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Luke's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Lukem, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Methionine time crystal hot off the grill.

    Jack, thank you for sharing your electrons with me in Vermont, it was great meeting you.

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  2. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    "C^2= Comprehend & Copy Nature. Tests show that when water is allowed to flow in its naturally ordained manner, it actually generates certain energies, ultimately achieving a condition that could be termed 'negative friction'. Checked and double-checked, this well-documented, but largely unpublicized, pioneering discovery, not only vindicated Viktor Schauberger's theories, it also over-turned the hitherto scientifically sacred 'second law of thermodynamics' in which, without further or continuous input of energy, all closed systems must degenerate into a condition of total chaos or entropy. Experiments prove that this law, whilst it applies to all mechanical systems, does not apply wholly to living organisms." "The more the engineer endeavors to channel water, of whose spirit and nature he is still today ignorant, by the shortest and straightest route to the sea, the more the flow of water weighs into the bends, the longer its path and the worst the water will become. The spreading of the most terrible disease of all, of cancer, is the necessary consequence of such unnatural regulatory works."

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  3. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Why does the Great Sphinx of Giza sit among pyramid shapes, while facing east to watch the rising sun?
    19.5 is called the tetrahedral constant. Not only is the Yucatan extremely close to one of the tetrahedron apexes, but 19.5 degrees is also coded into the Giza complex. If we look at spherical geometry, 19.5 degrees north and south are the latitudes where the apex points of a star tetrahedra within a sphere will contact that sphere's surface of the earth, when one apex is positioned at the north or south pole. When we use this spherical geometry on earth; we end up having Mexico City, Mexico at 19 degrees 23 minutes N, 99 degrees 10 minutes W, which is where The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan is at 19.6 degrees north. We also have Dzibalchen, (Yucatan), Mexico at 19 degrees 28 minutes N, 89 degrees 46 minutes W.

    Insert Quantum Thermodynamics, information quanta, and Sharon Glotzer.

    Entropy alone can create complex crystals from simple shapes; tetrahedra packing record broken.
    "Entropy is a measure of the number of ways the components of a system can be arranged. While often linked to disorder, entropy can also cause objects to order. The pyramid shape central to this research is the tetrahedron---a three-dimensional, four-faced, triangular polyhedron that turns up in nanotechnology and biology."Tetrahedrons are the simplest regular solids, while quasicrystals are among the most complex and beautiful structures in nature. It's astonishing and totally unexpected that entropy alone can produce this level of complexity," said Sharon Glotzer, a professor in the University of Michigan departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering and principal investigator on the project."

    So what does my quasicrystal body have to do with the Yucatan, Sphinx of Giza, the sun, pyramid shapes, time crystals, and optimal health? What I do not know is the single most important part of the equation.
  4. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Aromatic systems

    4 Aromatic Amino Acids:

    5 Nucleotides: Aromatic Purines and Pyrimidines. DNA uses A,T,C,G and RNA uses A,G,C,U. Each of the nucleotide bases has a slightly different absorption spectrum. (methionine (AUG:Start) and tryptophan (UGG) each have 1 codon)
    -Adenine (purine)
    -Thymine (pyrimidine)
    -Cytosine (pyrimidine)
    -Guanine (purine)
    -Uracil (pyrimidine)

    Heme and chlorophyll.

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  5. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Are mitochondria hydrogen maser clocks?
    Is the human body a quarts crystal oscillator that must stay coherent with a colony of mitochondrial hydrogen masser clocks?

    Hydrogen Maser Clock (accuracy 1 sec in 1 million years):
    A hydrogen maser, also known as hydrogen frequency standard, is a specific type of maser that uses the intrinsic properties of the hydrogen atom to serve as a precision frequency reference. Both the proton and electron of a hydrogen atom have spins. The atom has a higher energy if both are spinning in the same direction, and a lower energy if they spin in opposite directions. The amount of energy needed to reverse the spin of the electron is equivalent to a photon at the frequency of 1,420,405,751.786 hertz (Hz), which corresponds to the 21 cm line in hydrogen spectrum

    A MASER = microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A device that produces coherent electromagnetic waves through amplification by stimulated emission. The first maser was built by Charles H. Townes, James P. Gordon, and H. J. Zeiger at Columbia University in 1953. Townes, Nikolay Basov and Alexander Prokhorov were awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics for theoretical work leading to the maser. Masers are used as the timekeeping device in atomic clocks, and as extremely low-noise microwave amplifiers in radio telescopes and deep space spacecraft communication ground stations.

    A hydrogen maser works by sending hydrogen gas through a magnetic gate that only allows atoms in certain energy states to pass through. The atoms that make it through the gate enter a storage bulb surrounded by a tuned, resonant cavity. Once inside the bulb, some atoms drop to a lower energy level, releasing photons of microwave frequency. These photons stimulate other atoms to drop their energy level, and they in turn release additional photons. In this manner, a self-sustaining microwave field builds up in the bulb. The tuned cavity around the bulb helps to redirect photons back into the system to keep the oscillation going. The result is a microwave signal that is locked to the resonance frequency of the hydrogen atom and that is continually emitted as long as new atoms are fed into the system. This signal keeps a quartz oscillator in step with the resonance frequency of hydrogen. This all sounds like the workings of mitochondria.

    Static solar system model. Changes in the Earth’s orientation in inertial space have two causes: the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon and the redistribution of total angular momentum among the solid Earth, ocean, and atmosphere. Very long baseline interferometry makes a direct measuremnt of the Earth’s orientation in space from which geoscientists then model such phenomena as atmospheric angular momentum, ocean tides and currents, and the elastic response of the solid Earth. Methodology ignores motions of the moving frame.

    A dynamic SS model addresses many problems:
    Solves precession observation paradox. Understanding the SS is a moving frame explains the difference in pre- cession measurements to local objects vs. VLBI measurements to distant objects.

    Explains why the precession rate change is presently increasing (even though the moon is not getting any closer) and puts limits on the maximum and minimum precession rate over any given 24,000 year cycle.

    Provides a simple, reliable and accurate way to predict incremental changes in the precession rate. Solves predictability problem.

    Simplifies earth orientation and coordinate systems issues: the earth goes around the sun 360 degrees in a tropical year with a relatively stable axis (except for nu- tation and purely local effects). Most of its major motion (50.290966 ̋p/y in J2000) is because the solar system moved by this amount NOT because the earth wobbled by this amount.

    It might also answer the sun’s loss of angular momentum (AM) relative to the planets problem and possibly shed light on anomalous acceleration of spacecraft flybys, Gravity Probe B problems, Voyager 1 and 2 results, IBEX data, stellar position software, etc.

    It seems our sun has a companion.

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  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    And then there are some people (in electric universe) that think that Sun, Earth, Moon and most other large bodies are largely hollow.


  7. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

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  8. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    A Hydrogen Maser is an instrument that provides a timing signal to be used as the basis of reference for the control of other clocks within a network. The long-term accuracy of that signal is maintained at 1 x 10-11 or better. This primary reference source generates a timing signal completely autonomous of other references using passive or active hydrogen maser technology.

    Why is the hydrogen line protected spectrum? It's a great frequency for observing the structure of the universe, and some of the best and most detailed Milky Way radio maps have been made on the hydrogen line. It is probably the world's most popular radio astronomy frequency, and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has the good sense to protect it.

    Masers are atomic clocks which have outstanding short-term stability.

    A small storage bottle supplies molecular hydrogen to the gas discharge bulb. In the discharge bulb, molecules of hydrogen are dissociated into atomic hydrogen. They then pass through a source collimator and a magnetic state selector which filters atoms at the desired atomic state and passes them to the resonance cavity.

    The storage bulb is a quartz bulb about 20 cm tall which is coated inside with Teflon to control the recombination rate of atoms into molecules. The quartz bulb is located in a precisely machined pure copper cylinder which acts as a microwave resonant cavity for the 1.420 GHz frequency of the 21 cm hydrogen line. Once the atoms enter the resonance cavity, they find other atoms radiating and they fall in step. They "start to talk to each other" and echo what they hear. This produces a highly coherent oscillation. This is the signal to which the crystal oscillator is phase-locked.

    Great care is required to keep environmental disturbances small so that the full performance potential of these sophisticated clocks can be realized.

    Copper doping mechanism in bone.

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  9. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Earth's "wobble" is different than precession. The precession cycle is an "electrical couple". In a binary star system the strength of the electrical couple changes over the course of the great year. How does the strength of the electrical couple between companion stars in a binary star system effect our mitochondria?
  10. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

  11. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    "Have you noticed that modern technology is moving more and more away from basic human nature? That is a dangerous trend, because people lose the ability to see and know themselves as they really are. They cannot see themselves correctly as the children of nature."

    - Hua-Ching Ni
  12. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    I graduated with my masters degree from food guru school this past week. The school put on a dinner for all the graduates, at this dinner my colleagues introduced me as “the light guy”. The degree means little, but planting the seed of light in the minds of my peers means everything. They said; “you always talk about light with everything, I might have to look into that”. I said "when you have as many failures as I have, you're forced to search for out of the box answers." I have four college degrees and can honestly say the whole academic institution is lost wondering in an artificial wilderness, the current curriculum is not even directionally accurate.

    Thank you for sharing your light @Jack Kruse , I’m so thankful that you demand us to up our game and go deeper. I have so much more to learn and question, it’s the thrill of a lifetime.

    “The world needs less food gurus and more light gurus.” Jack Kruse
  13. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Does 5g create positive ionization in the air? Since most of us do not have access to devices that will detect millimeter waves, is it plausible to assess the environment with an electrostatic field meter or air ion tester? Granted this would be an indirect measurement.
  14. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    12 years ago I was driving down the highway coming back to NY from NC in the middle of the night, a weird feeling started to come over me and as I continued down the highway the feeling became more intense. What happened was I getting “frozen”. Couldn’t move my jaw to talk, couldn’t move my joints, my thinking was fine but I could not physically move. Nobody else was on the highway, the car was on cruise control and all I could do was steer the car in a straight line along the highway. The peak of the experience was as I drove by the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The closer I got to the building the more intense the experience, then as I put distance between me and the building the feeling diminished and finally went away.

    As the sun came up I decided to stop at a rest area. I had never physically bought a newspaper before but something told me to buy one from the rest area. I unfolded the paper and on the front page I read “President Bush Attends Dedication of the National Museum of the Marine Corps”, this happened during the day and then I drove by that night.

    I hope nobody ever has to experience being physically paralyzed by nnEMF like I did that night, but it was a fascinating insight into what the nnEMF grid is capable of. I could literally feel that somebody could turn the volume up or down, we can be remotely turned on or off. The building is fascinating, I do wonder about what is really going on there.

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  15. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Meditation in a Toolshed, contemplation and enjoyment.

    I was standing today in the dark toolshed. The sun was shining outside and through the crack at the top of the door there came a sunbeam. From where I stood that beam of light, with the specks of dust floating in it, was the most striking thing in the place. Everything else was almost pitch-black. I was seeing the beam, not seeing things by it.
    Then I moved, so that the beam fell on my eyes. Instantly the whole previous picture vanished. I saw no toolshed, and (above all) no beam. Instead I saw, framed in the irregular cranny at the top of the door, green leaves moving on the branches of a tree outside and beyond that, ninety-odd million miles away, the sun. Looking along the beam, and looking at the beam are very different experiences. C.S. Lewis

    Looking along the beam is what Samuel Alexander had called ‘Enjoyment’ (participant, inhabited, personal, committed knowledge) and looking at the beam is what he called Contemplation (abstract, external, impersonal, uninvolved knowledge).
  16. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Apple had their new product release event on Sep 12 2018, the hardwired Ethernet adapter totally stopped working with my Apple device on Sep 11 2018.
  17. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

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  18. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    The resurrection we are currently involved in is the ascent into a new golden age. This story is about the electromagnetic couple between our Mitochondria, Earth, Sun, and Sirius. We are entangled in a binary star system that is the most finely tuned Swiss clock that has ever been created. Our earths daily spin sets our circadian rhythms, our yearly journey around the sun sets our infradian rhythm, and the space between our sun and Sirius determines whether we reside in the iron, bronze, silver, or golden age. Time subtraction = Loss of the spinning ATPase, this is the very essence of the relationship between our Mitochondria, Earth, Sun, and Sirius. The more distance we have between these four variables the less time we have due to a decrease in the rate at which our mitochondrial ATPase spins. Our inner mitochondrial membrane has 30 million volts of electric power because it is a hydrogen fuel cell, we also make water with this hydrogen. Earth stores its hydrogen in the form of water, Hydrogen means water forming. 91% of our suns gas is hydrogen. Sirius A has a hydrogen core, and the outer atmosphere of Sirius B is now almost pure hydrogen. A hydrogen maser is used to keep time, the hydrogen frequency standard is used in the engineering of exquisitely sensitive atomic clocks. Time is our most finite resources, we need to understand and have knowledge of the value of this resource. As the space between your Mitochondria, Earth, Sun, and Sirius increases the less time you have due to a decrease in the rotational speed of your ATPase. Thus, for every 25% increase or decrease in the space between our sun and its companion star, we have a subsequent 25% increase or decrease in lifespan. When we choose to spend our time entangling with nature, she provides us with a means to acquire more of the finite resource we call time. Our rise to and fall from optimal is 100% reliant on the electromagnetic couple between Mitochondria, Earth, Sun, and our sun's companion star. We are rising up out of the dark ages, we are truly in the midst of a resurrection. The body is an empire and the universe is a body, time is the essence that keeps nature’s chaos coherent. Furthermore, our start codon always uses methionine to initiate protein synthesis, this methionine comes from our environment and functions as a time crystal. Time controls genetic expression and subsequently protein synthesis. Tryptophan is a time crystal the body makes, this is used to control the time within our mitochondria. The Great Sphinx watches the sun rise every morning and The Great Pyramid of Giza’s southern shaft of upper chamber always aligns with Sirius, what did they know that we have now forgotten?

    Our blood is a magnetohydrodynamic fluid, which means it is an electrically conducting fluid that is able to convert thermal and kinetic energy into electricity. Our sun is part of a magnetohydrodynamic system that interfaces with the magnetohydrodynamic fluid that runs through our circulatory system, our biconcave red blood cells are satellite dishes which communicate with the universal magnetohydrodynamic system. Magnetars produce extremely powerful magnetic fields and electromagnetic pulses as the magnetar spins and drags its magnetic field, this causes a reaction against the local plasma which generates synchrotron radiation pulses and low frequency electromagnetic waves. The strong fields of magnetars are understood as resulting from a magnetohydrodynamic dynamo process. The magnetar acts as a broadcasting powerhouse creating large electromagnetic pulses that propagate outward, this field is intensified by virtue of beam forming. On a side note, telecommunications companies are now using antenna array technology with beam forming microwaves. Beamforming is a signal processing technique used in sensor arrays for directional signal transmission or reception. When the magnetar pulses match the resonance mode of the earth, the entire surface of our planet stores the energy which builds a standing wave of bound electromagnetic energy. The earth’s q-factor amplifies the magnetar pulses by 1000 to 2000 times, this then shifts the body and earth into a higher resonance. Human neurological rhythms happen to be close to the expected magnetar pulse rate and are dead on for responding to Earth resonance. As we slowly approach the grand universal magnetic center the field ringing around the earth gets stronger and we experience successive generations of increased health and mental functioning, as our Earth and solar system move away from the magnetar transmitter our health and mental functioning declines. This is all part of a 24,000 year cycle, we have past through the 12,000 year decent into the dark ages and we are now ascending towards the next golden age. We are currently 1,500 years into the ascending cycle, we have passed through the iron age and are now in the bronze age.

    “The fields from the magnetar may be buried under a lot of manmade and natural electrical noise.” John Dering
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  19. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Are the beneficial effects of sunrise limited to solar photons and information quanta? Nope. It turns out that the intensity of the inerton field spikes during the time of sunrise, both the inerton field and photon field during sunrise have massive beneficial effects on our biology.

    Inertons are the carriers of gravity and the nuclear forces. So, there are only two basic fields of Nature: the inerton field and the photon field, which both are the consequence of the constitution of real space in the form of the tessel-lattice of primary topological balls (or superparticles).


  20. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    My trip to Viña Montes.

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