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Mariangela's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mariangela, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Yes I am doing hormones and going to get them tested in about a month. I had a lot of other labs done to compare to my old ones. I will put the values up but my thyroid is back on track all by itself. No more armour thyroid for it. Dr was kinda surprised with that and plus all my basic labs were good. Vitamin D needs a pump up a little bit but I had gotten off my supplementss for it to see what would happen. So I am starting it again in small doses. I still muscle test all my supplements and hormones because I look at it this way. 1. what my body wants by testing is very different from what he dr prescribes. 2. We are always telling teh body what it should want , I prefer to ask it what it DOES want. I have had much better results. Usually everything is lower or none at all. Leptin is my biggest question as it went down a few points ( I will put the values below) but I have been testing out all the info jack says to do to see if I get derailed. I DON'T. So i feel leptin was off because of that. So getting back to Epi Paleo and Leptin RX soon to see where letpin goes. I have increased my carbs tremendously with no problems in the gut. That was a huge win for me. So like I said, playing around. But Heres the thing: Everything Jack said would all the things that would improve if I did A B C did happen! With my other Dr He never said what would happen but just said lets see what happens. So there was no way to say HEY, that didn't work. We were guessing anyway. Lab values will get posted in the next post.
  2. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    One year and two months completely symptom free of any illness. No Iv treatments for 7 months. Not even worried, which is great! because the Dr I was going to got downright abusive to me and crude/rude and even slammed the door on his way out of my room one day after insulting me. Amazing. after 12 years as his patient, and 5 in critical care. He hated hearing about my success with Jack. Amazing. I finally decided I was healthy and happy without him.

    The last labs I had were:


    leptin: 3.7 down from 3.9 in 2017 I am wondering if going lower than 4 like this is still Leptin resistant.

    Vit D : 45 down from 138 in 2016. I stopped supplementing with it in 2017 because of starting Jacks programs and wanted to see what would happen. I supplement small amounts now by muscle testing. I think I read that supplementing is not the best but, have to look that issue up in blogs again. I just wanted to get away from all those Suuuuuuplements! for a while and see what I might do to offset what the tests showed after I was clean and doing optimal.

    thyroid : all good on tests, nothing abnormal. I was taking 90 mg and stopped supplementing this too mid 2017. This surprised me coming back normal in all the reference ranges. It never was. in fact Dr had me up as high at 180 with thyroid in 2015 and 2016 but that was the time I started seizures and other sever mental issues. Dr, he cut back on it. seizures didnt stop tho. They are gone now. THANK YOU JACK . I cry every time I think of how lost I was at that time. Nothing compares to losing your mind and watching yourself lose your mind and you know it and work your butt off to stop it and it doesn't stop is scary hell.

    Blood Glucose: 91 down from 100 in 2016 I did absolutely nothing but jacks info. I followed his food guidelines but went off that too, testing what would happen and my blood sugar still came down eating some junk for periods of time. Dr wanted to get me on all sorts of pre diabetic supplements and every 3 month testing and shoved new labs tests at me to followup on. I threw them in the trash at the office. I had found Jack. No more chasing illnesses.

    IGF-I,LC/MS : 91 Dr said it should be around 200 and wanted me to get back on sermorelin injections. I had stopped those after starting jack. again I wanted to see what happened. I never was tested for growth hormone anyway when I was put on them so nothing to compare it to before this test which I requested be done this time. Not sure if this 91 is good or not. Not sure if sermorelin is necessary to make improvements. Anybody with info please point me to a blog or such. So far I havent found anything worthwhile to figure this out. Thnx

    Cholesterol: 309 and LDL calculated 212. in 2016 numbers were 329 and 248 respectively. I never get excited about this being high from what I have read. Dr always said no to worry about it too.

    The only supplements I take are a few stomach enzymes which are down to just two basic per meal by muscle testing. I have had days my body wanted none. YAY. ( I was prescribed three different kinds and took about 7 in combo at each meal before); and am on bio hormones a 1/4 the prescribed dose.

    Thats it for this post.
    Off to my brain boosting cold soak!
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nature for the win.
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  4. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Updating. Its hard to keep my journal current because I am part of life now that I am recovered and just hate to get back into that logging of every step I take ...is this good... is this bad.... too much deja vu. I just do what makes sense to me and see what the results are. And then look over the process again and see if I have it right or if something I did made it better for me and go with it. So far I am NOT disappointed in the results at all. Its also hard to log in my journal because I am working and cleaning out the mindset that I am a patient, I am an ill person ,I need therapies YUCK! done. ALL DONE being a sick person. I need life. So life it is. end of story.

    Milestones: no illness for 1 year and 6 months now. Woohoo. Freedom! I will be 59 in April.

    Qualifier: I get symptoms exposed to too much wifi and nnemfs . They DO NOT LAST because I fix it right away. I might have a day of feeling bad or anxious so I know I got a hit and usually know where so I dont do that again. I get outdoors and ground and do CT and its gone. Winter has made me more sensitive but not more sick. My worst event happened inlate fall. I was going to an event with a friend on the other side of PGH PA( I live in PA) . I had the event scoped out with a plan to mitigate what I needed and a plan with my friend if I got weird. You have to remember that I get the neuro stuff , so I didnt want her to be alarmed since she has never seen it. Honestly I wasnt worried. I had my plan. It worked. W e had a fab time. However going past PGH the second time on the way home, we had a traffic jam at a construction sight and were delayed getting through the city by 15 min. Sitting in traffic. oops. Learned a lesson. All of a sudden I start going crazy in the car: hysteria, claustrophobia, my brain was on fire and was very painful like an axe was stuck in my head and I started to tremor and shake and my speech got all goofed up..and more..all in a few seconds. It felt like my brain would explode. I opened the window further took off my shirt and stuck my arms out the window in the full sun and my face. Phew. It was a big help. Got calmed a bit. I did my chanting and held onto my brain with my yoga mind till we got clear of the city. I was worried I would get tripped into a seizure. I knew when we cleared the city, I could tell eventhough I had my eyes closed. All of a sudden my brain chaos stopped. Just like that. Didnt go near that place all winter. And have not had any other episodes like it. I dared myself to go into big box stores to see too if I would react and just a mild headache that wearing my blue blockers prevented next time. So I know it was the city.

    Health improvements: put on more muscle. I gained weight but its really changed my figure. I look BETTER. And athletic. I cut waaaay back on my exercise too. That was hard because moving was my escape from the emotional side of illness. But now I exercise hard for fun when I feel like it . Yoga is my daily choice . I have found peace within me . I am active all day and have an enormous amount of energy. I sleep good most nights but have a few interrupted nights from full moon or ??? to be discovered yet. I have started to get my creativiy back and passion. I just did my first blog for my lyme page and fb group about Lyme and circadian biology. Dick and Jane level, but getting these people to understand and take action is an artform I know, been there, experienced it. said with love.

    Supplements/meds/etc: For teh winter I take one stomach enzyme here or there. I take progesterone and estrogen but my testosterone needs have stopped. Probably because of the the cold therapy I do. I muscle test every day for what my body wants so thats how I know. I have a closet full of unused and some unopened supplements leftover that tell a sad tale about living when I look at them. I am getting close to tossing them away. That will be an epic emotional victory, let me tell you. Taking thyroid is history. Body doesnt want it. For the winter I have done some vit D but not every day. Only when I tested positive for i t and then all I wanted was a small amount. So I went with it.

    Daily routine: I thought I would add this since you would not believe how many people here and on FB contact me about it. Geez, folks, i had 6 of you in one day. It was Fun. Is it really that hard or are you looking for shortcuts? Maybe its just me. I like to find out about something and then explore it. Then test it, then tweak it, then keep going. And I like it to be simple too. My new life motto is : if it aint easy I aint doing it. That doesnt mean I wont do something challenging. It means I will not make it drama. I figure out an easy way to approach it that works for me and move ahead . Ok here are my basics:

    1. Sunrise of course. Havent missed one since Aug 2017, my start date. I usually do yoga while the sun comes up in shorts and bikini top but as the weather got colder I did bundle up and then after eating breakfast i would go back out in shorts and bikini top and do yoga till I had enough cold. I stuck with this every day in the winter so far because I figured if this is my climate and I am working to survive here right now, I better hack it to my best. It got to be fun being out in snow storms and that polar vortex! criminy - I did 10 minutes in that awful wind. It was like flash freezing. But i didnt shiver either. I just eventual got cold. Like I do from CT soak. I would have gone longer but it was my first vortex lol and i wasnt sure what to expect. If the sun is out instead of clouds, I will make sure I stay in it extra.

    2. breakfast: meat based, usually fish and usually pork. I have friends who farm so I get a half of a pig for winter eating including fat to render. Fish is usually clams, mussels and shrimp. I eat for my climate for the season so right now its mostly meat and a seldom carb as local as I can find.

    3. I eat all my meals outdoors. That has been an interesting process. I skipped it on a couple of really cold days and I just felt bad. It was like my body was missing something. So now I never miss a chance to eat outside and yes I ate outdoors in the Polar vortex. I am in this for the win folks. And food isnt supposed to be hot anyway, right?

    4. If we get sun through the day, I will get out in it again for at least 30 min to an hour naked. If I have clients during the day, i change my schedule and arrange them around the sun. They all know I will do this and are ok with it. It helps them get on board with it too. I have almost all of them doing some sort of "jack therapy" baby steps or above. If we have clouds I have recently started going out then too when I found out it was a black swan hack for IR. I do 10 to 15 on those days cuz clouds and naked is an acquired taste. But everything stops on a sun day and I am out like today we had full sun and wind chill of 22 degrees. I got 30 min in. And then I have my dog i take out for his walks and days I take my dog to the park.

    5. I use minimal indoor artificial lighting. Most of the time its candles. My electric bill is usually around 28$. If is happen to need more light I cover up and wear my blue blockers. I NEVER HAVE LIGHTS ON AFTER DARK. Candles yes. I have been working on my bedroom as a dark space and that a work in progress. One thing I do have around me is a lot of night glow. But That is coming along. Computer and phone during the day but limited. Eye protection on. computer is every few days.

    6. I usually have just 2 meals a day . the last one usually around 1-2 in the afternoon. Never snack. Never want to. Just not hungry. I drink spring water I harvest from a long standing and well taken care of spring that runs all year in the local mountains. Thats my only beverage.

    7. Evening. Sunset. Reading, meditation. snuggling with my dog. candles until about 830, then they are out. I might stay up longer but If so I just relax in the dark. Its a mental soother before sleep. My phone is off by 7PM wrapped in foil.

    These are my basics. I am figuring a trip to Florida by car since I will not get in a plane with my brain reactions. It might sound simple for most of you, but I am not a traveler and this is one of my scary walls. Plus I have a limited budget for it. So far I am up to looking at places I want to go and have two friends who said they would consider going with me. I do not want to go alone because if I have a problem I would like someone with me that knows whats going on. I am confident it will be fine. Looking at dates to do this too since I have to coordinate. A thought I have for the future is to get a camper so I can take my dog and hang out all winter in the sun. My 86 yr old mom keeps me connected here right now unless I can convince her to go camping. Oxymoron statement . Also, locally, I have my brothers camp to go to which is the 100 acres of wilderness and no cell phone signal and lots of forest and a creek .

    Catch you all up again next time.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  5. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Getting close to two years of great health! - right now I am at 1 yr 10 mos "cured" AKA no symptoms of illness.

    Some ramblings:

    Its so weird getting up each day and just being a part of life without having to figure out how to stay alive another day or what you are gonna do when those crazy suicide thoughts come through during hysteria attacks. They were never MY thoughts anyway. it was like they got beamed into my head, i swear. But as i tell my clients, yoga saved my life more than once . If you are not anchored in something when you hit your "wall" you wont make it. Bless my dedication to chanting and such. :) When I read Dr Beckers book The Body Electric, it mentioned that they tested the brain conditioning waves on yogis and they were the only ones who couldn't be manipulated during the test. I even wrote in the margin of the book YAY Yogis! lol Plus I am glad I had years of experience in working with chronically ill clients with yoga therapy so I my experince on me and got to improve my methods with n=1 precision. ;)

    Instead of barely being able to walk, talk or stop shaking, Now I am busy everyday from sun up to sun down. I am exploring what ever comes along to see whats there for me to enjoy or learn from. I have been travelling to as many remote places here as I can and that has been fun. It was so rewarding to be able to drive 4 hours in a car on one day and have absolutely no brain problems! and be confident that I was going to drive it myself. It was a big deal for me to get that confidence back again. Thank you Dr Jack

    I have said this many times- there is no hell like losing your mind. I have come across others that suffered like I did with Lyme brain hell. Not just brain fog or memory loss, or headaches. Its a total hijacking of your mind. Its not as common with Lyme disease as you might think tho. And when we get connected, we commiserate and cry and are glad for the automatic understanding because there is no way to describe what you put up with in your mind. We just look at each other and say " ya know, that brain stuff" and nothing else needs to be explained. It cant be anyway. And I know now, that it was more nnemf illness than Lyme anyway. I have started to blog about it and introduce Dr Jack"s information into my private FB group and its going pretty good at this point. And my clients are slowly benefiting. Slowly because if you haven't had Lyme, you don't really know what hardship it is to stay on course or how hard hard hard hard hard impossible impossible impossible it is to even get started. So not only do I thank Dr jack for helping me get rid of illness( and other bad habits haha) I am grateful to be able to help some really hopeless people find healing with his methods too.

    I havent done much more that stay on course with all the methods I mentioned in earlier posts. Kinda coasting but added some small variations and still learning. My biggest happiness this summer is being able to EAT with no worries about getting sick. I have indulged in all sorts of foods because I treat myself really good now whether food, friends, activities, etc...always coming back to home base epi paleo and circadian biology. Thing is, I have no gut flare ups, or any other illness problems doing that . Very grateful.

    See you next time.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Wow ....I love all you write. You are a blessing to yourself and everyone around you.

    sending you a big fat hug X
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  7. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Thought I would check in and give an update. I am now two years completely symptom free of late stage neuro Lyme disease as of August 23 2019. Starting year three! I feel absolutely great! I have to say, this has been pretty smooth healing. Smooth= nothing I couldn't fix. But perhaps thats because I had all the drama and trauma wrung out of me before I got here. Not much to get in the way of me holding onto new ideas and giving doubt a return to sender boot when it sneaks in. And I have had a few bumps on the way as i wrote about but nothing I was doubtful about. so wierd. I used to be fearful of just breathing! and doubted I would get to the next breath. Doubt. what a killer.

    I stick to the protocols I mention throughout my journal but have adapted them over time to be as I need or want them to be. If I stray for too long I can feel it and just get back on track and keep going. My fun cold soaking hack this year was to get a kiddie pool, fill it with ice and water and sit in it with my feet on the ground or my grounding sheet depending on where I was in the sun. That sure beat being in my tub inside.

    I have not missed a sunrise to date since starting them. I do stray off epipaleo eating but thats only because I can and nothing "bad" happens but instead the chance to feel less bound by rules and embraced by choices.

    The most interesting thing that has happened tho in my recovery journey, i might have mentioned it before, has been this element and it started when all symptoms first dropped away: I am part of nothing but everything is part of me. I will just leave that there. I attempted to explain it several times just now here, but as I tell my friends its challenging to put words to it . It feels like a parallel universe to the one I had and I see it feel it in me but dont relate to it . HAHA I guess I just explained it. Its probably like a near death experience of some sort. I know I died in that illness. Now I get to live in this aliveness. And so it is.

    All supplements have vanished from my life except an occasional magnesium or mineral and bio hormones. I still muscle test for what I want but its been so long since I got a positive on anything I have started to give away the supplement stash I had . I just feel great without them!

    I started looking for a new PCP but only interviewed one so far. dismaying. I absolutely hate going back to a "patient" mindset so it might not be time for this right now. So I will see how it rolls along.

    Year one recovered was SURPRISE! Year two was transition. Year Three seems like it will be the year to actually create a life without the illness psyche and own it .

    OH and for the record I talked about my dog having Lyme disease too and he is doing as great as me. He was even bitten by a few ticks again and had a flare up but I knew what to do with him or should say made sure we stayed on protocol and with a little bit of homeopathy and red laser light therapy he recovered like it was a just really bad bad flue. His Lyme tested really high again at that time and now is down and he has no symptoms. That took about two to three months start to finish. In fact his whole life he was allergic to 17 foods, his gut was a mess and he is now eating all of the forbidden foods in some way without problems.

    Hell I live in Tick capital USA and dont even care about Lyme disease other than to know it can be "cured."

    Thank you Dr Jack Kruse for my new incredible life. Someday we will probably meet so I can say thank you in person, but life will take care of that as needed.

    If you are reading this and have not reached your health goals, know that you can.

    Be a rainbow.
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  8. Inger

    Inger Silver

    this is such an awesome journal, how did I miss it??
    Just amazing healing journey :) :) :)
    Thank you Mariangela, for sharing it all :)
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thankyou so much Mariangela for sharing your journey to Optimal with us.

    How wonderful for you ...and all of us!

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