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Low iron markers – to supplement or not?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Sea Girl, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member

    It seems like the area where we live has a high level of nnEMFs.

    I am 37, doing the best I can in this environment. Most of my labs are pretty good, except for low vit D and low iron markers (borderline low iron and haemoglobin and very low iron saturation and ferritin). Having read all the info here about vitamin D, I understand why I have low levels despite decent sun exposure during spring, summer and autumn. So I stopped taking vit D supplements, just trying to get as much sun as possible

    As for the iron, I must be getting plenty of heme form from the EpiPaleo diet with sufficient amount of grass-fed meat, liver and seafood. Apparently, my body prefers not to hold on to it. Even though my digestion is pretty normal, sometimes I take bitters or HCL to boost stomach acid (plus ginger tea and sauerkraut), but it does not make much difference.

    My question is: Can nnEMFs be the cause of poor iron absorption in the gut or impaired iron storage mechanism? Does the body try to lower the iron to make it less magnetic (or for any other reason)?

    Allopathic and functional docs were telling me to take 50-100mg of supplemental iron daily. I did it for 3 years, as a result my ferritin went from 5 to 20 (which is far from optimal), iron and saturation were quite high). At the same time my WBC (mainly neutrophils) dropped from 4.5 to 3.2, I had more tension headaches, occasional liver pain and heavier periods (I suppose, my body was just dumping all the iron).

    For the last few months (after realising what impact can nnEMFs have on us) I stopped taking iron supplements. I have less headaches, but more fatigue, muscle pain and very bad recovery after exercise. I know we have to fix our environment and move to a place with less nnEMFs. But while we are still deciding and staying here, I am wondering if I should take any iron supplements at all or just focus on iron rich food and getting enough sun exposure (as JK recommends doing to anaemic people).

    Once we move to a better place I really want to see my iron store go up as we would like to have more kids and it would be good to have higher ferritin before pregnancy. What would you consider optimal pre-conception level?

    Is there anyone who has fixed their iron deficiency by moving to the low nnEMF environment?
  2. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Never supplement Iron. Only a complete brain dead moron would tell another to take iron tablets.

    Low Iron really means low Copper. See Morley robbins work. You need to support Ceruloplasmin production.
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  3. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am familiar with Morley Robins take on iron and copper issues. He has some interesting ideas, however it seems like he misses the main point (nnEMFs messing with everyone’s mineral levels, hormones etc).

    Not sure if I need to supplement with copper. My serum copper is 16.2 umol/l, caerulopaslmin is 0.24 g/L – both within normal limits, not borderline.

    I don’t think that supplementing with iron is a good idea, at least in my current environment. I am curious if someone has improved their iron status by moving / mitigating nnEMFs? How long did it take?
  4. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Morley does not recommend supplementing copper either.

    Serum levels mean nothing. Intracellular levels are still likely low.
  5. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member

    How do you check intracellular levels? Not sure if we have such tests available in Australia.

    I had HTMA (hair tissue) done - most of the metals (iron, copper, zinc, manganese) are borderline low. I should get plenty of those minerals from seafood, grass fed liver and meat. It seems like the body is downregulating the absorbion / driving metals away from the tissues due to the high nnEMF environment.
  6. Anya

    Anya Gold

    best to eat your iron :p
  7. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    I had mine done via http://www.europeanlaboratory.nl/
  8. Sea Girl

    Sea Girl New Member

    Agreed. The problem is I eat heaps of grass-fed liver, lamb and other meat along with fermented veggies, vitamin C rich foods (no grains, tannins etc) and I still can't raise my ferritin level. Must be the zip code issue. :(
  9. Anya

    Anya Gold

    oysters are fun to eat :p
    high in iron!
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I'd go the other way.......only a brain dead person would listen to Morley. He misses a lot. I would not supplement iron either but the irnon story is linked to poor RBC circadian function. This smells of a melanopsin dysfunction is because of how iron is handled in humans. Heme/onc docs have been especially interested in systemic iron metabolism in the diseases they treat because iron is essential for red blood cells, where MOST of the human body's iron is contained.

    So when you know where most of the iron should be and where it should not be........you are lead to getting a deeper understanding of what controls heme synthesis and IRON. And that answer shocks small thinkers like Morley. The answer is the circadian biology of mitochondria.

    Sunlight stimulates RBC creation and drives the flow of iron in your body so it too is a melanopsin issue. WHY?

    Heme synthesis begins its first step in mitochondria. If you have a circadian mismatch disease tied to melanopsin dysfunction by definition you are blue light toxic or nnEMF toxic and this cause a defect in mitophagy and ruins the iron cycle in humans.

    People in healthcare often forget heme synthesis occurs partly in the mitochondria and partly in the cytoplasm. This is exactly how the TCA and urea cycle are built in us too. The process begins in the mitochondria because one of the precursors is found only there. Since this reaction is regulated in part by the concentration of heme, the final step (which produces the heme) is also mitochondrial.

    People with defects in iron always have a blood dyscrasia at some level and it usually bleeds into fertility and thyroid hormone creation too because of its link to AM sunlight deficiency.

    Remember purple light = UV light.

    Purple light in sunlight stimulates RBC synthesis in humans. Blue light cause RBC's to break down sooner and live a shorter life than they can. What is the color of the main breakdown color of heme? It is the complementary yellow color, of bilirubin. Yellow is the complement of purple and orange is the complement of blue in the color wheel.

    This is also why people with iron issues often have B12 and folate issues and most small thinker blame this on methylation problems but they forget that methylation is also a circadian controlled process. So.......mst people with RBC issues also have methylation defects.

    UV light is purple in the visible spectrum so anyone who is anemic is deficient in SUN redox. This is also why B12 and folate absoption spectraare yellow too and are both linked to poor solar redox. Also, recall from Fritz Popp work every cell releases ELF-UV in a quantized fashion. People with bad redox always emit more UV than they absorb and they usually have iron metabolism issues that manifest in their blood. This is why I wrote the recent patreon blog about looking at your peripheral blood smear to see if you are nnEMF toxic. Once you know where the piece fits the story begins to make a lot of sense.......both quantum and common sense. #melanopsinwisdom 101.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So the thread starter answered her own question without knowing it. Your iron metabolism is telling you that you do not have the time you think you do in the environment you think you have to endure for any reason.......if you persist you'll wind up with a real problem that will be way harder to fix.

    And no supplement or food can repair a quantum defect, no matter what the Mag man says.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    People with iron issues also tend to develop other mitochondrial diseases like diabetes, cataracts, and Wilson's disease.

    Photolysis of folate by the sun and its main serum form of 5-methylhydrofolate is BELiEVED TO be caused by UV radiation and by reactive oxygen species generated by UVA. The problem with this theory advanced by Jablonski 15 years ago is that blue hazard induces the MOST ROS in the human skin, not UV radiation as this picture shows. Note when you get to the UVA blue light transition the BLH correction drops all the way to 0.100 and is DROPPING not rising as we head into the UV range. The reason for this is that blue light penetrates deep into the dermis where leptin and melanopsin are and UV light cannot do this. This was not well known in 2002 when she wrote her papers. It took me a while to figure all this out.


    She did not know this in 2002 but we know it now as the table from the lighting industry. When she wrote her papers in 2002 she had no idea about melanopsin presence in the skin either.

    Therefore, she made an error in guessing that it had to be UV light that caused the effect and not blue light. We now KNOW definitively that the blue light hazard causes the celibacy syndrome in teens and it causes infertility in humans too. Now all of you ae learning it causes iron metabolism issues too.

    The melanopsin paper of Dec 2017 advances Jablonski's idea that light can and does cause folate defects and can lead to neural tube defects in live births. As a neurosurgeon anytime I have asked a mother and father of a kid with a neural tube defect I always fine both parents have lived a BRISK blue light life especially at night. Second most common is having technology in their life. Anemia is present in 80% of the cases, especially during pregnancies when the woman body is further stressed. I believe this iron issue is linked to why autism shows up in first-born mles more than any other birth sequence too. Autism also shows a solar defect predilection (low D3).

    Blue light melanopsin damage, not UV radiation, in my opinion, cause a serious competitive inhibition for folate in the body between the needs for cell division, DNA repair, and melanogenesis and children born with jaundice because of their parents BLH.

    Since Jablonski's paper in 2002, we now know that blue is far more stimulatory to melanogenesis than UV light is. I covered that in my blog in the Time series called "When September ends". Guys like Morley have no clue about these things. This quantum data all implies the cells of humans are under a chronic severe stress response that drives the entire process and iron metabolism defects are collateral damage effects due to the mitochondrial damage in heme synethesis of RBCs is no longer controlled with a high fidelity solar controller.

    This is why these pregnant women of kids with neural tube defects all seem to be night owls and have a pregnancy anemia. They also tend to have gestational diabetes which is another blue light hazard disease that eventually leads to iron deposition in their beta cells that demolish their insulin function.

    Remember Fe is a transition metal which also DRAWS nnEMF toward it too............all the details fit when you are a Black Swan.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The final nail in the coffin is this: the loss of control of iron metabolism causes heteroplasmy by itself because iron is a key component of the cytochrome proteins mitochondria relies on. If iron metabolism is shot because of the circadian issue so is your ability to properly control your cells redox potential. WHY? Iron is an essential bio element for most forms of life, from bacteria to mammals. Its importance lies in its ability to mediate electron transfer which in turn helps moves protons via the ATPase.

    In the ferrous state, iron acts as an electron donor, while in the ferric state it acts as an acceptor. Thus, iron plays a vital role in the catalysis of enzymatic reactions that involve electron transfer (reduction and oxidation, redox). Proteins can contain iron as part of different cofactors, such as iron-sulfur clusters (Fe-S) and heme groups, both of which are assembled in mitochondria as the key first steps.........which is why this problem is an ENVIRONMENTAL one.........and you better fix it now.
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  14. Based on Jack's writing above - I think your problem could be a Circadian Problem, and not a nnEMF problem (or less so than you think).

    I also had issues "absorbing" this Sunlight and getting the gains Jack writes about until very recently.

    It's clear you eat Epi-Paleo, but I went back and did a Leptin Reset (even though I assumed I was Leptin Sensitive because I was in good shape, I actually wasn't). It's main premise, which I only now realise, is that it uses Food as a "Circadian Entrainment" method, just like Sunlight, which can be used to re-align your rhythms along with the morning Sun and Darkness. See the book "Rhythms of Life" by Russell Foster (melanopsin researcher) if you want to know more.

    I did that for 10 weeks and also used Black Out Blinds every night after 8.00pm with Red Blue Blockers - so my eyes saw the Pitch Black darkness every night - you become sleepy very fast. Wake up naturally around sunrise and entraining my rhythm again with Food and Light (or some CT) in the AM.

    Before you start planning to move to a Cave, I'd try re-assessing your Circadian Rhythm - is it as good as you think it is? And how do you know?

    Jack's early protocols are very effective, and often overlooked, see if you can get success, if not - the cave is still there.....
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  15. shiran

    shiran Curious

    I supplemented some SUN and got my IRON up after years of low IRON levels
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  16. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    lol most of them are small thinkers, but telling people not to supplement Iron is still a good start.
    I meant listen to Morley regarding why one should not supplement Iron, not listen to him to follow everything he says. Even you were introduced to this work one step at a time.
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    But the steps you follow and chose ultimately lead your journey........the wisdom is don't take the road Morley did or you'll be lost like he and hsi flock are buying magnesium and not reversing anything except a supplement makers debts.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mr. Cullen this site is not about being liked......it is about being as accurate as we can be based upon knowledge that is known. This means your experts better have a broad knowledge and not a narrow one focuses in on one issue. There is a lesson here for you. I hope you absorb it and emit it.

    MARKETING vs LEADERSHIP: You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. Q has this mindset down well. The real leader makes sure before they allow any person to buy anything, they attempt to get them focused on what really matters first. A real leader wants them to eliminate the unnecessary and focus upon the extraordinary so that what “they want” is something that really can advance their life. That is leadership that brings true value to those who do not know any better. Often times, leaders will lead others not where they initially think they want to go, but they will guide them to where they ought to be. The marketing leader will just lead them to what they want with no concern of efficacy or effectiveness for their ultimate goals. Short term marketers always look good. But the game of life is not about quick benefits. It is about sustained success.

    Great marketers will take people as far as they will go, not as far as people really should go because it would limit the profits. Great leaders won’t let people settle for less. Nothing liberates your greatness like the true desire to help, the desire to serve mankind. They may not like the manner in which you do it initially, but when they see the value you can bring to masses of people they will respect you. Leaders never look for followers. Look for future change agents.
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Seagirl........I am asking you to post a real avatar too. It is a forum rule. This is just a first warning. Next time an action will follow. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hilde

    Hilde New Member

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