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Low oxygen = CVA = stress = more glucose = glycolysis/PPP = red light

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Yes Your correct Jack I have seen it a 100 times
    I am reviewing everything to have a more detailed perspective before I reply
    I do appreciate the above posts and will apply myself more.
    I dont fold like a cheap suitcase.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  2. drezy

    drezy Gold

    FWIW, I still love you Brent. We're pretty much BFFs in my book. We'll have to exchange duck face instagrams someday.

    My take is if you get some neurosurgeon boot up your arse or a theory blown out of the sky it allows you a rare chance to regroup your thoughts and beliefs.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    LOL.....Long flight back. A little saucy.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There are a few diseases that are known to truly destroy the adrenal gland. One is Addison’s disease, and the other is Sheehan’s disease. Adrenal fatigue is not one of those diseases. In fact, adrenal fatigue has nothing to do with the adrenal gland initially. The problem begins in the eye and with DHA in the retina when the eye is forced to see an altered spectrum of light indoors or outside. The alternative practitioner is purveyors of false beliefs for this condition because they do not understand light or DHA. The vast majority of people with adrenal fatigue have an altered adrenal stress index because of altered calcium flows into swollen mitochondria in their neurons in their eye, then their frontal lobes, and eventually in their brainstem nuclei at the PVN. Many of them do not even know that DHA forms complexes with retinol and melanopsin. Melanopsin works using calcium resonance. Adrenal fatigue is a disease that emerges as % heteroplasmy in the eye and brain rise when blue light and nnEMF increase calcium liberation from parts of our cells. As this occurs, Vitamin A in the plasma drops and this cause circadian mismatches in peripheral clock genes because of how Vitamin A receptors work in the eye, brain, and organs. Adrenal fatigue is an environmental condition that lowers DHA in the eye and brain insidiously and chronically. It is associated with low plasma levels of Vitamin A and defective melanopsin signaling as well.

    One of my good friends in radiology had the good sense to point out, that the people who have autoimmune or other conditions that have a physical breakdown of the brain and lose volume when we image them and look for it. All these diseases are linked because their brains have been found to be smaller in size as DHA is chronically depleted. Obesity and MS are examples of diseases that show this phenotype. He also pointed out, there are other conditions that can lead to damage/reduction in brain volumes like sleep apnea/PTSD and mental illness. It is well known that UVR increases the size of the neo-cortex further showing us that sunlight helps neurologic function and blue light shrinks many areas of the brain. These changes can affect the makeup, size, and wiring of your brain and other organs to lead to structural failures in your body by destroying the clock gene mechanism. Blue light demolishes the central retinal pathways as well. Diseases that destroy your CNS eventually will lead to body organ break down. Instead of blaming the hardware, organ systems, in particular, he pointed out, maybe we need to look more closely at the "epigenetic software" that controls these organs. The software is an optical program that runs epigenetics by correctly sensing the environment by way of the size shape and bio-electric status of our mitochondria in our skin and eye. People seem to forget the brain has more mitochondria than any other organ. They also forget the skin is the largest organ and forget The mitochondria are an environmental sensor that is the hardware in the brain that controls the physiologic and psychologic software in our cell membranes. DHA is a huge part of this wiring diagram in the CNS and PNS.

    Prolonged stress of any kind, depletes our cell membranes of DHA and increases the need for methionine. DHA allows our cells to power up electrons with photons from sunlight and helps melanopsin move protons to control melatonin levels and mtDNA heteroplasmy. DHA fundamentally take light and turns light into electric-mechanical signals in cell membranes everywhere but especially in our brain. Our mitochondrial have two sets of cell membranes. Inner and outer and its chemistry is huge in tunneling electrons. If it does not work we get a redox shift in our Q cycle. That cycle moves food electrons from cytochrome 1 to 3 and to 4 and then to the ATPase where protons are moved from the matrix to the outer mitochondrial membrane. H+ is the favored protons there. This is why the retina has more DHA in it than any other place in the brain because it is located on the interface of where light from the sun first interacts with the brain's mitochondria at the RPE of the retina. Visible light has part of it tied to blue light when it is separated by a prism. Blue light is the part of the spectrum of light that destroys DHA, lowers melatonin, and causes the respiratory proteins in mitochondria to swell and lose their electric charge. Red light does the exact opposite in mitochondria. In fact, cytochrome C is a condensed by red light because it is related to hemoglobin because it contains heme. UVA light and IRA light control cytochrome c. Red light spins the ATPase faster to make us younger, especially when present with UVA light. This is why AM sunlight has the exact same amount of red light as blue light. Red light is the antidote to the stimulus of blue light, but not any UVA until the day proceeds. These spectra must be balanced to work properly in the eye/skin. This is why we are designed to replace DHA constantly in our retina/skin with excessive blue light hazard and when we do not we get macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. When we do get too much blue light from our environment it is a stressor to the retina, and the protective response from the cornea is to develop cataracts to protect the retina from DHA loss. DHA is a brain/ retina/skin story for humans. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3257695/
  5. I was thinking that lol ,Jacks stuck in a redox reducing nnEMF long metal tube.
    Those dots I Connected real quick :)
  6. Feeling the love Dan :thumbsup:

    Absolutely I know Jack cares ,and if I need a boot up the arse ,boot accepted.

    I am here for the truth and getting uncomfortable or dragged through the mud is all good on my part.
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  7. NADme

    NADme New Member

    Interesting regarding the calcium. Please confirm the calcium referenced is Ca2+. NAD, as an extracellular, via the three ribose expressions experienced by NAD supplementation, citing Dr. Ying, is suppose to be able to cause Ca2+ homeostasis, intracellular. Unfortunately, I have tried multiple times to dx diltiazem, for AF, and end up going tachy in 48 hours as high as 180 BPM. I usually do not allow it to get out from under me to that extent after multiple trips to the ER.

    I was also researching piracetam and noticed its Ca channel block ability and wondered if this would be a good substitute for diltiazem?

    Can retina restoration be achieved with proper light exposures, blue limitations and DHA supplementation? I had an infrared sauna built for me and was wondering if this is better than the mixed wavelets of morning, circa 10am sun?
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is divalent calcium.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    retina reconstruction begins with Bazan effect restoration. No other exogenous methods will help in my opinion outside of putting in the proper substrates.
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    "Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine", Lee Know, pg.56

    Read it and weep supplementers[​IMG]
  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Perhaps it is for the best, drezy. If she were down here, she would still take a shallower nosedive in winter, with another big one in summer. DH's and my remaining parents seem to have pulled through the effects of this change in season, so now I'm back at home, recovering my own strength. Summer is deadly down south (especially for the respiratory-impaired), with A/C allowing us to stay inside glued to screens most of the day/night. Winter's bad too, but it's a shorter season for us.

    Your MIL needs to become a snow-bird.
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  12. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I agree and I'm advocating for it. She grew up at 27ºN and needs to go back home there during winter where she has family.
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  13. SunnyDay

    SunnyDay Boldly

    The absence of any mention of light in analyzing the impact of Vitamin A on pancreatic cancer is surprising and consistent with lack of training in most biology researchers. First thing the authors worry about is patients using Vitamin A supplements, but never ponder deeper causal problem: blue light. Working in the dark. Thanks to Jack for the clarity and connecting the dots.

    Jack's comment on the effect of D2O on clinical experiments is ground shaking. As in re-evaluating most of what we assume. Like his observation that the clinical dietary experiments are run under blue light and therefore tainted. Now even harder to read any of the reports and accept results. The assumptions that running large active vs placebo arms will eliminate biases in results is false.
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    We need more scientists to realize it.

    Until then mitochondriacs need to know it is the gospel of NATURE.
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  15. Christine_L

    Christine_L Gold Member

    @Jack Kruse
    Does low cortisol = adrenal fatigue? Are there any specific lab tests to get? Or would the 4x a day cortisol testing be enough? Trying to get this right for myself.

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