, causing carb cravings and cold intolerance...
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2015
  10. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    @lilreddgirl Thanks for your response. My nnEMF exposure has not increased that I know of, but is always a source of concern and first place to look. Over the weekend, I went on a hike and it was COLD. The tips of my right index finger and thumb went white and would not get any blood flow. I was a bit concerned about it. I scoured the forum, and found this very thing was talked about in a Reynoud's thread (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/raynaud-thread.4235/page-2).

    This thread may provide me some insight into what's happening. I am most likely magnesium deficinet, and the irony is that I don't supplement MG because it's hydrophilic and I am probably not hydrated enough for supplementation to be doing any good. However, I will start using MG oil, and supplements while focusing on hydration. It will be interesting to see if it helps.

    The short light cycle is definitely a big player overall. I remember reading somewhere that Jack says you either embrace the cold or chase the sun in winter. I'm learning I have problems if I do neither:)
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  11. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    Also...I suspect DHEA is playing a role here, but not sure. My only supplements are: 7 keto DHEA, Ubiquinol, and curcumin.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cold increases dopamine............using purple light. All hormones correlate to dopamine and UV light assimilation. January webinar 2016 shows those links in detail.

    We don't simply create probabilities, nature does with her dealing of light frequencies to our surfaces. What she deals is rarely constant on a daily or seasonal basis. We are designed to spot her trends to guide us in each cell. When powerful trends are found we stop living based upon probabilities and we begin living life with certainties. Nature favors the dynamics of correlated novelties. In this way, relationships of things to others things in nature becomes more important than how each were are fundamentally created.
    Not everybody can assimilate light in the optimal fashion. We have various surfaces that react to a combination of light frequencies. Depending on the light spectrum light that penetrates into our surfaces between 0.1 mm to a great depth and the magic of light happens in the top layers. If your top layers cannot convert this energy well due to a e.g. badly composed cell membranes, lack of melanin, or faulty tunneling in your respiratory chain, bad photochemical reactions happen fast because of how the photoelectric works fundamentally. Most people forget that the gut is highly sensitive to light information because of how the microbiome releases light. Bacteria release 5000 times more light than our cells do. On a relative basis are gut sees massive amounts of light frequencies as soon as we eat something. In this way, with any problem that develops in the gut, your reaction to light will be different. There could be tons of reasons why alternative reactions to light occurs in this fashion. Light always plays a role and how light works and when is not well understood. When frequencies are altered for any reason, disruptions of clock genes can happen in no time by tiny things most people are not aware of. When bad reactions occur while living an outdoor life in perfect light, you know something is wrong in your environment for your particular cellular costume. That is your cells talking to you! The key is, do you pay attention to these trends properly? If you miss it, it is likely because your dopamine levels in your eye and brain is suboptimal for some reason and you need to be aware of it.
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  13. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    I listened to the "Beastified" podcast on my way in to work this morning. I really appreciated the hosts' response to the information he was learning- he was pretty humbled. For me, I feel like I would be so far ahead of the game if the ONLY thing I knew was that the eye is both a camera and a clock.
  14. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    Can't wait for the January webinar
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Already released since 1/1/16
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  17. Psyche

    Psyche New Member

    What?? Yaaaaay!!! I didn't know I would get any more webinars than the 3 I already got!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
  18. Preaching with a choir - now

    Mechanisms of blue light-induced eye hazard and protective measures: a review

    Blue light phototherapy is an effective method to lower serum bilirubin level of neonatal jaundice patients in clinical practice. However, the potential hazard of short-wave light to eye has aroused much concern. Some studies have indicated that high-energy blue light can penetrate the cornea and lens and reach the retina directly, causing photochemical damage to the retina; this is called blue light hazard. Photochemical damage to the rod cells via blue light hazard has long been recognized in 1966. Since then, numerous experiments have confirmed blue light hazard and found that the degree of damage is related to various factors such as the intensity of blue light received by the eye, distance of illumination, direction of the line of sight, and spectrum of the light source. Javier Vicente-Tejedor et al found that removing the blue component could protect the function and morphology of the retina significantly using blue-blocking filters.

    Blue light (441 nm)-induced retinal lesions resulting from photochemical damage and not from thermal injury were first reported in 1978. Mounting evidence suggests that overexposure to blue light induces a significant increase in ROS production, which contributes to the loss of photoreceptors, lipid peroxidation and cell apoptosis.

    The synergistic effects of blue light and N-retinylidene-N-retinylethanolamine (A2E) and photoreversal of bleaching will further aggravate photochemical damage and cause the activation of inflammatory reactions, DNA damage and inhibition of mitochondria and lysosome function.

    Emerging evidence indicates that blue light phototoxicity is not only limited to the retina; it also damages the ocular surface by oxidative stress and the inflammatory response. Furthermore, some scientific data suggest the transparency of crystalline lens becomes reduced with age, causing a progressive increase in absorbance within the blue light spectrum. Previous epidemiological studies have indicated that exposure to blue light may be associated with the development of ARM. However, a meta-analysis in 2018 showed no association between sunlight exposure and the risk of AMD, a finding that is consistent with the position statement of CIE.

    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an unsaturated fatty acid in RPE cells. Singlet oxygen and hydrogen peroxide could mediate the lipid peroxidation of DHA and produce HOHA. HOHA generally causes cell apoptosis by destroying mitochondria and lysosomes. Additionally, HOHA is a precursor to CEP. The CEP immune response leads to the production of interferon-γ (IFN-γ) and interleukin-17 (Il-17) by CEP-specific T cells, causing cellular inflammation [59].

    RPE cell tight junctions form a blood-retinal barrier between the choroid and retinal cells. The blood-retinal barrier plays a key role in the transport of nutrients, water, and electrolytes. Blue light decreases the barrier function by downregulating the scaffold protein Zonulae occludentes-1 (zo-1) expression through the PKC-ζ pathway. Furthermore, oxidative stress, produced by LED exposure, upregulated the unfolded protein response genes. It decreases trigeminal neural cell viability, impacts the primary culture of neural cells, and increases cell death.

    It is widely recognized that blue light is the most harmful to the retina and ocular surface. The mechanisms involved in blue light injury mainly include the oxidative stress response, mitochondrial apoptosis, inflammatory apoptosis, mitochondrial apoptosis, and DNA damage. Additionally, blue light affects optical nerve conduction by inhibiting mitochondrial activity.

    Lipofuscin and rhodopsin are important media in RPE and photoreceptor cell light damage. Blue light upregulates ROS production, causes mitochondrial and lysosomal dysfunction and disrupts the epithelial barrier, resulting in apoptosis.

    Blue light Damage:
    The activation of the mitochondria-dependent apoptosis pathway, caspase-dependent apoptotic pathway, p53 pathway, and the ER stress (ERS) and unfolded protein response (UPR) signaling pathways play a major role in blue light damage. These pathological changes may result in various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and dry diseases.​
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2023
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