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LP's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Limpei, May 27, 2016.

  1. Limpei

    Limpei Rookie Biohacker

    Super mind blow:

    "DHEA = IL 6 = sleep = autophagy efficiency..........when it is bad you are losing electrons in a big way...........when autophagy is bad mitochondria are swelling and you are using more apoptosis which is mitochondrial suicide and not renewal........autophagy is how mitochondria reorganize and renew.

    Insufficient or poor sleep can have a lasting consequence on gene expression.
    It turns out RNA methylation underlies the transcription and translation feedback control loops that control circadian signaling. So when you lose electrons you alter the methylation patterns everywhere.......RNA is one key place.

    When you lose one electron in mito =superoxide. This is OK because it is a signal of what to do
    When your lose two electrons in mito = H2O2 can be OK or bad depending on context
    When you lose three of more in mito - Fenton reaction or a build up of hydroxyl free radicals........usually always bad outside immune cells. This causes massive tissue damage = low DHEA

    Read the blog about Fenton reactions. Quantum Autism has a real detailed area on this where I discuss this. I also pounded this into Grizz in like pg 58 of the iodine thread.

    Normally the only place a normal hydroxyl free radical is used in biology is in macrophages that kill bacteria. This occurs within the confines of these cells and not in tissues.
    When they occur in tissues constantly due to non native EMF collagen is destroyed and unzipped.
    When Non native EMF interacts with "dislodged transition metal from un zipped collagen it cause the Fenton reaction to occur. This is why unzipping proteins is a big problem in our modern world. It frees the transition metal to interact with the higher powered non native EMF. What happens? the energy in the EMF is transferred to the electrons in the D shell of these metals to cause ionization of the metal or the remnant unzipped protein fragments......this changes their chemistry in you.........and it makes hydroxyl free radicals we can not clear well.

    The hydroxyl radical can damage virtually all types of macromolecules by energizing their molecular structures using the quanta of energy to alter its structure and function: This is true of proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids (mutations), lipids (lipid peroxidation) and amino acids coded for by DNA and RNA.

    The hydroxyl radical has a very short in vivo half-life of approximately 10−9 seconds and a high reactivity. This makes it a very dangerous compound to any living organisms mitochondrial membranes or its cell membranes. It causes you to lose electrons in massive numbers.

    Unlike superoxide, which can be detoxified by superoxide dismutase, the hydroxyl radical cannot be eliminated by an enzymatic reaction. Mechanisms for scavenging peroxyl radicals for the protection of cellular structures includes endogenous antioxidants such as melatonin and glutathione.

    This is precisely how non native EMF destroys your redox potential everywhere

    And this tells me that in a nnEMF environment, we would have to dose up on glutathione and melatonin, or at very least the foods which give us the necessary precursors.
  2. Limpei

    Limpei Rookie Biohacker

    I've been getting mother loads of sun still. After reading through Ca Channel Blockers (didn't know how bad calcium was), am cutting that stuff out.
    Am reading into supplementing Vit C via Magnesium Ascorbate, so I get the Mg & Ascorbate.
    Mg acting as a natural Ca channel blocker.

    Have been reading that "high" dosages of a few grams a day is totally ok.
    Am also reading about liposomal Vit C & Glutathione.

    Couple with Dr K's post above, I think perhaps Glutathione supplementation may have to become a main stay as the world moves to 5G.
    While we take seafood and seaweed, I'm also not exactly sure how to test for iodine.
    So am going to supplement some via Iodora, and balance it out with a Brazil nut for the selenium.

    I'm not quite seeing the 30,000foot view of what is advocated by Dr K, but bit by bit things are starting to piece together.

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