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Make ahead dinner ideas!

Discussion in 'Optimal Kids' started by trishalinn@gmail.com, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Those of you with young children know that sometimes the days just get crazy, and at least for me sometimes I end up having to scramble around to figure out dinner. I used to do make ahead freezer dinners, but I've found that hard to do having my whole family on a low carb diet! Gone are the pasta dishes and casseroles. So... any ideas for make ahead dinners? Something easy to pull out of a freezer when you don't have time to mess with anything? Or maybe your fave crock pot dishes that you can throw in first thing in the morning and not think about it till dinner? Let's share recipes!
  2. Casey

    Casey New Member

    Great thread, I need ideas too! Quiche/egg pies etc can be frozen and put straight in the oven when needed. Doesn't help me though because we can't eat eggs! Soup is pretty much the only meal I freeze ahead of time. I make bolar roast in my slow cooker/crockpot, no recipe but usually put in broth, splash of wine and herbs.
  3. PaleoSue

    PaleoSue New Member

    Sooo much can be done with a CrockPot. You can generally prepare the pot the night before (but be careful about mixing veggies with raw meat ahead of time), and then just turn it on in the morning.

    Or you could cook just meat in a broth in the CrockPot, and prepare veggies at night.
  4. thyme

    thyme New Member

    I double or triple every recipe and freeze it. I've got 4-person servings of cooked beef rendang, oxtail stew, halibut curry, and beef heart kebabs in the freezer now...no microwave, but no young children, either, so I can usually remember to stick the frozen dinners in the fridge the night before and then stick them in the oven come night to eat.
  5. vlynnb

    vlynnb Gold

    thyme, Are those your own recipes or out of Dr. K's book? I haven't purchased the book yet as I am waiting for a new computer and this one is tempermental if I add anything new. But, if they are your recipes can you share?
  6. RiverNeighbor

    RiverNeighbor New Member

    Here's some make ahead items that I do for the kids (and for hubby's lunches)

    1. quiche with bacon crust - I line mini quiche pan with either bacon or proscuitto and then add the quiche mix and bake. These can be frozen until you want to reheat

    2. Some cooked ribs (I pressure cook) and then just season and throw in the oven to reheat and broil to crisp up. I've had luck sticking the frozen (but pre-pressure cooked) in the oven. We love all types of "meat on a stick" around here... well I take that back ... no corndogs.

    3. One of my favorite foods is rouladen... it's a german food my grandma taught me. It's a slice of beef with bacon, onions, black pepper, grainy mustard on top and then rolled up and secured with tooth picks. I brown it in rendered pork fat and then pressure cook. Some people put pickle inside but I prefer to have a home fermented pickle on the side so as to not kill all the cultures. Kids think it's cool because its a roll. They're good reheated or the rolls can be made ahead of time.

    4. Roast beef slices..... the kids love rolling stuff in them and dipping them, etc.

    5. homemade sausage is a big hit around here - easy to have cooked and then reheat. ditto with meatballs. And these are great ways to hide the liver and such

    6. daughter goes wild over pulled pork.... i buy smoked pork picnic shoulder and throw it in the crockpot until it falls apart. it's great reheated too.
  7. Mud Flinger

    Mud Flinger New Member

    I've made some fun meat balls with hard boiled eggs in the middle. Basically mix any ground meat with spices, etc that you like, make a patty and wrap it around a peeled hard boiled egg and bake. I called them dinosaur eggs - my 4 yr old son called them dragon eggs.
  8. thyme

    thyme New Member

    vlynnb, they're my recipes and I'm happy to share--let me type them up over the weekend.
  9. thyme

    thyme New Member

  10. would love your recipes too!
  11. gemstar

    gemstar New Member

    You can freeze just about anything, especially proteins and reheat. I often reheat on the stove burner, adding a drop of boiling water, keeping the gas flame very low. I usually try to make leftovers to freeze, so that I always have something ready to eat. I do not use the microwave. I also always freeze in portions. BTW, BBQ'd meat is also great frozen and reheated. People do not know the difference from fresh grilled meats!!!
  12. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    the crock pot saves us on the nights I have class, or we'll make a big roast - and eat it on those nights. Easter Sunday dinner of a 6lb leg of lamb - covered dinner for 3 nights this week... and there may be enough for my HAB tomorrow morning...

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