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Luke's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Lukem, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    The Song of the Great Hermit Lien Fu was a poem that Chu Ku Liang wrote and liked to sing.

    Who was the first to awaken from the dream of life?
    I can only be aware of my own awakening.
    As I finish my sleep in the warm spring morning,
    from this humble hut the beautiful red sun,
    the light of my life,
    slowly rising, enlightens me.
  2. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Damn what a great journal. Was a pleasure reading and will follow from now on!
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  3. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    When the nervous system of a human being is restored and refined, one becomes calm and objective. One can then see clearly and discover that although there is diversity in the universe, there is unity behind that diversity.

    If we are afraid of life, we are afraid to fall. We are afraid to fall asleep and afraid to fall in love. Falling or failure evokes the fear of being broken, psoas expresses physical fear of falling as emotional fear of failure. Falling is part of life. If there is no falling, there can be no rising. Accepting failure is not resignation but self-acceptance. The eyes are the window to the soul.........and the psoas. The body is an empire and the universe is a body, the individual exists to celebrate life. Life is electrons in motion, mother gives us her mitochondrial DNA for electron transport, which is life. I am alive, alert, awake, joyous, and enthusiastic about life. I am filled and thrilled with vitalizing life!

    Our neurotic character arming is a fear of life, failure is nothing more than an opportunity to embrace self acceptance. I am absolutely terrified of failure, but perhaps this is more about my fear of recognizing who I have become and exposing my own feelings of inadequacy to myself and the world. It's okay not to know, failure is not bad or negative but rather an opportunity. As I spend time reflecting and illuminating my fear of failure, I have increased interaction and relationship with my psoas muscle, psoas expresses physical fear of falling as emotional fear of failure. When I fall my body automatically goes into the fetal position as a protective mechanism; head comes forward, shoulders round, pelvis anteriorly rotates, then the weight of my body goes into my knees and toes. This structural pattern is the physical manifestation of my fear of falling and thus failure, the emotional fear and structural pattern feed each other in a neurotic conflict. Not if, but when I fall and fail, I need to take time and cultivate self acceptance and dopamine, then my failures become a powerful constructive force of self renewal and self care. When our tensegrity system falls out of resolution with gravity we end up with altered structure and function, we loose environmental coherence as our sympathetic nervous system squeezes our filament of its photons. The light bulb always gets brightest right before it dies. What is the connection between drinking the sun, dopamine, self destruction, our fear of life, our fear of death, or fear of falling, and our fear of failure? What happens when one finds their fear of life and then illuminates it with the impartial light of life?

    Only in the light of consciousness can man know. And this act of cognition, of conscious discrimination, sunders the world into opposites, for experience of the world is only possible through opposites. Consciousness is synonymous with the splitting of unity. Do not mistake false illusions for reality. Cast your light within to look at your own reflection. Worldly affairs are but empty dreams. All the wealth in the world is not worth any more than one strand of your hair. Where a being of wholeness comes from can only be seen with a mind that is pure. Rid yourself of all thoughts and mental activity, and behold the origin of goodness. To know what one knows is to be highly enlightened. To not know what one should know is sick. Only the one sick of suffering can be saved from sickness. The highly enlightened one is never sick; he is aware of sickness and, therefore, avoids it. The body you are using does not belong to you. We borrow this pure, clean, divine essence from heaven. It should be returned without contamination. Do not stain it with dirt and filth or soil it with flaws and corruption. It is an allowance from heaven and is handed to us for positive use. Only fools try to possess it.
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  4. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    I just completed a "nutrition" case study on multiple sclerosis and neurodegeneration, thought some of you might enjoy reading it. Feel free to provide feedback that will help me better understand the situation.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
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  5. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Food is a product of photosynthesis, if we don't understand light then we can not understand food. All life and thus all food is a transformation of solar energy, as well as a product of the environment that the solar transformation occurs in. Albert Szent-Györgyi said, “It is common knowledge that the ultimate source of all our energy and negative entropy is the radiation of the sun. When a photon interacts with a material particle on our globe it lifts one electron from an electron pair to a higher level”. Food is solar energy, our body and mitochondria are exquisitely sensitive to the photons that excite the electrons which form the foods we eat. Furthermore Schrödinger asked, do we feed on energy or do we feed on negative entropy? Clearly, what an organism feeds upon is negative entropy. This question and answer gives us much to think about in regards to the laws of thermodynamics and coupled cycles, which are the coherent wisdom of nature.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  6. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Perhaps one should not use biblical references to understand the science of light and life, but it is my prerogative to do so. First we have water, water is our universal solvent and memory which also functions as our life battery. Then we have let there be light, this unpolarized light shapes all of life and acts as a wireless charging system for our water battery. With light and dark polarities chronobiology was made possible, the musical barcode of light that reaches our surface tissues is what regulates all biochemical processes. Our flesh is light, which has been captured and slowed down. The energy of nature naturally flows within coherently coupled cycles, nature is a seamless coherent organism and when we live in accordance with our innate coherence, resolution is the result. In homeopathy we have six energy states called miasms, on a side note we originally had six solfeggio tones which were Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La but unfortunately Ut is no longer with us because the catholic church has blotted it from our consciousness. When we look at the 24 climactic solar energy variations it is Ut phonons that manifest during these peak sun cycles. The Chinese identified these six energetic tones as Tai Yang, Tai Yin, Shao Yang, Shao Yin, Yang Ming, and Chiu Yin. Now, back to the homeopathic miasms. These miasms have multiple levels of constitutional expressions and acute dis-ease manifestations. First we have Psora which is Greek, it means mange or itch. Psora is all about our state of being, whether we are living in resolution or susceptibility. We were hanging out in Eden and one day we ate from the tree of knowledge, the first thing we did after indulging in the fruit was cover ourselves with fig leaves because we came to realize that we were naked. The act of covering ourselves with fig leaves immediately altered the way our surface tissues interact with the sun, this ultimately altered our relationship with light and we fell into a state of susceptibility. When Psora falls from resolution into susceptibility we end up with our original disease, this susceptible state of being and altered surface chemistry allowed the scabies spider mite burrow into our skin and create an itch which we have no defense against. We became a host for the parasite. The itch is spiritual, emotional, and physical. Our restless spirit is the essence of Psora, this manifest as susceptibility to the spiritual and physical itch. This fosters the fear of not matching up to the ideals and demands of the ‘maker’ and we feel inadequate in the sense of not being in control of our destiny, what we are searching for is unquestioning coherence with the rest of creation. The itch allots us the opportunity to understand our handicaps. We are well able to overcome these handicaps, as a result we become stronger and better able to handle our life experiences. So we ate some fruit, came to know light and dark, and then uncoupled ourselves from the environment with fig leaves. All this thrusted us into a susceptible state of being that created incoherence at the level of our surface chemistry, when surface chemistry is altered we simultaneously alter our state of being on deeper levels. Why is the human animal not satisfied? Man is the only animal who was kicked out of paradise for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I imagine that he is trying to prove that he could build a better paradise than the one he lost. We live for a utopia, a new Garden of Eden, man-made this time through science. This whole susceptible state of being gives rise to the state of being syphilitic, the syphilitic miasm is dark and complex. Syphilism is the spiritual wilderness where victims and abusers are found, it is the legacy of violence committed against the soul. The search for power, the abyss, wandering the wilderness, and the most horrendous moments in history are all tied to this miasm. But at the same time some of our greatest genus comes from this place, for this miasm is a challenge to our creative purpose. The hallmark of the syphlitic miasm is self destruction. We use self-destructive behaviors to overcome dopamine deficiency, this leads to addictions of all kinds.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  7. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    My maternal haplogroup is H3.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  8. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    A conversation between massage therapist.

    The sun gives us a light massage as it pours out photons upon us. How so? Every 5 minutes the sun breathes in and out just as we do, the rhythmic pulsation of the sun is observed through the fraunhofer spectral lines. The eternal breath of life illuminates our path and massages every atom within us to make life possible.

    The Song of the Great Hermit Lien Fu was a poem that Chu Ku Liang wrote and liked to sing.

    Who was the first to awaken from the dream of life? I can only be aware of my own awakening. As I finish my sleep in the warm spring morning, from this humble hut the beautiful red sun, the light of my life, slowly rising, enlightens me.

    J: So I wonder if people would respond better to massage in natural light as apposed to dimly lit rooms?

    L: I know my answer.

    J: We should make it a research project.

    L: If you want to geek out over it, the difference is the creation of singlet oxygen opposed to triplet oxygen. Massage outside would generate triplet oxygen.

    J: So it just increases oxygen exchange? What is the significance of molecular spin?

    L: It builds coherence within the system, when the system looses unity we get aberrant expression. Full spectrum sunlight entangles all our atoms together, this allows for the body to resonate as one coherent whole. If you have an orchestra playing music, each instrument or atom in your body needs to express itself coherently. When coherence is lost we no longer have music, the cell has an aberrant expression.

    L: It's actually really interesting because the only thing light interacts with is electrons, molecular triplet state oxygen has two unpaired electrons that are used by the mitochondria to form water. Artificial light generates singlet oxygen whereas the sun generates triplet oxygen. Massage outside would produce more cellular water at the mitochondria, which is interesting because we always recommend to drink water after massage. So the research project would be to assess cellular hydration. My hypothesis is, we will encourage cellular hydration and mitochondrial function by doing massage outside whereas massage under artificial light will inhibit water production at the mitochondria. Water and collagen are the foundation of our liquid crystalline structure, which should have coherent molecular resonance. Sunlight also facilitates dopamine production, depressed dopamine levels are fundamentally why most people get massage to begin with.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Below I have put quotes from your PDF file.

    I do not see any reference to Header's fatty acids analysis,
    but I see assumption that Header have excessive omega6 and insufficient omega3.

    From the information that is posted in The BodyBio Detox Book
    it is clearly seen that numerous neolithic diseases,
    and specifically Alzheimer's and MS,
    present with
    high DHA and EPA
    low AA.

    So I assume that there is more to the DHA than just advice of getting more of it.

    There is excellent brand new book,
    The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline Hardcover – August 22, 2017
    by Dale Bredesen

    and (I think) its author also falls in the same trap,
    assuming that everybody would benefit health vise by eating more seafood.


    Heather -------- to address her Multiple sclerosis (MS)
    Oftentimes she does not eat breakfast at all, but when she does
    it consist of Carnation instant breakfast, eggs, toast, donuts, and coffee.

    Our client currently gets no DHA in her diet, but she is getting omega 6 and
    saturated fatty acids. Having an altered omega 6:3 ratio is proinflammatory, omega 6
    fats have their seasonal place but we need to have an emphasis on omega 3 DHA food
    sources which will have proresolving properties and generate a beneficial electrical
    current within the nervous system.
  10. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    So what are you proposing JanSz?
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am proposing to not trust general statements.

  12. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Very insightful, thank you for your input.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sounds like you Reality 12 blog.
  14. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    What a beautiful paper, Lukem! I wish someone would have studied my case, and so many of my senior-age friends, as you did here! (I don't have MS but I do have other autoimmune Dxs and while my 20+ year medical files are very thick with notes, nothing so comprehensive and useful was ever worked up or passed to me to both educate and inspire me, as a patient.)

    This paper is a very good example of applying the thinking we've been gifted in the Three-Legged Stool. I have not found that US schools, compared to my Canadian (CDN) higher education experiences, taught so much FROM theory as TOWARD fill-in-the-blanks training for future generations of practitioners. I went from CDN graduate schools to US graduate schools in 1980. I believe curriculum developers are at fault, and we all 'pay' in the future for the result of students with little exposure to and practice of thinking relative to 'busy-work' to earn their credentials. I'm just saying... I saw this in my own life as a student and working in universities. And, in my interactions with health care professionals I have to be very careful to find and work with 'thinking professionals' when it comes to my personal health care. (Assuming, here, you are in the US.) BTW, having young relatives going through CDN medical training right now, I think their curricula have somehow come to resemble the US way of preparing future doctors so I'm not saying schools elsewhere today are any better for graduating students with critical thinking skills. Bright blessings on your enlightened path.
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  15. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    What is the relationship between these variables?

    3 Legged Stool: Light, Water, Magnetism
    3 Primary Tissues: Endoderm, Mesoderm, Ecdoderm
    3 Domains of Life: Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya
    3 Great Channels: Governing Vessel, Conception Vessel, Penetrating Vessel
    3 Fundamental Particles of Matter: Electron, Proton, Neutron
    3 Macronutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats
    3 powers of the universe: Heaven, People, Earth
    3 Treasures of human life: Jing (reproductive power), Chi (vital energy), Shen (spiritual energy)
    The Great Chyan: Yi, Shi, Vi
    Holy Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  16. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    Is this a "porphyrin ring"?

    Attached Files:

  17. Sheddie

    Sheddie Silver

    IF there is a unifying, over-arching 'meta-theory' that explains the relationships between such as these triplet concepts, each belonging to its own theory, I'm not sure it has been named. Possibly we'd try terms like, maybe; 'Plasma Philosophy,' 'Cyto-Hermeneutics,' or 'Fractal Alchemy.'..? Just as the production and distribution of 'Knowledge' was initially bifurcated into Philosophy & Science, and then more derivations beneath the two main fields at the time of the development of the idea of the university and since... Both Philosophy and Science as fields of study then 'cleaved' into more philological categories, among them the ones we focus on here, Biochemistry & Bio-Physics... I like to think they fold back and inform more than what is captured in words, specialized terms.

    Naming ideas, the capture and 'fixing' of 'meaning' in language terms, may start out very inspiring and 'workable' but can also absorb a lot of affective metaphor and imaginative cognition over time that alters the consensus meaning. New terms are invented to clarify -- or obscure -- what is really the human use of language to communicate about what we're wanting to know, and sharing what we think we know. Once, this occult and esoteric understanding might have been collected up into religious dogma; maybe now we're working out science and technology 'dogma?' As long as it furthers understanding of Life in a Life-sustainable context, that seems 'good' & 'proper.' We seem to be, with a budding awareness, witnessing some horrific anti-Life-sustaining results of the application of both science and philosophical-religious 'dogmas?' We seem to have two minds identified in the skull cavity, left- and right-brain physiology relating to that! Observations and theorizing from cognition studies divided (the whole broken down) into convergent/divergent thinking classification, among other terms originally from psychology theory and more recently taken up with scientific method...

    Triangle associations always seem to indicate and allow for movement, which adds a more probabilistic dimension to the often limited and static 'binary' relationships among terms... Statistics theory and knowledge really comes into play when multivariate relationships are studied. And, like other current 'departments of inquiry' that stem from cognitive perception and translation into language communication breaking down the whole of the Unknown, the Infinite, the Universal Design, the whole of Creation what is broken down into systems of parts should be 'tested' if it can be re-constructed back to the whole. Language, perception, thinking... are terms for human potentials, some might say divine gifts, yet we are vastly more than these qualities even as we search to know more related to our being-ness. There's where the field of our own creativity looms up which, I sense, is far and away beyond the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg' for what remains to be studied & known -- if we survive to the future as humans. The creative arts, and the human as "probability artist," aren't containable in cosmic terms but it appears technology, and its binary bias, is converging on capturing and deleting the human species.

    Your question of the relationship among those variables, seems to ask for relationship between various systems with those triplet terms coherent within; not so much between them. Yet, I sense there are probably relationships to be identified and considered For that, perhaps bringing together experts in each field or system would be a fascinating conference? Hopefully, this convolution of a response has some meaning for you to keep the hard questions in mind, and, for sure, others have more ideas and better answers?
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  18. Lukem

    Lukem New Member

    My low dopamine brain forgot that Jim Al-Khalili talked about deuterium in Life On The Edge. After AM sun the other morning I felt compelled to get his book off the shelf, I was looking at how enzymes move protons and then rediscovered his discussion on deuterium. I Definitely recommend revisiting this book with deuterium and the proton side of the story in mind, if you haven't already. As I revisit Al-Khalili's chapters on deuterium and the engines of life I started to think about the work of Dr. John Beard, Donald Kelly, and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Dr. Beard looked at the trophoblast to understand the origins of cancer, this ultimately ends up being about vagrant germ cells and stem cells. We have an understanding that aberrant circadian regulation and altered deuterium fractionation provides the needed impetus for uncontrolled replication and altered thermodynamics, I think looking at enzyme flux and Beard’s work through this lens is interesting. Granted Beard, Kelly, and Gonzalez have a biochemical approach but it is fascinating when I look at the process they went through to figure out which enzymes worked best for their cancer therapy. They ended up finding that pig pancreas with the fat intact works the best. Stable, modestly active, minimally processed pig pancreas with most of the enzymes but not all in the precursor form, and with a certain percentage of fat remaining is what they ended up using for therapy. This is all interesting when we combine Al-Khalili’s book with what happens during the first few weeks of embryo growth and trophoblast implantation. The Deuterium conference also states that lard is extremely low in deuterium. So what is the relationship between providing enzymes and deuterium depleted fat at the same same? Enzymes regulate trophoblast implantation and angiogenesis, if this system fails then the trophoblast would continue to grown in an aberrant fashion. Embryology is also interesting because we see coherent growth patterns as the mesoderm penetrates the endoderm and ectoderm, this coherence happens before the nervous system develops. What we do have is light, water, magnetism, and collagen fiber tensegrity which acts as a topological insulator. I would still like a little more clarity on how protons, enzymes, and electrons in the form of pancreas can regulate deuterium depletion and fractionation.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  19. NeilBB

    NeilBB New Member

    Are you familiar with apophenia?
    Superficial pattern recognition is a good start, but cannot substitute for deep epistemological cognition in my opinion.

    Grouping entities into 3s (trinities, triads, trios) has always been a convenient organizing summation for the conceptual human mind which depends on a "unit perspective." Two units do not provide enough alternatives and four or more are harder to easily grasp. It's a cognitive sweet spot.
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So what is the relationship between providing enzymes and deuterium depleted fat at the same same? Normal growth because deuterium is an optical switch that cause swelling at just the right place. Our electric and magnetic fields in RNA and DNA determine where the switch is when we emerge from the vagina until we pass through puberty and the brain is fully meylinated. When that occurs then biology must be deuterium depleted because further growth only leads to oncogenesis. That is the Key to Nov and Dec and Jan 2017/18 webianr. The mechanisms will be laid out in detail for your learning pleasure.

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