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Mariangela's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Mariangela, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    5 years neuropsychiatric Lyme disease. Never saw a tick bite or had a rash just got sick on a 10 day retreat trip to New York.

    It started with nausea, inability to tolerate any food and I started having brain pains. My integrative MD and I were thinking maybe Lyme disease. All tests came back negative for anything Lyme and I did all cutting edge ones too plus the ones he had for other things including breath tests urine and stool analysis too. All negative for anything. Had MRI of brain and neck and neurosurgeon said there was no physical reason for me to be acting like I was and I should see a psychiatrist. At the end of the first month I felt a flu coming on one day and collapsed in 12 hours with temps of 105 and hallucinating. I couldn't walk or stand up and had strange phobias about it all.

    It took a month for the flu to clear . Once it was over, my gut was destroyed and I could eat nothing without getting violently sick. I had been a raw vegan for about 11 years but now I was phobic about even looking at vegetables and would even go into a panic attack. Its ok to laugh! I found out I could eat eggs and started on an all animal protein diet. Yeah, go ahead and chuckle again:).

    The next five years I stayed on an all animal protein diet and thrived. My symptoms became a brain, joint pain and fatigue nightmare though. We clinically diagnosed Lyme disease, bartonella, babesia and systemic candida. I had an enormous variety of symptoms that varied everyday: vibrations, seizures, severe brain pain, burning brain, swollen brain, eye flashes, blurry and double vision; lost my sight for a few seconds one day, slurred speech and inability to talk, loss of comprehension, hallucinations, suicidal ideation, rashes, swollen painful joints, sudden swelling in my body like hands thighs or arms; walking difficulty, swallow difficulty, inability to tolerate sound, hysteria, panic attacks, phobias, rage, memory loss, inability to follow conversation or comprehend words, inability to read or write; electrical shocks from the top of my head down to my feet; insomnia

    For the 5 years I stayed with a variety of natural IVs including oxygen therapies. I got 85% better but stalled. And some of the brain swelling was coming back. But getting this far was a miracle for me ! And I was feeling good about it.

    I heard of Jack Kruse a few years ago on a paleo blog but never looked him up. Then 2017 sometime in early summer, while cleaning my desk I found a paper with the name Jack Kruse on it. lol. Still didn't look him up but was tempted. Saved the paper too. Then in Aug of 2017 in a conversation with another patient at the alternative health clinic I go to, Jack's name came up and the person said you gotta look him up! I finally did. I spent a fascinating time looking over his web sight and getting very excited about all the intense information that took what I knew up to a whole new level. Plus I saw where I had missed the point of some things and was introduced to sooo many fascinating new concepts. I could barely stop reading blogs. I knew I had found my answer for my full recovery because of the excitement I felt. I wasn't going back to brain hell.

    I took notes on what appealed to me or sounded like a match for my illness. So it went like this: day one was the talk with the patient. Day two was looking at the blogs and podcasts. Day 3 I started my plan and ordered the book the fourth phase of water. I started with Leptin Rx. So day 3 i went out and got the sunrise without contacts in with bare feet on the ground. I stayed out about 3 minutes. Came inside and had so much energy it was incredible! All my body movements were fast, on target, coordinated and sustained. in 30 minutes I ate a BAB - which was hard since I usually fasted until 11 or 1. Then I unplugged the wifi since EMF RX was on my list of to do items. Went back outside and got 11AM sun for 15 minutes with all four limbs on the ground. Came inside and I knew my gut was healed and so were the rest of my health issues. I went shopping and bought foods I had not eaten in over 5 years. I did not get sick when I ate them that same day! The rest is history. My Mom saw me on day 3 and said my face looked really different- like it used to look before I was sick. Day 4 I started CT. I went right to the full immersion since I had been doing outdoor Ct for two years. This put out the fire in my brain and spinal cord . NO more brain issues. No more illness!

    I started Jack Kruse protocol on Aug 23 rd 2017. I am 4 months in to these protocols: Leptin RX, EMF Rx, CT, EPI Paleo RX, circadium rhythm

    I just started Leptin reset protocol since I felt I had all the signs for it

    Had Leptin tested a few weeks ago (did not do it at first though to know what is was) Its now 3.9 which I am sure is lower than when I started.

    Had these tests too a few weeks ago
    HS-CRP: 0.4
    Homocysteine: 8.3
    Fibrinogen: 388

    i do candles at sundown, use blue blocker glasses, sleep on a grounding sheet that is plugged into the ground outside, eat mostly shell fish every day mostly raw , keep my house heat at 68 degrees, went from doing CT water soak EVERY DAY for two months to twice a week now but its winter in Pennsylvania and I get cold outside in shorts and T shirt every day; did full body sun from Aug till mid nov; get as much winter light in my eyes as possible; eating seasonally and on no carbs for winter- easy for me after 5 years of it lol; all exercise is outside including yoga no matter what the weather; I drink living spring water from a local spring ; read Dr Kruses book

    I feel like I am in my 20's (I am 57) and to date have had no illness symptoms return. I continue to do more EMF and other hacks as I learn about them.

    My main concern is to keep the longevity of my brain working optimal. I do not want the organisms to come back and dont know how much actual brain damage I might permanently have if any. I wear two hearing aides and wonder how much harm they are doing to my brain too.

    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    this book (and read it, and use that advice)
    Look up my posts on this thread:

    test and study and manipulate your
    fatty acids
    Read all threads that have "deuterium" word it its title.
    Read this, videos, all that is here:

    Call them
    get their advice
    get their water for at least 6-9 months
    follow (to a T) all testing that they are offering

  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  4. Annemarie Heise

    Annemarie Heise Gold Member

    Thank you so so much
  5. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome: Jack was never interviewed ever by Mercola.
  7. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    hmm..maybe it was a link out to a podcast?? Anyway sorry to misrepresent. :(
  8. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Signed up for the Bio Hacking Webinar. I want toget more understanding of the labs .

    Next labs for me are food sensitivity. Never had them done before in spite of gut issues. Am curios if i have any foods to avoid .

    This week started an easier recovery from CT : cold water immersion in my bathtub. I hardly shiver at all after and thats been consistent all week. Water is 53-55 . I stay in 25 min .

    Plus being outdoors in the record breaking cold spell here in PA has been fun CT. I did 10 min in -3 ; shorts and T shirt. Woo.

    Worked up to raw fish on a regular basis mostly shellfish- its so sweet raw! That was a surprise.

    Getting close to 5 months on the protocol and still am illness free.

    Reading thru EMF issues here in forum and blogs. Getting ready to buy a meter. Started to power off the whole house at night except kitchen . Continue to keep wifi disconnected unless need.
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  9. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    What are thoughts about hearing aides? How harmful are they? I wear two. They are digital but not the new bluetooth versions. I wear them from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Have had them for 4 years. Had hearing issues most of my life but never had hearing devices until recently.
  10. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Thinking out loud: if I am feeling completely "cured" for 5 months with the JK protocols I am doing so far, how important are tests for me at this point? Do I just keep checking my Leptin levels periodically and inflammation markers? or do I need to go deeper?
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  11. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Update on supplements :

    Being a light worker as we call it - a ThetaHealer and Yoga Therapist- I have always relied on navigating my supplement doses with energy testing. I use the dosages my dr says to take as my starting point and go from there. Since doing the Leptin Reset, and now the Post Leptin Reset, along with the steps I have done for EMF mitigating and circadian rhythms and CT, I am off most supplements and hormones now. This is really weird to me but happily so. Never have my supplements energetically tested out at zero for such a long time, especially my hormones.

    Changes: from taking on average 30 supplements multiple times a day, I am off most except hormones unless I get too much EMF and not enough natural light.

    Some of the more interesting Changes:

    thyroid started at 90mg-now at 3mg
    Estrogen once or twice a week at 1/4 dose
    Testosterone everyday at 1/8 dose
    Progesterone everyday at half dose

    Probiotics were mega doses now at none
    DHA none
    Vitamin D started at 5000 twice a day now only 1 -5000 tablet once a week
    Adrenal support has been none for 3 months now

    And like I said there are a bunch more I test zero for on a daily basis. First time ever for that.

    Also, really like the bio hacking 101 webinar series.
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my feeling on tests ......they are only a moment in time - I tend to go by how I feel.

    Jack always tell us to pay attention to the Doctor in our head ........
  13. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Yeah, I getcha Caroline. thanks.
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  14. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    I will be 8 months symptom free of all illness in a few weeks. I am off my natural IV therapies and 90% of the bazillion supplements I was taking. Plus I am off thyroid and doing great! I am not really interested in vegetables since I learned about deuterium and was eating meat for 5 years anyway because of no tolerance for vegetables whatsoever. But I decided to give seasonal ones a go just to test out my n=1 . I cooked them. I had no gut problems doing so! That is quite the miracle for me since vegetables would take me down for months of illness and that was just a tablespoon of cooked ones - raw was like eating poison.:confused: However since I had no reaction to cooked vegetables, I decided to give raw a go too. Yummy was the result. :) All good. However I noticed a sluggishness come over me afterwards so I did a CT session. It took it away. I am eating mostly sea food and have added in sea vegetables. Sea veggies do not make me sluggish. I am getting to the point I am forgetting I was so nasty sick for 5 years.

    I am wondering what Jack's take is on peptide therapies. I had been on sermorelin but stopped it a year ago because of cost. There is supposed to be a new version coming out and was curious what the pros and cons of it were. That might be a silly question because I am recovered, so why worry, right? But just wondering if there was any benefit in it that would serve me. I am still on bio hormones, but doses are 1/4 or less the amount I used to take. Going to do a hormone panel and thyroid in a month or so to see how all that is going, even though I feel really fine with it all as is.
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You must be low on GH, Growth Hormone since you are talking about Sermorelin.
    Sermorelin is a synthetic analog of naturally occurring Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH).
    So if you are able to produce your own Growth Hormone,
    Sermorelin (or any other of this type peptides) should help in releasing your own GH.

    That is a great news for those about 25yo or maybe 30yo.
    That is for those who usually do not need this assistance.
    I have even communicated with one 40yo who felt better after peptides use (but have not tested if he actually got his GH raised.
    So the only way to actually raise GH is to use GH injections.
    GH injections are definitely more expensive than peptides.

    Most commonly, to check for one's GH status
    IGF-1 is tested in blood.

    There is a common problem with a way the testing is usually done.
    Usually automatically done test is used by laboratory, that test is highly misleading.
    Most often, the technique used by that test is called chemoluminescence.

    IGF-1 should imperatively be measured by IRA (radioimmunoassay) (manual technique).
  16. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Thanks JanSZ.

    This helps. I always felt better when on sermorelin before JK protocol. Dont know how much I would net from it now. I was never tested for GH. Dr just added it to my protocol but it did help me. I might give it a go again and see if there is benefit. But wondering if anyone could share a JK blog link that explains more about GH?
  17. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Update: thoughts today- we had a few days of sun here in pgh - wow what a difference! I spent one whole day outside to get charged and now that I feel incredibly happy and energized with a sharp acting super charged brain, I am making some future plans . Jack is right- when you get “the feeling” of optimal you wont want to lose it ever again. So plans are : since i went broke spending close to 200 thousand on treatments to get better, I am going to build funds again however Ican so I can start travel to better uv . First I am going to do local rural retreats with friends that have camps and cabins away from emf issues and work my way up to distance travel like florida and mexico. I also have a friend who is looking into buying a farm and I can stay there when I like. Thing is, I want to keep my dog with me for all this cuz I love him, but also cuz all his illness and OCD was cured too by joining in with what I am doing to be optimal. emf and limited outdoors was killing him.

    Waiting to hear more about Kruse’ s longevity farm.
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  18. Nancy Hampel

    Nancy Hampel New Member

    Wow this thread is awesome. New here for a few weeks with cfs/lyme.

    Mariangela: Thank you for your detailed acount and story. I now wonder if veggies are a problem for me after reading what you wrote. I am having episodic severe fatigue associated with pressure headaches, scratchy throat . Cannot yet pinpoint what it the trigger. Some days are really good...better than before starting these protocols and then fatigue can set in unexpectedly and last unexpected amount of time.

    Sun in definitely helping and I have almost no emf/electrosmog where I live and work. I am working up to bath CT and doing leptinrx. I also am not taking any hormones and am getting labs soon and wonder if that will also help. Age 51. Any comments appreciated.

    Thanks also to Jansz for help here and elsewhere.
  19. Mariangela

    Mariangela Namaste, mitochondria

    Hi Nancy. Welcome to the forum. Thank you for your comments. I am waaay behind in updates! Read up more on Leptin Rx. Veggies are a problem for most anyone, especially if you are not in A "best" UV zone. Its about deuterium. Look up that word at Jack's blog index. Read until you understand it. when you are sick like you describe and myself, the D word is bad news until you reset your leptin and circadian biology and get the inflammation under control. At this point in my understanding, I feel that my body went into a shut down on veggies cuz it was trying to save my life. I really could have died at the beginning. After Jack's methods, the first thing everyone told me was that I was not grey any;more. My mom said I was blue gray. My cousin who was there the day I collapsed said he never saw anyone that color of grey. In Jacks book, he talks about when you produce no energy that that is called a cadaver. That comes to mind now as i hear these grey comments. Luckily for me, I was moving the day I collapsed. I feel that was another big positive for me that saved me back then. I was living in a high wifi space for three months before I took the trip to New York and started to get sick. But in NY I was exposed to more electomagnetic issues.

    At this point since my diagnosis was clinical, with ALL my tests for lyme and co infections coming back negative - twice- I feel I had EHS. I never really had Lyme and if I diid have LYme, it was secondary. I had no tick bite or rash. So not going to waste time going backward about that issue, but now , I only find a symptom pop up if I get too much nnEMF. But I know how to fix that easy. I am out of time right now but will be back to update more..

    Great you are going CT.

    tests are a agood guide

    The scratchy throat and etc you describe remind me of when my yeast acts up -answer to that is GET OUTSIDE MORE. It goes away for me in about 30 min. I have been testing all sorts of foods and sugars, at stuff to see what happens. Well...nothign big and if a get a little yeasty. sun fixes it ASAP.

    I will post more soon.

    Keep going! YOU can get better , you can recover and its really easier than all that Dr stuff we went thru!
  20. Nancy Hampel

    Nancy Hampel New Member

    Hey Mariangela! Thanks for reply and great update! So encouraging. I actually have very limited EMF and art. light exposure due to living in country, no neighbors close and no cell reception no wifi, very limited incandescent light at night and none in day and only 1 hour on computer per day.

    And I am outside a lot! Hours of sunbathing and also working outside. Just had great consult with my coach....honing in on gut issues of very long standing...he thinks deuterium build up (I have researched this a bit) also some weird electric meter stuff happening only at night in my house I think interrupts sleep, so am going to start sleeping outside! Starting to do leaky gut hacks in addition to leptin. I do think there is chronic yeast also.

    I saw you are doing some hormones..I am not and currently going through menopause, so will see about that after tests come back.

    Again..so glad you are sharing your story and thanks for help!

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