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Martin's Story

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Martin, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I'm a male, 59, 138 lbs. and a retired (emphasis on "tired") old house restoration contractor.

    I've had a long history of low-grade health problems since I can remember. Fevers, muscle aches (my Mom called them "growing pains"), cold-natured, lethargy, mental fogginess, coming alive as the day wore on, and always wanting to stay up late and then sleep late the next morning. I saw others play harder, learn faster, and have more friends than me and got picked on a little by others. Because they looked down on me for being "weak" and "stupid", I eventually blamed myself for just not being "good enough".

    I had my moments of clarity and courage and went on to get married, help raise my stepson, and have a great career restoring old Craftsman bungalows in Atlanta for a number or years. It was rough work and it wore at my 140 lb. frame, but it was by sheer force of will and a love for those old houses that got me through. Joint pain and slow healing wounds, along with a lack of energy, drove me to do research on the net. It led me to look at my past history in a new way.

    I remember my Mom talking about her sub-normal temps, aches, weakness, low energy level, and she was always struggling mentally. She started me on a path of natural healing that I continue to practice to this day.

    I eat organically, fresh air, spring water, saunas, and relaxation strategies, and now, Paleo eating and eventually, Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis.

    I am through blaming myself and allowing others to blame me for being "weak minded", "not good enough", "it's all in your attitude", and other bull****. There is a part of this that is spiritual, of course, and I'm addressing it. But there is a physical part of feeling lousy and that's why I am here. It's called epigenetics! I'm fixing the bio-mechanical machine that is our body through what I have learned here and other sites such as the Weston Price Foundation, the Doctor Whithin, Hair Analysis and Mineral Balancing - Dr. Larry Wilson, and others.

    I am coming at the Reset, CT, et al, from a biotoxin illness place. Recently dx'ed with two genetic defects: mold exposure and low aMSH. These explains so much about my life.

    I found Dr. Kruse's work through a chance question on a WPF forum and dove right in. I have always searched for a well-researched method of diagnosing imbalances and Kruse is the man. I feel so fortunate to learn from him and look forward to a life restored, just like my old houses.

  2. shilohman

    shilohman New Member

    Way to go Martin, welcome aboard.
  3. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Welcome, Martin! I look forward to hearing about your journey to Optimal!
  4. janagram

    janagram New Member

    I'll be checking here for more....
  5. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Mold doc visit went very well. The four-month wait for the appointment was finally over.

    I had read up on the treatment in "Mold Warriors" by Dr Ritchie Shoemaker and knew what to expect and more importantly, what I wanted to take away from the first visit - a script for cholestyramine.

    This ancient cholesterol drug is not absorbed into the body. It just absorbs fatty stuff and, along with it, the biotoxins that have been circulating in my body for a long time creating an unchecked feedback loop of cytokine release and the resulting misery.

    I feel as if I've had the flu for three years. Painful joints, headaches, vicious leg cramps, unrelenting fatigue, and a gathering hopelessness. Like Dr. Kruse said, chronic pain will change your life.

    Doc took a nasal swab to test for a nasty infection that is sometimes present in us Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) sufferers. The tiny little Q-tip looked so small and innocuous until it was several inches back o' my nostril. Then it felt like a cotton-covered baseball bat. A quick dab or two and it was all over. At least no bending over this trip.

    I learned from the doc that the VIP testing (vaso-intestinal peptide, a very important marker for mold illness) is currently going haywire among the testing labs out there and the test results cannot be relied upon. $75 wasted? It's all good. The way out is the way through. There are plenty of other tests to provide a path.

    I had introduced the good doc to Dr. Kruse's work a few months ago and have mentioned how CT raises aMSH, another important (extremely!) hormone in everyone, let alone mold folks. Mine is
  6. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    Hi Martin,

    Do you mean your saw Ritchie Shoemaker? Or another Mold doc who works with Dr Shoemaker's protocols?

    I know a few people using CSM, they seem to think it's effect is potentiated by other measures, extreme mold avoidence in some cases or other detoxification support. I also think CT could work very well with CSM. I'm really interested to see how you do!

    Did you get significant mold exposure while renovating? I guess with that genotype any exposure was going to make you sick?

    I googled Atlanta craftsman bungalows because I was curious, and I love old houses. Nice! Not too different from bungalows built here, in NZ, in the 20's.

    Best to you! :)
  7. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hi freesia, I found a mold doc who follows Shoemaker's work. I started CSM two days ago and no changes yet. I am curious about using other clearing supplements like chlorella. Do you know if those people you mentioned used it?

    I know I was exposed like crazy during the remodeling, but it wasn't anything I haven't been exposed to for 12 years. The house is not water-damaged, and we have a very dry basement, but the mold grew on the backsides of the rough-sawn pine interior boards that were on the wall. Humidity over the years and poor construction would let air thru from the outside and deposited mycotoxins on the inside. Ugh.

    I theorize many would get respiratory issues if exposed, but would quickly clear once they left the area. But if you have haplotypes, watch out! I'm still wondering how I did as well as I did all the years up here. I actually got very healthy 3 years ago thru watching diet, etc., but then something really kicked my a** - bad!!! I have not recovered from that episode and the search for healing brought me here. I thought it was Lyme's and that brought Shoemaker's work up, but I forgot it until Dr. Kruse referenced him. Bingo, I'd found my path thru that I could trust.

    Got more blood tests back.

    TGF-beta 10,820 pg/ml range: 344-2,382

    VIP 42 pg/ml range: 0-58

    ACTH 14 pg/ml range: 7.2-63.3

    TGF-beta is in line with CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) range.

    VIP is probably worthless due to current lab difficulties going on presently according to my doc in Atlanta.

    ACTH ? not sure what to relate this to yet.

    New Zealand! Always wanted to be a Kiwi, albeit an import!
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  8. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Ninth day in CSM and not doing well. More aching and discomfort than before. Constipation is a side affect of CSM and they ain't kiddin'. Doing steps to improve "flow".

    Contacting mold doc to see if other tests are back yet and whether there is some strange thing going on.

    I seem to respond very little to ANY therapy I've ever done thru my search for relief. Pills, tablets, tinctures, decoctions, all go down and nothing resembling a big change happens. I read success stories and about new (and old) therapies and get really good inspiration, but don't seem to fall in line with the healing crowd.

    More testing will show me the path through this. The answer is there in my blood.
  9. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Martin, have you eliminated all grains from your diet? I just did a quick rescan of your posts and didn't see anything. If you haven't (or even if you have) and haven't yet read Dr. William Davis's "Wheat Belly," I'd sincerely like to recommend it to you.

    Good luck. I'll keep checking back to see how you're doing so don't leave. You have found a place with lots of good support.
  10. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Hi Darleen,

    All grains? Only brown rice sometimes mixed into my veg/beef soup. And sometimes rice crackers with sesame seeds on them (makes them palatable!) just to have some sort of CHANGE from beef, broccoli, beets, and bacon.

    I read "Dangerous Grains" and got tested, but results were not high. I went off wheat, rye, oats, and corn anyway after reading Dr. Kruse.

    No gluten for six months. I could tighten it up and eliminate ALL grains, though.

    Thank you for the book suggestion. That's what great about this forum. People do seem to care and want to spread the knowledge and experiences.

    Speaking of that, you sang in a rock band! COOL! You are inspiring me with your life story.

    I want to play in a band before I die. Country prolly, and sing harmony behind my quite talented wife. Too fatigued right now. Haven't even picked up my guitar in months. Time is slipping...
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good luck on your journey to optimal health. There are so many very smart people here and of course Dr. K. You will figure this out with everyones help
  12. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    LOL, yeah.
  13. Pardus

    Pardus New Member

    Hi Martin,

    It seems we share some common issues. I am very allergic to molds, along with pollen, dust, etc.

    Also, something really kicked my a$$ about 2 years ago.

    As per Dr. K's suggestion, I have increased my magnesium intake and it has helped a lot with my irregularity. I have also increased my B vitamins for detoxing. I'm still a beginner at CT, but it seems to be helping me a bit.

    Please keep us up to date on what is working for you. Personally, I need all the help I can get!
  14. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Check out Shoemaker's work if you have not already. I really believe he's on it and Dr. Kruse confirms that with his Lyme/Leptin blogpost.
  15. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I got some good news from my testing. No Marcons! It's a nasty nasal infection that constantly triggers cytokine releasing. You may not even have a runny nose!

    And so far, I am not having to take Actos, an effective, but sometimes risky drug (when taken long-term) that does a lot of good when used off-label to treat moldy, lymie people.

    Eating lots of prunes these days.
  16. Martin

    Martin Gold

    I spent part of the day yesterday in the garden finally planting some raspberry and asparagus crowns I ordered. I almost decided not to get them, but if you don't act on it when spring comes, you waste an entire year. It's not like a tupperware bowl you can just go out and buy anytime you want one. Timing is everything.

    Having said that, I left the poor things imprisoned in their little shipping box for over a week as I struggled to get more pressing things done with my limited energy. Rental house madness. Believe me, having to dig deep holes and putting in lots of plants is much easier than dealing with a socio-pathic tenant. People can suck.

    While I was out digging my holes, I had a slight inkling of a lessened painful reaction to getting out and working. Just barely perceptible, but enough to get my attention.

    When you feel crappy for so long, even the slightest improvement is noticed. In the past twenty years, I have called upon these relaxed, warm, comfortable, can't-feel-my-aching-ass-body, instances for solace and inspiration, and it spurs me on. Is this how normal people feel?! I can only barely remember what that's like and it has been getting fainter by the year.

    I want to be feeling so good and free of pain that I am "outside" my body, ahead in my plans, and excited about my dreams - like I used to be as a child. All I think about these days is how I feel and what the hell I ought to be doing about it. I know I'm overstating it, but it's a large part of what occupies my mind.

    This morning my arms and legs ache and I can feel the fatigue slipping in. Not to worry! I push through and do what I have to do, albeit at a minimum. Bills need paying? Write a check. Hair's on fire? Put it out. Then go back to resting and shoving my nose into research on what to do next to get well.

    I got back my Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and all of the 20 or so items are in range. No major values high or low is a good thing, if the ranges are anything to trust. A few were on the low side, a couple on the high, but most are in the middle. I'm sorting and researching(!) to find out what they mean.

    Most of my testing comes back "normal". My FBG is always good, no renal problems, gluten sensitivity
  17. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Bad crash yesterday afternoon. I suspect it's the parasite cleanse (mimosa pudica) and the constipating effects of the cholestyramine. In bed for hours, never did recover before the night was over. Flu-like feeling I always have was heightened big-time.

    I did not do night dose of CSM, doc said back off if it gets too rough.

    Hammered today, but got to go plant my garden. The seasons wait for no one.
  18. freshveggies

    freshveggies Silver

    Sorry to hear this Martin. I have bad days like that too and really don't like it. I want to be productive but can't. I never went higher that 1x day for CSM and I saw good results. Doc said that was ok since I am very sensitive to anything. Go slow and be patient as my doc would say to me. I am axious for getting better, but need to listen to his advice. I hope today is better.
  19. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Day 18 on Cholostyramine and a slight improvement?

    Less ache and my attitude a tad better?

    Lasted nearly all day in various degrees. Man! I'll take it!

    Almost reached for the face-dunking bowl, but I have to be patient and follow the protocol out of this mess.

    Next day the chronic ache returned, but I can see the gift in it by the contrast and how I feel. Movement in a chronic pain condition is a good thing.

    It's been three years since no pain and I'm getting excited about returning to a better life. Dr Kruse's work on raising aMSH and other hormones through CT has given me a effective pathway to get to optimal and live out my life like a child again.

    My niece has gotten interested in Paleo and is starting to embrace the ancestral ways! It is a good feeling to see someone get on board and change their lives. She has severe digestive issues and the docs say it's "stress" and "psychosomatic". I'm having her send me all her testing to see what I can and encouraged her to join us here.

    I am eyeing a stock tank from the local feed store and want to put it on the deck for CT-ing this spring and summer. I can drain it down to my garden or landscape when water needs changing. Plant CT!

    Oops. I posted something on ASK JACK and realized afterwards that it was not the right forum. Sure enough, got a reply as such from the good doc, but he answered anyway. Thanks, Doc! I had wondered for over a month about my question and it's cleared up.
  20. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    Hey Martin, Just wanted to send some good vibes your way! Hope you're having some more good days.

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