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Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by MeghanK, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Hi John,

    I was familiar with what you said except folic acid inhibitor to melatonin. Didn't know that one. Wow on the 7 years to replace, hopefully I am not that low. This may be a dumb question, is there a way to know if they are low without a test. Any symptoms. I don't think my melatonin is low because I usually fall asleep okay but sleeping all the way through is a hit or miss.
  2. Because our bodies are made up of so many backup systems, we often can not tell how bad off we are until we get a disease.
    Testing the levels of your hormones will give you a diagnostic tool.
    Clinicians are "taught" differentiation techniques to help them better guess at what might be "really" wrong, but a good diagnosis comes from all the information and lab results are vital.
    So for you & me, when we can afford getting lab information, it is a great help in determining our next steps towards "health improvement".

    May I ask: What is your sunrise practice, daily sun UV exposure and darkness habits? Are you following Dr. @Jack Kruse's food recommendations as well as timing (when to eat) during the day? Do you exercise daily outside, barefoot on the moist earth or moist grass?

    Dr. @Jack Kruse's fundamentals will charge up our cellular biology -> go Jack !
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021
  3. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Well... I haven't done any of Dr Kruse practice in a while. Many reasons why. Overall I feel not to bad. It is mainly after having covid. Our symptoms are improving, thank God. Its been a month since they started. My husband still has a really bad itchy rash. I had mostly neurological symptoms. That is why I was looking into krill oil. When the symptoms started we started taking turmeric capsules and elderberry with zinc that may have help some. Anyway I will just say those symptoms were very weird. My symptoms are just about gone. I did order the same krill oil you posted. I will keep you posted.
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