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Mastering the Basics (Pathways and Seasons)

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by AJC, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. AJC

    AJC New Member

    I'm new the "paleo/epi-paleo" community and to this site so am not fully familiar with many of the terms or concepts yet so please bear with me. I'm in the process of reading this blog basically from the beginning using the posted study guides (am just starting the CT series now) but I wanted to get some clarification on a few basic concepts so I can begin putting them into action.

    Basically, I have some confusion about aligning our diets with the seasons--our circadian biology. I have been seeing a lot of members talk about the PPP and fat oxidation as being preferred over our normal 36 ATP oxidation. I also just read here that cold adaptation is the key to entering the PPP. However, in the summer it is not cold. Does this mean that during long light cycles it is optimal to stop eating a ketogenic diet and exit the PPP in order to undergo more or less "normal" metabolism, with the added power of the photoelectric effect "making up the difference" so to speak (i.e. is one pathway absolutely better than the other or is it only so in the environmental context we find ourself in?), or is the diet still basically a ketogenic one, only with more vegetables added--remaining in the PPP/ketosis? I understand we're not looking at food as macronutrients, but for ease of putting this into practice are there some basic guidelines to be mindful of to remain optimal during the long light cycles?
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The biologically mediated movement of carbon and nitrogen through our cells depends wholly, on the physiological properties of plants, animals, bacteria. These act based upon light, water, and soil determinants of the environment they are found in. All our coupled to one another. Notice you did not hear the word food in this story. You heard light...........first. Ubiquitin is a story of light. It is the first coupled cycle that all of biology organizes around. This is why it is ubiquitous in plants and animals.

    You need to realize that light at the wrong time and wrong frequency uncouples your biochemistry........this is why you're confused now at the beginning of your journey. Modern life uncouples you to this reality. You are just beginning and many here have gotten that message. If you want to read one blog to get it quick......read ubiquination 4 then read my book........this will make your reading of all the blogs in order like hologram (the quilt document is the founding corner stone of this story of humans.........as you add pieces the 30,000 ft view becomes clear. The individual pieces are the blogs entries

    Fake light exposure anytime, especially at night time, increases ubquitin rates in plants and animals. This is why ammonia shows up at higher levels in uncoupled states and diseases. This is why the Warburg effect exists. It is a beacon of an uncoupled cycle, not a marker for a fuel source. Nitrogen cycling is designed to be stable by evolution in plants and animals and when it is not you know immediately it is tied to an altered light cycle. High glucose and ammonia production in cancer cells metabolism is a greater marker for a bad light environment. Glucose is fully capable of braking ubiquitin when ubiquitin is coupled to the cell cycle, but not when it is uncoupled and isolated. When it is isolated glucose levels go through the roof to stop the PER 1 and PER 2 genes from turning over proteins in cells. The Warburg metabolism is not what we think it is today; it is a circadian mismatch signal looking for a brake pad that no longer can work when ubiquitin is uncoupled by blue light and chronic artificial night time light. Getting into the PPP is tied to this anomaly............to stop the process while you remediate your environment. In that sense it is like a natural chemotherapy for bad thinking and choices
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    all food is broken down to electrons and forms the input to mitochondria.........Electron chain transport. The out put of the cytochromes are protons and free radicals..............you do not need to worry about proteins, carbs, and fats macros here.......nor do you need to worry about calories here.........this is a quantized story your getting ready to learn about.........a story that is open, not closed and built to be far from equilibrium.
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  4. AJC

    AJC New Member

    Aha! a flash of insight. What I took away from that now (will come back to it again after further reading) is that when you harmonize your circadian biology with relation to the natural light cycles the rest of the minutia (macro's, calories, biochemical pathways) automatically aligns itself based on optimizing function within the natural environment you currently inhabit, whether that be summertime in Phoenix or winter in Michigan. An extrapolation based on this is that you can't eat your way into the PPP or optimal health without laying this foundation (and it doesn't really matter if you could).--Please correct me if I'm wrong

    I see the goal of the Leptin Rx is to re-align your internal rhythms with the rhythms of life. Assuming everyone in modern life is disconnected from these rhythms, does the Leptin Rx then become a necessary re-tuning for all, even if at a healthy weight?

    I will read the suggested material--thanks for taking the time to clear that up for me.
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  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    AJC, I thought you had a pic?
    I like your summary above.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Evolution is cruel mistress........she rewards those who think well and she punishes those who follow mediocrity.
    Deep lesson here for all...........and now you see why I am focusing your vision on LIGHT and little else..........forget your food when you read the ubiquitin series.......DHA is the only thing you need to get right with respect to food.

    Don't be saddened or disillusioned.........Not everything survives an event......but those who do usually see what is coming first and do something correct about it. Understand why I wrote Ubi 6 and 7 now? These are two groups who should be smarter than the rest of humans............and they are making critical error.............and I am trying to warn them........and all they do is make fun and be critical. We will see who laughs last in this game of chicken

    I want you to understand what we are doing and why we are really doing it here. This series is critical in divorcing you from food beliefs...........and the series is just beginning
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    • Leptin Rx = light and CT protocol = magnetism.............SEE the connection yet to 5 events already on this planet? No? See the link to the last chapter of my book yet? Understand why I began 4 yrs ago with the KT event (Factor X)?
    • I am not interested in being liked...........just correct.
    • I am not interested in fellowship..........just fellowship. People who have come to meet me can speak directly to this.......if you're on the net your ideas of what I am are yours and yours alone. Don't paint me with your brush.......I have plenty of brushes and paint my own masterpiece.
    • Not everyone will get this message on this site, in the blog and anywhere else, and I don't have time to meet everyone's needs. I can teach you the basics but you must apply what you learn in the environment you ALLOW. You must change the environment that gets us sick, to get well.
    • I need starfish who do get it and I need them fast, when you understand the physics behind the problem.
    • Two animal groups made the journey last time, theropod dinosaurs and eutherian mammals. If you don't know what they are today, and why the are important in this story, read the last chapter of my book. ..........I plan on making sure my offspring are in that next group of animals that get the message.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is better to look ahead and prepare for an uncertain future than to look back and regret inaction

    • The 7 P's - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!
    • Embrace uncertainity.........it's your friend.
  9. AJC

    AJC New Member

    A conjecture based upon the above posts: The information on this site has as its purpose the enabling of those who follow it to better withstand and actually utilize all forms of natural energy, not merely electrons from food. A massive inflow of this energy without a body that can utilize it (e.g. synced with light cycles, healthy mitochondria, cells able to tolerate it) would be disastrous to a person, hence it is necessary to prepare oneself. Bottom line--harmonize yourself with the environment so you can ride the wave and not be crushed by it.

    My conjecture.
  10. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    - Electrons from food.
    - Photons from the sun.
    - Electrons from contact with the earth.
    - Magnetoelastic waves from the earth resonant with the cell membrane
    - Electrons from skin contact with another person :p
    - Electromagnetic resonance from the brain and heart of someone close by (SQUID measurements can detect the brains magnetic field from outside the body -- http://www.sciencemag.org/content/175/4022/664.short . Your mitochondria are full of SQUIDS :D)
    - Proton currents in EZ water power blood flow through capillaries (not the pumping of the heart, see Gerald Pollack's '4th Phase of Water')
    - Protons can be liberated to become heat to expand the EZ of water in the mitochondrial micelle (and in more macro-scopic components)
    - Information transferred through water alone without the need for proteins (see Luc Montagniers work, which was covered in Mae-Wan Ho's 'Living Rainbow H2O')
    - Cell cytocytoskeleton contains actin, integrins, and intermediate fibers that are rubber-elastic, meaning that any incoming EMF is "transduced" to IR heat, and expands EZ water.
    - Collagen fibrils are piezoelectric, generating an electric current with any sort of mechanical stimulus (movement). Collagen is found EVERYWHERE :eek:
    - Mitochondria make heat and water during respiration -- http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/mitochondria-produce-water-hydration-by-exercise.9543/

    The list goes on .... :rolleyes:

    Nature is obsessed with efficiency, the tradeoff being fragility due to coupling with environmental constraints. (http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/ubiquination-4-is-now-live.13116/page-6#post-157229)

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
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  11. Nice Yew. Harmonize with your environment but find the right one to harmonize with. Grounding in Saskatchewan is not the same as grounding in Maui. Most of us on here have made the move or are planning to make the move to better environments.

    IMHO the path to optimal is a road of relentless pursuit of doing better. AJC I am less that a year into this. We've made significant changes in our lives and more importantly worked at shedding dogma.

    Welcome AJC.
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    no conjecture........you got it
  13. @yewwei.tan yewr summaries are always awesome :D
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  14. Josh

    Josh New Member

    Recently I am realizing that the other large planetary bodies and such nearby may have fairly significant electromagnetic influences on us as well. I am remembering the EU images of the planets scouring each other electromagnetically. Even if they are much less charged now, the effects to something as sensitive as cellular and extra-cellular terroir may be quite profound. Their periods are less obvios as well with the exception of the moon. Kind of a surprise to me as I have poo-poo's this stuff for most of my life....
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  15. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Heh, my health quotient took a little beating about 1 week ago when the equinox hit and we saw a record high 3.4m tide on the beach next to my house (normal high is probably 2.2m). Fucking moon decided to piss on my health :(o_O

    And of course, I know you know that full moon = increased psychiatric disorders:

    - http://europepmc.org/abstract/med/10820695
    - http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/...sCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

    The moon's gravitational pull probably affects you more the closer to the equator you get, since the force vector is closer to perpendicular (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_force). Perhaps that reduces the net electrostatic signalling potential between bodily components, and leads to communication inefficiency?

    Also happened during March, when the length of day and sun angle are decreasing as we get march toward solstice.

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  16. If we were perfectly coupled, the moon wouldn't have this effect, no? The moon had to play a role just as seasons. I'm thinking of the moon's 28 day cycle broken into 7 day seasons.
  17. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    TBH, if the mechanism I stated above is correct, then a full moon is always a stressor o_O (like being at altitude is always a stressor)

    Basically the Earth pulls you down and the Moon pulls you up, cancelling some of the Earth's gravitational effect and lessening the net gravitational strength available to your mitochondria. Stronger gravity (electrostatic force) generally allows for better signalling. Of course, since gravity is an emergent force of the electromagnetic force, this also likely correlates to decreased magnetic field strength during the a full moon.

    Being "yoked to the environment" just means that your own body's signalling mechanisms are strong enough to be resilient to the external insult :cool:

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2015
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    See stonehendge.........this is why it was built. They were connected but they still understood lunar standstill's eclipses, solstice's and the important effect of behavior during these astrologic changes that Josh brings up.

    The word lunatic comes from these alterations of electromagnetic oscillations from the moon. The moon periodicity is 18.61 yrs but its remnants can still be found in the Aubry holes (56) that surround the site.
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Now your making sense.........lots of it!
  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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