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Margos leptin reset - Highway from hell!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by margor_j, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    Hi hi,

    This is going to be very long, this i know! So im gonna try condense it as much as possible, and use the key points.
    History = endurance athlete for 14 years.
    Bulimic 18 - 25 years
    Tried the contraceptive pill around 26 yrs old - had to come off it, got to the point where i could barely leave the house, so exhausted, very reactive to wheat and was never the same on the bike again. (not as strong as pre the pill)
    Migraines started age 27. Debilitating pain, always stemmed from left side @ C1. If they were bad then I would vomit, and would continue violent dry retching in excess of 8 x per day (and im talking really violent!) resulting in me on the floor from the pain in my head. Longest one 72 hours. They have reduced by about 98% since going paleo, and the severity has reduced drastically
    Was vegetarian / fat phobic for years. Used to get severe abdominal upset some days and thought nothing of the regular 5 bowel movements pday.

    @33 years old - started 'losing it'. Very emotional, out of control - crying, sullen, withdrawn and very stressed.
    @35 years old - lost the plot. I was at work one day and literally 'felt' a cape of darkness being draped over me. It was all i could do to get through my shift at work (chef). GOt prescribed anti depressants. Did counselling, flicked the loser guy, took some time out.
    @37 years - went to thailand for a detox. Ended up going to a second health farm and met the doctor that changed my life - took me from vegan to paleo, tested adrenal function (very poor), and i detoxed from coffee.
    After 3 months of paleo / adrenal extract i literally woke up thin! Was amazing, felt amazing, didnt even know i was getting a period, life was easy!
    - back to antarctica to work. (sleep issues had started down there the previous summer, but i was ok when i left). No change to diet etc but weight started creeping up. Stress?
    - I had 3 years of summer in antarctica, and then 4-5 months in asia. Lots of blue light - hours on the computer, lots of flying, weight still going up..
    39 yrs - Breast reduction, breasts doubled in size in 2 years. for all those who joke and say they want big ones / what a waste etc - try living with constant back and neck pain, being paranoid, being harrassed.. it sucks.
    - Weight still going up. Ability to get off an 8 hour flight and not be able to get my jacket closed - i swell up that much :( that sucks, because its very slow to go down again.
    - Sleep issues at their worst meant i could take a pharma sleeper and lie awake all night. I felt, all along, that it was cortisol related - heart would start thrashing by 10.30pm on the dot.
    - after the breast surgery, self medicated with thyroid extract.
    - Moved back to NZ, continued swelling up, felt some days, that i was too big for my skin. Lost all definition in legs, gained all over body cellulite, including lower back & chest (yeah, effed up, right?!), severe pain in back exacerbated at work (standing on my feet) , plantar fasciaitis.. Not very happy!
    - 40 yrs - started seeing a naturopath here in NZ. onto wilsons adrenal protocol, iodine tested - barely any showed. started iodine supplement.
    - Came off thyroid. (dessicated pig thyroid).

    - Last six months - blacked out windows in room. noticed a change in sleep on night two!
    - body pain drastically reduced.
    - have occasional coffee, love it!
    - have a 'ring' around my neck (like a crease) at the bottom that can flare up at times - not sure what makes it stand out more, but i think its thyroid related?
    - took body temp this week, was 36C - this has come up from the 34-low 35C that i used to sit at constantly

    Always had a six pack, was always 'lean' - am now around 25kg heavier.
    - Get bad headaches with period, not always
    - still eat paleo including raw milk
    - current, been doing JK protocol for about two months. not always to the letter, but as best as i can. I do get frustrated still, and worried it wont work (more so before my period). I can get quite down around period time, which seems to have gotten worse lately.

    Just waiting on next test kit to arrive. am going to do salivary cortisol, melatonin and DHEA and sex hormones. Then Id like to join this site so i can have a consult with JK and see whats really up.

    Im wearing blue blocking glasses at night, look into rising sun in the morning and supplement with oxytocin (when i remember to!) to try help that melatonin reset (looking at the sun)
    Swim in the lake over the road for my CT. Its a constant 11-13C. can do up to 28 minutes.

  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hey Margo! you got a heck of a story there girl! where are you now? I can't keep track of you ....lol
  3. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    hi hi!
    sure you can add me! im back in thailand now. some quiet time! i dont ride anymore. infact, i really watch that old 'chronic cardio'! iv had a few months out of the gym to. just been walking, yoga and now doing some T Tapp again. im thinking of gymming again but im on the fence. im finding now, my periods just knock me back ten steps and it takes like a week to get over it :-/ so im not sure. im interested to hear what your story is, with its similarities!

  4. margor_j

    margor_j New Member

    yah, back in thailand now! update soon!

    :) x

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