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Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    It is a sign of a defect in your environment and not inside of you.

    Functional medicine and alternative docs are abusing thousands into believing a treatment is needed because they have no idea how solar light programs your adaptive immune system. Save your money on drugs and tests. Change you light hygiene first.

    WHY? What is the science telegraphing those who think well?

    ⚕️Does immune response vary by time of day?

    Of course, yet researchers/food gurus continue to be "surprised" by the role of circadian rhythm in everything. Light controls the process and not food.

    A 1974 study found that whether a mouse administered E. coli lives or dies depended on the time of day of the injection.

    Is this why so many people with Lyme and Bartonella and Viral particles in their blood get confused? When these diseases show up in the blood is the infection real or is it the result of a circadian mismatch in the adaptive immune system which is controlled by lymphocytes activated by solar light?

    Can blue light or nnEMF lead to a false positive diagnosis of Lyme, Bartonella or any other viral infection? Yes, it can. This is why all astronauts and cosmonauts come home with these things in their blood.

    So if you have these symptoms in your blood do not be fooled in thinking the defect is in you and floating in your blood. It means your environment is loaded with nnEMF and blue light and the non-toxic pathogens once housed in you are looking to escape an environment that is damaging to your mitochondria.

    THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS to the BLACK SWAN in training.


    Act or accept. We all need to let change loose on our lives and surroundings. When you do, you will not be who you were.

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